tagBDSMJill's World Ch. 05

Jill's World Ch. 05


SARA: You should have seen them running back into the locker room five minutes into practice

GINA: They were dancing about five minutes into practice It was hillarious

KAREN: Did you put the cream in our uniforms? Please tell me you didn't

REBECCA: You and your cunt friends are dead bitch

COURTNEY: Lunch tomorrow? 😉

JULIE: I miss you already

That's pretty much what my phone looked like when I had a chance to look at it just before going to bed.

Okay, those were the six I answered. There were a couple of dozen total.

TO JULIE: I'm not moving to Alaska LOL We will find time Jules


TO SARA: Rebecca is furious Be careful

TO SARA: I wish I had seen it though

TO KAREN: No I did not have anything to do with it

TO REBECCA: What is your issue today?

Okay, of course I knew what her issue was, but I couldn't very well admit to knowing about it. That could be quite damning, in a way that she could take it to the principal and have Sara, or all of us, suspended. Don't misunderstand me, I had no real fear that Rebecca would use the school authorities to enact her revenge. She would far prefer to enact her own sense of justice. I'd have to escalate my plan and try to curb her anger.

I could hear my phone buzzing with replies, but I curled up in bed and tried to sleep. Tried is the operative word. What had I done? What had I gotten myself into? This was very different now. I had voluntarily signed a contract to be Jill's submissive until next fall.

I thought I knew what that all meant. I thought it would be, more or less, the same as I had been receiving. But, then there was that ceremony. And all those people. All of whom are deeper in this world than I ever considered going. I had a copy of the contract in my car. I'd have to read it at some point before Friday evening, though when I would find the time, I did not know.

Dad was a bit upset at how late I was getting home. Thankfully, I had the mints that Kelly had given me or ... well... I'm sure my breath was a bit telling before I took two on the way home. I was chastised a bit, but since it was, supposedly, school related and would lead, supposedly, to a potential scholarship for college, I wasn't punished.

As I lay there ignoring the beeps on my phone that let me know my responses were being responded to, Courtney and the desk flipped back to my mind, and I shuddered the thought away. I think the reason she wanted that particular thing so much, was that was the game I was playing with Darla, before I broke her nose. Laying down naked on the desk, awaiting another bit of clothes. I hated it so much. And yet, I could not deny the itch between my legs as I pictured myself there, naked on the desk.

Then, there was a light knock at the door. That was a first since I had moved in. Expecting my father, I pulled the bedcovers under my arms to appear... well to not show him anything of course. And I invited him in. The door slowly opened, but it wasn't him.

"Carrie, might I have a word?" Kelly asked from the door.

"Of course, Kelly." I said, probably looking as confused as I felt at seeing her and not my father.

She walked in and closed the door behind her. Kelly was quite beautiful, it was easy to see why my father liked her. She was wearing a pink robe of satin that came to mid-thigh. There was a belt around the waist that held it together, but between her breasts, there was a peek at the transparent pink negligee she wore underneath. Apparently, she was either always dressed like this for bed or she was planning to seduce my father tonight, which I doubted was difficult for her.

She crossed the floor to my bed and I suddenly felt a bit nervous about it, though I couldn't quite lay my finger on why. She sat on my bed, sort of sideways so her left leg was on the bed and her right foot was still on the floor. The way she sat, further opened the robe and I quickly looked away when I caught my eyes drifting downwards. Then I looked back to her face and fought the urge to see how much of her was showing through the open robe.

Don't get me wrong. This was my father's girlfriend, for crying out loud. Yes, she was attractive, but the fact that my father was sleeping with her, made her nearly asexual to me. Not asexual as she wasn't having sex with my father, of course. But asexual, as in, I couldn't perceive her as sexually attractive to me, because of the relationship with my father. Not sure if that makes sense outside of my own head, but there it is, as best as I can explain it.

And yet, there was no denying that my eyes were drawn to the glimpses of breast and thigh that her loose-fitting robe bared as she angled her body towards me, from her sideways perch on the edge of my bed. It was a fight not to acknowledge the exposed expanses of flesh.

"Is everything okay Carrie?" she asked after settling herself onto my bed.

I think I scrunched up my nose a bit at the question. But, I answered quickly. "Yes, everything is really good now Kelly. Why?"

She frowned a little, showing disappointment in my reply. "Well, your father and I are worried about you. Late nights, coming home looking tired. Then, you don't really have a lot to say, when you do get home. Your dad would like to hear how your day is. Particularly, after all the problems that brought you here in the first place."

I scrunched my nose again. It wasn't that I was avoiding him ... well, them ... "Kelly, I'm truly okay. I am working now, and then there is school, and this project. I'm just busy."

And then, she pissed me off. She rolled her eyes at me. "Carrie, we aren't stupid. Remember the smell on your breath last night. You aren't as... well... look, the reason it is me coming up here instead of your father, is because he thought it would be a lot easier for you to talk to me about sex. It makes him very uncomfortable to think of his daughter having sex."

Okay, that took me by surprise. I mean, I had told my dad I was having sex. But, I guess a part of me did still want to be his little girl. "Kelly," I started, and I could feel the heat in my face as I blushed, "I really don't want to discuss this with you. Or with my Dad!"

She smiled. "I know you don't, but you kind of need to. I at least need to know that you are being safe Carrie."

And there it was, the slip of tongue perhaps... she said SHE needed to know, not THEY needed to know. And that, for some reason, was more embarrassing to me. She, for all intents and purposes, was a stranger. So was my dad for that matter, but at least my dad was my dad. "I'm a lesbian Kelly, what could ... I mean... logistically speaking, what is unsafe sex as a lesbian?"

She actually had to turn her face when she laughed, and quickly converted it into a cough. "Carrie, there are many STDs you can get from lesbian sex. But, it's not only that risk. It's the risk to your reputation. Don't do things that you will regret. A lot of girls your age... well, they don't protect their modesty very well and grow up and it haunts them. Like pictures, taken for a lover and then the relationship turns bad and they end up revenging you by posting them on the internet. The internet is forever."

Did she know something? I had to turn away to avoid an incriminating look. I didn't exactly consent to the photographs, but there were definitely a lot of them out there. And then, I thought to the video that Rebecca had. Had she already posted them?

"Too late huh?" Kelly asked with a sigh. "How bad are they?"

"I... Kelly, did you see something?" I asked, wondering if this was just a ruse, to see if I would tell the truth.

She exhaled loudly. "No, but evidently there is a reason to be concerned. So, how bad is it Carrie?"

"Nothing ... well... you can't really see anything, you could just infer from them." If Rebecca did end up posting me on you tube, I would at least hedge the damage a little. "It was just me and a girl fooling around... I mean, pretending, and there is a girl who took a video of it, who doesn't like me very much."

"Why doesn't she like you?" Kelly prodded.

"I ... I kind of borrowed her boyfriend for a couple of weeks." I muttered.

Kelly laughed softly. "I assume before you turned lesbian?"

I blushed harder, if that was possible. "Yeah. It, was a mistake."

"Carrie, I want you to know that you can trust me. If there are things you don't want your dad or mom to know, I can keep a secret." She put her hand on my leg, over the blanket, giving my calf a reassuring squeeze. "I did some things with other girls when I was your age. And I questioned my sexuality at the time because it felt really good. It is possible that you aren't a lesbian at all, and that would be okay too. And if you are, that is wonderful as well. We aren't judging you. I am not trying to influence you at all, just to support you as much as I can."

"Kelly..." I stammered. She had punctuated her statement with a squeeze to my calf, that shifted her hand higher, just below my knee. It was making me a bit ... uncomfortable. "I ... it isn't like I am a ... I'm not ..." UGH! Say something! "I'm not like a total slut Kelly." I finally blurted out.

She looked surprised at my statement. "I didn't think you were Carrie. Are other people saying that about you?"

I coughed. 'Yeah, my name is Slutball now'. I thought that, I would never say it. "There are a few. But, it's okay, nothing I can't handle."

She looked into my eyes, like she was trying to read my brain. She smiled softly. "Carrie, I just want you to know, you can talk to me about it. I'm here for you. Do you have any questions about anything? I'd love to do that for you ... help you if I can."

"Really Kelly, that is ... I will come to you if I have any questions." I figured the best way to get rid of her was an empty promise. I doubted I would ever talk to her about anything to do with sex.

"Okay Carrie." Kelly smiled, and her hand stopped its gentle squeeze, but trailed up to mid-thigh, resting there. "You really are beautiful. I can see why so many girls are interested in you."

Then, before I could protest the position of her hand, she removed it and stood up. Fortunately, she turned her back to me as she left the room, or she would have seen my mouth wide open. Had she just flirted with me? It felt like it!

And I couldn't deny that her flirting had an effect on me, as I felt the wetness oozing from my vajayjay.

'What is wrong with you Carrie?', I admonished myself mentally.

She stopped at the door and turned to smile at me. "We should go shopping this weekend. How about Sunday? Maybe a trip back to A&F?" The smile was ... devious, knowing, lascivious, not the friendly invitation smile that one would expect from a ... step mom figure. She was sizing up my reaction. I was surely blushing bright red at the memory of our last visit there.

"I don't know if I could ever go back there again." I whispered.

Kelly giggled. "I don't think anyone saw your face Carrie. Just try to ... well... not do that again?" She smiled, and her tongue licked across her lower lip. "Maybe I will keep you company in the changing room this time."

Well, that sounded horrible!

She turned again to open the door, then hesitated and turned back towards me. "Oh, and Candace wants to see us again! She said they got some great new lingerie in, and she can get us a really good discount on it before the ads come out next week."

"I..." I did not want to be around Candace again, especially with Kelly there. "I'm not really all that into racy underwear Kelly, you can go without me if you want." In truth, I loved sexy underwear, it made me feel prettier somehow, but the Candace and Kelly thing made me feel dirty.

Kelly frowned slightly, then smiled. "I'd really like you to come along anyway. No point in going to the mall twice, if we are going on Sunday."

"Okay." I whispered. "But, I did promise my mom I would visit Sunday, so after that."

Kelly smiled excitedly. "Thanks Carrie. It is so much more fun shopping with you."

And she finally left me alone. I needed to make a phone call to Courtney, so I ignored all the texts that were there waiting for me. I planned on only a five-minute conversation on the phone, unfortunately, it drug out to thirty minutes, mostly because I had to keep negotiating with her.

It took a bit of time to fall asleep. Between thoughts of my new life with Jill, Courtney's lunch and now the flirtation of my dad's girlfriend, my mind was overloaded with too many thoughts to fall asleep, until, finally, exhaustion overwhelmed me.

The next morning, I woke up after hitting the snooze button one too many times and rushed through a shower. Unfortunately, my post-Darla wardrobe left a large vacancy in what I considered acceptable school clothing, so it was either repeat the same outfits or ...

So, at least I had respectable underwear on under the short skirt that had been modified by Sue on that first night I met her. I was looking forward to my first pay-check so I could replenish my choices to less suggestive clothing. But, for now, even if I flashed the pink bikini panties, at least my ass was mostly covered.

I did select the longest skirt I could find. It came to mid-thigh, so sitting down would likely not leave my bare ass on the seat at school. I wore the white bra and a too tight shirt that left a couple of inches of belly showing. I checked my face, put on a light coat of make up and descended the stairs, ready to eat a quick breakfast and run to my car.

Then, I saw Kelly. My dad was gone to work already, of course, and that left me alone in the house with Kelly. I wondered if I imagined the night before, had read more into the conversation and the touches than was actually there. Those thoughts were dashed when I saw her sitting at the table in nothing but a loosely tied robe. Her breasts were mostly exposed, with the right one even showing her nipple. Below the belt that was so loose that it left the entire front open a few inches, her manicured pubic hair was clearly on display.

She was sipping a cup of coffee, but I caught her eyes dart up to see if I was looking at her. A smile crossed her lips. "Good morning Carrie." She chirped.

"Good morning Kelly." I answered, and helped myself to a banana. "I'm running a bit late. I overslept." I went to leave, and she stood up and put her hand on my wrist, pulling me gently to face her.

"We need to talk Carrie. Your dad is not happy with you right now. I am doing what I can to remind him what it was like to be a teenager, but I really need you to help me." Kelly said as I turned to face her. She made no move to cover her body, which was widely exposed by the open robe.

"Okay Kelly, but can we talk later? I'm going to be late for school." I pulled away gently, not trying to be rude.

"Of course Carrie." Kelly smiled at me. Her tongue swiped across her lower lip, sending a twinge of alarm up my spine.

"Okay." I said and turned to walk away, the banana still unpeeled in my hand. I would eat in the car, this was too weird.

I called Julie as soon as I got out of the drive to tell her about the exchange with Kelly.

"Hey slutball! Good morning!" Jules chirped. I was surprised to hear her so cheerful after last night.

"Hey Julie, listen I'm on my way. Listen, Kelly, you know, my dad's girlfriend?, well she is flirting with me I think. Last night..." And I told her all about the exchanges last night and this morning.

Julie laughed. "You really are getting full of yourself. I mean Care, you are beautiful, don't get me wrong, but do you really think she would do something with her boyfriend's daughter? That's pretty out there."

"I don't know. I know ... it seems surreal, but it really made me uncomfortable." I responded.

"More uncomfortable than being naked in a house full of people?" Julie giggled.

"I...well yeah kind of. I guess because it is so oogy." I stammered.

"Oogy?" Julie laughed.

"She's like ten years older than us Jules!" I replied.

"Yeah, but she holds up pretty well for her age." Julie answered, still laughing. "And she's younger than Jill. I'm sure you mistook it Carrie, anyway, did you check your texts today? Rebecca texted me that I should 'make sure your friend sees me first thing before school or she will regret it'" She said the last part in a funny imitation of Becca's voice that made me giggle.

"No, I didn't check my phone at all this morning, I didn't have time to finish answering everyone last night and was rushing to get out the door today. Probably has to do with Sara. She must know I wasn't part of it. I wasn't even at school when it happened."

"I wish they hadn't done that." Julie answered, sounding a bit sad.

"Me too. They don't know how truly mean Rebecca can be." I replied, truly concerned with my friends' welfare.

"Well, let's just go see the queen bitch together, maybe Courtney will go too, she seems to be able to handle her better than anyone." Jules suggested.

"I don't need other people to fight my battles." I argued.

"Jesus Fitch, I was hoping to prevent one. You really need to let people who care about you help sometimes, instead of trying to take on the whole world alone. This is exactly the way you were with the whole Darla thing. So, before you say another word, I'm going with you, and that's final." Julie snapped.

I didn't say anything. I just thought about her words and let them sink into me uncomfortably for a moment. "Are you still going with me tonight? You don't have to you know... it's not like you... um..." Damn Carrie, why are you having trouble saying 'you aren't a lesbian like me'?

"I already said I was going Carrie. Are you trying to uninvite me?" Julie snapped, interrupting my lingering sentence.

"No, not at all. Believe me, I'm glad you are coming with me." I replied. "I just, you know, after everything last night, wanted to give you a window to back out."

"Are you trying to pick a fight with me today?" Julie answered.

"No Jules, of course not."

"Well, just stop pissing me off." And she, indeed, sounded pissed off.

"Sorry." I answered. "I love you." I ventured.

"I love you too, I needed to hear that." Julie said with a happier voice.

"So, ground rules for you, Slutball." Julie giggled as she used my sub name.

"Ground rules for what Jules?" I asked, was she going to dictate what I could do with Jill? I was sensing a problem.

"For dating Karen." Jules interrupted my thought. "You know you have to put an effort in for appearances or whatever. But you are mine outside your relationship with Jill, understood?"

I coughed. "What?" I asked, absolutely shocked by her sudden... dominance.

"I'm serious Carrie, I get the Jill thing, that's partly my fault. But outside of her, I want to know that you and I have..." She broke off a moment. "Something special and I want... I need to be first!"

There was a mixture between ordering and begging me in her voice. It was quite compelling, and at the same time, the begging tone made my heart go out to her. "Jules... I don't love Karen, I will never love Karen."

"You better keep it that way." Julie said somewhere between anger and relief. "I want to know every detail, leave out nothing and you will give me twice whatever you give her."

I laughed. "Should I time everything?"

"Don't be a smart ass Carrie, I'm serious. I am giving up a lot to wait for you. I need you to give me what I want on this."

I was quiet. I was considering her words. Maybe this was a mistake. Not Julie, not by a thousand stretches of the imagination, but Jill... would Julie still be there next fall? Almost a year away?

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