Jezebel's Tale Ch. 24



Jezebel felt a lot better in the morning after a good night's sleep and being taken such good care of by Sandy. She took another shower and got dressed. She grinned and started making her and Sandy breakfast. She hadn't done that in what felt like ages. They enjoyed a good morning over breakfast then knew that they needed to get back to work, so Sandy opened a portal and they headed back to the mansion.

She spent a few hours going over some paperwork in her office, trying to keep track of what was going on around the world for the Arches when Sandy and Eric came into the office. She saw the ring on Eric's finger and her eyebrow shot up when she looked at Sandy. Sandy just grinned impishly.

She could see Eric looked a little nervous. She also felt that he was also filled with lust when he looked at her. But it seems Sandy had that covered as well as the Witch quickly took charge of her and Eric both. Before Jezebel knew it she was melting against the Angel's hard muscled body, her large, still D cup breasts pushed hard against his chest as they kissed.

She got wet as his hands roamed her body, lustily exploring every curve of her sexy body as he peeled her clothes off. His firm hands felt so good against her soft silky skin.

She felt him pick her up and put her on the love seat, and then he knelt down before her and pulled her breasts to his face. She gasped as he sucked her nipple in, she felt it tighten and swell in his mouth as he ran his tongue around it. Her breathing picked up as his hands roamed and teased the warm wet slit between her spreading legs.

She almost moaned out in disappointment when his mouth abandoned her tingling sensitive nipple, but her stomach tightened in anticipation as he kissed his way down her tight stomach until he reached her core. His first soft lick running up her wet labia felt like lightning and her whole body jumped. She ran her fingers through his hair as he worshipped her sex with his tongue and lips.

Her center coiled tighter as she felt his rising lust and need with each taste of her honey juice. She held his head still by his hair with both hands then ground her center into his face, brushing along her hardened sensitive nub and her silky hot wet slit as his tongue dug slid between her folds into her depths.

She felt Daniel's brand of lust and she knew he was watching her now too, along with Sandy who was fondling Eric's tight ball sac and hard cock while watching him eat her out. Her center coiled a bit tighter then she felt release as her body became bliss and she rose in rapture.

"Oh god. Don't STOP!" she cried out in panting breaths.

She heard Eric's sounds of approval as he tasted her rush of honey as it covered his face and flooded into his hungry mouth. When she was coming down he picked her up and put her over the arm of the love seat, her face in the cushions. When she looked up she was surprised to see Sandy's beautiful eyes twinkling hardly an inch or two away. She too was bent over the other arm of the couch.

She moaned in pleasure as she felt Eric's hard cock teasing her entrance from behind as she watched Daniel line his up with Sandy's hot core. She and Sandy kissed passionately for a moment before they were both pulled back a bit by their hips as the men swung forward and invaded their hot centers.

Jezebel was so turned on, getting fucked hard from behind, while watching her love's responses and expressions as she also was fucked from behind, their eyes inches apart. It was so intense she started to work her pussy on Eric's cock as only a succubus can while he railed into her as hard as he could. She started a small rocking motion, to meet his thrust and grind a bit on his cock when their bodies met with a loud slap.

She worked his cock hard with her body, no magic, just the natural fine control of her pussy that a succubus has. She milked him hard, wanting to feel him cum inside her. Her center was so tight and ready to cum again but she held it off, knowing she only needed a few more seconds to cum with him.

She gasped looking deep into Sandy's eyes as his cock expanded within her, stretching her impossibly tight walls and throwing her into bliss. She relished the feel of her ecstasy while she felt him fill her up, as she expelled juice along the length of his cock to drench his balls.

She and Eric's display must have pushed her other lovers over, because she watched as Sandy's eyes widened and could feel the orgasm that rolled through Sandy's body like lightning. As her body slowly came down from her intense orgasm she reached out with her power almost without thought, wanting to extend Sandy's and Daniel's pleasure. They both gasped as they were locked in ecstasy, their orgasms lasting much longer than normal.

She released them with a smile, then slid off the couch and down on her knees when she felt Eric withdraw from her molten heat. She grasped Eric's cock and reinvigorated it with life force then started to stroke him slowly. She looked up into his wide eyes.

She purred seductively, "Would you like your Arch to suck on your hard cock into you fill her slutty mouth with your Angel juice?"

When his cock jumped in her hand she winked up at him and said, "I'll take that as a definite yes."

His eyes widened as she took him in her mouth, his cock popping in her throat as she swallowed in his sensitive bulbous head in one smooth forward motion...


God she really needed that to get rid of her funk. They rest of the day she had been smiling. Eric was still a little startled, but he was coming along nicely, whoever gave him that ring taught him to fuck well, it was the Arch thing that was causing him to be slightly uncomfortable. I was supposed to be a ruler after all, not sucking his dick like a slut and enjoying it to boot. But then she wasn't an ordinary Arch was she.

A few hours later Natalie walked in, her eyes red and Jezebel's good mood fell as she read Natalie's wounded expression.

"Arch, I have a couple of reports I think you should read. I'm sorry."

She left the reports on the desk, Jezebel picked up the first, a feeling of dread filling her.

Purge of 2013 Report ---- Portland, Oregon #00032

Arch, the Demons are gone. We got your orders to start the attack and we haven't found one inside the city at all. They all seem to have gone into hiding. We sent out some feelers and found out they are being sheltered by the Northwestern pack. How should we proceed?

Jezebel put it aside and picked up the second and read...

Purge of 2013 Report ---- Portland, Oregon #00138

Arch, we hired the Elves as you directed to spy and find out if there was a way to get to the Demons there. The answer is no, they are well protected by roaming patrols. He was also able to find out this was all organized by a Demon named Niklis. You may take some comfort however in knowing that despite Niklis's and the other demons escape from us he has paid a high price for his sanctuary there.

His mate was raped and killed by the pack alpha Joseph during one of those barbaric mating orgies. Let us know if we can do anything else in another location, as all we can do here in Portland is sit on our thumbs and send blank reports.

Tears fell down her face as the report fell from her shaking fingers. She had killed a hero. She knew he must have swallowed his hatred and anger to keep the rest of the demons safe for the remainder of the purge, despite his mate's brutal death at the alpha's hands.

She wondered if she would have gone through with it had she known. He still broke the law but what does that matter next to barbaric justice? She had prevented an atrocity from being commited by the Weres by doing what she did. Her high ideals of respecting the other race's laws and customs felt like ashes in her mouth.

She would like to think she would not have done it if she had known. That she would have rolled the dice and stood up for his right to do as he did. Right to assassinate? Fuck she wanted to resurrect that alpha fucktard and rip his spinal cord out and then do it again after cutting off and feeding him his balls.

But what scared her most is... She just didn't know if she would have fought it, or went through with it anyway. Was there even a right answer in this brutal supernatural world? She didn't know, and her tears continued to fall...

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