tagIncest/TabooJill's Eighteenth Birthday Ch. 01

Jill's Eighteenth Birthday Ch. 01


My cousin's eighteenth birthday was a couple days ago but the family had decided to wait a couple days to celebrate since it fell on a Wednesday. It made sense to wait for the weekend since it meant no one had to worry about leaving early or anything and it was a bit of a drive for some of us. Opportunities for us to get together had become fewer and fewer over the years as the children had grown into teenagers and were now pushing in to adulthood. Partly that's what this was, just an excuse for us to spend time with each other. That's what most of the bigger holidays had become as well.

I seemed to be the last one to arrive at my parents' house that night. Unless anyone had a new car since last time they all seemed to be accounted for. The driveway wasn't really designed for anything more than two cars but it had space and we put up with awkwardly trying to get someone out every now and then. More commonly, whoever's car was last in got stuck with running any last minute errands.

After getting inside the house I was briefly greeted by my parents and my aunt and uncle before being directed downstairs. The basement was typically where my sisters, my cousin, and me would hang out while our respective parents stayed upstairs. It was a pretty nice space with one large, main room and a couple smaller ones at the ends. When I still lived at home I had at some point made one of those rooms into a bedroom for myself, and that was usually where I still slept when I was over.

As I had guessed my cousin Jill was already there, lounging on the sofa. My older sister Angela, though she preferred Angie these days, was there too lying on a mattress that had been set up on the floor between the couch and television. It amused me sometimes how one of the first priorities the girls had was usually where everyone was going to sleep. I was happy enough just to go wherever nobody else had claimed when I got tired enough.

My little sister Kelly was the first to actually see me coming and immediately raced toward me. She was a month older than Jill, leaving our mutual cousin as the technical baby of the family, but it wasn't enough of a gap to matter that much.

"Nick, you made it finally!" Kelly said, throwing herself at me for a hug. "We were starting to think you wouldn't show up."

"I'm only like half an hour later than I planned on," I protested.

As the only one in the family with a habit of being late rather than early, I had long ago learned to deal with the occasional teasing about it.

Kelly led me over to the couch where Jill sat up enough to give us room. Neither Angie nor Jill were actually excited enough to see me to get up, but my cousin did at least give me a hug once I sat down.

"So what have you guys been doing before I arrived?" I asked. "I'm assuming it was more than just sitting around waiting for me."

"Oh, you know, mostly talking about you while we had the chance," Angie said with a hint of an evil grin on her face.

Kelly glared at our older sister as though it would have any effect. Jill stared conspicuously straight ahead and took a long swallow from the cup she had on the table beside her.

"I don't suppose you're going to tell me what about?"

"Nothing too much," Angie continued, predictably ignoring Kelly. "We were settling sleeping arrangements, probably two of us on the mattress, one on the couch and you in your room. Nothing unusual. But then we were thinking maybe we shouldn't exclude you like that, you might prefer sleeping surrounded by girls wouldn't you?"

I noticed that both Kelly and Jill had relaxed and assumed that wasn't what they were worried about Angie telling me. Not to mention the obvious clues, obvious to me after long years of practice anyway, that let me know when she was making shit up.

"I think it probably loses some of its appeal when the girls in question are all related to me," I said, pitching my voice to sound like I was legitimately considering the suggestion.

The best way to deflect her attempts at getting to me was usually to play along a little rather than being too defensive and just giving her more to work with.

"Really? So you're telling all those times I caught you staring at my boobs I must have just been seeing things?"

"Absolutely," I said earnestly. "I'd probably stare at Jill's if anything, they're nicer."

I felt a small twinge of guilt at bringing Jill into it like that, but I knew none of the girls would have a problem getting even if I said something too inappropriate. My not-entirely-thought-out statement might also have subconsciously come from the awareness that, while not necessarily nicer than Angie's, her breasts had certainly developed over the past couple years. Not that it was the sort of thing I was supposed to notice.

As it turned out all I got from Jill was a surprised giggle before she slipped sideways onto my lap. I wasn't expecting that, but I automatically wrapped my arms around her waist while she turned to Angie.

"See, I'm his favourite so nyah," Jill said, sticking her tongue out at Angie.

Angie continued to smile but she did shut up after that. I speculated sometimes that she didn't really mind losing so much as long as it was her game that we were playing. Or it could be that she knew I was now uncomfortably aware of my cousin's breasts and their proximity to me. She was devious that way.

As Jill turned back toward me a bit I caught the definite smell of alcohol on her breath. It wasn't a surprise exactly, 'sneaking' booze into the basement was something that had started a while back though it had mostly just been me and Angie who drank any at first. I didn't mind that Jill was drinking now, she just seemed to be a little quicker getting started than I remembered. Then again, it had been at least a few months since I'd seen her last. Who knew what had changed in that time.

With a sigh of boredom Kelly flopped down on her back onto the mattress beside Angie. The way she landed her shirt pulled tighter across her chest than I think she realized. Her breasts were probably the smallest among the three girls, although not by much. Certainly they were big enough to stand out when she wore something tight enough. Again, not the sort of thing that I was supposed to notice.

It wasn't like I could help checking them out every now and then. It wasn't my fault that they were so distinctly female. And despite the teasing I got over it, I don't think any of them really minded either. The one time I'd accidentally seen Angie topless, just barely, she'd only rolled her eyes and called me a perv and that was the end of it. It made it easier to put up with the occasional fabricated accusation.

"So what are we gonna do now?" Kelly asked. "This isn't much of a party so far."

"Birthdays are another one of those things that don't always get better with age," Angie said.

"We've traded silly hats for silly arguments you mean?" Kelly said.

"I wouldn't have to argue if Nick would just accept that I know what I'm talking about," Angie said. "He only pretends he's not interested because he's worried we'll pick on him more."

"Now you're just starting to sound crazy," Kelly said.

"Oh yeah?"

The wheels were turning in Angie's head, I could see it. She was up to something.

Angie pushed herself up on to her knees, then pounced on Kelly without giving her a chance to react. She pinned Kelly to the mattress and turned her head toward me just for a second, just enough to make sure I was watching.

"Let's see him try to pretend her doesn't enjoy this," she said.

Kelly squealed as her older sister kissed her, but I could see that she wasn't actually struggling at all. Mostly she seemed to be letting Angie do whatever she wanted without protest. Angie wasn't being overly aggressive, but she was keeping up pretty steady contact between their lips and one of her hands was wandering dangerously close to Kelly's breasts.

I had no doubt what they were doing was an attempt at getting to me rather than anything real, but that didn't mean it wasn't working. I couldn't help wondering if they had planned this ahead of time, or whether Kelly was just going along with it for her own reasons.

Despite my best efforts I was getting hard watching my sisters making out. That on its own wouldn't have been such a big deal if not for Jill still occupying my lap. She was bound to notice sooner or later if those two didn't cut it out.

Suddenly Jill looked at me with an expression on her face that told me she could, in fact, feel me poking her butt. I started to apologize, but her finger was instantly on my lips and she shook her head very slightly. She obviously understood why I would be getting an erection and maybe she didn't want to let Angie know how much of an effect it was having on me. Then again, maybe she was just embarrassed about it. She remained exactly where she was though instead of returning to her original seat, which made it even harder to figure out what she was thinking.

Angie finally pushed herself up on her arms, separating her and Kelly. My younger sister had an almost flushed look on her face and seemed on the verge of giggling nervously. Angie, however, was only interested in my reaction. She could see that I had been staring at them, and how could I not? She would probably take that as a victory regardless of what the effect on me had been.

As I suspected, Angie looked quite pleased with herself as she climbed off of Kelly. I really didn't have anything that I could say that would be of any use to me either, so I kept quiet and hoped that was the end of it.

"Alright, well that's taken care of," Angie said. "Who's up for watching a movie?"

She spoke as casually as if the past few minutes simply hadn't happened. I was okay with that, moving on probably was better than dwelling at that point.

There was a general agreement to Angie's suggestion since, presumably, no one else really had any other ideas. Not encountering any resistance she stood up and nudged Kelly with her foot.

"Come on, let's go get snacks," she said. "You two pick something out while we're gone," she added to Jill and me.

My sisters departed to the upstairs, leaving me alone with my cousin. She made no move to get up and I really wasn't going anywhere with my legs trapped underneath her.

"So, any ideas?" I asked, nodding toward the shelf of dvds.

Jill chewed on her lip, clearly trying to make a decision far more important than the one I'd given her.

"Nick, I have something to talk to you about. Something to ask you I guess," she said in a serious tone.

"Uh, okay. What is it?"

"It's something you might not like."

She squirmed uncomfortably at the prospect of actually saying whatever it was she had to say.

"I promise I'll try not to be upset or anything," I said, now intrigued as to what it could possibly be.

"I want you to have sex with me," she said.

It was safe to say that I hadn't seen that coming. I stared at her like an idiot for a long moment, not sure how to respond or even that I'd heard correctly.

"What!? Why?"

"'Cause I'm eighteen and I'm still a virgin. Well, not physically I mean, but I've never been with a guy or anything. I'm getting tired of it."

"Jill, come on. It's not a big deal. I mean, think about it."

"I have!" she said a little louder than she intended. "I've thought about it way too much. And you might think it's not a big deal, and you're right in some ways, but it means a lot to me."

"I know it does, but it's just symbolic. It's not actually going to change your life it some meaningful way."

"It'll let me believe that someone loves me, at least for one night," Jill said softly, staring down and away from me.


"You wouldn't have to for real, you wouldn't even have to pretend. I could make myself believe it," she added quickly. "I know it probably seems kind of pathetic, but you've always had your sisters. All I have is you guys sometimes when we get together. Most of the time when I'm sad or upset or whatever I pretty much have to deal with it on my own."

I never would have considered that she would be having emotional issues on this level, never would have even crossed my mind. Now that I knew it was breaking my heart to see her so desperate.

"If I just wanted sex, I could get that," she said, perhaps just to fill the silence. "But with anyone I genuinely care about, or think I do, it doesn't work out. Never does. I'm trying really hard to tell myself it isn't me, that I'm just unlucky or maybe I'm still too young. Probably both actually. I think... I think with you it could work though, it would give me something that I've never really had."

"It wouldn't need to be sex though, would it?" I said. "I mean, me and Angie and Kelly are all here for you right now even if we can't always be."

I hoped my sisters would be back soon to help me. I had no idea what the right move was, whether saying yes or no to her would do more damage in the long run, and I needed someone to bail me out.

"It would only be once, that's all. That's not a bad deal is it? Sex with no consequences afterward? Or are you really telling the truth when you say you're not interested in any of us even a little bit."

She knew better than that, she'd felt first-hand a few minutes ago what kind of effect my sisters could have on me if they decided to. I suspected she was offering me a way out if I really wanted it, a way to say no without coming right out and saying I didn't want her. She wouldn't take it well if I did though, it wasn't going to spare her feelings any.

"It's not that," I said. "But... I don't know Jill, I don't know what to think."

"That's okay, I know I just sprang it on you. It wasn't really fair. I don't mean for this to be hard on you."

She took my wrist and brought my hand up to her breast. I surprised myself probably more than her when it didn't even occur to me at first to jerk away. She felt... well, she felt like a girl is supposed to. I wasn't supposed to be touching her in inappropriate areas, but I suppose that didn't mean I wouldn't enjoy doing so.

"You can touch me if you want," Jill whispered. "Anywhere. I won't take it as a commitment or anything, but maybe it'll help you decide."

She let go of my arm but my hand stayed exactly where it was. It wasn't like a girl letting me feel her up out of nowhere was something that happened all that frequently.

"The girls will probably be back soon," I said, reminding myself as much as Jill. "Maybe we should talk later, in private. It might not-"

"I told them already," she interrupted.

"You did? But then...."

They knew what Jill was up to? That didn't make any sense.

"They agreed with me. You're a better option than me getting too desperate. It could lead to some really bad decisions. But if we're both okay with it, there's nothing wrong with it really. No one except the four of us would ever know."

"So if they knew, then what Angie was doing..." I said slowly as some pieces fell into place.

"She was trying to help I think. In her own bizarre way."

"Who knows, maybe she did."

Getting me horny was certainly not a bad idea if she was trying to get me to agree to sex.

I had to leave that thought as I heard the sounds of my sisters returning. I dropped my hand down beside me and away from Jill's chest out of sheer guilty reflex. Maybe they were okay with it, but that didn't mean I was comfortable with the idea yet.

"Are you two seriously still sitting there?" Angie demanded, as if she didn't know we had been talking. "You didn't even pick out a movie did you?"

"I'll get one," Kelly said, setting down the bowls she was carrying.

It looked like they brought popcorn and chips, not that I was particularly in the mood for snacks at that point.

"How about Pulp Fiction?" Kelly asked, after briefly scanning the options.

Angie agreed with her choice and Jill and me weren't paying enough attention to care that much. Plus it was something I wouldn't mind watching even if I wasn't so distracted.

After getting the movie started my sisters settled in on the mattress leaving Jill and me the couch to ourselves. We really weren't using that much of it though, since Jill didn't seem interested in getting off my lap and instead was now resting her head on the front of my shoulder.

I could get used to having her so close, that was the weird thing. One of the weird things anyway. If not for the pervasive sense that sex with her would be wrong in a vaguely defined way, there was not much else stopping me. There was still the idea that it might actually hurt her more than refusing would, but I was getting less and less confident about that being anything more than grasping at straws.

The thing was that I actually was really tempted to go along with Jill and see what happened. She had already told me she didn't mind if I touched her, and she'd even actively encouraged it. I could almost still feel her breast on my hand and there was nothing stopping me from groping her more if I wanted. Angie and Kelly were facing away from us and all I would have to do is move my hand if either of them turned around.

The more I thought about it the more I decided that I was really going to do it. I'd go slow at first and see what Jill's reaction was. If she stopped me at some point, well, the choice I had to make might take care of itself.

Moving as casually as I could I replaced my hand on Jill's breast where she had put it earlier. She gave absolutely no visible reaction and if I didn't know better I might almost think she hadn't noticed. I squeezed gently just to make sure she really had no objections and still I got no reaction.

My imagination started running wild with ideas of what I could do. I didn't intend to go too far, but that didn't mean I couldn't think about it. There was definite potential in having a girl who would let me touch her anywhere without so much as acknowledging it. I was getting ahead of myself though, all I'd really confirmed was that she didn't mind if I felt her boobs which she'd as much as said already.

I continued playing with her breasts for a bit, switching back and forth between them every now and then. I still got nothing in the way of a response except for a barely audible sigh at one point which I took to be a sign of enjoyment. Granted it wasn't loud enough that I could distinguish any emotion in it, but if she had actually been demonstrating annoyance then I assumed she would have stopped me.

When I felt brave enough I slipped my hand down under the bottom of Jill's shirt. Again, no reaction. I kept to the relatively innocent area of her tummy at first, slowly rubbing the soft skin in a more or less circular pattern. I worked my gradually up her body until I brushed against the bottom of her bra.

Despite everything, I half-expected her to stop me when I covered one of her bra cups with my palm. I still wasn't touching her breasts directly I suppose, but it was getting pretty close. It could be that she actually meant what she said and she really wouldn't mind anything I did.

Like many people, I wasn't designed to quit while I was ahead. Since I had encountered no resistance yet I decided to see what happened if I removed Jill's bra. It took a moment or two as I fumbled under her shirt, but soon I had it unclipped. It wouldn't fall away on its own, trapped as it was between her shirt and body, so I had to help it along.

Once I had pulled the bra free I wasn't really sure what to do with it. Angie and Kelly were still paying no attention to what we were doing, but I didn't want to leave anything obvious lying around in case one of them happened to look over their shoulder. For lack of any better ideas I buried under a pillow lying against the arm of the couch.

When I turned my attention back to Jill I found her looking at me. I still had one hand under her shirt and she took hold of the corresponding arm. For a second I thought I had managed to push too far and she was going to stop me now. She didn't though, she just gave me a little smile and pulled my arm closer to her instead of away.

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