tagFetishJim Goes to College

Jim Goes to College


This is a fictional story. All of the characters are at least 18 years old. In this story, Jim is a freshmen at a small private college and experiences a group sports physical exam. The exam involves lots of young men receiving their exam together in the gym. This is a slow moving and very long story with a lot of detail and background and is told from Jim's first person perspective. I repeat, it is very long - you have been warned. Over and above everything else, this is a medical fetish story. If you want to read a short story where the medical exam is just an excuse for gratuitous sex, don't read this story - you'll probably be bored to tears. But if you get off on the idea of forced medical exams where you are told what to do and have no control over the situation, or highly embarrassing group exams, then you might like it. If you make it all the way to the end, you will be rewarded with a small sexual scene. And finally, please remember that this is pure fiction. I know that most of this would never really happen in real life. But it is, after all, my fantasy. I hope you share it with me and actually enjoy it. Please let me know either way.

The story is presented in a whopping 18 parts! Buckle up and prepare for the ride.

{*Part One: Introduction*}

I walked the short distance from my dorm room to Anthony's, the local pizza joint that is just off campus. As usual, it was filled with hungry college students just like me. I stood just inside the doorway and scanned the restaurant to see if Beth was already there. I didn't see her at first, but then I saw her at the far end of the restaurant waving her arms to attract my attention.

"Jim, over here," the voice cried out. I waved to her in response as I walked the short distance to her table. As I approached the table Beth stood up to greet me.

"Jim, it's great to see you again," she said as she gave me a warm hug.

"I'm glad to see you too, Beth, it's great to see a familiar face."

After our initial greetings, I quickly noticed that Beth wasn't alone at the table. There was another young and good looking women with her.

"Jim, this is my roommate Ashley."

"Nice to meet you Ashley," I said as I shook her hand.

"This is the second year that Ashley and I are roommates," said Beth.

"Oh, so are you also studying to be a nurse, Ashley?" I asked.

"Yes, that's right Jim," Ashley answered, "Beth and I are both in the second year of the nursing program. In fact, we seem to attend most of the same classes."

I sat down in the empty chair that was across from them. I was immediately struck with just how good Beth looked. She still had the good looks that I remembered, but she also looked much more mature now. And fit. She was wearing a white blouse and a tight pair of jeans that really showed off her athletic body. In a word, she was hot. And seeing her again brought back a flood of memories for me. While I was growing up, I had a real crush on Beth. I suppose if I hadn't fallen for her younger sister Mandy, Beth and I might have gotten together.

But while I'd describe Beth as athletic and hot, her roommate Ashley was a real cutie. She was a beautiful blue-eyed blonde that made your heart just melt when she looked at you. And in the few short minutes since I first met her, I could tell that she seemed a bit shy, but that she had a great fun-loving personality. We all agreed that we were hungry, so we immediately placing our order for food.

"So Jim," asked Ashley, "how exactly do you and Beth know each other?"

"Well, Ashley, Beth and I have known each other for years. Her younger sister Mandy is my girlfriend. So I think of Beth here as the older sister that I never had."

"Oh, I see, so is Mandy here at school too?" asked Ashley.

"No, I'm afraid not," said Beth. "She received a full scholarship at the state college back home that she just couldn't pass up."

"That's right," I added, "even though I just got here last week, I think I miss Mandy already. But we made plans to see each other again during the winter break. I think I can wait that long. And I feel better already knowing that you're here, Beth. Like I said, it's good to see a familiar face when you're this far from home."

"So, are you all settled into school Jim?" asked Ashley.

"Well, I'm mostly there," I answered. "I've got my dorm room all settled with my stuff, and my classes start next week. My roommate hasn't arrived yet, he's supposed to be here tomorrow or the next day."

"That's right, all of the classes really start next week," said Beth. "This week is mostly just about getting settled in and preparing for college life. I know how difficult that can be for new students like you, Jim, so just let me know if you need any help with anything."

"Oh, and I'll be glad to help you too, Jim," added Ashley. "Just let me know if I can help you with anything."

"Thanks guys," I replied, "I'm sure I'll need a lot of your help. Right now I'm still just trying to find my way around campus. I find that a lot of the buildings seem to look the same and it's still easy for me to get lost. Since you mentioned it, maybe you can tell me where the Physical Education and Recreation Center is located. I'm supposed to be there early tomorrow morning and I'm not exactly sure which building that is."

"Oh, that's an easy one to find. Give me that extra napkin and I'll draw you a map," replied Ashley. I handed her the extra paper napkin that was next to me and she immediately took out a pen and began drawing me a map.

"It's funny that you mention the P.E. center, Jim, because Ashley and I will also be there tomorrow," said Beth. "You're not there tomorrow for a sports physical, are you?"

"Yeah, that's right, they said I had to report there tomorrow for my physical. How did you know about that? Are you girls having your physicals too?"

"No, not exactly, Jim, the physicals tomorrow are only for the guys. The girls are done the following day," Beth answered. "But Ashley and I will be there tomorrow as volunteers."

"Oh really? You mean they let you do the exams?"

"No, don't be silly," Beth replied. "They just let the second year nursing students like us assist the doctors and nurses."

"That's right," added Ashley as she handed me the map she had drawn. "Since we're just starting our second year, this is the first time that Beth and I have been allowed to volunteer for something like this, so we're not sure what to expect. We don't know exactly what we'll be doing there tomorrow, but they'll probably just have us shuffle some of the paperwork. We're really only doing it because we were told that future employers like to see that kind of volunteer work on our transcripts."

"But Jim," asked Beth, "why are you getting a sports physical? Please don't take this the wrong way, but you were never really much of a jock in high school. Are you going out for some sport now?"

"Well," I replied, "I was sort of forced into it. My guidance counselor told me in no uncertain terms that they strongly encourage everyone here to participate in a sport. So since I was more or less forced to choose something, I figured I'd choose something easy like golf."

"Golf?" questioned Ashley. "Really, you need a physical to play golf?"

"Yeah, well, it's a sport so I guess they still insist on a physical. At least, that's what they told me. I tried to argue with them about it, but they said all athletes need to report for a physical regardless of the sport."

"Well, I hear there's usually a big crowd for the physicals, especially for the guys, so you might want to get there early," Ashley said.

"Yes, I was planning on getting there before 9," I replied.

"That should be early enough," Ashley said. "Well, we'll both be looking for you tomorrow. Maybe if the crowd isn't too big, we'll actually see you there."

"Yes, well, I hope so," I replied.

The small talk continued for another 45 minutes while we finished our pizza and drinks. We then said our goodbyes and we went our separate ways, to our respective dorm rooms. I was tired from getting settled into my dorm room earlier in the day, so I quickly drifted off to sleep, enjoying what might be the last night of privacy before my roommate arrived.

{*Part Two: Preparations*}

I was suddenly awakened from a deep sleep when my alarm went off at the scheduled time. As I struggled to pull myself out of bed, I remembered why I got up so early. That's right, the stupid sports physical. I wanted to make sure that I had time for a quick shower and some breakfast before the exam. I figured that the sports physical wouldn't be too involved, especially since I was only playing golf. But I wanted to at least make sure I was clean.

I threw on a bath robe, grabbed my towel, shampoo and soap and walked the short distance down the hallway to the men's bath room. When I arrived, I was glad to find that the shower area was empty. It seemed that, at least for the moment, I had the place all to myself. I grabbed one of the private shower stalls that had a door and began my shower. The bath room has a few private shower stalls with doors in additional to a much larger communal shower area. I don't consider myself a prude, but I just felt better taking a shower in one of the private stalls. The large communal shower area reminded me too much of my high school P.E. class, which I'd rather try to forget. I wasn't expecting a full physical exam, but while showering I made sure that I was especially clean all over. After all, this should really be just a quick sports physical since it's only for golf!

After I finished my shower, I made my way back to my dorm room and got dressed. I've had a few physicals in the past and for some reason they always include the dreaded turn-your-head-and-cough part where they check you for a hernia. So I figured that I might have to very briefly lower my jeans for that part. Because of that, I made sure that I pulled on a brand new pair of white cotton boxers. I reasoned that with the loose fitting boxers, they might be able to just reach in and check for hernias without me having to pull them down all the way. At least, that's what I hoped they would do. I finished dressing by pulling on some clean white socks, my jeans, and a clean T-shirt.

I left the dorm, with my trusty napkin map in hand, and headed toward the campus dining hall for a quick bite of breakfast. After breakfast, I followed the map that Ashley had drawn to my destination. I arrived at the Physical Education and Recreation Center building at 8:30. There was already a crowd of guys moving toward the building, so I basically just followed the crowd.

I entered what appeared to be the main entrance to the building which led into a three-story atrium. I saw several tables in the center of the atrium where guys were registering and receiving paperwork and instructions. So I figured that this must be the starting point for the physicals and I got in line. While I was in the short line, I watched the flurry of activity that was taking place in the building. It seemed like there were students, all male, moving in every possible direction. As the men registered at the table in front of me, they receive paperwork and then walked down a hallway to the right. Other men were walking in the opposite direction down the same hallway, and heading toward the hallway to the left with their paperwork in hand.

After a few short minutes, I reached the front of the line. Only then did I notice that the table had a sign in front of it that said "Pre-participation Physical Registration - Table #1". It looks like I correctly found the right starting point by just following the crowd. The table was staffed by two female students, both of them about the same age as Beth and Ashley. Both of them were wearing a dark blue polo shirt. I assumed that they were part of the group of second year nursing students like Beth and Ashley. Perhaps this is the type of paperwork shuffling that Beth and Ashley assumed they would be doing.

"Hi, can I have your name please," said one of the young ladies at the table.

"Jim Johnson," I replied.

She immediately began to scan her list of student names, presumably looking for mine.

"Oh, here you are," she said, "You're a first year student?"

"Yes, that's right."

As I responded she reached for a packet of paperwork and removed a pre-numbered label from the cover. She then attached the label to her list next to my name. It appeared that each packet of paperwork had a unique number, and this set of paperwork was now being associated with me.

"Alright then," she continued as she handed me the paperwork. "Your first step is to complete all of these medical history forms. If you go down this hallway to your right, you'll see a table labeled #2 where you should check-in next. Across from that table is a room with tables and chairs where you can complete the forms. There are several places on the forms that require your signature, so please make sure you sign all of them. There are also several disclosures for you to read and sign. Any questions?"

"No, I think I understand, thanks" I replied. I took the packet of forms from the young lady and walked down the hallway to my right. I arrived at table #2 which was also staffed by two young female students. And as I approached the table, I could see that they were both wearing bright white shorts along with the same style of dark blue polo shirt.

"Can I see your paperwork please," one of them said as I approached the table.

"Sure, here you go," I responded, handing them the packet of forms. She read the serial number from the packet of forms and recorded it in her log.

"Alright, go ahead and complete all of these forms for us," she said. "Just find any empty desk in one of those rooms," she said as she pointed to the opposite side of the hallway. "And here are some pens if you didn't bring one."

"Thanks, I didn't think to bring one," I said as I retrieved a pen from the table.

"When you're done please bring the forms back here," she said.

I walked into the first room, found a desk and sat down. There were about six other guys in the room when I entered. All of them were in various stages of completing their paperwork. The first form just had basic information about me. Name, home address, dorm number, phone, that sort of thing. The second form was a medical history which took much more time to complete. While I was filling out the forms, a couple of the other guys in the room completed theirs and left.

The remaining forms all seemed like legal disclosures and releases. One of them was authorization for the doctors and nurses to examine me. Another one was an acknowledgement that I received their official privacy policy. The final form talked about some kind of studies they were conducting. It mentioned something about a human growth and development study and also something called HSDP. But by this time I was tired of filling out forms, so I didn't bother to read any of these forms completely. I wanted to get this physical over with so I simply signed all of these forms and got up.

I returned to table #2 with my forms in hand.

"Here you go," I said as I handed the forms to the young lady at the table. She was the same girl that I talked with earlier. She took less than a minute to look though the paperwork, checking to make sure that I completed and signed all of the forms.

While the first girl was looking through my paperwork, the other girl at the table seemed to be looking me over and smiling. She wasn't really staring at me, but she was definitely checking out my body, as if she was undressing me in her mind. She was kind of cute, and maybe she thought the same thing of me. Or maybe she looked at all of the guys that way. Or perhaps she just liked to flirt with the guys. I guess I'll never know.

Satisfied that everything was in order, the young lady made a notation in her log book. She also placed a small, circular orange sticker on the front page of my packet of forms.

"What's the orange sticker for?" I asked.

"Oh, that just means that you've agreed to everything, including all of the optional disclosures," she answered.

"Oh, I didn't realize that some of the forms were optional," I replied.

"Well, that's not really a problem," she answered as she handed me the packet of forms. "The next step is to head back down this hallway, past the table where you signed in and down the other hallway. Down there at the entrance to the gym you'll find table #3. Just check in with them and they'll tell you where to go next."

"OK, thanks," I said to the two girls.

As I walked away I heard the girl who was looking at me say something. "You have fun now," she said to me. I didn't turn around to respond to her, but I wondered what she meant. What fun could I possibly have during a sports physical?

I walked back down the long hallway, past the initial reception desk where I signed in and down the opposite hallway. I still hadn't seen any sign of Beth or Ashley, so perhaps they were working at table #3. I finally reached the table, which was staffed by two more young females - not by Beth or Ashley. They were both wearing the now-familiar official outfit consisting of a dark blue polo shirt and white shorts. This table was just outside the gym, located right next to the gym doors, which were all closed. Next to the table was a door labeled "Men's Locker Room". As I watched, several other guys in front of me had their paperwork reviewed by the ladies at the table, and then they went through the door into the locker room. So it looked like the physicals were taking place in there. It was now my turn at the head of the relatively short line of males at the table.

"Hi, can I have your paperwork please," said the young lady at the table. "I also need to see your picture ID."

I handed her my packet of forms and my official student photo ID. She looked up at me, comparing me to the picture on my ID. She then compared the information on my ID to the first form that I had completed.

"Here you go," she said as she handed back my ID, "you wouldn't believe how many guys try to have someone else take their physical for them."

"Really? I didn't know that it was that big of a deal."

"Oh yes," she said, "each year they catch a few guys trying to cheat. That's why we now check each student's ID and match up their forms using our numbering system."

As she was speaking she fastened a wrist band snugly around my left wrist. The band was similar to what you might see in a hospital or emergency room. She then used a hand-held scanner to scan the barcode on the wrist band before entering some additional information using her laptop computer. Finally, she then placed a pre-numbered barcode sticker on a manila folder and scanned it.

"There you go, that will make sure that we don't get you or your records confused with anyone else," she said.

"Wow, you really are serious about this identify stuff. Why would anyone try to cheat for this?"

"Well," she replied, "I don't know for sure, but I think it might be for a couple of reasons. I think some guys are just afraid they won't pass for whatever reason. And then some guys are just embarrassed by the whole thing and don't want to go through the ordeal."

I didn't answer her, but thought to myself that those were pretty lame excuses. If you're afraid you won't pass, then why even sign up for some sport? And why worry about the embarrassment? After all, it's just a simple sports exam. It can't possibly be that bad.

"Here's a lock and key for you to use in the locker room," she said, handing me the lock. "You can just wear the key around your neck during the exam." I tried the key to make sure it fit the lock and then shoved them into the front pocket of my jeans.

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