tagLoving WivesJim and Sharon Ch. 03

Jim and Sharon Ch. 03


When I pulled out of the driveway that morning, I didn't know where I was going. Sharon had so destroyed my thinking process I couldn't think straight at all. Her revenge had been totally a surprise and complete in its effectiveness. I knew that she would have done what she did only if she was planning on leaving me.

I had packed my things in a hurry and when I left the house I heard her running to the front door. I didn't look back as I fired up the car and pulled out. The last thing I saw was her standing in the doorway crying.

I picked out the dive hotel just at random. Getting a room there for a couple of nights I crashed and slept. Fitful sleep that it was. I had dreams of me and Sharon, and in them I was trapped as Sharon danced around me laughing and teasing me. Then, there had been men there, taking her. All of them looking like that guy...what had she called him? Mark?

The next day I sat around and just tried to not think. It was impossible. I knew that I had really messed up when I had begun to cheat on Sharon with Gwen. I was sitting there, not sure what the next step was. Had Sharon done what she had to show me that she was through with me? Were we done? Had I thrown away all those good years for nothing?

Around noon I found myself in a local bar getting plowed. I paid no attention to anyone, just the glass in front of me. The only friend I seemed to have now was Jack Daniels and truthfully, he wasn't doing much for me.

I closed the bar down and staggered back to my room. Once there, I spent quite a few hours on the floor next to the dinghy toilet. I hadn't drank like this in a long time and obviously, I had drank too much.

I crashed eventually, and still my sleep was bad dreams and nightmares. The next morning I woke up with cotton mouth and one hell of a headache. Painfully aware of the drinking I had done the night before. Taking some aspirin, I crashed in bed and slept. I woke up later in the evening, hungry, and with a headache still.

I went out to a local greasy spoon and ate a bit. My head was pounding and I was lost in thought. Staring at the booth in front of me as I ate, I didn't notice the other person until they sat down in front of me.

Sharon sat there, a look of pain and suffering in her red rimmed eyes. Guiltily, I looked down at my plate. I was at a loss for words, wondering why she was here, how she had found me, why she had even gone looking for me. I also had a surge of anger like I had never had before.

"Jim." I said nothing. I didn't know what to say. I knew why she had done what she did, and I knew that my cheating had brought us to this. I wanted to just crawl away and die, and she wouldn't let me.

"Jim, please. We need to talk."

"What's to talk about Sharon? You found out that I was cheating on you. You got your revenge. I can't see us together anymore. Not now. I wasn't able to stay faithful and you had to do what you did to get even. Neither of us will trust each other again. What's the point?"

"Then, you don't want to try to keep our marriage together? You want to just give up? Go our separate ways? Is that it for us?"

"Keep our marriage together? Now? After I cheated on you? You got even, what more is there? Especially now, after the way you got even."

"You feel no love for me at all now then?"

"Sharon, I don't know what I feel right now. Your revenge shocked me. I never knew you were capable of doing what you did. How you did it was another thing too. Kind of...cruel, don't you think? I mean, while I cheated on you I at least tried to hide it from you. I didn't rub your face in it. That wasn't the act of a loving wife at all."

"What about you and that little slut? That wasn't cruel to me?"

Her voice rose as her anger got away from her. She stopped talking for a moment and visibly controlled herself. Glancing around she regained control of her emotions.

"Jim, I don't want to get angry and fight...especially here, in so public a place. Can we go home and talk?"

"Home? What home?"

"Please Jim. We need to talk, we have to figure out our next step."

"Look...I'm not sure I could forgive you for what you did, tying me up like you did, then extracting your revenge. You probably shouldn't forgive me for my cheating on you either. I'll find a place to stay and..."

"And what? Get divorced? Become statistics in a national average somewhere? Don't you love me anymore Jim? Look into my eyes and tell me you don't love me anymore."

It was hard for me to look up. Looking into her eyes was the hardest thing I had done in a long time. The pain, and love that I saw looking back was startling at first. Shame flowed through me. How could I have ever cheated on my wife like I had? How could I have ever wanted to cause her this pain? Why had she felt she needed to cause me such pain in retaliation?

As I looked back down I knew she had seen into the depths of my soul. I couldn't lie to her with my eyes and she had known that. Sharon had done the one thing that would cause me to come home. Forced me to look into her eyes and face the pain, face the love, and face myself.

"Jim, come home. We'll talk. We need to talk. We can get past this. We can move on and rebuild what we had. You need to come home. Tonight."

I had serious doubts that I could go on with her now. The way she had gotten even had been too much...far too much. I also knew that I had to think about things and decide the best course of action for me now as well. I decided to go home for at least one night.

"I'll get my things...be home in a while."

"NO. WE will get your things and go home together."

"Sharon...why? Why would you come after me? After what I did, after your...getting even...why?"

"You don't get it? I still love you Jim. I really do. I'm pretty sure you still love me too. Come home. Come home with me."

That drive home was one of the quietest drives we had ever taken together. I was stewing over her and her lovers actions and the more I thought about what had happened, the more a core of anger began to grow.

By the time we got home I was about ready to jump and run again. The anger I felt toward Sharon was so intense, so hotly focused, I doubted that I'd ever get over it. How dare she tie me up and force me to watch her with another man. At least I had tried to hide my indiscretions, she instead had forced me to see her cheat on me.

That, and her lovers remarks...I wanted to kill him for the things he had said and intimated towards me. By the time I got inside my anger had been simmering for quite some time. Sharon was going on like nothing was wrong.

"Jim, what do you want for supper?"

"Not a God-damned thing. I'm not hungry."

"What's wrong?"

"YOU. That's what's wrong. Yes, I cheated on you. Yes that was wrong. But I never did it in front of you, I never did it to hurt you. Right now, I'm not sure why I did it, but I do know I never intended to hurt you. YOU on the other hand intended to hurt me, to belittle me. I'm so pissed at you right now I can hardly think straight."


"OH? That's all you have to say to me? OH?"

Sharon turned and walked out of the room. I sat down heavily in my easy chair. My thoughts were dark and that anger still burned deep down. I knew that I would run into that asshole someday, and I would get my revenge.

Sharon stayed away from me for the rest of the night. At bedtime, my anger still simmering, I decided to sleep in the guest bedroom. As I went into our bed room to get some things, I saw that chair...still where it had held me so short a time ago.

Seeing that chair brought back the memories of that humiliation and pain. I walked around it and got some things out of my dresser. Grabbing my pillow, I suddenly remembered seeing Sharon using it at one point to elevate her bottom for that...shuddering, I threw my pillow on the floor.

Sharon was sitting in her chair in the living room as I stormed by on my way to the guest bedroom.

"Going to bed are we?"

"I'M Going to be...in the guest bedroom. Alone. Stay the fuck away from me."

"Jim, you need to get over your anger."

"I need to get over my anger? You bitch. After what you did, and the way you did it...just stay away from me. I wish I hadn't let you talk me into coming back here. I'll be gone in the morning too, by the way."

She sat there like there was nothing wrong between us. Almost a smile on her lips as I stalked by. Sitting in the guest bedroom I suddenly got suspicious. Why was she so calm? Did she have something else planned for me now? I got up and locked the door to the bedroom. I also put a chair under the doorknob. No way was there anyone getting in here with me tonight.

My sleep was not very restful that night. I kept waking up, fearing that someone was standing over me, about to tie me up. By morning I felt ten times worse than the night before. As I got out of bed I was thinking about what my next move was going to be.

I wanted to beat the hell out of Sharon and Mark...but I knew that would only end up with me in jail. Revenge coursed through my blood, my feelings still full of that hot anger deep inside. Sharon had not only succeeded in destroying my love for her, she had brought out a type of anger I didn't know how to deal with.

I dressed, then after some personal care, I grabbed my suitcase, still unpacked from the night before, and took it out to my car. Tossing it inside, I walked back into the house and into our bedroom. Sharon was still asleep, so I move quietly, and gathered up a few more items of mine and then I left.

I drove for hours...not very far in distance, but around and around, just trying to think. I found myself near a park, and just sat there for a few more hours, not really thinking of anything, but remembering that night. I had to figure out what to do, but the memories of how Sharon had gotten even with me burned into my consciousness, causing me to relive my pain.

I know that I had wronged her, and didn't deserve to be treated well, but her revenge...it had gone too far. Too much had happened now and there was no way I would ever be able to forgive her.

Settling down on the bench I worked out a temporary plan. As I sat there in the park I realized that my marriage was over. Strangely, I didn't feel too broke up about it...now. Before, if Sharon hadn't been quite so...vengeful, there might have been a slight chance that we could have fixed things. Now...that bridge had been burned. Into my mind, into my heart.

I managed to get to the bank before Sharon did...and probably not by much. I moved out half of everything, allowing for the years we had been happy together. I couldn't bring myself to take everything, even though my lawyer probably could have figured out a way to do just that.

I next found a small apartment to rent. It was cheap as apartments go, and in a fair neighborhood. That made me think about my house. The house was in my name, and I knew that Sharon wouldn't be able to sell it without me signing papers, so I felt my investment was safe for now.

I called my lawyer later that day. The last time we had talked I had been working on setting up our retirement plans. Living wills and some other legal papers had needed to be done so I'd begun the work on those.

"Jim...how are you? All ready to come in and sign those living wills and stuff? Got 'em ready for you."

"Uh...actually no Sam. I'm needing a divorce lawyer now. That living will and those other papers are going to be on hold for quite some time."

"Divorce lawyer? Oh damn. I'm sorry to hear that Jim. I know of a few good ones, if you want I can give you their numbers."

"Oh...you don't do divorces then?"

"No I don't Jim. I do know a few good divorce lawyers though. Got a pen and paper handy?"

Getting the names and numbers of someone to help me get divorced was something I never thought I'd be doing. Especially this late in the game of life. Yet, here I was. I really only had myself to blame too. Had I not cheated on Sharon, she would not have felt a need to get even like she had. I had never known she could be so vindictive though. Never in a million years would I have expected her style of revenge.

After a few days, with everything in the works to separate from Sharon, I went to our house. Knocking on the door I found a red-rimmed eyed Sharon standing before me.

"Jim...I...your lawyer had some papers served on me this morning."

"Yeah. I know. I just stopped by to pick up a few things, that's all."

I was uncomfortable standing in the doorway of my own home, waiting for Sharon to let me in. I knew that she hadn't gotten a lawyer yet, and beyond that I wasn't sure what was on her mind.

"Is there a way we can stop this Jim? Isn't there any way you'll stay with me now?"

"Sharon...look...this was a bad idea on my part. I should have waited until there was a third party here. I'll just come back some other time, and I'll make sure to give you plenty of notice."

"Jim...please...look me in the eyes and tell me it's over. Tell me you can't, you don't love me anymore."

I looked into her pain filled eyes and almost caved. Then I remembered that night, when she rubbed my face with her cum laden pussy...smearing me with that bastard's cum.

"Sharon...it's over. There's no way back. Not now. You went...too far.""

"You can't forgive me Jim? All those years together, you can't forgive one mistake?"

"Sharon, it wasn't just a simple little mistake...it was a rather huge and unforgivable mistake. It was too much...and too harsh for me to forgive, hell, I'll probably never forget it either. There is no turning back now. I'm sorry. I know it all started with my cheating on you, and I really have nobody to blame but myself, but you went overboard with your revenge...way overboard."

When she broke down in tears I wanted to hold her...but I knew that I couldn't do that either. I turned and walked away. Leaving her standing in the open doorway of what had been a loving home. A chill coursed through my body as I closed the front gate to the yard. It was probably the last time I'd ever be here as a married man.

My next few months were difficult for me. I'd go from missing Sharon to being glad she was out of my life. Loving her to hating her in one breath. My work suffered as the divorce drug on. I can't remember how many times I went over in my mind about how I had managed to screw up my marriage with someone about half my age.

The day I got the final decree papers a couple of co-workers were pushing me to go out and celebrate. While I didn't really feel like doing that, I let myself be talked into it. Much to my regret I was to find out. It had been just over three months since I had walked out and I thought I needed to let loose a little.

"Hey Jim...lets meet down at Manny's bar and belt down a couple. You have a lot of reasons to celebrate this day."

"Uh...well, I really hadn't planned on celebrating getting divorced. Kind of a dumb thing to celebrate isn't it?"

"Are you kidding me? You're a free man Jim. You can check out the babes, date whoever you want, do whatever you want. I'm jealous. Yes sir...jealous. You got it made."

"I just don't feel like I got it made Brad. I really don't. I guess I could stand for a few rounds though. It's not a celebration though okay?"

"Oh...more like a wake then huh Jim?"

"No...not a wake either."

My irritation must have shown in my face or in the tone of my voice. Throwing up his hands as if in surrender, Brad said;

"Lighten up man...take it easy. I'm just trying to cheer you up. The guys sure won't like being around someone who's as down as you are. Maybe we should just forget it."

"No...you're right Brad...I need to do something. Maybe going out for a few beers will help me to get my mind off of it all. I'll be in a much better mood, I promise. I'll even buy the first round."

"Duuuude...way cool. See ya there then. About six or so?"

"Yeah...six sounds good."

After Brad left I stewed for a bit. I really wanted to stay buddies with my co-workers, as they were pretty good guys, yet most of them were quite a bit younger than I. Now that I thought about it, most of them were married too.

That night when I walked into the bar the first thing I saw was a huge banner up stating that it was my 'Freedom Day' party. I shook my head. These guys had really gone way out of their way to celebrate my divorce. I could see that this party was going to cost me a bundle too...I had promised that first round.

There were about fifty people in the place, most of them co-workers and their wives. Since where I worked had very few women in our shop, I hadn't expected a lot of requests for dances or anything. That's when I found out that the party included people from the main office across town.

Within ten minutes I had been hit with seven women wanting the first dance. I vaguely recognized them from past Christmas parties or sometimes when training on new computer systems. The party ended up turning into a roaring blow-out beyond anything I would have expected.

Truthfully I had been expecting a few drinks with the 'guys' and a quiet night. I danced with several women, usually finding out if they were married before taking them out on the dance floor. I guess I was making sure that I didn't make any mistakes or do something stupid while with the wife of someone I may work with. I know that I got asked to dance by several married women, and they'd give me a look when I'd turn them down...kind of a 'what the fuck?' look.

I knew that I couldn't explain it to them without getting into too many painful details, so I would just smile and try to ease the conversation to her husband or something, until they'd realize I was seriously not going to dance with a married woman.

About two hours into the party I noticed several people looking to the front of the bar where the main door was. They would then look at me nervously, then back up front. I was sitting down, so in order to see what they saw, I stood up. And looked right into the eyes of Sharon.

She had walked into the bar dressed to kill, and evidently had been looking for me. When I stood up, she headed right over to where I was. I noticed that she looked like she had put on a bit of weight...almost like...

"Care to dance with your ex?"

"Not really."

"Come on Jim. It's not like we're married or anything. Just one dance."


She stood there, refusing to move away, and I was getting more than a bit angry. I finally got up and walked out. I said a few goodbyes to those I knew well, and left. Sharon followed me into the street.

"Jim...please. I just want a word with you. That's all. We're divorced...I'm not going to try anything...I just...I have something I need to say."

"Fine. Make it quick though Sharon. I'm really not in the mood to see or talk to you right now."

"I know I hurt you Jim. I was mad, hurt and shocked. I let Mark talk me into doing things I should never have done. I would never had done had I thought about it more than I did. I need you to realize that I never meant to chase you away. I just wanted to cause you some of the pain that I felt when I found out about you and...that...her."

"Yeah...well you got your revenge. Still gives me nightmares...if you care at all. I gotta go."

"Wait...Jim...there's one more thing...I'm...I can't believe this...but I'm...pregnant."

"Yeah? So? It's not mine, you know that."

"I know that. I don't know what to do though."

"Go ask Mark. He's more than likely the father. I don't care if you're pregnant or not...we're not a couple, we're not an item, we are not married. You have your own life to answer for now, as do I. Good bye Sharon."

My night was a bust. Whatever it had been up to the point she had walked into the bar was totally gone. I was trying to figure out why she'd looked me up to tell me she was pregnant with another man's child. Why did she think I'd give a damn one way or the other about that?

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