tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJill Likes To Watch Me

Jill Likes To Watch Me


I'm a shy nice guy who didn't have a lot of luck with the ladies. That all changed because of my girlfriend. Her name is Jill and she is blonde, 5'5", a tight firm body, small tits, but a great ass. We have been dating for a while and the sex was great. Little did I know she would make me a slut.

One night while watching t.v. she asked me if I masturbated. That question came out of left field, but since I'm an honest guy I answered yes. She then blushed a little and asked if she could watch. I turned bright red and told her I was way to shy to stroke myself in front of her. Jill was not going to take no for an answer.

Later on that night we made our way back to the bedroom. Jill took of all her clothes and got on all fours in my bed. She then looked back at me while slowly running her hands between her legs. A finger slipped into her wet pussy. One of those sexy wicked grins crossed her face and she said "I need something much bigger in my wet cunt." Wow I loved how aggressive and naughty she was being. My clothes were of in a flash. I placed my 7" cock at the entrance and slammed it home. Normally I need to eat her pussy to orgasm before I can get my whole dick inside her, but tonight she was already dripping wet. I fucked her with long fast strokes, my balls slapping her clit. The sounds of our thighs slapping and her moans were getting me close to cumming. That's when she really surprised me.

Jill tossed her hair to the side and gave me another wicked grin. Her hand slowly crept down her back to her ass. Then she slipped the finger inside her asshole. I could feel her finger through her ass on my cock. She had never done this before and it really got my close to cumming. Jill knew I was close so she told me to stop and made me an offer. She said that I could fuck her ass but not cum in her but. I must jerk off for her to cum. Well I always wanted to try anal sex and was so turned on by her dirty talk that my shyness was not going to stop me. She spread her ass cheeks and I slowly worked my dick inside. Cumming twice had loosed her ass up enough for me to get all the way in. Like I said I had never done this before so I was afraid of hurting her. I was slow and let her adjust to my cock. When I finally got all of my dick in she moaned. I started fucking her slow at first while she fingered her clit. Then she started trusting her hips on my dick. I knew she was about to cum again. I fuck her ass hard while she came screaming. I have no idea how I kept from cumming in her butt. Now it was time to make good on the deal.

My cock slowly popped out of her ass. I knew from the length of her last orgasm that this wouldn't be my last time doing anal. I laid down and looked her in the eyes. Anticipation was burning within those brown eyes. She told me to spread my legs and she laid in between my thighs. I grabbed my cock and slowly started rubbing up and down it. She just stared at it. I closed my eyes pretending she wasn't there so I would be relaxed enough to cum. I started stroking faster. I felt something on my ass and my eyes shot open. I couldn't believe it she was giving me a rim job while staring at my jerk off session. I must admit I loved the feeling of her tongue on my asshole. That was too much for me and I shot cum out over my chest, dick, and balls. At the same time I heard her scream. She then licked up all the cum off of me. That was another first time experience for me. We laid together recovering.

Jill turned her head to me and looked me in the eyes. She said she loved everything we had tried, but most of all loved watching me. I couldn't believe it when she said she had cum just from watching. From that night on Jill got me to jerk off in front of her a lot. She would give me rim jobs and watch. I really like when she wanted me to straddle her chest and masturbate while she would talk dirty. More and more her dirty stories centered around Jill watching me fuck another woman. Little did I know that she was going to make the stories come true.

I found out how much she like to watch me a few months later at the club. I loved going to the club with Jill since she always dressed in next to nothing and would pick out my clothes so I would look my best. We were at a table having a couple of drinks when she had to use the restroom. When she came back she was talking to another woman. This woman was about Jill's height, had jet black hair, 34C tits, and a nice ass. Jill sat with the woman at the bar and ignored me. I figured the woman was someone she knew from work and just waited for the conversation to end. My drink was finished so I ordered another. I also notice Jill and the woman were nearly finished with their drinks so I ordered another round for them. When there drinks arrived they looked over at me and mouthed thanks. Then they turned to each other and giggled. Finally they got up and came to my table.

Jill introduced herself first. I thought that was odd, but figured she wanted to play a sex game. I have never had a one night stand so many times I had told Jill that it would be a turn on if I met here at a bar and pretended to pick her up for one night of passion. Jill was now acting out my fantasy which turned me on. Jill introduced the woman as Amy. They both sat down and we all talked. We had more drinks and occasionally the girls would go to the restroom always coming back looking at me and giggling. Amy went to the bar to get the next round and that is when I found out what was going on. Jill just met Amy in the restroom tonight and she wanted me to fuck Amy while she watched.

I was speechless and turned on while Jill told me her plan. Jill had found out that Amy thought I was sexy and gets very turned on when kissed on the neck and her ear is nibbled. She also told me Amy likes to be on top during sex. Jill's plan was for her to leave first and then have Amy drive me home. I would seduce Amy with kisses on the neck and get her into bed. Jill would hide in the closet and watch. Well I was more than a little stunned, but also very turned on by the idea. I like the idea Jill was able to get Amy to tell her how a man could seduce her. I also had a lot of questions about whether Jill actually wanted me to go through with this plan. Amy came back with our drinks before I could ask those questions.

Jill quickly finished her drink. Her and Amy whispered something to each other and then Jill said she had to get home for the evening. Amy and I had one more drink then she said it was getting late for her too. I asked for a ride home and Amy said sure. When we got to my place I noticed Jill's car already there. I asked Amy if she would like something to eat before she went home. Amy accepted and we started walking to my door. While I opened the door I thought about what Jill had told me about Amy. I got a sudden rush of confidence because I knew Amy was turned on by me and how I could get her even wetter. I opened the door and allowed Amy to walk in. She was standing in front of me when I shut the door. With my rush of confidence I just turned around and grabbed Amy by the waist. I pulled her back against me and loved feeling her ass against my hard cock. A deep breath escaped her lips giving me a sign that she liked it too. My finger tips gentle grazed up her arms to her neck. I pushed her jet black hair aside and planted soft moist kisses on her neck. The kisses traveled up her neck to her ears and I began to nipple on her earlobe. I felt Amy's body melt into mine and I knew what Jill had told me was true.

Amy and I made our way to the bedroom. I asked her to keep the light on knowing it would allow Jill to see better. The closet door was cracked open and I knew that was were Jill was. Amy and I began kissing again and taking our clothes off. I laid down on the bed and her mouth went directly for my cock. This girl did not mess around I guessing because she was so turned on. I brought Amy hip back to my face so that would could 69. Her pussy was completely shaved and I loved eating it. Jill would trim her patch but never totally shave it. I then had a flash of the moment that started it all, of my jerking off while Jill licked my ass. That thought made me want to try it on Amy. My tongue went up to her asshole. My dick fell out of her mouth because she was moaning from the rim job. She had enough and turned around. Amy held my cock and slowly impaled herself on it.

My seven inches went inside her wet cunt. She then started riding me in long strokes. I noticed her tits bouncing, Jill's were too small to bounce. Amy caught me staring and said "You like my big tits? Do you want to suck them?" She bent down and fed me her nipples. I felt her nipples get even harder in my mouth. I also felt her cunt contract while she came all over my dick and balls. She came two more times before she couldn't fuck anymore. I usually don't last this long, but I was so focused on giving Jill and good show that I wasn't paying attention to fucking. Amy pulled my dick out of her and kissed me. She also said it was my turn to have fun and to fuck her tits until I came all over her face.

Amy laid down, but I turned her so Jill would get a better view. Amy pushed her tits together giving me a nice hole to fuck. Jill was much to small to titty fuck so I was loving this opportunity. While my cock was pressed between those two fleshy pillows Amy started talking dirty. She told me how much she loved my cock and couldn't wait until she could watch me cum up close. She wanted my hot jiz on her face and to lick it off her lips. That was too much for my and I sprayed a geyser of cum all over her pretty face. She just licked her lips and said "mmm." She then got up to clean herself in the bathroom. When she was finished she decided she better get home and gave me her number.

I closed the door enjoying my first one night stand. Then I remember Jill in the closet. I opened the closet door and saw Jill naked. She had two finger in her cunt and used her palm on her clit. She also had one finger on her other hand in her ass. My dick started to rise at this sight. The Jill flew out of the closet and pushed my on the bed. She sucked Amy's cum off my dick until I got hard again. Then she slammed her pussy down on my cock and started fucking me like a wild woman. She told how she just kept cumming while watching me fuck Amy. She knew loved seeing her shaved cunt and me fucking her tits. She said she picked Amy because of her tits. The fast fucking, Jill cumming, and the dirty talk had me shoot my cum inside her in no time. We laid together exhausted and I had the feeling that this was not going to be the last time Jill set me up.

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