tagExhibitionist & VoyeurJillian's Naked Mile

Jillian's Naked Mile


Hi, I'm Jillian and I'm an incurable exhibitionist. I love to flirt, tease, flash and anything else I can do to stimulate myself. You see, it's all for me. It's what turns me on, drives me crazy. I remember getting off on all the prick teasing in high school. Tight shirts, short skirts, they all got me the attention I craved. College was no different though I pleased as much as I teased. I discovered my passion there for public nudity as well as bondage and erotic humiliation. I found men who loved to tie up woman and fuck them senseless. Recently, I've discovered a new way to tie it all together, a new release, all along these lines. It was brought on by internet stories about women who would get naked, or nearly so and put themselves in public. The stories would then detail how these women would put themselves in daring situations in public. Occasionally some would bind themselves in some way. It intrigued me and excited me to no end thinking about it.

Eventually, being the wild child that I am, I tried it myself. First, it began as walks through my neighborhood wearing cut off Tshirts and short shorts. I am short and curvy with a small waist. I have big tits (for my size) but firm. I have a nicely rounded ass which is also tight from all my walking and Pilates. I've often been told I have the perfect stripper's body. I've used it often to get the hard cock I want. Often I would watch for men from my block walking their dogs or going out running. When they would pass my windows I'd make sure that that was the time that I'd be changing clothes. I'd flash them my breasts or at least hoped to. With each increasingly daring thing I made myself do brought a greater rush. It always led to some wild sex with whoever I was with at the time, or a hot session with my vibrator if I wasn't currently dating. I was just in a period where I'd been without a man for the longest period since my adolescence. I was finding that my exhibitionistic behavior was keeping me horny and that my poor vibrator wasn't able to keep up. It led me to increase the risk of my public behavior, all for the increasing thrill it brought.

After reading a particular hot story about a woman who walked naked in her own neighborhood it made me hot enough to try it myself. I planned it accordingly and went out and did it. The first time I tried it I was as careful as could be. I walked in the dark, away from the streetlights. I remember the rush I got just making it to the end of my block and back. I live at the end of a dead end, the land behind my house is some light woods, then another subdivision. I walked naked back there as well, along the paths. The thrill wasn't quite as vivid, since hardly anyone ever goes back. Still, it helped get me used to being naked, in public, in the dark.

My games progessed each time. I'd make myself walk further each time. Also, I'd add another element of risk to make the thrill increase. I'd force myself to walk closer to the street lights or make myself slow down more. I was like an exhibition junkie. Each time I needed more of a thrill to make sure I got off harder. It was intoxicating, for sure. The planning for the event was part of the joyous buildup. I'd wrack my brain trying to think of things to make myself do in order to keep ratcheting up the thrill of the ride.

Again, because of the influence of some of the stories, I decided to add another one of my fetishes to the mix. Bondage. The first time I made myself walk two blocks, in nothing but my high heels (to force me to slow down) with my hands handcuffed behind my back, I swear I was going to cum before I even made it home. I was hooked, this was the thing I was looking for to boost the thrill. It was about the risk of being caught, helpless, naked and bound. After that first walk with the cuffs, each succeeding walk always included them. Did I ever fear getting caught? Of course I did. That was the biggest part of the perverse thrill of it. I didn't want to be caught, but the thought of being caught... and what I might have to do...well, it spurred me on. I planned each episode so that I had a good chance of not getting caught, but to totally plan out the possibility...? That defeated the purpose for me. I'm a big girl (not physically). I've had some pretty kinky sex, if I get caught, so be it, I'll handle it. In fact, the thought increasingly crept into my mind that maybe I was doing it all along just to get caught. I can't consciously say that it's true. I don't think of myself as trying to plan myself getting gang banged or raped, but on the other hand why keep increasing the difficulty of such a risky thing? I'm not a psychologist, I'm just a kinkster, I'll let you decide.

One day after a night's naked walk I was in my backyard and one of my neighbors stopped by. It was Darla, who lived two houses down. She's a lesbian. I have no problem with that, per se, I certainly had my share of women in college, I just wasn't as into women now. Darla, though, was into me. I was always polite to her but I certainly tried to minimize the contact with her, not because she wasn't nice, just because I didn't want to encourage her. She started talking about nothing in particular. I chatted her up for awhile but I started to give her the old, "Oh, I've got dinner on," speech.

She just smiled and said, "That's fine, dear, I'm sure you need to keep up your strength, all that walking you do." I just looked at her. Naw, she couldn't know....right? I just shrugged it off. "Yeah, I guess," I smiled.

"Well, it certainly suits you," she grinned. "Your figure has never looked better..."

I turned to look at her.

"...all of your figure," she giggled.

"What's that?" I asked in mock surprise.

"Oh please, dear, let's cut the crap. I've seen you out on your walks. I actually look forward to them now. I have my binoculars handy every night now. I have to say, I'd like you to do it more often than once a week or whatever. I like how you've added some bondage....very kinky," she cooed.

My face must've gone pale. "What? Um...wow...I didn't think anyone saw me."

"Well, I don't know about anyone else, but I did. At least a couple times in the last few weeks. How long have you been doing this then?"

"Oh, a few months now. Probably about a dozen walks or so ," I sheepishly admitted.

We got to talking. It actually felt good to release some of the secretness of it. She already had me, it was no use denying it and it didn't appear she had any ulterior motive other than to tell me about it and get some excitement herself in talking to me. She got me to admit how thrilled it all made me, how excited I got with the thought of such sublime humiliation. She understood, I could tell. She was quite into bondage herself. She particularly liked talking to me about my fascination with handcuffs. I also admitted how sensitive my nipples were and how I longed for the old wooden clothespins on them. I'd tried nipple clamps and such but nothing was as pure and raw as having clothespins on them. She smiled knowingly.

"Well, if you ever need any, stop by, I have some," she said as she walked away.

I made a mental note of that. Almost two weeks went by, the stress of working cut into my fantasy planning time. I made myself take a long weekend for a break. It was to be on this weekend when I'd try my most daring adventure yet.

I'd made other notes about my neighbors, what their schedules were, what they were like, who was in each house. It was my fortune to have all adults living in close proximity. There was Darla, Sam, Greg, Bob, all on my block, only Sam was married. His wife is one of those trophy wives, he is a big jerky guy. He is very chauvenistic and demeaning to women. He is a super salesman type, a big blowhard I thought. His wife hardly ever seemed to be home (which I could understand). For my purposes though, he could be of some use. Knowing his propensity to ogle and leer, I had used every opportunity to prance by him in my T shirt and shorts. I gave him plenty to look at for the last few weeks, I was priming him for something, I just wasn't sure what. One of the days I was walking by in the half shirt and shorts, my generous tits no doubt nearly peaking out from under the top. He was washing his car. He wolf whistled.

"You know, if I was married to you I'd have you washing my car in that outfit..." he chuckled. "...and without your hands."

I just sniffed and kept walking but smiled secretly as I kept walking. There's just something exciting and even humiliating about my desires. I just can't help myself. In fact, the possibility that it's for the humiliation that I do these things had just begun to enter my mind.

Greg is the neighbor furthest down the block. He's some computer techy guy, in his forties. He has a schedule and rarely varies from it. Home at 7 dinner at 8, in his den around 9 (and I found out why on one of my walks) and walks the dog sometime after. I'd given him quite a few shows with my blinds open as he passed with his dog, Sally, a slobbering, friendly golden retriever.

I was passing his house one day with a short skirt, no panties and a painted on shirt and I waved at him as he stood on his steps. It was just getting on to 9 pm When I passed I noticed him ogling intently.

He smiled stupidly and said, "Wow, you are pretty as a picture."

I laughed, "I have some of me if you want them," I said, with specific intent. He wasn't sure if I was joking. I changed the subject. I made sure that I put my elbows up on his fence when I talked. This had the effect of pulling my half top up even more. I could feel cool air on the underside of my tits, no doubt it was allowing him to view a nice portion of the bottom of my breasts. When I doubled back later (yes, sometimes I do it for exercise as well!) I noticed the light on in the den of his house. I have no idea why I veered to look in, other than perhaps giving him another look. I could see his computer on. I was about to walk away when Sally ran up to the fence and tried to smother me with wet kisses. I had to keep pushing her cold nose away from my groin, she kept trying to lift the skirt up and here I was pantiless! I shooed her away quietly but she was intent. When I looked back up I could see him, sitting in his chair. I moved along the fence line, along his bushes. He was in his chair. The computer was on. He was masturbating! Oh god. I started to laugh to myself and walk away. However, as I was walking I thought about it. It tweaked something in me. That something which drives me crazy. It was humiliation. Here he was, jerking off to the thought of me (probably) and I was looking at him doing it. I thought back to other days I'd passed him. I'd seen the light on in his den after, I took note of that for my budding plan as well. I almost went back to watch him finish but then I thought how well it would fit my plans if I waited. He was most definitely not the type I want to fuck, but that added to the humiliation when I'd think about him catching me. I wanted to avoid that if I could.

Bob is my next door neighbor. He's a young guy, a former athlete, works construction of some sort. He spends nearly every night in the evening out back on his deck, barbecuing and drinking beer, especially when football is on. Occasionally he has friends over to join him, but mostly only on Saturdays or Sunday afternoons, when there are games on. I know I've teased him the most. I often lay out in my backyard, topless, when I know he's around. I'm sure he's seen my tits plenty of times. I make sure that even though there's a privacy fence for most of the adjoining land line, that where I lay gives him an opportunity to ogle and I've seen him take it on more than a few occasions. I love oiling myself up for him and then acting like I'm asleep under my sunglasses. I've watched him pretend to cut his shrubs for nearly an hour, all the while ogling my freed breasts. Like I said, I'd been priming these guys for weeks and weeks now, for what, I wasn't sure, but the plan was beginning to develop.

The long weekend was approaching, I'd had some random ideas but I needed a break in order to hash it all out. Friday came and I spent the free day finalizing my ideas. I knew what I wanted. All the things leading up to now were just practice runs. They had all been too easy and I knew it. I always had an escape plan or had used ways to minimize the risk, such as planting clothes along the way in case I chickened out or was about to get caught. I knew I didn't want that this time. I wanted this to be the most challenging, most daring, even diabolical thing I'd ever done. I was in a constant state of arousal from all the planning, thinking I'd been doing over this now for weeks. I cut myself off from masturbating for a week which nearly drove me crazy. As part of the preparation for my adventure, I'd given the 'boys' of the neighborhood some really nice revealing looks at me. They certainly knew my schedule as well and always seemed to be outside when I'd go for walks in my ridiculous little outfits. They wanted to jump me and I knew it, it was what I wanted them to desire.

That part of the plan out of the way I concentrated on the specifics. I wanted to be naked, totally, for this, with no escape plan other than getting back home. I wanted to be cuffed, hands behind my back. I wanted to it to be difficult. I wanted to be nearly helpless, yet, still be able to complete all my tasks if done promptly and correctly. My thoughts occasionally went to Darla. I wondered if I should include her in this somehow, just as a safety precaution, since she already knew about me but she never made it into the initial plan.

I'd gone shopping at an adult store for several items. The most important were the ankle cuffs. They were soft, padded ones, which connected with a velcro strap but could also be locked with small locks. My idea here was to limit my ability to walk, making it slower, more tedious and risky. I used a bicycle lock cord and looped it through each loop in the cuffs, connecting them together. It gave me about 12 inches of slack. It would give me very limited ability to walk with speed. I'd have to shuffle. In addition I planned to wear the high heels I just bought. It fit my plan perfectly. I knew if I chickened out I could easily get out of the velcro but not if I used the locks. I'd need the key unless my hands were free to cut them, of course. It was laughable the first time I tried to walk around the kitchen with the ankle cuffs on and high heels. I nearly tripped several times before I worked it out. Still, I wasn't going to be able to go very far, fast. It was how I wished it.

I needed to do something for Greg. I needed to take some pictures. I took my good digital camera and posed for some revealing photos. I got some of me in my half shirt, arms over my head. Then I took some topless, but with me cupping my breasts. I got a couple of me in my short shorts topless, but facing away, my shorts pulled up tightly into my crack. All in all I got some nice sexy shots, but PG-13 types. These I put in envelope A.

I got out my trusty handcuffs. I loved the ruggedness of them, the solid steel, the coldness, the hardness of them against my wrists. No padded cuffs for this girl, I liked these raw, and rough. I set up the camera again. I set it on auto and took a few pictures of myself naked and handcuffed. I took one with my legs open. I took a few more of me cuffed, on my knees, my face to the floor and my naked ass pointing invitingly at the camera. If he ever got these he had a picture of everything I had. I printed them off on my home photo processor. I put them in envelope B for their use as part of my plans. Oh yes, the plan was coming along nicely. I made a stop several blocks over at a local pub on friday afternoon, the place was dead, as I'd hoped. I wore jeans and a big sweatshirt with a hat pulled down over my face, I didn't want to be recognized later. I taped a key under the pool table, which, only for the moment, was sitting silently.

It was Friday night, I made a 'walk through' of the neighborhood. I was depositing the key for the wrist cuffs in one spot, the key for the ankle cuffs in another. One thing for each spot, each person. Each one had a planned task I had to do to get the key. I had included Greg, Bob, but not Sam yet. I had something else for him. I'd need my webcam video camera on my netbook for that one. I recalled his comment about making me wash the car without my hands, the pig. Secretly though, it thrilled me because it fit into what I wanted perfectly. It was degrading, humiliating and overpoweringly exciting. Remember, I still was planning to get home, scot-free, but I wanted the tasks to be as difficult and as humiliating as possible. I wanted it to get me off like the big bang. The thought of being caught by any one of these guys, or anyone at all, while doing something so kinky, was sending my mind into a fever. I knew I was driving myself so crazy that I'd need a real hard cock in me very soon.

Saturday finally came, it was to be the night of my adventure. Instead, it poured rain. All day it came. I kept looking up at the sky for relief, none came. I kept the weather channel on, it didn't get better. My pussy was throbbing already from the possibilities and from my ignoring it now for a week. I almost thought about doing it anyway but the cold, biting rain changed my mind each time I stepped outside to check it.

I instead spent the night going over my plans. The basic intent of the plan was clear. I wanted it to be as difficult and kinky as I've ever had it. I had purposely teased the neighbors just to motivate them. It was effective, I could tell, I knew they all wanted me. That was the humiliatingly fun part. I was going to venture into territory where I'd purposely fanned the flames. If I failed I was going to be caught by the very people I'd turned on and no telling what they'd do to me. It made my pussy hum just thinking about it. Each task would require much effort on my part. I didn't just want to show up to a house, pick up and key and move on. I wanted to have to work for it, with a high price to pay if I failed. I looked at my plans, I think I'd done just that.

Sunday arrived after a fitful sleep. I rehearsed my plans over and over during the day. I even took some trips outside to check over things again. I wanted to know if the rain had any effect on where I'd left some of the keys. It was like a cold run through. I also needed to drop off the netbook into the hiding place I'd planned, while the Sams were out. I was satisfied everything was still ok. It was supposed to be a nice evening. The storm had pushed through some of the cool air, though nights at this time of late summer can be somewhat cool. I didn't mind though, being slightly chilled would further motivate me to keep things moving. The time was getting close now. It was time for a shower then...onto it.

I lingered in the warmth of the shower for a bit, knowing I'd be without such warmth for some of my night anyway. I put on my makeup, slightly exaggerated for effect. Instead of my usual more neutral lip shade I made them bright red. Yes, it was a whore look I was after. I really have no trouble pulling that off. I pulled my hair back into a pony tail. I had no need of it hanging in my eyes later since I would have no hands to keep brushing it aside. I slithered into my tight, short sundress. Sheesh, I remembered how long it had been since I'd worn it, I'd gained a few pounds since then. I looked in the mirror. This was even better, more of me would show this way. Finally, I got out my netbook and unhooked it from the charger. I looked in the mirror again and sighed. This would be the last quiet moment for quite awhile. While it was quiet, it was by no means relaxing. I was so worked up from all the thought, all the preparation, all the possibilities. I gathered my gear in my athletic bag and headed out. I set my house alarm and looked at my house keys laying on the table. I knew I had to leave them but I was tempted to go back and get them, 'just in case'. I used my resolve to shut the door behind me and leave them inside. I was locked out, now the only key for me to get in was taped to the underside of a pool table, a mile away. I had the safety of my car for at least the moment.

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