tagBDSMJill's World Ch. 02

Jill's World Ch. 02


Chapter 2

Introduction to the real Jill's world


I did as Kelly had suggested. Not a bad idea at all. A smile and a 'hi Dad' and up the stairs to a nice hot bath in my very own jacuzzi tub. She was right, it felt awesome.

It was nice to relax. It was still early really. It was only around 10:00. A nice hour here and a quick check of my phone and I could sleep very soundly. Maybe even with a smile on my face. I fought the urge, and it was an overpowering one, to just go to sleep in the tub and went downstairs in a towel to kiss my dad goodnight.

And I gave Kelly a big hug and a thank you for taking me shopping and went up to bed.

My phone was charged to full. I turned it on and cringed at what I saw. It was as bad as Julie had told me. If I thought Saturday was bad, apparently Sunday Farin really went off on me, then apologized, then begged, then cursed me. I understood the emotional roller coaster, I'd been on one for too long and was happy to ... maybe, be getting off it for a while.

I guess tomorrow would tell.

Intermingled in the one hundred and fifty-seven messages from Farin, were a few others.



And one from Sue referring to how hot my daddy's girlfriend is, but ugh. I should have known it would get back to them. I decided to go ahead and reply.



And then, because it's who I am, HOW MAY I BE OF SERVICE?

And I knew I was being a smart ass. It wasn't mean spirited in any way. But, I knew she would know I was being a smart ass.




And sleep came very fast and easy. And it was a sound sleep.

The next morning, I didn't bother to shower. I had taken a long enough bath last night to be clean, so I just had to fuss with my hair for a while and decide what to wear. I really needed to unpack some more boxes. Maybe I would have some time tonight.

So, I grabbed ... yep, a pair of SHORTS and ... oh no, didn't put them on until I reached in my bag that Kelly had left by the bed, and put on a pair of white bikini panties. And oh my god!

My vagina was singing praises to me. It said, thank you Carrie for covering me up. But it said it in song.

(Just in case you are too literal, my vagina did not actually sing)

And then, before I pulled on my Inigo Montoyo T shirt "You keep using that word.... I do not think it means what you think it means" I put on a bra. And my tits were all pumped up and thrilled about it. I knew it was coming off at school, but for the moment... yeah, my shit was wrapped up in underwear!

And I was in underwear heaven!

It was even just simple, plain, sensible underwear. Nothing even sexy about it. But ... well, go without for a week and see how much you miss it. I went two weeks.

And with a pair of socks and my Converse tenners, I was bouncing downstairs, without a care in the world.

Dad was already gone to beat traffic. Kelly was sipping coffee and wearing pjs and a robe. I joined her with a glass of OJ and a slice of unbuttered toast. Yeah, I skipped the butter even though I wasn't on the squad and wouldn't have to hear Rebecca bitching about my flabby belly anymore. Which, believe me, wasn't like I was sporting a muffin top, I just didn't work out like they did, so I wasn't all toned.

She asked how I slept. We didn't mention my accident at the mall. And I gave her a kiss on the cheek on my way out the door, with my bookbag over my shoulder.

And then, as the front door closed behind me, I shook my head. I kissed her. Weird. Never would have seen that coming. I'd try to make sure it didn't happen again.

I checked my phone. Farin, Farin, Farin, Farin, Farin...




And there it was.

The ... what do older people say? The green monster?

I blew it off, but the pang of jealousy was there. That was my Julie to take to school, not his. But, she wasn't.

Radio... on.... Loud...

And I was singing along with every song I knew and absolutely LOVING my car. I felt like a new person. Maybe it was the orgasm. Maybe it was that DARLA wasn't written in the crack of my ass. Maybe it was that I hadn't masturbated shy of an orgasm five times, or given myself an enema, or even checked my pubic hair in days. Yes, more than one day had passed since I'd done all that!

But, I was in an awesome mood. I pulled into school, kind of early because traffic hadn't been terribly hateful and I had left in time to pick up Julie. And I cranked up the volume as high as it would go and damn if my old posse didn't show up!

Sarah, Gina, Cat and Jen all came over to see me. I felt instantly guilty because I had been blowing them off so much with my other commitments. And I apologized and hugged them all and swore that now that I got kicked off the cheerleading team, things would be better.

We had chatted a little, it's not like there was animosity. It was just me distancing myself from people I liked so I didn't have to explain all the things that were happening to me. They all jumped in, Cat in front, and I made the car chirp and jump and then burned a little rubber in the parking lot. And that was when Mr. Brine, the principal, started walking over to my car with a frown. And I shut it off.

"Sorry Mr. Brine, it won't happen again." I called out through the window.

He shook his head and went back to the school. We rocked out in the car for another song and went inside. On the way to class, I excused myself to the bathroom, remembering that I had to take my bra off. I went to a different bathroom than the one I used to meet Farin in just in case.

I went in the stall and reached back to unhook it, took it off through my T shirt arm and stuck it in my bag. Then I headed into Miss Galler's class.

Julie was there, talking to Chad and he kissed her goodbye just about when I was walking up.

"Hey Chad." I greeted him.

"Oh, hey Carrie." He waved, and grabbed another quick kiss on his way down the hall.

"So who's doing the PDA now?" I asked her as we walked into the classroom.

And my heart sank as we walked in the door. Farin was a wreck. Rebecca was talking to her in a hushed but apparently upset whisper. She looked like hell. Like someone who hadn't seen a hair brush in a couple of days, or showered, or washed a single tear from their face. She moved towards me when I walked in and Rebecca pushed her back forcefully.

"No..."Rebecca whispered, though I could hear her. "You are not going to do this Farin. If you need a day off, let's go ditch school. I will go with you."

She was crying. I looked at her and quickly tore my eyes away before she could rope me in. Julie moved into my line of sight so I couldn't see her, nor her me.

"Carrie... please!" Farin screamed at the top of her voice.

"Fucking awesome!" Rebecca yelled. And tried to push her outside.

"I should talk to her." I looked at Julie, my happy morning blown to shit. I was feeling those tear ducts again.

Julie grabbed my hand and squeezed it hard. "No! You should not talk to her. There is nothing you two need to say to each other right now. It needs to calm down." And she said it loud enough for Farin to hear it too.

"Carrie, you know this is wrong!" Farin yelled and pushed at Rebecca, but Rebecca, I got to say, is a pretty strong bitch.

And then Courtney jumped in. "Oh boy! What fun!" She laughed and smiled at me as she headed back to help Rebecca control Farin. Courtney wasn't even in this class, so I guess Rebecca called for back up.

"What are you in love with Julie now?!" Farin screamed at me. "Just throw me away like garbage?!"

"Farin, come on sweetie, this is not the right place." Courtney tried to calm her down.

"LOOK AT ME YOU BITCH!" Farin screamed at the top of her voice and the whole classroom looked at her. And then they looked at me.

"Farin, please stop." I begged her. "Please stop this."

Julie held my hand tight, not letting me get up.

And that was when Miss Galler walked in. She looked at the mess that was her classroom and spoke above the din. "Farin, please come out in the hall with me." She said as she walked back out the door.

Farin, went though everyone could hear her sobbing.

"Well, that was entertaining huh?" Courtney chirped after Farin left. "Now, everyone turn back around, stop ogling Carrie and pay attention to your own life and maybe, just maybe, some day you will have that much passion in a relationship of your own."

Some laughed, most turned around. And she stared down anyone who looked back at me, but with a smile on her face.

"See you at lunch Carrie." She smiled... "Well and next period too."

"Good morning Julie!" She greeted and then wiggled her cute little ass out the door.

I had to laugh. She had a presence.

The bell rang and Miss Galler wasn't back yet.

Five minutes later she was at the classroom door with Principal Brine. Well fuck. Yep, they were there for me. Julie squeezed my hand as I got up to leave.

Mr Brine pulled me outside and closed the door.

"Are you okay Carrie?" He asked. "Would you like to go to the nurse or to see Mrs Lane? I know you will see her after school, but if you wish to go talk to her now, you can."

"No, I'm fine Mr. Brine." And I giggled because that rhymed. But I wasn't really, and I'm sure it showed.

"Okay Carrie. If you need to be excused from any classes today to see her, just let your teacher know. It will be okay." And he walked away, his duty to ... whatever it is, being complete.

I went back inside.

"Welcome back Miss Fitch." Miss Galler smiled piteously at me.

I sat down and got my book back out.

"Nice shirt by the way. An English teacher's favorite." Miss Galler added.

I had to look down to remember what I was wearing and I laughed.

"So, papers are coming up soon. And I believe Miss Fitch and Miss Petrili, that you are the only two who are delinquent in providing me with an outline." Miss Galler looked at us.

"Well, Miss Galler, I have decided to write a paper about the dichotomy of friendship, how it can be the most powerful love a girl ever has. I am going to cite both fictional and non-fictional characters and establish a pattern that some of the best relationships were not between lovers, but between friends." Julie proudly spoke first.

"Impressive Miss Petrili, I look forward to reading it." Miss Galler applauded her. "Outline on my desk by Friday, no more extensions."

"I'm ..." I looked at Julie. I had no fucking clue what I was going to do. "Going to write a paper to oppose my distinguished colleagues view." I giggled. "I believe that the best relationships are between lovers."

Julie kicked me. "How original." She laughed.

"Very well, I expect an honest effort from both of you." Miss Galler smiled. "Outline by Friday Miss Fitch"

"This month, we will be reading ..."

And hey, it's English class. Who needs more dialogue than that?

Julie is incredible. She kept watching me and distracting me every time I teared up.

"Do you think she left for the day?" I whispered, knowing that next period could be really ugly.

"Let's hope so." Julie whispered back, "But you have bigger things to worry about with Jill, that's what I'd be nervous about if I were you."

"Thanks for reminding me." I laughed uncomfortably.

"That's what friends are for, you know I will be there as soon as I can. Don't do anything ... stupid."

I'd try. I had gotten pretty good at doing stupid stuff. And there was the bell. I grabbed Julie's hand. "Please walk with me to class?" I asked, perhaps too paranoid.

She laughed. "Of course I will."

And she went out of her way for me, so we had to go kind of quickly through the sea of people in the halls. As we got to the door of my math class, Julie peeked in with me. Farin wasn't there, at least not yet.

"She still might come." Julie said.

"Yeah, but thanks for that anyway." I smiled at her.

"See you in 3rd." She smiled and walked off.

I walked in and sat down next to the empty seat where Farin usually sat. Courtney took the seat instead. "I'll move if she comes. I doubt she will though." She smiled at me.

I smiled back. "So, where do you want me to meet you for lunch?"

Courtney giggled. "How about the weight room?"

I stammered, "umm ... okay...."

"I'm fucking with you. We need to talk, I'll meet you in the cafeteria goof." Courtney laughed. "You should have seen your face."

I blushed. "How's Farin?" I asked.

"I'm pretty sure she went home for the day. What a scene huh?" Courtney smiled at me. Then noticing my expression, she changed her own and looked confused. "You still love her?"

"Wow, I mean, I knew you were 'in love' with her for a while, but I thought that had all blown over even before you went to Jill's house. I thought you'd be glad to be rid of her." Courtney continued. "But, yeah, you are sad I see that. Well, clearly you can get her back if you want her. That isn't going to be hard at all. I kind of thought you were going for a tougher target though. But, what do I know right?"

"Woah, what the fuck Courtney?" I asked. "What target? You?!"

Courtney laughed so hard she squealed. "ME!?!" She laughed. "WOW! Now that is aiming high! Holy crap girl, you get one pussy dripping and you think you are God's gift to women huh?"

I couldn't help myself, she was laughing too loud, I laughed with her.

"Oh baby, don't think I haven't thought of it." Courtney giggled pinching my cheek. "But, you would have no chance of getting me, it would be me deciding I wanted you. And yes, there is a big difference."

"You don't have to be a bitch about it." I pouted.

"Oh stop Carrie, you're gonna make me cry." Courtney laughed. "But here, give me a kiss." She puckered up and moved her head towards me.

"No thanks." I held my hand up.

Courtney took my wrist in her hand and looked me in the eyes. "Give me a kiss Carrie." She was smiling, but no longer laughing. Her beautiful blue eyes were staring into my ugly brown eyes. Her will was matching against my own. "I'm quite serious Carrie, don't make me ask for tongue." She practically sang it.

So, I leaned forward and kissed her. And when her other hand went around my head and held it there, I kept the kiss going. Lips dancing with lips. And the bell rang and she released me a few seconds later.

"You are so cheap." Rebecca muttered.

Then Courtney scooted in and shifted her legs to face me and slightly parted her lips and guided my hand between her thighs. She whispered, "Just gentle, I don't want to get off, just teased." And she kissed me on my nose and turned her attention to the teacher.

It was never going to change. At least not with Courtney. I sighed, no point arguing, maybe it would put her in a better mood by lunch and we could have a decent conversation instead of her ignoring everything I said or wanted and getting her own way.

So, constricting the view as much as possible, I slid my hand up between Courtney's thighs and touched the gusset of her panties with my fingertips. She moaned in a whisper and spread her legs a little farther apart. I inched my fingers to the side of her panty and slid the entire front to the left side of her pussy too give my fingers skin to skin access.

And I played with her. It wasn't terrible, I'd done it before after all. It was a nice distraction from the droning voice of Mr. Thatch. I didn't penetrate her at all, at least not in the cuntal tunnel. I did slip my fingers between her outer labia and occasionally the inner labia, but for the next forty-five minutes, I basically kept no steady rhythm nor did I build the excitement level. A few times, I just held my fingers still for a while, paying attention to Mr. Thatch, but she would squeeze her thighs around my hand to get my attention and I would return to sliding my fingers up and down and basically kind of exploring her vagina.

For Courtney's part, and to her credit, she pretended I wasn't even touching her. Though she would clear her throat when she squeezed her thighs around my hand to signify her displeasure with my momentary pauses in petting her kitty. She did get wet. There was no doubt that the moisture between the folds of her lips was expanding as the minutes ticked by, but the thing that surprised me most was the state of my own panty.

I was saturating the gusset of my panty, I could feel it to the point I was afraid I would leave a wet spot in the crotch of my shorts. And I couldn't understand why. Because I enjoyed touching Courtney's quim? Maybe. Or was it the way she treated me, like I was there to serve her needs. I wasn't sure, but something about all this was definitely heating my little suzy up and flowing her right along.

I didn't rub my thighs, though I had to consciously not do it a few times. I didn't squirm or wiggle my ass. I was not providing any physical stimulation whatsoever. And yet, I was at least as wet, probably more so, than Courtney, who's vagina I had massaged for nearly half an hour.

With fifteen minutes left of class, I bumped up the pressure a little, but not too much. Certainly not enough to make her orgasm. She did look over at me and smile then and nodded that it was a good pressure and rhythm, or that is what I took the nod to mean. It could have meant she liked my perfume for all I really knew.

And so it was that as the bell rang, both my panty and my fingers were soaking wet. Courtney's panties were soaked too, so that was kind of cool. I withdrew my hand and she turned to get up from her seat and then she whispered to me to follow her quickly. I was neither surprised nor pleased to find myself kneeling in the handicapped stall of the girls' room within seconds. Five minutes, that was all the time between classes.

I pushed her skirt up and pulled her panties to the side again and devoured her cunt. I would of course never call it a cunt out loud in Courtney's presence. She did not allow such a reference to her sweet kitty. But at this moment, the cunt was dripping like a faucet and ripe to be eaten. And I wasted no time devouring her sweetness, because I did not want to be late for Social Studies again. I just hoped she wouldn't squirt and leave me stinking of her juices all day.

Alas, for the smell of pussy on my breath and face, it was quite pungent. My tongue delved well into the hole of her kitty and found the copious juices that had been stored there, simmering as I fingered along her slit. They erupted into my mouth with an explosion of fragrant waters. She moaned too loud for my comfort. There were the sounds of others using the rest room for its intended purpose and not as a place to indulge in debauchery.

"Oh you heavenly little slut." Courtney whispered. "I adore this. Swallow it all you little whore."

And she rammed her pussy into my face as she came with a mild squirt compared to what I had witnessed and been sprayed by in previous encounters with her. I sucked and gulped for all I was worth to keep it from oozing down my chin. And when she was finally done, she sighed deeply.

"See you at lunch lover." She giggled. And barely giving me a moment to look respectable, pulled her panties back over her pussy, pulled down her skirt and exited the stall.

I leapt to my feet, hoping to not find an audience outside, and I was at least partially satisfied, that there were only two girls giggling at the sink as Courtney strode past them to the door. I went to a sink and washed my face, blushing heavily as the two girls giggled louder, knowing precisely why I needed to wash my face.

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