tagLoving WivesJill's After School Adventure

Jill's After School Adventure


I got off work a little early one day, so I decided to go see my wife at her job. Maybe she could get off early too, I was thinking, and we could enjoy some "afternoon delight." My wife Jill is a high school teacher, a real knock-out, about 5' 4," long thick blond hair hanging down past her shoulders, blue eyes, 27 years old, and still in great shape. I love her big breasts, size 38, and tight butt. She looks like a Swedish bathing suit model, with her high cheekbones and cute upturned nose.

I parked at her school and walked down the corridor to her room. It was almost 5:00, and the school was quiet and deserted. The kids were let out at 2:30, and most of the teachers went home around 3:30 or 4:00. My wife usually stayed until 5:30, however, working on her lesson plans and grading. As I approached her room, I heard some voices. The door was almost shut, so I peeked in at the crack of the door to see who was there.

A tall young man in jeans and t-shirt was standing next to my wife as she was erasing the blackboard. He was very muscular, and he towered threatening over my wife. I heard him say, "You have to give me a better grade on this essay Miss Stevens! I need to keep up my grade point average, or I'll be kicked off the basketball team." He called her "Miss Stevens" even though she wore a large gold and diamond wedding ring.

"Jim, I don't care about the basketball team. I do care about you learning how to write. If you want a better grade, you better start studying a lot harder, because I'm not going to change your grade," my wife Jill responded firmly.

I continued listening, not wanting to interrupt her conversation. At home, I had heard her complaining many times about the pressure she was receiving from the coach and principal for failing some members of the basketball team, and I knew that she was adamant about maintaining her standards. She often complained about how the basketball players were treated like royalty at the school, and that they never did any school work.

Suddenly the basketball player stepped up closer, and said, "Look Miss Stevens, everyone else in this school thinks I deserve a better grade except for you. What's your problem!" He was standing so close to her that she was trapped between his hard body and the blackboard.

She tried to step to the side, but he wouldn't budge.

Jim reached out his hand and grabbed her one of her full breasts through the thin fabric of her white blouse. He massaged her big round breast until the nipple was visibly hard and erect.

I thought about intervening, but I decided that I better let her handle this by herself. If there were any real danger, of course I would do something immediately. And I wanted to see just how far they would go. After all, she could have screamed, but she didn't.

"Jim, No! Don't touch me," she pleaded. "You're a high school student, and I'm a married woman."

"I may be a high school student, but I'm 18 years old, and I can give you what you want," he replied with an insolent grin on his face.

"No, I don't want anything. And I'm not going to change your grade."

"We'll see about that," he said. He stepped even closer, pinning her against the blackboard with his body. Then he began unbuttoning her blouse until it was completely open in front. She looked down helplessly as the tiny bra holding her gorgeous full breasts was exposed.

I heard her starting to cry and moan as he roughly massaged her breasts through her thin silk bra. I could see her hard nipples poking through her bra, and I remembered how sensitive her breasts are. All I ever had to do to get her into bed was to start massaging her breasts.

I couldn't believe that my oh-so-professional wife would let one of her students fuck her! When would she stop him?

He unbuttoned the catch at the front of her bra, and her firm ripe breasts spilled out to his view. He leaned down and starting sucking on her cherry-red nipples as she continued to cry and moan and begged him to stop.

When his large mouth enclosed one of her ripe nipples, she let out a long moan, "ooohhhh."

"Jim, stop please. I'll do anything, just stop," she cried hysterically.

"I don't want to stop, Miss Stevens," he replied rudely. He reached down, unzipped his jeans, and pulled out the longest, thickest cock I had ever seen. He then grabbed her wrist and forced her hand down to his cock. At first she resisted, but then I saw her petite hand close firmly around the base of his cock and she began pulling on it gently. I was amazed to see how long and big it grew in response to her touch. Fully erect, it must have been at least 10 inches long and over two inches across, like a giant salami engorged with blood.

No, Jim, no," she continued to plead, but at the same time she kept her hand clasped around his thick cockmeat, even when he let go of her wrist and starting massaging her large white breasts again. He put both his hands on her breasts and pulled on her erect nipples. Despite her tears, she continued pulling on his giant cock.

"How would like that cock stuffed up your pussy, Miss Stevens? A lot of the cheerleaders like it, I can tell you that," Jim teased her.

"Jim, NO! We can't do this. I'm a happily married woman," she told him firmly. At the same time, she let go of his cock and tried to escape. I was relieved that she was finally going to refuse him, although part of me was excited at the thought of my wife having sex with another man.

But Jim wasn't about to let her go so easily. He put his arms around her and pulled her close for a long wet kiss on her full pouty lips. He pushed up against her with his rock hard cock, rubbing it against her crotch through her thin polyester school-marm dress. Then he put his hands on her shoulders and forced her down to her knees. She pulled her head back in horror from the cock bumping against her face, but he took her head in his huge hands and pulled it to his rock hard cock. She tried to turn her face away, and he rubbed her penis back and forth across her cheeks and through her thick blond hair. Then, holding her head firmly, he pressed his long cock to her full lips. She kept her mouth firmly closed.

She had never liked to suck cock, and, except for a couple times when we first starting going out, she had never sucked me, and even then she never let me come in her mouth. Once we were married, she absolutely refused to give me oral sex.

Jim continued to press his cock against her lips, and said, "C'mon little lady, open up for your dinner. If you suck it real good, you'll even get some creamy desert."

He kept pressing his cock against her mouth until she finally opened her mouth just a little. He quickly pushed his huge cock all the way to the back of her throat, while she choked and cried. His cock was huge, and her lips were stretched thin around it, and her mouth was completely stuffed with his thick rod. I could see a look of terror in her eyes, but I was so turned on that I didn't even think of stopping them.

"There, that's not so bad, is it, Miss Stevens? Don't you like a big meat sausage sliding down your throat? Now show me what a good little cocksucker you are."

He let go of her head, and I couldn't believe it, but she obliged him by sucking on his cock willingly. She kept her head perfectly still as he plunged his rockhard penis in and out of her petite mouth. Each time he thrust his penis in a little deeper, until he had almost the whole length going down her throat.

They kept this up for about five minutes, and he gradually increased the rhythm as he got ready to come. Faster and faster, and then he suddenly grabbed her head and held it still as he plunged his cock down her throat and starting coming. She tried desperately to escape, but his huge hands held her blond head firmly in place as he shot his hot spunk down her throat. She swallowed most of it down, just to keep from choking, but a lot of his creamy cum spilled out her mouth, down her chin, and onto her firm breasts.

After he had completely finished coming, he finally let her go, stuffed his cock back into his tight jeans, and zipped up his pants.

"Thanks for the blowjob, Miss Stevens. I know you'll change my grade, or I'll tell everyone what happened and how you seduced me," he said with a laugh, leaving my wife on her knees, her large breasts exposed, her face and tits dripping with his warm come.

As he started to leave, I quickly ducked into another classroom. After Jim left, I went back to my car and waited for about 15 minutes, and then went back to see how my wife was doing.

I was amazed to find her cleaned up and working at her desk like nothing had happened. She smiled when I came in the door. When I asked her how her day had been, she said "Great." She came to me and gave me a wet kiss, and I thought I could taste another man's come in her mouth. Then she reached down and started massaging my cock. I had never seen her so turned on before, and I fucked her right on her desk because she couldn't wait until we got home. When I entered her, she was already very wet, and she came about 3 times as I fucked her tight little pussy and filled it with my come. It was the most intense sex we had ever had.

* * * * * * * *

The next day I left work early again, to see if there would be a repeat performance. Sure enough, as I approached her classroom, I heard the voices of Jim and my wife.

"Jim, yesterday was a big mistake, and that must never happen again," my wife said. Jill was standing at the blackboard again, and Jim was in front of her. I was surprised to see that my wife was wearing a miniskirt to work today! She almost never wore a miniskirt, and never to work. Was she trying to tempt him or what? She was also wearing a white blouse which seemed too small, because her breasts were straining against the thin fabric; her large firm breasts looked like they were about to break open the buttons on her blouse. In addition, I noticed that the top buttons were undone, leaving some cleavage showing.

"You mean you didn't enjoy that Miss Stevens?" Jim asked, as he took a step closer to her. I could see that Jill was rather flustered, but she was trying not to show it.

"I told you, it's 'Mrs. Stevens," Jim. I'm a happily married woman. And it doesn't matter if I enjoyed it or not. I'm a teacher, and you're my student. If anybody ever found out what happened, we could both be in a lot of trouble," Jill said.

"You mean, you could be in a lot of trouble. I'm just an innocent kid." With that, Jim put his hand boldly to her large breast and squeezed it gently.

"Stop it, Jim," she said. She backed away slowly until she bumped up against a large wooden table at the front of the class. He continued to massage her breasts, and I could hear her moan quietly, even as she protested against his touch.

I wondered if she would let him unbutton her blouse again, but he had other plans. He grabbed her shoulders and turned her around so her tight ass was facing him. He reached around and grabbed her breasts again, as he rubbed his hard cock against her butt. Then Jim pushed her gently down so that her breasts were mashed against the table, with her cute little butt sticking out towards him. He flipped up her miniskirt, exposing her thin white silken panties, tightly stretched over her perfectly rounded ass. With one hand he held her down, and with his other hand, he rubbed her ass and cunt through the panties. Then he grabbed her panties and pulled them down to her knees and ankles. She helped him by lifting her feet out of her panties. He undid his belt and pulled his pants and boxer shorts to his knees. She could have easily escaped, but instead she waited passively for him to fuck her.

Jim pushed her feet apart with his foot, and she spread her legs willingly for his rock hard cock. I saw her glance back over her shoulder as he pushed his cock up and down her slit. Then he slowly split her pussy lips with his rock hard cock, spreading her tight pussy. Slowly he pushed his cock up her wet cunt. She had obviously never taken a cock as big as his before, because it took about two minutes for him to gradually thrust his way cock all the way in to the hilt.

"Ooooohhhhhhh," she moaned as he stretched her vagina with his thick rod.

Every time he pushed in another inch, I heard her moan wildly. By the time that his penis was fully embedded in her pussy, she was going wild, tossing her head around, and pushing her butt back against his cock.

"Oh yes. Fuck me Jim! Fuck me. Oh shit, that feels so fucking good!" she exclaimed.

I had never heard her swear before in my entire life! Nor had I had ever seen her so turned on.

He continued to fuck her, harder and faster. Since she was right up against the table, he could pound her as hard as he wanted and she couldn't escape, even if she had wanted to. He had his hands on her hips as he fucked her, gradually increasing the tempo. Finally my wife exploded into orgasm and bucked her ass back against him.

"Yes, yes, yes," she chanted. "Oh, fuck, Yes, I'm cummmmmminnng. Don't . . . stop, Jim. Fuck me harder."

"Do you want some come, you little whore?" he asked her.

"Yes, Jim. Come in my pussy. I'm your whore."

Jim groaned loudly and shot his load into her warm tight pussy. He came for what seemed like two minutes, and I could see his white cream oozing down her ass and legs, mixed with her juices. After he finished pumping her full of his come, he slowly pulled out his half hard cock, while my wife lay exhausted on the table.

I decided this would be a good time to go, so I went home to wait for my wife. She came home about half an hour later, smiling and still flushed. That night she came to bed naked, and I tried to get her interested in sex. She said she was too tired, but I was so excited from seeing her get fucked earlier, that I insisted. Finally she let me mount her, and I noticed that her pussy was all stretched out from Jim's gigantic cock, which was much bigger than my average six inches. I could feel her cunt all sticky and gooey from Jim's come, although I pretended not to notice. It was such a turn-on to fuck her after she had been fucked by someone else that I came almost immediately, even though her pussy was all loose. After I pumped her sloppy cunt full of its second load for the day, she rolled over and went immediately to sleep.

* * * * * * * *

I was too busy all the rest of that week, so I wasn't able to check up on her at her classroom after school. The next Saturday afternoon, however, she surprised me by saying that she had a tutoring session with one of her students. "He's a good student," she said, "but he needs a little help, because his family doesn't support him." Jill said she would be back later in the afternoon. I noticed that she was wearing another of her mini skirts, a push-up bra, and a tight sweater with a v-cut in front which showed off her cleavage.

Of course, after she left, I followed in my car to her school. I parked a block away so she wouldn't see my car in the parking lot. The main door was locked, but her classroom is on the first floor, so I peeked in the window. I was surprised as hell to see two young men with her in the classroom. There was Jim, and another young man from the basketball team, who was black. Luckily the window was open so I could see and hear clearly everything that happened.

"Jim," my wife said, "what's Tony doing here? I said I was going to meet with you alone. Tell him to leave."

Tony and Jim just laughed. "I told Tony about what a good teacher you are, and he wants some help with his grades too," Jim said.

Tony added, "Don't worry Miss Stevens. I'm 18 years old. I'm an adult, and we can do whatever you want."

"I thought we would be alone Jim. I don't like this," Jill protested.

Jim ignored her protests and grabbed her up in arms to kiss her. As he was doing so, Tony stepped up behind her and rubbed his cock up against her firm ass. My petite wife was sandwiched between two hunky basketball players, and she didn't seem to mind. Jim mauled her breasts as he kissed her, and Tony grabbed her hips and pushed her ass against his cock.

"OK, Miss Stevens, it's time for you to do a little strip for us. We want to see your tits and ass," Jim said arrogantly. Jim and Tony let go of her and stepped back.

"Oh no, Jim. Don't make me do this," my wife pleaded.

"C'mon, you bitch," Jim said cruelly. "You know you want some cock, so you better take off all them clothes, or we'll go find a cheerleader to fuck."

My wife hesitated, but then her hands went slowly up to her tight sweater and pulled it over her head, revealing her white skin and tiny bra. Jim and Tony just stood there leering at her. My wife reached back and undid the catch on her bra, letting her luscious breasts spill out for the young men's appreciative gaze. Her red nipples were fully erect. Her face was flushed with excitement, and she could barely catch her breath. My wife stood passively before them, her young firm breasts standing out proudly, dressed only in the tiniest of mini-skirts, silk stockings, and high heels.

They whistled, and said, "Aw right! Now let's see that pussy, you little whore." Apparently they were bent on humiliating my wife before they fucked her.

My wife undid the catch on her mini-skirt, and let it fall slowly to floor before she stepped out of it. Then she pulled her panties down, letting them fall to the floor, revealing her neatly trimmed blond pussy. She stood awkwardly before them, naked now except for her stocking and high heels.

"You can leave those stockings and heels on, bitch. Now get over here and take out my cock," Jim said. They were apparently going to let her do all the work.

She walked over to them unsteadily, undid Jim's belt, and pulled down his tight jeans awkwardly. Then she took his huge cock out of his boxer shorts and started stroking it with her petite, perfectly manicured hands. Tony walked over to them, and she took out his long black cock too. She stood up, almost completely naked between them, with one cock in each hand, while the boys fondled her large white breasts, tight round ass, and blond pussy.

Tony picked my wife up like a doll, and set her ass down on the edge of the wooden table. He took his hard black cock and rubbed it up and down against her wet slit. She was moaning and kissing him passionately. She was usually so prudish at home. I couldn't believe this was my wife.

When Tony pushed his long hard cock into my wife's pussy, she let out a long low groan of pleasure, "Ooooohhhhhh yyyyyyyesssss." He pushed her down so she was lying on her back on the table, with her knees up to give him full access to her willing pussy. Tony stood and began fucking her in earnest.

"It's so big. It's so big," I heard her say.

"Umph, that's a tight pussy," Tony commented.

As Tony slowly stroked his cock in and out of my wife's cunt, Jim moved around to the side of the table and shoved his cock into my wife's face. She opened her mouth without any hesitation and sucked his penis into her moist lips. Her cute mouth was stretched by his thick cock, but she didn't seem to mind, as she slobbered over it. He pushed his cock as far down her throat as he could, in and out. Jim and Tony set up a tawdry rhythm as they fucked her without mercy.

Tony kept plunging his long black cock into my wife's tight little blond pussy, faster and faster. Still wearing her white silk stockings and high heels, my wife wrapped her legs around him tightly, trying to pull him deeper and deeper. I couldn't believe that she was able to take his tremendous cock into her all the way to the hilt. Tony picked up the tempo of his fucking, and finally came with a loud yell. He pumped her full of his thick come, which was soon overflowing all over her ass and pussy mound. Her mouth was filled with Jim's cock, so she couldn't yell, but I could hear her moaning loudly. She started bucking against him as she came too.

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