tagNovels and NovellasJillian Ch. 02

Jillian Ch. 02


New Slave

Jillian and I had been living together for a while, and my birthday was around the corner. Jillian asked what I wanted for my birthday and I told her my usual “I dunno.” I feel pretty stupid at times like that. If anyone knows what I want, it’s gotta be me… doesn’t it? So, after a few days of pestering me about what I want, she stopped. Days went by and no more questions. I suspected that something was up. The day before my birthday, she said she had a headache and didn’t want to have sex. She promised she would make it up to me tomorrow.

I woke in the morning to rustling sheets. It was just at the edge of my consciousness, so I let it go and started dreaming again. As usual, it was a sexy dream, so my cock was growing. When the warmth around my cock persisted after my dream was over, I began to wake a bit more. I reached down and found Jillian’s head was at my waist and I could feel her mouth around my cock. I started to move and she said, “Shhhh… relax… don’t even try to wake up.” She didn’t have to say it twice. I relaxed into it and was getting very hot when she stopped and said, rather loudly, “OK, we’re ready for our coffee now.”

I was muzzy and confused and quite surprised when the door to our bedroom swung open and woman wearing a kimono walked into the room carrying our coffee and some sweet rolls. The kimono was very ornate, with huge flowers on a red background. She was small, with delicate features like those on Japanese ceramic dolls. A small smile made her appear to my muzzy state as if a heavenly spirit had walked into our room. I woke from my dazed state hastily and almost knocked the coffee out of her hand.

“Happy birthday, Darling. This is Carol. She has agreed to be your slave for the day.” My mind started racing. Jillian KNEW that one of my fantasies was to have a lovely Asian woman to wake me gently in the morning and do my bidding all day. AND she knew about my love of having sex with more than one woman at a time, even though I had experienced it only three times in my life. Oh. My. God. Was it too much to hope that all my fantasies were to be fulfilled on this special – soon to be Holy – day of mine… my birthday?


“Carol is your slave today, and so am I.” We will do anything you ask; anything you command.” My mind started racing faster than you can imagine. My ultimate fantasy coming true before my eyes (‘course “ultimate fantasies” tend to change as time goes by.) Tying to stay calm, I kept my face impassive while a billion unbidden thoughts jammed themselves into my consciousness. Is the reality to be as interesting as the fantasy? Will the fantasy be ruined if we do this? Will Jillian be jealous? I couldn’t afford that to happen. Yet, my face showed none of this. I tried to act as if this happened every day of my life and I was accepting it graciously.

Jillian, of course, saw through me as she always does and as I turned my head to look impassively at Jillian, she started to laugh at me. I knew she could see my ambivalence and it started me laughing, too. She had called my bluff. She regained her composure and beckoned Carol to join us. “What would you like us to do, Master?”

Oh God the pressure was on.

“Jillian, undress her and put her between us.”

Jillian stood up, her 5’10” frame dwarfing the diminutive Carol. Carol kept her eyes downcast as Jillian slowly removed the kimono to reveal her nude body. She was very small with tiny perfect breasts and her pubic hair was shaved, and as a result, she almost looked like a child. Jillian saw the awed look in my eyes, and turned Carol around so I could see her back. Long straight black hair cascaded down her back and reached almost to her knees.

“Carol, have you ever done this before?”

“No sir.”

Sir! I liked the way it sounded. My birthday was to be a major success.

I looked up at Jillian. “Have you, honey?”

“No, sir.”

Sir again!

“Well, that means we’re all in uncharted waters here… and it looks like I’m the captain. Both of you come here and join me. Guest of honor in the middle.”

“Carol, were you watching when Jillian was giving me a blow job?”

“Yes sir. It made me very wet.”

Things were going even better than I thought.

“We’ll see about that,” I said as my hand reached her pussy… her very wet pussy. My finger slid in easily and quickly. “Yes, very wet, I’d say.” She took a deep breath and sighed… an almost musical high to low pitch sigh. It was simple and joyous. Beautiful. I looked at Jillian and smiled. “Let’s see how long she can stand two tongues and four hands before she begs me to fuck her. Jillian smiled and her mouth went to Carol’s left nipple. Carol’s eyes closed, concentrating on the wonderful sensations. I started by kissing the perfect bow of a mouth. She was open, soft, and her breath was hot against my face when we separated. I started to move down her body with my lips.

She said, “this is a dream come true for me, too, sir,” and began to moan. Her moans and gasps were beautiful to hear. Almost singing, but not quite. My hands and mouth and Jillian’s hands and mouth started to roam Carol’s body. Her breath quickened as my tongue started to touch her clit. She was delicious, sweet and musky at the same time… Jillian’s has more spice in it. I vowed to do a taste test later. Carol started to whimper now. “Please,” she said, “please.”

“Please what, beautiful slave?”

“Please enter me now.”


“Yes sir. Please take me now.”

“Do you mean you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes,” she screamed as Jillian bit on her nipple.

“Then say it.”

Almost whispering, she said, “please…” and there was a pause here… “fuck me now sir.” She had trouble saying the word “fuck.”

I moved my dripping cock between her legs and just barely touched her vagina… sliding up and down a bit, but not entering yet.

She almost cried, “pleeeeease.”

“Please what?”

Then she screamed, “Please fuck me now sir!”

My cock slammed into her easily and deeply with one thrust. I couldn’t believe her small body would receive my cock so easily. It was a bit different, though because it felt as though her vagina stretched only as far as my cock required. She could stretch no more. Her breath caught in her throat and she began to fuck me back. I still kept it going slowly because it felt so good to be inside that tight and VERY slippery cunt of hers. She had the most copious and slippery lubrication I’ve ever experienced. Jillian moved behind me so that she could lick my balls as I fucked Carol. Yow! That was a major addition to my sensual repertoire! I could feel my come surging past Jillian’s mouth and into Carol’s waiting pussy. Carol started coming as soon as I did… and it was a long slow process to finish.

Much to my surprise, I stayed hard. Jillian laughed. “Looks like this is a perfect birthday present.” “Oh yes,” was my only answer. I might have thought of something clever to say, but I think most of my brains had fallen into Carol’s beautiful pussy.

Jillian said, “my turn,” and fell back on the bed between us. Carol was ready for her, though and started lapping at her cunt right away. Jillian looked into my eyes, wondering if I would judge her badly for this. I smiled and said, “Go with it, Sweetheart. It makes me love you more.” With that, she picked Carol’s legs up and threw them over her head into a classic 69 position. Looking me in the eye, she said, “I’m gonna drink every drop of your come”. All I could do was watch, my hands floating across and between two beautiful women. Jillian’s head flew back as she cried “Unh,” and lifted her butt off the bed into Carol’s face, suddenly pumping for all she was worth. She cried “Unh” for about fifteen seconds and then a long, slow moan escaped her lips. It was wonderful. She continued to fuck Carol’s face, gradually more slowly until her whole body shivered and then jerked a couple of times. She began to laugh through ragged breath. “Whoa,” she said, “whew. Oh my God.” We all laughed. “Can you have a birthday tomorrow, too, Sir?”

“I will get fresh hot coffee for you now, Master.”

God, it was real. A slave for a day. I leaned back on my pillows and enjoyed the afterglow. Jillian followed Carol into the kitchen.

They soon returned together, both wearing my favorite outfit: thigh high stockings, and carrying hot coffee. Could life get better?

“Is there anything we can do for you, sir?”

“Yes, I said, “both of you lie down on the bed beside the other, I want to check something.” They immediately complied as I had my first real sip of coffee for the day. I then moved over and began to lick Jillian’s cunt. I was right. More spicy than Carol’s. Then over to Carol’s. Sweet. Both with a hint of musk, very clean and mild. I then decided to mix them and taste, so I made them rub their cunts together… they didn’t object. In fact they rather got into it after a while, looking each other straight in the eyes. Carol lay back on the bed with her legs raised almost straight back on the bed. Jillian knelt in front of her and lifted her leg over Carol which raised her cunt to touch Carol’s. They started to rock gently back and forth, wet clit rubbing wet clit. It looked like they were uniting their souls. All of us forgot my silly tasting game as they caressed each other and rubbed their cunts together. Their breathing became deeper and stronger as I looked on in loving amazement. God they were beautiful. Their ass muscles would contract as they moved closer together and the morning sunlight streamed through the window and backlit their hair as well as glistened off the shining droplets of sweat they were producing. I was lying beside a beautiful work of art as two people joined. I will remember every detail of that moment until I die.

They got more serious now… alternately gasping and closing their eyes and throwing their heads back… all the while trying to maintain eye contact with the other one. They would catch themselves looking away when it felt particularly good and quickly look back at the other. Then both their faces clenched… their glistening asses tightened and both screamed as they started to come. They kept pumping for almost a minute, milking the sensations for all they were worth.

There were many firsts that day. Jillian’s and Carol’s first time with a woman. Carol’s first ass fucking. My first time getting a blowjob from two women at once (and coming on their faces… I don’t know why that’s such a thrill, but it is.). And, most important of all, Carol kept coming back to visit over and over again. None of us could stay away from any of the others. We slowly became a team. A family. Carol finally moved in with us the second week we lived at the new house.


We were sick… all three of us. Sometime after we had moved into the new house, Jillian, Carol and I had come down with some horrible virus and none of us could even stand, let alone do anything for one another. It was one of those horrible flu’s that makes it impossible to keep anything in either end of your body and makes you really weak. I called an agency to get a nurse in to take care of us for a day or two. It turns out that visiting nurses won’t go to homes where there are sick people! Yikes! What are they for?

Fortunately, Carol had a friend who had a friend that was a visiting nurse who wasn’t working and got her to come to take care of us. We were all ensconced in the big waterbed in the master bedroom (misery loves company) and when she showed up, I was the only one with enough strength to crawl to the door to let her in. It really was horrible. She was wonderful. She helped me back into our room and checked us all out for fever and all those “nursy” things. Then she gave us all gentle cool bed baths and made us drink some water and take some aspirin and put us to sleep. She was a lovely young black woman named Susan who knew how to be a mom – exactly what we needed at the moment.

The next morning, she brought us sweet tea and crackers and helped us change our clothes which had gotten rather gamey during the course of our illness. We all felt better by midmorning and started to smile occasionally and calling her “Mom.” She has an infectious smile and a demeanor that makes you love her almost immediately. She stayed six days which was at least three days too long to be just to take care of us, but we liked having her there; she was a delight to be around. During that time, she and the girls had a lot of discussions about our lifestyle. something rather new and curious to her. About two weeks after she left, she called us crying. It seems her apartment house had had a fire and she needed a place to stay and we were the only people with and extra room that she knew and she was sorry she couldn’t call anyone else and she would pay us and blah blah blah blah. It took about three minutes to stop her talking long enough to tell her it was alright and to please come over right away. She did. When she got to our place, she looked as unhappy as it was possible to look. She was carrying a small bag that had practically nothing in it because everything else had burned up.

Naturally, there were enough clothes, toothbrushes and whatever she needed to make it through a day or two, so we made her dinner and settled her into the guest room. She took a shower and – sorry I couldn’t help myself – I went to the monitor in my room to check her out. Luscious. She was one of those rare people who looks better without clothes than with them. A little curvier than Jillian or Carol, who were really quite slim, large perky breasts with big round nipples. Beautiful ebony skin. She was lovely.

Jillian came into the room and caught me spying. At first she gave me a disapproving look since the monitors are to be used only with permission, but I showed her the screen and she became as enchanted as I was. We stopped watching and went into the living room.

When Susan returned, she was smiling and looked totally refreshed. Dinner conversation was basically us telling her that she could stay as long as she needed to.

Since discretion is the better part of just about anything, our D/s games did not begin at seven thirty as usual, but we played the non-kinky hosts and went to the living area together. We had a few margaritas and laughed a lot. It was a good time. As inhibitions began to dissipate, Susan asked Carol what it was like to be a slave. I was stunned because I didn’t know she had been told of our arrangement. Carol answered that she loved it; that it was a great comfort to be “owned” by someone she loved and respected. She spent the next five minutes saying such nice things about me that I was really embarrassed. I was also overwhelmed and gratified that she felt that way, especially with Jillian backing her up on everything she said. I got up to go to the bathroom and when I came back, I went to the wet bar to make another pitcher of margaritas and change the music. When I turned around, I almost ran over Susan, who was kneeling in front of me. I was a bit shocked and I said. “Susan, what are you doing?”

“Sir, I would like to be your slave. Jillian and Carol said that it was OK with them if I asked.”

I looked over at my smiling girls. No question what they thought. “Susan, are you sure?”

“Yes sir.”

“Do you understand that we all love each other and we all have sex together?”

She sighed and said, “yes sir. And I’ve never seen any happier people than you. This house is full of love and I am begging to be allowed to be a part of it.”

Do you also understand that Jillian is the Mistress of the house and when I’m not here, you will take orders from her as if it were me?”

“Yes, sir, they explained it to me.”

I looked over at Jillian and Carol. They were both smiling and nodding. It never crossed my mind that we would expand our family any more than it already was. “I have to tell you that I have serious reservations about having a black slave.”

“Those slaves were unwilling. I am not. If there is a choice, it is not real slavery.”

“You seem to have thought this through.”

“Yes, I didn’t want to leave after I took care of you all, but didn’t know how to ask.”

“OK, my love, let’s give it a month. At the end of that time we will all know if it is working. If any one of us doesn’t like the arrangement, we won’t be able to continue. We’ll renew every month until we decide that it can be permanent. Is that clear?”

“Yes sir.”

“Jillian, Carol, prepare her and yourselves for inspection.”

Susan jumped up and all three cheered and headed for the bedroom. Obviously I was the last to hear of Susan’s desire. It made me wonder a couple of things.

One… am I REALLY in charge here? Answer: No.

Two… Do I like it anyway? Answer: This is the best life I can imagine.

Of course, it’s by mutual agreement that I look like I’m in charge, and I am the one to announce decisions I’ve made. But I absolutely know that I am led to whatever decision I make by two – maybe soon to be three of the most lovely, loving, sexual women in the world.

I love my life.

I got another margarita, then sat on the large sofa facing the waterfall. My prostate was already engorged and – if I squeezed just right – I could feel small orgasmic tingles at the base of my cock. Of course, the squeezing led to dripping, and left a small wet spot on my shorts. When they returned, Jillian and Carol brought Susan behind them and they were all wearing only thigh highs and heels. God, I thought. If this is them leading me, bring it on. Slaves, lead me wherever you want to go.

Susan knelt in front of me with her eyes down, her legs spread and her hands clasped behind her back. It was the classic slave pose. I took a moment to survey the scene. Tall Jillian with her light skin and black stockings, short Carol, her olive skin offset by light blue stockings, and now Susan, ebony skin with white stockings. All had matching shoes. This was too good to be true.

“Susan, do you know what you’re doing?”

“I think so sir.”

“We shall see,” I said. I cupped her face in my hands and brought her lips to mine. The kiss was sweet; her lips full, soft and yielding to every nuance of my lips and tongue… she was paying attention to what I wanted at even the most subtle levels. “Stand up, turn away from me and bend over and grab your knees. I want to inspect my new property.”

As she did, my hands began to roam her legs. They are firm, soft, and round in the right places - muscled but feminine. Smooth, silky ebony skin so dark it shines, and an amazing, round ass. The girls had put soft white thigh highs on her and the contrast made an incredibly beautiful sensual feast for the eyes. I looked up at Jillian and Carol. Their eyes were widening with lust. There is no way that one man could be this lucky. My hands began to roam across her pussy and there were already glistening drops of come at the edge of her labia. I became fascinated with the look of it. I placed my finger just inside her and then slowly pulled it away. There was a small spider-web of come that stuck to my finger at one end and her cunt at the other. It dipped in the center and the light played across it as it swayed back and forth with my breath. “You’re awfully wet, my sweet.”

“Yes sir, I am.”

“Turn around and get back on your knees.” She did, without any pause. She was following orders quite well. “You have gotten my finger wet, dearest, lick it off please.” And she did… as if it were a cock and she was trying to make it come. “We run a different kind of household here.”


“I don’t humiliate, or cause lasting pain, or do anything to harm my slaves. Of course, there are mild spankings and whippings and restraints, but only as a way of stimulation… a way to an end… and that end is pleasure. You must have an extraordinary capacity to enjoy pleasure in order to live and love with us. Do you understand?”

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