tagGroup SexJill Ch. 02

Jill Ch. 02


Fresh Fish

[Jill -on her fishing trip weekend- is surprised by yet another visitor . This is a work of fiction and all places, events, and persons are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.]


Jim, Dave, and I had just jumped into the "fishin' hole" pool area of the little stream to skinny dip ourselves clean of our sexcapades residue, when we were startled into frozen silence by a coquettish female voice from the bank behind us that said, "My, my, having fun are we? Pray tell me, might I join this little party?"

But let me recap just a bit. I had cum out to my upstate country retreat for a quiet weekend of nude sunbathing, reading, and fishing only to be interrupted, pleasantly, by strangers Jim and Dave as they walked into my naked sun session by the stream. A fantastic sex-a-thon of several hours with the two studs quickly followed. When we finally decided to call it quits, we all badly needed a bath. So, into the water we went. Jim had jumped in the deep area while Dave and I were only in knee deep. I was leading Dave by his stiff prick into deeper water, which is the point at which the voice interrupted us.

The "voice" belonged to Mary Sue, the daughter of a very close friend of my late father. I knew her well and had attended her high school graduation just this past spring. She was eighteen and looking forward to college in a month or so. I was shocked that she had walked in on our little menage-a-trois, but she had surprised me before. Now she stood there before us (after we turned around) with her shorts and thong around her ankles and her left hand finger fucking her bald pussy, a very wet pussy at that! Her right hand was under her cut off "T," playing with her perky tits and nipples.

While her hands continued in slow motion, Mary Sue said, "Jill, I saw you drive through town yesterday, so I knew you were out here. I thought I would come out and visit with you. When you weren't at the cabin, I figured where you'd be and what you'd be doing. I didn't know you had company, but I couldn't stop watching you fuck each other and now I'm so damned horny I can't stand it. I have only been fucked by two cocks so far, but nothing like that big stud you got a hold of, and I want some of it, OH GOD do I want some of it!"

Well, lay me down and knock me up, sweet little Mary Sue, a sex fiend! You just never know, do you. Mary Sue shed what few clothes she had left and thrashed through the water to Dave and I, her tits bouncing merrily as she came. She almost shouldered me aside as she lunged for Dave's ten inches of man meat. In a flash, Mary Sue was on her knees and greedily sucking up Dave's cock. And that cock suddenly inflated to full stiffness as this "fresh fish" worked on it. I'd of thought, after the workout he just gave that big dick, he'd be at least a couple of hours before he could get it up in a usable state. Oh well, shows you what I know about it.

Mary Sue knows that I am a nudist, but the times she had been out to the cabin, she had been too young, or so I thought, so I had kept my clothes on in her presence, at least if I knew she was around. She had never seen me naked, so far as I knew and I darn well had never seen her naked. So, I took stock of her now. I knew she was five foot four and I guessed her boobs to be 34C and had those half dollar size aureole that some studs die for. She is a dark brunette with hazel eyes and over all, a very cute, petite little lady. Her somewhat larger than grapefruit size boobs with their rosy nipples and large aureole, had creamy white triangles covering a little more than the nipples, along with a triangular white pubic patch. The white spots were inconsistent with the golden bronze tan of the rest of her body. Apparently, Mary Sue had not yet braved completely nude sunbathing. But some guys like those strong tan lines.

I came up and kneeled behind her, reached my arms around her and began to massage those globes of breasts. They were all natural. That brought out a delightful moan of pleasure from her. While I kept one hand busy with her tits, my other hand reached down between her legs and found her pussy mound. My hand slid down her slick, bald mound and down the labia on either side of her slit with my middle finger traversing the slit as I moved my hand up and down. Now Mary Sue did moan around the cock in her mouth.

While I was doing this, Jim came up behind me and slid a hand between my legs from behind and began to play with my pussy. That elicited a moan or two from me! Jim forced my legs apart some more and I felt his cock head rub my pussy. God, he was ready to go around again too! Then that cock slid into my love canal and continued in 'til his balls slapped into me. Jim began humping me in earnest. I was finger fucking Mary Sue, and Dave was getting a deluxe blow job.

Mary Sue must have felt Dave approaching his limit, because she backed off and said, "I don't want you to cum yet, I want you in my pussy and I want you to fill it with cock cream, lots of cock cream! So, as Mary Sue disengaged from me as she stood, grabbed Jim's cock, and led him up onto the grassy bank. Meanwhile, I bent forward onto my hands and Jim followed me without uncoupling and continued to fuck me from behind, doggie style.

Dave laid down on his back and Mary Sue mounted him with her back to his face. I had a perfect view of the action on the bank only a few feet away, while getting fucked myself. Mary Sue grinned wickedly at me as she positioned her cunt over that big ten incher and rubbed it over her dripping pussy for a bit before impaling herself as she sat down on that magnificent piece of man meat. A long moan escaped her lips as she sank slowly down. Mary Sue was on her knees, so she could easily control the action. She began to slide slowly up and down that long "fishing" pole, several times letting Dave's cock head pop completely out before impaling herself again. This went on for some time until Mary Sue suddenly stopped near the top of her stroke and grabbed Dave's dick at the base and squeezed hard, stopping the eminent explosion. Sweet little whore, I bet she has had more than two cocks to date, at least in her mouth, the way she seems to know what she is doing. This happened three times before she shrieked with her own orgasm and she finally allowed Jim to shoot his wad deep into her tight little pussy.

Jim still had not cum in my ass yet, so I told him, "Back out Jim, save it for Mary Sue. I think she is not satisfied yet." So Jim gently backed out of my ass and washed off in the stream. I then said, "Jim, tit fuck her and shoot your wad in her mouth. Make her swallow it." Jim walked up onto the bank and helped Mary Sue disengage from Dave's cock and rise, getting a soft, sexy, sucking sound as Dave's slowly deflating cock pulled free of her pussy.

Jim, remaining true to his nearly silent nature, merely indicated for Mary Sue to lie down on her back. Jim, seemingly ignoring my earlier instructions, then went between her legs and began to play with her clit with his mouth and tongue. In less than sixty seconds, he had Mary Sue's hips bucking up into him. Jim then took his dick and rubbed it all around and up and down Mary Sue's pussy, slicking it up on the mixture of her pussy juice and Dave's cock cream.

Jim's hands had been busy with Mary Sue's tits during this time. Now Jim sunk his dick into Mary Sue's slit and then into her pussy hole and slid all the way in. Mary Sue really tried to buck hard now to match Jim's thrusting, but Jim restrained her and just lay there impaling her pussy in place. Tension built until Jim slowly, ever so slowly backed out and let his dick hang, twitching against Mary Sue's thighs and pussy as he mouthed her tits with passion. Mary Sue was now a squealing, moaning mess. Jim only then got around to my instructions and moved up to place his dick in her cleavage while she squeezed her boobs into him. Mary Sue would grab a taste and a lick as Jim thrust up towards her mouth. If JIm had not already had several good fucks, I don't think he would have lasted this long. Now his endurance did run out and he began to ejaculate. He forced his dick into Mary Sue's welcoming mouth and shot what was left of his wad into her oral cavity.

After swallowing all of Jim's offering, all she could choke out was, "Oh my God, Ooh My Goooddd!" While Jim and Mary Sue had been fucking like rabbits, Dave had been stroking his cock to the rhythm of the action he had been watching, and he now motioned Jim to back up just a bit. Dave then proceeded to squirt cock cream onto Mary Sue's tits and stomach. Out of the blue, I felt an uncontrollable urge and almost unconsciously, I stood and straddled Mary Sue above her tits and gave her a golden shower that washed down her cleavage and rib cage in a warm cascade. Mary Sue moaned anew, "Yes, yes, it feels so warm and good!"

That must have triggered something, because Jim and Dave, one on either side of her, then proceeded to give Mary Sue their own version of a golden shower that ran off her belly and down her pussy slit in another warm cascade. Mary Sue squealed in delight with more, "Oh Gods," and not one to be left out, she flexed her knees, raised her ass high off the ground, and with legs spread wide, arced a golden stream of her own high in the air to glisten and sparkle in the sunlight like liquid gold as it arced down into the creek.

No doubt about it, it was time for another skinny dip!


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