tagErotic CouplingsJill Ch. 02

Jill Ch. 02


Jill's sweatpants were still wet in several places. She shifted her legs, and then frantically looked in her glove box for her insurance card. Her driver's license was in her purse... in her bedroom.

"Shit, shit, shit." Jill said between clenched teeth.

The police officer tapped her window with his pen. Jill lowered the window and presented her best real estate agent smile.

"Is there a problem, officer?" Jill asked.

"You tell me. Are you lost, little lady?" the police officer asked, eyeing the black bags in the back seat.

"No. I mean, yes. I think I took a wrong turn, but I'm okay now." Jill's smile holding steady.

"What's in the bags?" the officer pulled out a flashlight.

"Ummm, party favors. They're party favors for a bachelorette party for a friend of my daughter's." Jill offered.

"Mind if I have a look?" the officer asked.

"Do you have to? It's a little embarrassing. Besides, I really need to get home." Jill's smile began to fade.

"Look, we can do this the hard way, or the easy way. I see something that looks suspicious. You look out of place. Something doesn't add up, and I want to check it out. If you're not doing anything illegal, you're free to go. Clear?" the officer explained, waiting for Jill to unlock the back door.

Jill slid her finger along the unlock switch and the police officer opened the door behind her. When he dumped the contents of the bags onto her back seat, he stepped back and laughed.

"Lady, if you're not telling the truth, you have issues." He smiled at her, closing the door.

"Can I go, now?" Jill asked.

"Yeah, you can go. Watch yourself, or someone else will." He added.

Jill read his nameplate. Friendly.

"Thank you, officer." Jill's smile returned, not exactly sure what he meant.

"Friendly, Officer Friendly." The policeman grinned. His white teeth were a stark contrast to his dark skin. He turned and walked back toward his patrol car. He spoke into his radio on his shoulder before getting inside, and then drove past her.

"He seemed nice," Jill thought, remembering what Sammy had said, and dismissing it as coincidence.

Jill managed to get home before her husband or daughter and quickly hid the party favors under her bed. She would be able to explain over $700 worth of dildos and vibrators to her husband easily enough, but her 18-year-old daughter might get other ideas. Her daughter had started her freshman year of college only a month ago, but she still came home almost every other weekend to spend time with her high school friends or Jill's sister with the huge in-ground pool.

It was Friday. Her husband's flight was scheduled to land in an hour. She had just enough time to take a bath.

As Jill undressed, she looked at herself a little differently in the mirror. She remembered the video in the adult bookstore, and how the young white girl had her hairless pussy fucked hard by two hairless black dicks.

She may have been 38 years old, but her body looked better than most girls half her age.

Jill tugged at the barely noticeable tuft of orange pubic hair. She pressed some of her husband's shaving cream into her hand, and then lightly tapped it on her pubic mound. She rinsed his razor under hot water, and then, with one swipe, shaved the few remaining strands of hair from above her pussy. Jill wiped her mound clean with a washcloth, and then stepped in front of her full-length mirror to admire the new look.

"Not bad." Jill thought out loud as she turned side to side.

Naked, she walked back to the bed, and knelt down. She reached under the bed for one of the boxed dildos.

"Not that one," Jill shoved it back under and reached for another.

"There we go." Jill beamed.

She opened the cardboard box and let a chocolate-colored 10" dildo fall onto the bed. The toy was molded after a porn star, and was one of the more expensive models thanks to the featured hand-painted veins and suction-cupped base.

The head of the toy was easily as thick as Jill's wrist and became wider toward the base.

She walked back in front of the mirror and imagined herself being roughly handled while this black dick pressed against her face, her belly, and her ass.

Within seconds, Jill could feel her clitoris begin to throb. She rinsed the toy under warm water, and then sat in front of her full-length mirror. She turned her body this way and that until her position resembled that of the girl in the movie. The toy in her hand was easily twice as thick as the poles of the skinny black men in the video, but Jill was willing to improvise. Her wet pussy easily lubricated the dildo, but she had to push it in slowly. Only the first three inches would go in, but that was enough.

She eased the dildo in and out for a few minutes before changing positions. She wasn't strong enough to push it any further inside her, so she decided to squat on top of the toy.

The bedroom was carpeted, so she moved to the tiled floor in the bathroom. The suction cup base held the large dildo in place, but now she couldn't see what she was doing.

As she walked back into the bedroom to move the full-length mirror, she heard the garage door open.

"Fuck!" Jill said, frustrated.

She quickly took the dildo box off the top of the bed and threw it under. She almost slipped as she tried to unstick the dildo from the floor. The suction cup worked well. She finally dislodged the toy and folded it in a towel, then carefully stepped into the shower.

"Honey, I'm home!" Jill's husband, Brian called.

"I'm in the shower!" Jill replied.

Brian climbed the stairs to the bedroom, and began to undress. Although he was exhausted, he was finding the energy to take advantage of the situation.

"Our daughter is going to stay with your sister this weekend. I just got off the phone with her." Brian called out from the bedroom.

The water was finally starting to get warm. Jill's nipples stuck out stiff from her breasts.

She hadn't intended to rub her clit while she showered, but she couldn't help herself. She abruptly stopped when Brian opened the shower door.

"Can I come inside?" He asked.

"Of course. We're married, right?" Jill smiled.

"I meant inside the shower, Jill." Brian corrected her before noticing her clean-shaven mound. "Whoa, what made you do that?"

"I don't know. Just thought I'd try a new look. Do you like it?" Jill turned, giving him a view of her swollen clit.

Brian reached for her pussy as she reached for his thickening cock. They kissed hard while he ran his hand over her smooth mound and slid three fingers inside her. His thumb pressed hard and then rolled around over her clitoris. Jill's knees went weak.

She squatted down and engulfed his manhood. He wasn't as thick as the toy, or as long, but his seven inches had given her countless orgasms. She was familiar with every angle; every vein, and every spasm he would create just before climax.

She took his entire length down her throat – something she had never done before. The act surprised both of them and Brian came on Jill's face as she gagged.

"Holy shit!" Brian exclaimed.

"Yeah, holy shit!" Jill looked up at him, his come instantly being rinsed from her face.

Brian had come on her face before, but this time she actually enjoyed it.

He helped her to her feet, and Jill stepped out of the shower first.

She reached for a towel, and caught the dildo before it hit the floor. Jill quickly wrapped the toy back in the towel and carried it to the bedroom.

Brian stepped out of the shower and searched for another towel, giving Jill just enough time to throw the toy under the bed and lay out her towel. She sat on the edge of the bed, spread her legs and then laid back. As Brian walked in, Jill pulled her legs back, exposing her smooth pussy and pink asshole. His mouth was on her pussy in seconds.

Brian had always made Jill come with his mouth. This time was no different. He rolled his tongue over her clit and between her labia, nibbling gently at first, and then pressing a little harder. He introduced two fingers inside her, pressing upward, rubbing up and back. Jill could feel the orgasm building, but she had been on the brink twice in the last ten minutes. She wanted him to take her over the edge.

Jill reached down and pulled his hand from her pussy, and guided it to her ass. Brian continued to use his mouth and tongue on her and grabbed at her ass cheeks. He squeezed hard, but Jill guided his middle finger to her asshole. When he paused, she bucked her pussy hard into his face, causing his nose to sting and his eyes to water.

"Finger my asshole." Jill whispered.

Brian's cock twitched. He was already hard, but now he was afraid he might come before he even had a chance to make love to her.

Brian licked Jill's pussy faster as he carefully slid his middle finger into Jill's rectum.

He had only pushed an inch of his finger inside when Jill let out a loud moan.

"That's it! Yes!" Jill cried.

Brian pushed his finger in further, and Jill grabbed his wrist. He began to withdraw his finger from her asshole – afraid he'd hurt her – but Jill stopped him. Instead, she pulled his arm so his finger would go in deeper. She wanted him to finger-fuck her ass. He pumped his finger into Jill's bottom faster and faster as he struggled to keep his mouth on her pussy.

In what would have sounded like a cry of pain to anyone else, Jill came hard. She flooded Brian's mouth as her anus cut off all circulation to his finger.

Brian knew that Jill could have multiple waves of orgasm, so he continued to lap at her gushing pussy until she finally asked him to stop.

"It's okay. I'm good. That was fantastic." Jill panted.

She pushed him back, stood up, and then turned around. She crawled up on the bed on all fours with her ass facing him, then bent down to her elbows.

"If you promise to be quick, you can come in my ass, sweetheart." Jill said as she looked over her shoulder. "It's okay. We'll just take another shower."

Brian was beside himself. He wasn't sure what had gotten into her, but he also knew that she hadn't liked the two previous times he had wanted to fuck her in the ass. The fact that she wasn't only willing, but asking him...

"My pussy first, please." Jill startled him. "I don't want you tearing me apart."

Brian easily slid his swollen dick inside her wet cunt. She pushed back against him, forcing his entire length inside.

"There, that should do it, don't you think?" Jill asked. She sounded almost drunk.

She pulled forward until just the head of Brian's dick remained inside her pussy. Brian waited for a moment, then withdrew his slick member and placed the head at her puckered asshole.

Jill moved back as he held his tool steady. There was resistance at first, but she pushed back harder until the head of Brian's cock disappeared inside her rectum.

Jill exhaled deeply.

Brian felt her relax and pushed himself in a little deeper.

Jill clenched the bed sheets. This hurt. She wasn't sure what made her think it would be any different, and right now it hurt.

"Wait a minute." Jill interrupted. "Come lay down. I want to be on top."

Brian did as he was told and Jill positioned herself so she could ease herself down on him.

He had a perfect view of her bald pussy. He still couldn't believe she did that.

She squeezed his dick hard as she guided it into her asshole, this time with less resistance.

As Brian's come filled her bowels, Jill felt less and less pain. She bounced on his cock three more times before it popped out of her ass, followed by a seemingly endless stream of semen.

Jill leaned forward and kissed Brian all over his face.

"Thank you." Jill said between kisses. "Thank you for fucking me in the ass, sweetheart."

"Anytime?" Brian asked. "What's gotten into you – not that I'm complaining?"

"I don't know. I just felt like getting a little wild with my husband. Okay?" Jill asked as she stepped off the bed. Come dripped down her legs and she quickly stepped into the shower.

Brian laid there for a moment, staring at the ceiling, while their daughter, Andi, quietly sneaked back into her room. He didn't realize she needed to come home to grab some clothes for the weekend.

"Way to go, mom and dad." Andi whispered. She witnessed her parent's sex act from behind the partially opened bedroom door. Like her mother, Andi would get very wet when aroused, and the crotch of her jeans was soaked.

"That was awesome."

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