tagInterracial LoveJia's Housemaid

Jia's Housemaid

byTunak Mizaz©

This happened much before I had “fun at Jia’s”. In fact I had several occasions of other nefarious activities, which if Jia ever came to know, she might not have allowed me the massive sessions of love making that I had with her. She was divine. But I would rather talk about what happened on an earlier visit.

I went to look up Jia, while being in the town on business. They had changed houses so it took me time to reach their place. By the time I was there, it was time for supper. Jia asked me to join them for the food. I realized that she had hired a new housemaid, and I eyed her to assess if she would play the sex game. I had had escapades with the previous one, I would narrate at a later date since she was a willing slave to my lusts. That had made me look forward to the rendezvous. This one was small built with tight ass, and swayed her rear enticingly while walking in and out of the kitchen. I saw her assessing me, probably as a potential sex mate. I was starved of sex, especially if it is a new lay. I too boldly looked and assessed her shapely body and a child like face. She was Eliz.

Eliz had come to work as a live-in maid at Jia’s from their native place. She could only speak in her vernacular tongue and I was at sea while praising the fare she dished out. This was more an attempt to break the ice, and allow the fires of lust to ignite in her unexplored body. My mind was already racing about the night of raunchiness. I had already decided my approach for making my moves to let me into her pussy.

My earlier experience had taught me that Jia sleeps like a log. But the last housemaid, Seeme had desisited my initial moves. So I was determined to put everyone asleep. On my way to Jia’s, I bought a big brick of ice-cream. I was already carrying valium with vanilla syrup with me. My plan was knock them out and then make a prey of the housemaid. I had come expecting Seeme but now that the sexy, small but tight butted luscious Eliz was there, my cock was already readying to nestle in between that hot cunt. So as soon as, Eliz removed the plates, I volunteered to serve the icecream. Jia seemed pleased with my effort. I slipped into the kitchen, saw Eliz finish her chores. I smiled at her with that benign but meaningful look, c’me my love, let me get into you. She appeared cold to my overture. I gestured her to give me the icecream bowls and the dessert spoons. Probably the way I gestured or my expressions were such, she gave a condescending smile. I saw a thaw in her defense, I could take her tonight. My cock nodded by stretching longer and I tried to avoid my hard-on noticed by her. There are times even the smile of a woman in heat can work wonders with the responses to my lust. While handing the bowls, I touched her hands and held them. She tried removing them but delayed, signs of further thaw. Then while stretching my hand to pick a spoon, I rubbed my arms against her breasts. Instead of withdrawing, she pressed on. The love game had begun, I only needed to take her.

As usual, after dinner Jia asked me to stay the night over. We sat around to chat, and soon the valium was having its effect on her. She excused herself and headed for her bedroom, and bolted it. I knew my path to Eliz was clear. While sitting with Jia, I saw her walk past several times with side glances in my direction, as if inviting me to her soft bed for the night of fun. I also noticed her yawning a couple of times, I was worried if she was tired after the hard day’s work or she consumed to much of ice-cream. I did not want my love mate sleeping half way thru our mating. I had to retire to the guest bedroom, and since there were no separate quarters for the maid, she had to sleep in the living room. I tried to memorize the lay out of furniture from my bedroom to Eliz’s bed. To test her will one final time, I casually walked into the living room, where she was preparing her, err… our bed for the night of sex. I asked her to serve me some water. She gave a coquettish smile, as if suggesting drink my love juices and quench your thirst. I knew I had a fresh prey to satisfy my carnal desires tonight. Anyway, she gave me water to drink, and caressing my extended hand while handing the tumbler. I was shivering with expectations of a lustful night with Eliz, the housemaid, while Jia sleeping it off in her bedroom unaware.

Once Eliz turned around to leave my bedroom, I stood up, and caressed her rump. She giggled and ran out. Lustily I followed behind her. She rushed to the bathroom and bolted the door. Now it was time for me to wonder, what was she up to? After a few minutes, which seemed like ages, she glided out of the bathroom. She had changed into her night robe. She handed me a pair of ironed pajamas and motioned me to change. I obeyed, anything to enter her pleasure trove.

Then, slowly she slipped into the living room, to retire for the night or to give me joys of unrestricted gay love making. I went to my room, changed into the pajamas, and switched the light off. I waited for signs of lull in all the activities, but after a while I realized that I must move fast lest Eliz thinks I was just flirting. I was desperate to taste her pussy. I tiptoed out of the room, knowing well that Jia must be fast asleep, but I was hoping that Eliz would not have dozed off. I stepped into the living room. It was dark, but some dim light was filtering thru the curtains from the street. I saw my desired object of lust spread peacefully on her bed, breathing slowly. I bent down to see if she was awake, but she had dozed off. Alas, it was disappointing. But I wanted to take her and take her tonight. I bent a little closer to smell her breath, the warm air fanned my desires for her. I lightly kissed her cheek, I thought I saw a smile dance thru her face. She opened her eyes, and pulled me closer to her and put her lips on mine. The love game had begun.

I responded delicately to this new love mate, about whom I knew nothing, whose language I knew not. But everyone knows the language of love making, so did we. Tonight we had to take steps in deluging in the sea of passion together. I loved the taste that her lips left on mine. My turn to initiate the naïveté now. I held her face in my palms and showered pecks all over the face, deliberately avoiding the lips. She would try to offer her lips and I would implant the next peck on her cheek or the closed eyes. Yes, all thru this she was keeping her eyes closed. When she felt aghast at this, she struggled to take control and hugging me tight gave a full mouthed kiss. Bold Pussy, I thought. I would enjoy going full length in this game of love, and I found the willing mate. I was in luck tonight.

I reciprocated by kissing her and dancing my tongue inside her mouth. She grabbed my tongue like a hungry pup suckling the juices out. I allowed her the pleasures of the tongue-fuck in mouth. I explored each part of her mouth as far as my tongue could reach, the warmth and wetness was stimulating. My sex hormones were tickled at the prospects and Mr. Hard-On was straining to meet Ms Pussy for an acquaintance. Sex is a wonderful thing, stimulates the mind, pumps the hormones and lets the body loose to launch an assault for consummation of the act, and finally lets the body and mind recuperate after the sex-marathon by letting you into a trance like slumber. Sex is wonderful.

My hands were itching to feel the warmth of her skin, I wanted to fondle those lovely tits and I wanted my mouth on her delicious cunt. I wanted the act to last so I decided to be slow and patient, so that Eliz was stimulated enough to beg me to fuck her. I untagged the cord that was tying her robe. Caressed the exposed skin, felt the warmth and slowly uncovered her breasts. The nipples were erect perched on top of pinkish base and her tits were soft and shapely, that of a young unspoilt maid. I fondled them, crushed them with desires and took a mouthful of her breast. I was sucking at that divine piece. My hands were busy, one busy fondling the other breast and the other exploring the next course, the bush on her pussy. She was enjoying the attentions and and I knew she was building up for the fuck, so was I.

I feasted on those innocent plump breasts and nibbled the nipples, till she pushed my head away. I drifted off to explore her belly en route to the real feast that I desired. She kept her bush unshaved, the curly pubic hair were enticing, and my mouth craved to nibble it off the roots. The pain that such nibbling causes actually excites a few women, Eliz was one such. She moaned softly, I knew I had her in my grip – totally. I drifted a little lower, where the womanhood parts a little, and an erect clit welcomed my tongue. I playfully built her desires for more. I started clit-sucking, she agonized with pleasures, and grabbed my head and pushed it deeper in her pussy. I kept up my clit-play, like a kid relishing his lolly. She almost started swaying her hips forward, to help me in the clit-suck, or should I say she was clit-fucking my mouth-cunt.

Her cunt lips were flushed hot and I enjoyed those soft flesh for gobbling them. But the cunt hole was dripping wet and I did not want to waste a single drop of that honey dew. My tongue found its way at her cunt hole, she spread her legs wider for the feast. I tasted her juices, it was nectar like, and she was smooth at her opening. I now had to tongue fuck her and fucked her, I did. My tongue got down to the job of jabbing her deeper, feeling the warmth, my nostrils were flooded with her scent of a woman in heat, my head was reeling with the pleasures that my tongue was enjoying. I could do it endlessly, till she spasmed. Seeing her in a kind of daze, I was amazed. Never ever, I had fucked a woman with m tongue alone to send her in a frenzy.

Thus I finally decided to enter her, so as not to lose my sex-momentum. My cock was aching with a prolonged hard-on. It needed to rest in a warm wet abode, the cunt of Eliz. She parted her legs to ease my entry, held my cock to enter her cunt hole. She was aching for it as I was, for we started to rock our hips together, grabbing more and more of each other. She did not want to let me out and I did not want to leave her. This motion of love making climaxed with me yelling, here I cum and she groaned loudly. We were lost to the surrounding world, little realizing that the mistress of the house was sleeping in the next room. I could feel her squeezing my cock in a rhythm and I could perceive each shot of my load into her hungry hot cunt. I was on a cloud, and she seemed to be sailing with me on that cloud. After a while, we lay by each others side, and she slowly moved and kissed me on my mouth, probably a thanks for the fuck. I responded by lolling my tongue into her…and this started another session of love-making, which was as exhausting and enjoyable, but shorter. By the time we had our fill of passions, the dawn broke.

She pushed me out of her lusty bed, alas with a heavy, unslept, passionate looks, pointing her fingers at her mistress’s room. I also did not want to be caught, despite of my unsatisfied lust for this naïveté. I would have just crashed into my bed and caught forty winks that a smiling Jia walked into my bedroom with a hot cup of coffee. She asked hope you slept well!

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