tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersJill and Uncle Roger

Jill and Uncle Roger


Jill had realized that whenever her Uncle Roger visited, her panties kept mysteriously disappearing. She had told her mother who smiled and explained that her brother had always had this little weakness for panties.

When Jill had asked about what Uncle Roger's wife Fiona would say if she knew about his fetish, her mother became quite alarmed and explained, 'That would be a disaster Jill. Don't forget you are 20 years of age now and you must help your family.'

Jill realized that her mother knew a lot about her brother's fetishes and began to wonder if things had happened in the past and indeed if they were still happening. Jill knew that her father was very much under her mothers thumb and wouldn't really have any say whatsoever.

When my friend Sally came over later on I couldn't wait to tell her about my Uncle Roger's fetish. It was so bizarre and taboo and she was as excited as much as I was. 'Do you think my knickers would excite him as well Jill,' she asked.

I nodded. My Uncle could be a bit officious at times but he was quite wealthy and I did think that Sally and I could have some fun. Later on my mother and father were going out for the day. She did say to Sally and I, 'Now you two behave yourselves. Don't forget you are young ladies and not schoolgirls. Uncle Roger may call in shortly for a parcel. I have left it on my dressing table.'

Both Sally and I nodded very demurely, 'Yes of course, Mother. We will be perfect young ladies in your absence.'

She looked at us suspiciously and sniffed, 'I hope that is not sarcasm. You had better be good or else.' and swept out of the house with my father tagging behind. I felt sorry for him.

When they had gone Sally and I burst out laughing. We both knew we would play with each other in nice ways. In fact even as I heard my mothers car start up Sally started to snog me.

I wanted to as well but we had all the time in the world. When she put her hand between my legs and rubbed my panties I knew that we should slow down. It was too early.

I reluctantly said, 'Sally lets have a look at this parcel my mother left for Uncle Roger. Perhaps it is her dirty knickers.'

She gasped, 'Do you think she would?'

I didn't think so but I wasn't sure. 'Well she did tell me all about him and I think it goes back a long time. They are brother and sister and they have always seemed unusually close.'

We were both giggling as we dashed upstairs and when we saw the parcel we were amazed at how prettily wrapped it was in a flowery padded box with red and yellow silk ribbons with the words 'Darling Roger'.

Sally said, 'Goodness me Jill, your mother has really taken a lot of care with this. Can we have a look inside?'

I was a little reluctant as it was clearly private but my curiosity took over. I nodded to my friend. The ribbons were easily undone and we opened the box. We both gasped. There was some beautiful underwear, pink panties and white cotton knickers, little dresses and bras and white socks and lots of pretty makeup.

Suddenly Sally gasped, 'Jill those are your school knickers.'

I gasped as well. They were obviously worn ones as they were slightly soiled. There was a note in a pink unsealed envelope. I recognized the writing on the envelope. It was from my mother. 'To my darling brother, Roger.' She had put in brackets, 'Pretty little Rachel from mummy.'

There were a few photos of a pretty young girl in silk clothes. Then Sally gasped, 'They are your Uncle Roger dressed up, Jill.' I was shocked, but then we both started to giggle. Then we came across another picture. It was Uncle Roger lying on my mother's bed. He was in black stockings, a tight type top which forced his chest into a sort of woman's breasts and white panties. They were my mother's knickers. He was holding his penis. It was obvious, but Sally said in a hushed voice, 'He has just cum.'

There was some discarded underwear on the carpet. I recognized some of my mother's knickers and my panties.

I said, 'He would never dare to lie on my mother's bed without permission.' The inference was obvious.

Sally confirmed it as she said, 'Jill. Someone is taking the picture and we know it will not be your father.'

I nodded. My mother!

We said nothing and quietly wrapped it all up again so that it looked untouched.

We went back downstairs. Our mood was touchy and excitable. Sally squeezed me fondly saying, 'Your mother has been giving your Uncle your dirty knickers, Jill.'

I nodded - it was so taboo. Then the phone rang. It was my Uncle Roger. He was very pleasant and said he would be with us in a few minutes. He did ask if my mother was in but I told him she was out. He seemed disappointed but said he would call anyway.

Sally had heard the conversation and said, 'I think we should have a serious chat with your Uncle Roger.' I nodded.

She smiled, 'He is due for a shock and I think we should start with a welcome entrance.'

I wasn't sure what she meant until she sat in one of the large settees and spread her legs wide. Her plaid skirt was right up and the gusset of her black panties was stretched as far as possible.

She said, 'Why don't you sit on the other settee and welcome him in the same way Jill?'

I giggled and did exactly the same. We must have looked similar in our red plaid skirts but I had white knickers on. Then we heard him slipping his key into the door.

Sally giggled, 'Keep a straight face Jill and don't sound friendly. We can have some fun today with him.' I giggled as well.

He was surprised when he came in and saw us and I said, 'Hello uncle, what are you doing here?'

'Oh, your mum said there was a parcel for me to collect,' he replied.

I went and got the parcel and handed it to him and said, 'It's very pretty with those ribbons tied round it, what's in it uncle Roger?'

'Oh just some old clothes your mum sorted out for a charity shop,' he lied.

'Are you sure, uncle Roger, are you sure you're just going to give them away, not wear them yourself?, I asked.

He started blushing and mumbled that he really had to go and didn't have time to chat, but Sally stopped him in his tracks when she said, 'Would you like to see our panties, they're our school panties that we're both wearing,' she said as she started slowly pulling her skirt up.

He just stood there mesmerised as he stared at Sally as her skirt got higher and higher until he could see her black cotton panties.

He then said, 'Oh, they look so good, can I see yours too, Jill?'

I said, 'Oh uncle you are so naughty wanting to see your niece's knickers, whatever would auntie Fiona or mummy say if they knew what you wanted to do.'

Sally and I could see that uncle was getting aroused by the growing bulge in his trousers.

Sally then said, 'We'll take our skirts and blouses off and you can see our bra and panties if you wear the undies that mummy has left in the box for you. You see we have opened the box and know exactly what is in it and also that you enjoy wearing ladies undies.'

He said, 'Oh, I don't think I could do that.'

'OK,' Sally said as she started pulling her skirt back down.

'No wait,' he said and went and got the box and put it on the sofa.

I said, 'Everytime you put an article of clothing on we will take one off, what about that?'

He simply nodded and Sally and I looked at each other and took our blouses off. Uncle's bulge was getting bigger as he couldn't take his eyes off our bras.

He took his shirt off and reached for a black bra that was in the box. I recognised it immediately as being one of my mothers. I reached into the box and handed him some of my school knickers and said, 'Pad your bra out with these.'

He happily stuffed them into the bra.

Then Sally unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor and stepped out of it. Uncle Roger couldn't believe his eyes as the best friend of his niece stood in front of him in her bra and knickers. Even though he was old enough to be her father and maybe even her grandfather he knew that given a chance he would love to fuck her.

Now it was his turn and as he dropped his trousers his erect cock clearly showed through his underpants.

I said, 'You need to take your pants off and wear mummy's pink lace ones.'

He blushed even more and slid his pants down his legs. I have to admit that I was astonished at the size of his cock and both Sally and I just stared at it. Although we had both messed around with boys we were both virgins and although we had no intention of letting him fuck us, even if we wanted to, the thought of something so large being inside us was horrific.

He reached for mummy's pink lace knickers and put them on. His huge cock easily poked out the top of them. I then took my skirt off and told him to put some stockings on. He sat on the bed and pulled a pair of black hold up stockings on. I told him to wait for a moment and ran upstairs and found a pair of mummy's high heel shoes. I didn't know what size he wore but somehow he managed to put them on.

Sally said, 'Walk up and down and pose for us.'

Uncle Roger did as we told him and he walked up and down in front of us clearly loving the feel of the underwear he had on.

Sally then shocked me as well as him when she said, 'Now play with yourself.'

Sally and I sat on the sofa as uncle Roger stood very embarrasingly in front of us. Sally reached over to me and undid my bra and took it off. I loved the feel as she started playing with my nipples. I did the same to her and loved the feel as her nipples hardened in my fingers. We kissed passionately and as our lips parted our tongeus darted into each others mouths.

Uncle was now getting even more aroused as he watched two young girls enjoying each others body. In fact he was so aroused that he soon started rubbing himself. And when I felt Sally's hand between my legs start stroking me he couldn't resist anymore and he slid his cock out of the side of mummy's pink panties and was now rubbing his hand up and down his shaft.

Sally and I stopped kissing and as I was now stroking her pussy uncle was wanking even faster. As he watched Sally and I wanking each other he was wanking faster and faster. We had both seen boys doing it but never had anyone do it right in front of us. The faster he did it, the faster we did it to each other. I loved it when Sally came and I knew I was going to cum very soon as she fingered my pussy and clit.

Sally and I almost came at the same time and as we looked up we both saw naughty uncle Roger shoot a long stream of white spunk all over the carpet.

We made uncle clean it up before we allowed him to dress in his proper clothes. Sally and I gave him something else to add to his gift box from mummy - the pairs of knickers we had just been wearing.

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