tagInterracial LoveJill's Missing Button Ch. 2

Jill's Missing Button Ch. 2


Chapter 2: Sally's Turn

It had been a week since Sam the janitor had helped Jill find her missing button, and Jill was looking forward to spending another wild weekend expedition with her "Shadow Puppet," as she called him. Each time he pressed his dark and muscular body against hers, it blocked from her memory both the pleasure and the pain of her marriage. And throughout the week, Sam had taken advantage of every opportunity he could to help her forget; such as, when Jill would be standing over an open file cabinet, and Sam would come up behind her, pushing his groin against her rear-end and breathing heavily into her ear. Then, the memories of the previous weekend would come flowing back, like an ocean breeze blowing through her hair.

But there were other times, when something else would press upon Jill's mind, competing with her thoughts of Sam: her growing concerns for Sally. Since Monday, Sally had seemed less than her usual good-humored self; and now, it was the end of the week, and Sally had spent the entire morning in her office, barely saying a word to anybody. So it was, that Jill decided to check on her after lunch and find out what was wrong.

Jill and Sally had never been very close, although Jill had known her for almost 5 years and considered her a good friend. Sally had certainly won Jill's trust by not saying a word about what she had seen the previous Friday in Jill's office. So, Jill felt like she owed Sally a favor.

"Hey there," said Jill, as she stood in the doorway to Sally's office.

"Hey," said Sally, without looking up from her desk.

"Is something the matter?" asked Jill.

"No," said Sally, looking up at Jill and faking a smile. "Nothing's wrong."

"I just wanted to be sure," said Jill. "You've seemed a bit depressed all week."

"No, I'm fine," said Sally. "Thanks anyway."

"Alright then," said Jill, starting to walk away. But then, she heard Sally bang the top of her desk, which told her that things were not so fine after all. Jill came back into Sally's office and stood there with her heart opened wide.

"Jill . . . ," began Sally, but then she fell silent for a few seconds.

"What is it, Sally?" asked Jill. "What's wrong?"

"Close the door, will you?" requested Sally. Jill quickly complied, then took a seat in front of Sally's desk. Sally took a deep breath, before beginning. "You remember how I told you last Friday, that I had planned this great dinner for Stan, and that I had set things up so that we wouldn't be disturbed, while we . . . you know?"

"Yeah," answered Jill. "So, how did it go?"

"Jill," said Sally, "it never even happened. Stan didn't come home till late, then he said he was dead tired. So I figured: rough day at the office? I can fix that. But he passed right by me and went straight to bed. Then, the next morning he tells me that he has to go on a business trip this week. He said, that he wouldn't be back until the following Sunday.

Jill, I had made such great plans for that night. I mean, I had thought that, considering how our love life's been lately, maybe I could re-ignite some of the old embers from long ago. But then, he hits me with this 'gone for the week' stuff, and it's like someone had dowsed the embers with a bucket of water."

"But Sally," said Jill, "why not try it again, when he gets home from the trip. Surprise him, and give it another chance."

"You don't understand," said Sally. "As far as I'm concerned, he can stay where ever the hell he is."

"Sally," said Jill with an anxious look, "you don't really mean that, do you?"

"Yes I do," said Sally, with a smoldering look in her eyes, "and here's the reason why. You see, I tried paging him this morning to see what time he would be getting in. Well, I waited and waited, and he never returned the page. So I called his office to see if they knew anything. They said, that there had been no business trip, but that he had scheduled his vacation for this week, and they were wondering why I didn't know about it, since obviously he should be with me. Well, then I asked to speak to Emma, the woman he works with, thinking maybe she'd know what happened to him. But it turns out, that she had scheduled her vacation this week, too. I always knew something was going on between those two, but I didn't want to believe it. Now, it's finally come home, and I just don't know how to handle the truth of it."

"Sally," said Jill, "I'm sorry. I had no idea."

"Jill," said Sally, "I haven't had sex in over two weeks, and it's eating me up."

It was then, that Jill noticed the ink pen that Sally had been bending with her hands. It had chew marks on one end.

"I know the feeling, Sally," said Jill. "I was the same way after the divorce. What you need to do is forget Stan, call up one of those guys you were trying to fix me up with, get him drunk and let him fuck the living daylights out of you."

"No, those guys are nothing but losers," said Sally. "I just thought, since you had seemed so desperate, that anything would have done the trick."

"Well, thanks pal," said Jill.

"No, I didn't really mean that," said Sally. "I guess, I just need to forget Stan for awhile, forget that he had even touched me."

"Hey," said Jill, "I've got an idea. Why don't you stay with me for the weekend. We could go out, cruise the clubs, see if we can pick up a couple of studs and have our own fling. What do you say?"

"Well," said Sally, "I could use some R and R, maybe wear something really daring. You know, like one of those close-fitting slinky dresses, and no underwear. Then just chunk the old bait out there, and reel 'em in."

This was the Sally that Jill knew, now starting to come back to life.

"Great," said Jill. "We'll meet for dinner after work at that restaurant over on Main, then hit the town."

"Sure," said Sally. "Thanks, Jill."

"Hey," said Jill, starting to leave, "save that pretty smile. You'll need it tonight for bait."

Jill was heading back to her office, when she heard someone whisper to her from nearby. She turned and saw Sam peeking from inside the storage closet, motioning to her to come over. Jill grinned, looked around to check that no one was watching, then slipped through the closet door. After Sam closed the door, Jill threw her arms around his neck and started kissing him passionately. Sam grabbed Jill's rear-end and started squeezing it, while pressing against her belly the bulge in his crotch which he had been building up for her.

"Mmm," moaned Jill, as she lifted a leg and wrapped it around Sam's thigh, pulling him closer. Sam started kissing her neck and working his hands up and down her back and buttocks.

"Hey baby," said Sam, "I've been sniffing your perfume all day, and couldn't wait to get a closer whiff." Jill wanted to let Sam sniff more places than her neck, but she figured that this was not the place to do it.

"Hey," said Sam, "how about I swing by your place tonight after work and help you find some more of those buttons."

"Well, um," said Jill, now caught between wanting Sam to take her on another excursion with his love boat, and wanting to help Sally get back into the water. Then suddenly, the two options became merged in her mind as one deliciously wicked idea.

"Sure," she said. "Why don't you come by about 8. I think I might have some extra buttons for you to look for then."

"O.K. baby," said Sam. They kissed again, then Jill opened the door, peeked out and walked casually down the hallway to her office, straightening her skirt along the way. She was so excited by the wonderfully simple idea now swimming around in her mind, that she could barely concentrate on her work. When 5 o'clock came, she packed things away, then popped her head through Sally's door.

"Hey," said Jill, "let's go."

"But I'm not finished here," said Sally.

"Drop what you're doing and let's go," said Jill more urgently. "I have a proposition you might be interested in. I'll tell you about it over dinner."

"What kind of proposition?" asked Sally with a grin forming on her face.

"Let's just say, that I need a partner for a little game of switcheroo," said Jill.

"What?" asked Sally.

"Just come on," said Jill.

Later that evening at Jill's apartment, her and Sally were sitting on the couch sipping wine and dressed in nothing but bathrobes. They had took turns in the shower, and Jill had loaned Sally some of her perfume.

"Are you sure this is going to work?" asked Sally.

"Hey," said Jill, "all is fair in love and war. If Stan wants his weed whacked by some floozy at work, then two can play at that game. Just remember to do exactly what I told you to do."

"Man," said Sally, "I'm almost getting wet just thinking about it. Are you sure he won't mind?"

"If we play this just right," said Jill, "then he'll be like putty in our hands. Or rather, like dessert."

"Ooh," cooed Sally, "I like fudge."

"You know," said Jill, "he did mention to me in between fucks last weekend, that he was really turned on by how you were eyeing him in the office that night. He said, that he could have taken both of us, if you had stayed."

"Wow!" exclaimed Sally, "now I am getting wet. Can't wait to feel it."

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Jill showed Sally where to hide. As she pulled the door slightly open and peeked through, a big smile came to her face; 'dessert' had finally arrived. Sam was dressed in jeans and a T-shirt. He kept looking around outside to check that no one had seen him. During the previous weekend, he had come and gone in the dark, which seemed like a good way to avoid prying eyes, as well as keeping Jill from having to explain why a black man was spending so much time in her apartment.

"Hey baby," said Sam. As she was closing and locking the door, he pressed her against it with his body, slipping his hand under her robe and between her legs, all the while kissed her neck. He started by stroking the hairs of her pussy, then inserted a finger into her cunt and twirled it around her clit.

"Oh, Sam," moaned Jill. "You have such talented hands." Her eyes were closed, feeling her clit starting to respond to Sam's touch. She reached behind herself and squeezed on the swelling in Sam's jeans.

"Hey," said Sam, "lets go look for some of those buttons."

"Yeah, why don't we," said Jill, as she took Sam's hand and led him to her bedroom. "Come with me, my Shadow Puppet." Sam chuckled at the pet name that Jill had given him.

The room was dark, except for the dim glow coming through the window blinds. Sam was still busy getting his clothes off, while Jill had already undid her robe, let it slip to the floor and climbed onto the bed. The silhouette of Sam's body against the window, and especially of his half-erect cock, was sending shivers throughout Jill's body. Sam climbed onto the bed and reached out for Jill. When he found her, he pulled her near to him. They wrapped their arms and legs around each other and french kissed for a few minutes; Jill moaned loudly enough for Sally to hear her from the doorway. Sam decided to start by exploring Jill's body with one of his hands, first sliding it down her back and buttocks, then slipping it between her legs. He poked at her anus with a finger, penetrating it slightly and circling the opening.

"Ah!" shouted Jill, breaking the kiss.

Sally was leaning against the wall outside the door, listening. Her robe was open and she was rubbing her wet clit with one hand, while squeezing a breast and pinching its nipple with the other.

Sam was now kissing Jill's neck and making his way down to her chest. His lips wrapped themselves around the tip of one of her breasts and sucked it hungrily, while his free hand stroked and squeezed the other breast; his first hand was still probing Jill's butt hole. Jill wanted him to continue, but she knew that she needed to set things up for Sally. So, she gently pushed Sam back against the pillow, got on top of him, and began kissing his neck. She worked her way down to his chest, sucking and licking his nipples.

"Oh, yeah, baby," moaned Sam. "I'm under your spell. Do your white magic on me."

Jill was now down to his belly, kissing it and twirling her tongue around his belly button.

"Oh, baby," said Sam, "you've found one of my buttons now." They both laughed, then Jill continued further down. She kissed the area on either side of his now fully erect penis. Then she began licking and sucking his balls.

"Oh, man, yeah," grunted Sam, his eyes tightly shut and his hands in Jill's hair. He was overwhelmed by the sweetness of her perfume, as it flowed over his body.

Jill licked her way up the shaft of his penis and flicked her tongue over and around its head. Then, she put her real plan into action.

"Oh, shit," she said, "I've got to go pee. Just keep this thing straight, till I get back."

"O.K., baby," said Sam, beginning to stroke his cock. "Don't be long."

Jill slid off the bed and stepped out the door. She was reluctant to pull away from Sam so soon, but she had promised Sally that her turn would come. Jill found Sally up against the wall running her hands all over her fully naked body, and breathing hard. Jill watched her for a moment, taking in the sight of Sally's toned and ecstatic physique. Jill now realized the seriousness of Sally's need; so she let her continue working herself up for a minute or two, before placing her hands on Sally's shoulders and putting her lips to her ear.

"Your turn," whispered Jill. "And save some for me." Sally's hands dropped to her side, as a big grin formed on her face. She tiptoed into the bedroom, crawled slowly up onto the bed and slid into the space between Sam's legs. She took his cock with both her hands and began licking its shaft, like it was a popsicle. Sam began moaning and breathing harder. She stroked it from top to bottom, one hand over the other, like she was climbing a rope. Her tongue flicked back and forth over the front of it, making its way toward the head. When she took the head into her mouth, she held it there still, then twirled her own head around. She slowly let the top portion of Sam's cock creep further into her mouth, her tongue running around and around it.

Sam felt like someone was slowly pouring some kind of melted topping over his cock, the enveloping smoothness of which was smothering it and causing it to throb harder. Sally then caressed Sam's belly and chest, first with one hand then with the other. Going up to his chest, each hand brushed a stiff nipple, then returned to his belly. On the third turn, she arched her fingers and dragged their long nails back down his torso.

"Aw, man," grunted Sam, arching his body. "Baby, you've never made me feel like this before." Sam had his hand on Sally's head and was running his fingers through her hair. Still slightly wet from the shower, Sally's hair felt almost the same as Jill's. It also helped, that she had on the same perfume; it filled Sam's senses, making him feel like he was in another world. And so the game continued, and its next phase was just about to get underway. Sally's loud moaning was Jill's cue to make her entrance.

Jill placed her hand on Sally's back to alert her to her presence. Jill could not help but notice how smooth and curvaceous Sally's body was. She ran her hand along Sally's back, then patted her ass. Then, she climbed onto the bed and knelt beside Sam's waist. As Sally continued alternating the motion her hands and fingernails up and down Sam's torso, Jill inserted her hands in between Sally's and ran them up and down as well, matching Sally's rhythm. At this point, Sam was so delirious from Sally's ramblings over his body, that his mind could make no distinction between hers and Jill's hands. It was not until Jill reclined at his side and began stroking his hair and kissing his face, that he noted the strangeness of the situation.

"What the . . . ," he murmured, coming out of his delirium.

"Hey, baby," cooed Jill in his ear.

"Hey," said Sam, "But who's . . . ." His head turned back and forth between the woman laying next to him and the one still licking the shaft of his long hard dick.

"Hi Sammy," said Sally, continuing her licking and kissing of his penis.

"Miss Sally?" said Sam. Sally started laughing, and so did Jill.

"Man," said Sam, "this is too much. Two horny white women and one black man . . . ."

"Well, you said you could take us both," said Jill. "Or maybe it was both of us who could take you. Anyway, we just wanted to show our appreciation for all the hard work you do around the office."

"Yeah," said Sally, "just consider this a bonus."

"Wow," said Sam. "I can't believe this. But I thought . . . ."

"Shh," said Jill, putting her finger to his mouth. "Just lay back and relax baby, and let these two horny white women show you the meaning of the phrase, 'bicycle built for two.'" At that, Sally crawled up Sam's legs and straddled his hips. She raised his cock up to her crotch, but its tip went right passed it and up to her belly button. She tried to mount it, but it was just too tall. So, she lifted herself up onto her feet and, squatting over it, let its head slide into her wet and aching cunt. Slowly, a little bit at a time, it entered the chasm of her vagina. When only two inches of its tip had gotten inside of her, Sally let out a scream and almost lost her balance. Sam reached up and helped Sally steady herself. She gripped his arms and let more of his cock squeeze through her widening lips. She grunted and whined, until most of it was inside.

"Oh, yes, baby!" she shouted, shaking her head back and forth. Then she began moving up and down, grunting with each stroke. Once Sally had picked up momentum, then it became Jill's turn. She straddled Sam's outstretched arms then, grabbing the back board of the bed, pulled her body forward, until her crotch was over Sam's face. When she lowered herself, Sam's tongue began flicking all over and in between her widely spread lips. As she lowered herself more, he placed his mouth over her pussy and began sucking it and inserting his tongue. Jill gripped the backboard harder, moaning. She rubbed her cunt back and forth over Sam's mouth, feeling the hairs of his beard and mustache brushing it. She thought that this was the greatest sensation she had ever felt from a man.

Jill continued moving her hips, rubbing her pussy all over Sam's lower face. Still gripping the backboard, she extended her arms and leaned herself back. Sally released Sam's arms and grabbed Jill's shoulders, allowing Sam to grab Jill's buttocks.

"Oh, oh, oh," shouted Sally in rhythm with her accelerated bouncing. She squeezed and massaged Jill's shoulders, then leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Jill's chest, continuing her pumping of Sam's stiff member. Sam inserted his tongue deeper into Jill's cunt, then dragged it up, over and around her clit.

"Oh, yes, oh, yes, oh, yes," shouted Sally, the pitch of her voice rising with the speed of her humping. She was now causing Jill to bounce with her. This in turn caused Jill's cunt to slip off Sam's mouth and under his bearded chin. Sam for his part was leaning his head back, feeling the surge begin to build within his groin.

"Oh, yes, oh yes," moaned Jill, as the stimulation from Sam's beard was causing a spasm to travel up her body. She leaned her head back further, allowing Sally to press and rub her head against Jill's. Sally felt Jill's body leaning more into hers; so she held onto Jill more tightly, as she too was feeling the first spasms of orgasm building within her.

Sam, playing the bicycle to these two white beauties, placed one hand on Jill's hip and the other on Sally's, trying to keep the two riders from falling off, as all three were carried along on a collision course. The three of them were locked together, as they came in for a landing.

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