tagNonConsent/ReluctanceJillian: Taken By The Neighbor

Jillian: Taken By The Neighbor


Hi, I'm Jillian and I've learned, much to my pain and embarrassment, that I love sexual blackmail and humiliation. I've found out that I get off the best when I'm made to do things sexually, especially when I've gotten myself into the situation. It has been quite awhile since I've written about my adventures. You may have read some of them on literotica: Jillian's naked mile series, Jillian at the office, Jillian on vacation. Darla was a neighbor of mine who took over making sure that I got my fill of that blackmail and humiliation that I so crave. She did so cruelly and wonderfully creatively, no doubt because she was a lot like me at this age, submissive and adventurous. Her control over me came to an abrupt halt after she set up my last episode at my brother's college reunion. I believe she came to the conclusion that she'd pushed me as far as she could go and that I'd become her, in a sense. I think she thought I'd reached my ceiling and that I could now go on on my own, now that I know exactly who and what I am.

I've since found myself in a series of unfulfilling dating relationships. I've had a steady stream of nice, even wonderful guys who want to treat me like a queen. To a man, though, they've all balked when I would finally reveal what I need from them. If you've read my past adventures you'll know what I mean, I need to be used hard and often. I only seem to reach that part of me that is totally real when I'm being used as a fucktoy, and the more humiliating the better. Darla taught me that. I've had no trouble getting laid, that's for sure, but other than some nice physical contact, no one has reached the real me since Darla left me on my own.

I still saw her now and again in the neighborhood, but she was always politely distant. I don't think I've gotten over her yet. We had a strong connection, it was Dominant/submissive in nature, though we didn't hold to the lifestyle protocols. It was just obvious to us. The breakup of that relationship has been just as tough as any breakup I've had, even with a man I was engaged to.

I did get some perspective since she stepped aside, though. When I contemplated all the things I did with and for her, I realized that each and every one had her as a safety net. In the naked mile, for example, she was right there for every humiliating event after the initial walk I took, naked through my neighborhood. She was right there in the aftermath too, when I was forced to please some of the men in the neighborhood. She controlled it all and watched over me like a guardian angel. She did that with each adventure I've had. On one hand, it's comforting to have someone around for the safety of it. On the other, though, there is the thought that perhaps I haven't been as truly used as I could be, if the safety net was taken away. I've thought long and hard about that since not being under Darla's control. I've often wondered if this is the very thing that she left me on my own for. Did she leave me on my own so that I could experience it as it was meant to be experienced, on my own, helpless? It was only a matter of time before I found out for sure.

I have to provide some background here, for those who didn't read earlier stories. One night, I forced myself to walk naked in my neighborhood. I started in a local bar a mile from my house and made myself walk home. On the way I made myself to do some tasks that, if caught, would force me to have to please whoever caught me. Needless to say, things didn't work out as planned (or did they?) and I got caught. Several of my neighbors were the beneficiaries of my sexual services because of it. However, one neighbor in particular is relevant for this new story.

This neighbor, named Sam, was disgustingly macho. He treated his wife, and other women like shit. He always had an air of superiority over women that made me despise him. When I'd walk past him he'd say things like, "I'd like to see you wash my car in that outfit...or less." It was actually that statement that led to my use by him.

On my naked walk I left a video of me washing his car, naked. I planned that he'd only find it if I wasn't able to complete the naked walk before he got a hold of it. Naturally, the plan failed and he got a hold of the video and used it to blackmail me. Darla made sure there were rules he had to follow but she made me do it. I ended up washing his car, naked while he looked on and sneered. Then, he fucked me, roughly.

Darla made sure it was a one-time thing though, by threatening to blackmail him right back. Since Sam's wife's father owned the company Sam worked for, Darla figured he wouldn't want his wife knowing he was screwing around, thus losing everything. It worked, I only saw Sam now and then, getting into his car or out in his yard. He'd mutter things under his breath, so I could only imagine what he was saying. I noticed he couldn't help but ogle me every time, though. The way he leered at me really irked me.

I decided to make him pay for being such a jerk. For the next week or so I took it out on him. I wore even tighter shorts. I made sure my tits were barely contained when I passed him (I adjusted my tops accordingly just before I reached his house). Each time when he was able to see me I stopped and bent over or stretched out. We both knew I was teasing him. I really should've have provoked him. It was as if I was jabbing a bear with a stick. He always said something just low enough I couldn't make it out. I could only imagine what it was. I turned up the heat. I just wanted him to suffer with blue balls. With each day I noticed he was outside more often, no doubt trying to catch me walking by. I decided to up the ante, he was just that infuriating.

One day, on my walk as I passed Sam's house he was outside watering his lawn. Instead of acting as if he wasn't paying attention to me he turned and grinned at me. It was an evil grin, one of those where you know what he's thinking. I just smirked and kept walking.

"You won't ignore me for long," I heard him mutter under his breath, at least that's what it sounded like.

I initially resisted the urge to turn and ask him what he said. I didn't want to give him the satisfaction. I still hated him as a person, even though he'd used me roughly and humiliatingly, as I so desire. I have a strange dichotomy between my fantasy and real life. Being used sexually was just something I'd come to figure out that I enjoyed. I hate it at the time. I'm often scared to death, but, the thrill of doing it strikes me right to the core. I'd been lucky so far because Darla had always been in control. She was able to allow me a normal life, outside the fantasy. When I was done with the fantasy, I was always able to return home to my home, my bed and could recover at my own pace. I was glad Darla kept me from becoming some sort of toy for him but sometimes, in the darkness, I masturbated over it. I couldn't help myself, it's a part of me that I can't even explain. I hated him even though I felt that sexual need rising again. I really shouldn't even have involved him again but I just couldn't resist making him suffer.

My curiosity got the best of me. "What did you say?" I said as I turned. I tried to give him the same sneer he always gave me.

He just grinned coolly, "you'll find out."

"Argh," I thought, how could he have something on me and why did I let him get to me like he did?

Still, as I walked away from his driveway thoughts of his domination of me in that very same patch of cement filled my head. I cursed myself for thinking of it and felt shame when I noticed that my pussy was responding to those thoughts. I walked away in a huff. I could only hear him chuckling behind me. I could feel his eyes burning a hole in my backside.

That really got to me. I made a fateful decision. I was going to really stick it to him. Late one night I snuck over when I noticed his wife's car was gone. I just wore a long coat and brought my digital camera. When I reached his car I dropped the coat and set the camera up quickly. I got a nice picture of me, naked, with my ass pressing against his precious luxury car. I knew it would aggravate him. Then, I quickly signed the back of it, "don't you wish your wife had an ass like this? You'll never tap this ass again, fucker."

Later that night as I was contemplating why he'd had such a sudden change in demeanor after a whole year I opened up my email. There was one from him. I cursed myself again for the episode a year ago, when I'd given him my email address as part of my humiliation. I read his new mail.

"Slut..." it began.

My jaw tightened and I felt my stomach start to churn.

"...I've attached a video, and that picture you just took of your whore ass on my car, you might want to open it," it continued.

I opened it, though I already thought I knew what it was. It was me, naked, washing his car. However, to my surprise, there was also another video of him fucking me in his driveway. The fucker had secretly taped our interlude, against Darla's wishes. He must've hidden his video on one of the shelves in his garage. It was very good quality. You could tell it was me. Masterfully, he had it on a level that only showed from the height of the car hood on down. His face was never shown. You could only see me, first washing his car with only my body, without using my hands. Then, me nude, being roughly fucked by him, ending with me cumming with his fat cock in my ass. You could also tell I was lost in the pleasure of it. I was shamed by seeing myself like that. Still, why was he rehashing this again? Darla had called his bluff by threatening to tell his wife. I thought I was free and clear. I kept reading.

"One year ago, you videotaped yourself naked, washing my car. Then, you made sure I got a hold of it. After that, you conspired to make sure you had sex with me...how was it you said it, "roughly and as humiliating as possible. After the sex, you had your lesbian neighbor friend step in before we could even start what could've been a very entertaining period. I've noticed a few things since then. One, I've noticed that you spend an awful lot more time alone than you used to. Two, I see that you and the lesbo no longer speak. I've surmised that she controlled your activity and that you very much liked it. Then, the constant teasing. You think you can take of picture of your naked ass on my car and not have to suffer consequences?"

I could feel the blood leaving my face, I was feeling faint. I hated this man. I hated that I'd done anything with him and I hated that he knew anything about me and who I was.

He continued, "I don't give a fuck who is who in your life, really. I'm just an opportunist. I can see you no longer have someone to save you. A year ago, you threw your slut ass in my face, and I took it. I had great plans for you, you see, and you and your carpet munching friend ruined it for me. Good thing for me that I'm not a quitter. Things have changed around here and one of the first things that I have to straighten up is what to do with you."

My face was now red. "What the fuck?" I said to myself. "You don't have anything to do with me," I thought in anger.

"As such, I'm notifying you as of this moment, I have your video on a group email. I've also included your prior emails, detailing what you were going to let me do to you. Take note of the recipients. You can get so much information from Facebook nowadays, lol."

I scanned the list. "FUCK!" I screamed. It was my workplace, my parents and everyone on my friend list from facebook. I was seething.

"So, if I don't hear from you, I'll assume it's ok to send it."

I looked at the time the email was sent. It was just an hour ago. I debated storming over to his house and confronting him in front of his wife. I decided to fire off an email of my own first.

"I don't know who you think you are trying to blackmail here but I think you'd better back off before your precious wifey finds out who you've been fucking around with," I began. "If you think you'll ever touch me again sexually, you're crazy. Darla forced me to let you the last time," I said, totally lying. "Don't bother me again or I'll tell everyone you know and work with how you raped me." I sent it off with as much malice as I could muster.

The reply was almost instantaneous. The phone rang, it was him. "I expected you to say that."

I didn't even say a word as he laid it all out, "As I've said, things change. You will touch me again sexually and you will do it often, whenever and wherever I say. I own you now, bitch. Here's why. You are going to tell my lovely wife? Have you seen her lately? No, that's because she's moved in with her mother. As for her dad, turns out he has a bit of fluff on the side himself. We just had a laugh the other day when I caught him with his secretary. Turns out he doesn't give a rat's ass if I'm tapping some slut on the side, as long as I'm making him a ton of money. He cares more about the dollar than he cares about his vapid, vacuous daughter. So that brings us to you. You have nothing on me. Don't threaten me again or the punishment you are already going to get is going to increase exponentially. I've put up with your slutty teasing for too long. You are going to put out and you are going to do it whenever and however I say. You see, I wasn't born yesterday. I can tell you dig this kind of shit. It wasn't an accident that it happened the first time. Stop fighting yourself and just let it happen. Because it is going to happen."

Finally, there was a pause. "Are you there, slut?" He said menacingly.

"...yes..." I said softly. I realized I was crying.

"I expect great things from you," he said, more sure of his victory this time.

"What things?" I managed to choke out.

"You'll see," he said as if it was all a certainty now.

He was right though. It appeared had me. Even if I could live down the embarrassment of my parents seeing their daughter used so roughly while she got off on it, even if I could look my friends in the eye after they'd seen how he anal raped me while I came on his dick, there was no way I'd still have a job if anyone there got a hold of those videos. I worked in a place run by catholic services. We even had to sign a moral's code to work there. I'd be fired on the spot. I could hear him breathing on the other end of the line while I weighed it all out in my head.

"I want you here in one hour," he said with a low growl. "I want the whole slut treatment. High heels, the highest you have. The shortest shorts you can squeeze into. Cut some down if you have to. Your ass better be hanging out of them if you want to be able to sit again in the next week," he said threateningly. "No panties, of course, I'd just have to waste my time ripping them off your slut ass anyway....not that that doesn't have some fun attached to it," he laughed out loud. "Wear a camisole, or something lacy and see-through on top. No bra. You've been parading those big titties around like you are proud of them so I want to actually see what you've been holding out on me. The top better be see-thru enough that I can see your tits clearly before you hit my driveway. Next, wear the reddest whore lipstick you own. I want to see those fucking lips when they are wrapped around my cock. Don't act like you don't have all of those things and more already. Last, bring a belt. Make sure it's a wide one. More than an inch thick. I'm going to be whipping your teasing ass with it."

I was rapidly going over all my options as he was speaking. I wasn't sure I could live without that job, I thought. I've worked on my own before. However, the economy has been so bad I knew that I'd take a big hit financially before I'd start to recover. Some of my friends would probably just laugh, after all, it's just me, getting fucked by some man in a video. However, I have a lot of friends who are deeply religious. I'd never be able to face them again, I'm sure. As for my parents, that would be so embarrassing. They think their precious only daughter is miss perfect. My dad is one of those strict, moral guys. He was military. He'd never see me the same again if he saw me getting used as I was. Finally, as I scanned down his email list, my heart sank. My nephew was on the list. He is only 15 and is intellectually challenged due to birth trauma. He is mildly autistic and has aspergers syndrome. I mean the world to him. To him, I'm his saintly aunt Jillian. This would crush him, destroy him to see me like this. I was shaking now. I looked in the mirror, I was a mess, I was bawling.

"Slut," he broke in, "I can send that email right now if you wish."

"No!" I screamed. "No...please don't, sir," I sniffed.

"Sir, that's better," he barked. "It's sir from now on, or master, or lord, whatever I prefer at the time," he laughed evilly. "So, one hour, that makes it...just about ten o'clock. Every minute you're late is another day you won't be able to sit."

"Ok," I said, defeated. If I come over, I get the videos? I allow you to...well...whatever...then I get everything?"

He just laughed. "You'll get what I give you, that's what you'll get."

"Look, it's just me on video getting fucked. The internet is full of them, it'll be forgotten ten minutes from now," I bluffed. It was my only hope.

"Maybe so, even though you really are an incredibly hot piece of ass," he said matter of factly and for some reason I was kind of proud of that.

"I'm not making any deals," he stated firmly. "You do as I say and you may get through it. It won't be a forever thing, I can guarantee that. However, you have so much to pay for after all the teasing and total disrespect you've shown. I have no problem just sending these along by email and just letting you drown in your own perversity."

He had called my bluff. I agreed to meet him. I hung up the phone and buried my head in my pillow and sobbed. I couldn't make myself move for the longest time. I thought about it all. I thought about my nephew, my parents, my work. I still considered just not showing up and taking the consequences. Then, I thought about him. I thought about how he'd used me before, the thought of me cumming on his cock as he ass fucked me kept filling my thoughts. I thought about how sexually desperate I'd been lately. Would this really be so bad? I knew better. It would be bad. He was a total pompous ass. He could potentially do anything to me. This time I had no safety net in Darla. This time he would be able to entertain all his fantasies without the stifling limits as before. I wondered what his limits were, if he had any. I wondered how I'd survive this. I moaned. I had to hurry, I'd already wasted a lot of time.

I rushed to get ready. I knew what he wanted, he'd made that clear. I put on the shorts that I only wear when I'm around the house teasing someone to fuck me. They were ridiculously short and were also ripped so that much of my ass showed through the fabric. I put on the cami that I knew he'd like. I smeared on my slut lipstick. I was no stranger to this, I myself had enjoyed many a cock with my lips painted like a cheap whore. I found the heels I saved only for special occasions. They were fetish heels. They were clear and at least six inches high. I took a look at myself in the mirror. My big, firm tits were clearly visible, my nipples poked the delicate material. I wanted to blush, but in my haste I couldn't even think about how whorish I really looked. I raced out the door before realizing I'd forgotten something. The belt. I searched high and low but found the one I knew would fit his description. It was black, with shiny leather. It was a couple inches wide, like the '60's belts. I hurried back outside. I clicked along as quickly as I could while still staying upright. I looked back as I approached his porch, I tried to see if anyone was watching, I supposed it didn't really matter. I knew how people would see me. I took a quick look at Darla's house. I had a last fleeting glimmer of hope that somehow she'd be there to save me again. I saw no sign of life though. His front door opened.

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