Jill's Story

byParis Waterman©

By the time he pulled the car into an all but deserted parking garage, Jill was so turned on, the simple act of crossing her legs made her shiver uncontrollably. Her nipples were rock hard inside the satin and lace of her bra which shielded them from poking through her blouse, but stimulated them without mercy.

"See that column over to the right?"

Jill turned her head and nodded.

"Walk over there. I'll join you in a moment."

Jill opened the door of the Benz and got out, not expecting that he would rush around to open the door for her. He had, after all told her what to do. She almost fell with the first step, but regained her balance and made it to the column he'd directed her too.

'What am I doing here?' she asked herself 'What have I gotten myself into?' Reaching the column, Jill turned to see Jason walking toward her. 'Oh, Evan, why didn't you come home early?'

She said more as a lament than anything else. She wanted what was going to happen, and she had a very good idea what that something would be.

He was two steps away from her. Jill saw that his blue-green eyes appeared black as they locked in on hers. Her right eye twitched as he put his hands up, palms flat against the concrete column on either side of her. A second later they were beneath her skirt, over the tops of her elastic-topped stockings, then between her legs. He held her from behind as his fingers roamed forward and brushed lightly over her mons and then her clit.

Jill shuddered and closed her eyes. Her thighs opened and he spread them wider by sliding his foot between hers and pushing her right foot away from her left. His index finger made a circle against the now dampened fabric of her panties. From a faraway place, Jill clearly heard the sound of his zipper being pulled down and the small clatter of a buckle being undone.

'Hurry,' she thought, 'I can't stand it much longer!'

He swore when his finger made it past her panties and touched her moistened, fleshy folds. His chin pressed into her shoulder and he sucked on her neck sending Jill into a rapture she'd never experienced before and leaving a tell-tale hickey that would last a good ten days before disappearing.

Jill hand one arm around his neck. The other hand was scratching the concrete for wont of something to do, and in the process ruining two nails on her carefully sculptured fingers.

"You want this," he whispered into her ear, and Jill nodded, unable to trust herself to utter a word.

"Do you want this?"

Suddenly she realized he was asking permission to have sex with her, and she tried to formulate the right words. It took several long seconds before Jill managed to hiss out her response.

"Yes, I want you!"

He had two fingers inside her by the time the last word left her mouth. He was stroking her, fingering her, parodying what she wanted him to do with his cock. Nevertheless, Jill pushed herself against them wanting them as far inside her as they could possibly get.

A moment later he was pulling her panties over her hips and past her knees then pressed his cock against her, nudging it along the cleft of her ass until it found its way between her thighs.

"FUCK!" Jason swore as he entered Jill then bit down on her shoulder as if to stifle a further outburst.

Jill emitted a strangled cry when he filled her. She had fleetingly thought she would be to tight for an easy entrance, but that thought had long fled any coherent memory, for now all Jill knew or wanted was the delicious fullness of him inside her.

"You're like a fucking furnace," he croaked in Jill's ear. He began to move ... slow smooth strokes at first; his hands anchored her hips, preventing movement on her part. He slipped a hand to her front and pressed on her clit in time with his thrusting.

Jill was groaning, sobbing and laughing simultaneously.

His finger circled her clit with merciless precision, hastening her momentous orgasm. Jill started to laugh, and laughing took her over the edge and she came writhing against his hand and moving on his cock while Jason stood almost motionless, allowing Jill to direct matters for the moment.

Several couples approached the mouth of the alley and paused to look in. In each case, it was the woman who pulled the man away, compelling him to keep walking and preventing any interruption of the carnal coupling going on within the bowels of the fetid alley.

"Now you're going to get it!" He growled.

'Get what?' Jill thought, 'I'm in heaven.' Just then she felt his hand on her hip tighten its grip.

"Oh!" she blurted out unconsciously.

The hand stroking her clit ceased its wonderful ministrations and simply pressed upon her cunt. Jill came again, a smaller but no less pleasurable than the first.

She stiffened on feeling his cock jerk inside her, imaging torrents of his love seed filling her, impregnating her and becoming rapturous with the idea of his conceiving a child in her.

'What a surprise for Even,' she thought, momentarily, and then she was laughing again while trying to deal with the powerful spasms of the tidal wave-like climax roaring in on her from Jason's relentless pounding of his steel-hard cock.

It occurred to Jill during this heavenly bliss that her head was banging against the alley wall in time with his thrusting; but she thought nothing more of it until the headaches descended upon her later that night in her bedroom.

Several other thoughts made their way through Jill's fevered mind as Jason plowed into her, unleashing his seed deep into her darkest corners. 'Sex in real life is never like the movies. The choreography is always off. Most of us don't laugh throughout the act of sex; a little during the act, but not throughout the better parts of it. Most of us don't fuck in alleys either, but most of us aren't all that picky about where we get it on.'

Jill had Evan's backseat, and then several motels to use as reference points for sexual liaisons before marriage. And the several descriptive exploits of a few friends like Cassie, none of which touched upon a place as sordid as an alley.

Thirty minutes later Jill was home, washing her face in the basin of her bathroom.

'What did I expect?' she asked herself while looking at her reflection. It was not the flushed image of a woman wanting to be fucked any longer, but of someone who already had been.

'It was good,' she thought.

'Bullshit, it was great!' she told herself. "The best," she said aloud and smiled while patting her face dry with a stylish hand towel.

'But I don't know his name. I don't even have his number,' she thought and pouted into the mirror. Then it struck her that he knew where she lived. 'What if he came calling and Evan was home!'

The phone started to ring and Jill slowly made her way into the bedroom and picked up the receiver. 'He must have gotten her number from her without her knowing it,' she decided as her mouth formed the word, "Hello."

"Hi, yourself!" the familiar voice called out.

"Oh, hi Evan, you're calling late this evening."

"Like hell I am. I've been calling since seven-thirty. Where the hell have you been?"

Jill swallowed, as she tried to formulate an answer that would satisfy him, but couldn't.

She decided to go with the truth, or at least enough to satisfy him for the moment.

"I went out."

"You were out all night!"

"No I wasn't. For your information, and I recall you not being available just the other night and don't appreciate your badgering me. But just so you know where I was ... I went out with Cassie. We had a couple drinks and flirted with some guys and then went home. Now where the hell were you?"

"I ... I ....."

"I thought so. I hope she was good, because I think we're finished Evan."

"No! Jill you don't ..."

"Oh, I understand all right. Good bye, Evan, and please don't call back tonight, I'm going to bed."

"But ...."

Jill hung up on him, amazed at what she had done, and how easy it had been to turn the tables on him.

As she expected, the phone rang and she ignored it.

After several rings the answering machine kicked in: "Hi, it's Jason, I just wanted to ...."

"Hello! Hello! Jason, are you still there?"

"Yes, did I wake you?"

"Yes you did, but not from sleeping."

They both laughed, "I was wondering..." he said.

"What was that?"

"Maybe you wanted me to come back and stay the night?"

"Where are you?" Jill asked, feeling the flush spreading through her body.

"Across the street."

"I'll be opening the door in about ten seconds," she said.

"I'll be jumping your bones in fifteen," he replied.

"Oh, goody," Jill laughed and ran to open the door without bothering to hang up the phone.

And so, when Evan called he kept getting a busy signal, hour after hour after hour.

The End

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