Jim Meets the Coeds Ch. 02


I gently slid Holly's bra down her arms without touching her skin. She gave a huge sigh of relief that I finally started moving into one of her erogenous zones. Chris came around and joined me in front of our lover; she took Holly's left breast and I took her right. We both started to romance our lover with our tongues, our lips, our fingers, our hair, anything we could think of. Holly stood with her legs apart for stability, her hands at her side -- but occasionally reaching to stroke one of us, her head was back with her eyes closed. She appeared to be in a sexual trance, just absorbing the erotic sensations we were providing her. This went far beyond anything we had done that morning to please her.

Holly had an orgasm sweep through her. She squeaked loudly and tried to grab our heads and hold them to her breasts. She captured Chris' head but not mine. Her hips thrust forward, but there was no body there to push back. After she peaked, a low wail came from deep inside her.

Chris and I went back to her breasts, and worked our way lower, making eye contact and dropping our focus by unspoken agreement. Holly had on a bikini brief with an absorbent pad stuck inside to catch her drippings from her fucks earlier in the day. I chuckled as I pulled them from her, thinking of all the fluids she would have dripping from her before we let her sleep that night.

As she stepped from the delicate briefs, I led her backwards until she sat on the edge of Chris' king-size bed. Her head was still back with her eyes closed in total submission. I pushed her back until she was prone. I looked at Chris and posed an unspoken question to her. She smiled at me in happiness and dropped between Holly's legs. She gently ran her tongue up Holly's right thigh; Holly jerked her legs up above her and held them in the air, exposing her pussy for maximum availability. Chris adjusted and moved her tongue a little closer to Holly's pussy. I could see her waggling her tongue through Holly's natty pubic hair. Holly was already writhing about.

I pulled Holly up slightly to make her more comfortable, putting a pillow under her head so she could watch us if she wanted to. Chris moved into Holly's slide, making sure to run her tongue deep into the little flap of skin that protected her clitoris. Each time she did this Holly jerked wildly and sometimes slapped the bed covers with her hands. Finally, Holly came again, shrieking in a long, loud moan as the spirit of pleasure attacked her body. "Ooooooh, my God!" she screamed.

As she floated down, she opened her eyes and looked at the two of us, still dressed and still desirous of bringing her pleasure. Her eyes almost pleaded with us to continue and to never stop delivering the kind of pleasures we were capable of.

I asked Chris, "Can you do that again while I go and get something?" She nodded. I left Holly's breasts and slipped out of the room.

In the kitchen, I got a fruit pop from the freezer. I peeled the paper from the cock-shaped ice stick and thrust the strawberry flavored ice into my mouth to take the edge off its coldness. I raced back up the stairs to my lovers. Chris was madly thrusting her tongue into Holly's cunt, fucking her with her tongue. She looked at me with a puzzled, expression when she saw the popsicle stick in my mouth; then, suddenly, she knew. She backed away from Holly.

I knelt before Holly and ran my ice cold, strawberry flavored tongue up her slit. She jerked doubly hard and moaned loudly. I stuck a couple of fingers into her pussy to be sure she was ready for what I had in mind. She was. I poised with ice pop ready to penetrate her and looked at Chris; she nodded, encouraging me to do the deed. I did. I thrust the popsicle into Holly's cunt in one smooth move.

Holly's body came vertically off the bed. Every muscle in her body contracted. She orgasmed and spasmed and jerked and writhed, all at the same time. Her shriek might have alerted the campus police ten blocks away. I pulled the pop from her cunt with a rapid jerk. Holly yelled in pleasure, "Oh, my God, you're trying to kill me - THAT was intense!"

Chris came back to Holly's vagina and blew hot air onto and into her pussy, running a couple of fingers deep inside her, even holding her vagina open to her warm breath. I sucked on the pop, enjoying Holly's juices. Chris looked at me and nodded again as she pulled away. I again thrust the ice pop into Holly's pussy and got much the same reaction as before. "Oooooooooooh, shit! Ooooooooooh, fuck!" She came again, only ninety seconds after her previous spasm. I jerked the pop from her cunt again.

Chris and I repeated the hot and cold cycle again with the same results. Holly was a shuddery mass of jello-like flesh in the middle of Chris' bed and now her cold pussy tasted like strawberry. How nice! Chris and I looked at each other with satisfied looks on our faces.

A weak little voice from the middle of bed floated over to us, "Don't I get fucked? I'd love to have some cock too." Chris and I burst out laughing over the plaintive plea.

"Go to it, Mister," Chris said to me as she started to unbutton my shirt. I pulled her blouse out too, and we proceeded to strip each other down to complete nudity. How nice. We admired our handiwork and share several passionate kisses. Chris grabbed my cock and put it in her mouth; she sucked me to complete hardness and then aimed me at Holly's exposed pussy -- she acted as if she were firing shots at her quim.

I knee walked up the bed and thrust my cock into Holly's sticky, strawberry flavored pussy. She shrieked with pleasure and then squeaked loudly during my first several thrusts into her. Her sounds actually made me harden further than Chris had left me, but then fucking does that to me.

I pulled Holly's legs over mine so we could both watch my cock moving in and out of her body. She watched with great interest. I leaned in often and smoothed or pinched her breasts and nipples. They were swaying wildly as we fucked.

Chris moved up to suck on one of Holly's breasts. At the same time she was doing this Chris opened her legs in front of me and started to massage her clit with one hand. God what a provocative sight: Holly with my cock buried in her tight pussy and breasts swaying, and gorgeous and naked Chris masturbating and showing me her open cunt.

Finally, Chris couldn't stand it any longer, she reached over and on one of my strokes out of Holly's pussy she grabbed my cock and pulled me out and to her mouth, sucking mostly Holly's juices from my cock. "My God, this tastes good, even a little like strawberry. Holly, I'm going to be knocking on your door a lot. You are divine, and I love your musky scent too." She thrust my cock back into Holly's pussy and went back to masturbating, then repeated sucking Holly's juices off me again ... and again. Her sexual creativity inspired me.

I couldn't hold off with all the sensations and sight pictures. With only a few seconds warning I blasted my wash of cum into Holly's tight pussy. When I'd given my "I'm near" comment, Chris had moved into stroking Holly's clit in high gear. Thus, Holly fired off in her orgasm about the same time I did. I could feel her recent virginal muscles ripple uncontrollably around my thrusting cock. Then, I was as deep into her body as I could be, clutching Holly's body to mine as I filled her cunt to the brim. Through my orgasm, I watched as Chris brought herself to a climax a few seconds or so after we had ours.

We fell together as our climaxes past. I remained in Holly and asked her to allow me to stay for a little while so I could her enjoy her warmth and tightness. She looked so content. I pulled Chris' sexy body against us, and we worked out how three people can soul kiss each other at the same time.

I withdrew from Holly at Chris' insistence. She lapped me clean, and then moved into Holly's cunt and sucked the combined mixture of my cum and Holly's juices. When she surfaced, she had cum and cunt juice all over her cheeks and chin. I wasn't about to remove the sexy juices from her; I found the sight of them stimulating and attractive. I leaned in, and French kissed her.

Holly slipped from the bed to use the bathroom, as Chris and I started to get into it. I wasn't even aware of her absence until she reappeared sucking on a grape popsicle. She looked at me. I guess it was my turn in the barrel somehow.

Holly knelt over me and pulled the ice-cold stick from her mouth and inhaled my cock.

"Oh my God, Holly!" I shouted as her ice cold tongue and lips encircled by semi-flaccid cock. She sucked me clear to the back of her mouth and every square millimeter of her mouth was absolutely frigid. The stimulation to my warm cock was tremendous. I wasn't even sure whether it was deflating or expanding the sensations were so severe. I could have even cum and not known it. Turns out, I didn't.

When she pulled off me, Chris' warm mouth enveloped my cock, and I went to the other extreme. The cold had now made Chris' orifice seem like a hot sex pocket in her body. Chris deep throated me, forcing my cock all the way into her mouth and throat until her nose was pressed against my pubes.

Chris yanked her mouth from my cock and Holly immediately took as much of me into her icy mouth as she could. Chris moved by her and coached her in how to deep throat me. Holly made a couple of attempts, and then started to succeed in suppressing her gag reflex so she could get me all the way down her throat. Even her throat felt like the middle of an Arctic winter. She pulled off me, and then Chris and Holly changed places again. I could feel the cum boiling in my insides and wanting to head for outer space.

This time, they let me air-dry a little -- each of them blowing softly onto my sweating cock. It was stimulating yet gave me a chance to cool down from my imminent climax.

Chris was sitting with her pussy wide open to the world as she waited for us to decide our next moves. Suddenly, Holly thrust what was left of the grape popsicle into her cunt. Chris rolled back on the bed with the wooden handle of the popsicle sticking out of her pussy. She slammed her hands into the bedcovers, clawing at the covers, yet amazingly leaving the stick inserted in her. She clearly had an orgasm, maybe even ten times over. She was whining and moaning so loudly we thought the others in the house would intervene.

A couple of minutes after Chris' climax passed, Holly grabbed my butt and pushed me to Chris. Holly reached down and plucked the popsicle from Chris' pussy, lined me up and pushed me forward so I willingly penetrated into Chris. "Oh, my God! Again!" I shouted. Chris' pussy was ice cold -- as cold as the iced grape popcicle that had just been inside her. Now, I knew -- I hardened into a diamond hard cock, and I felt ready to cum.

I thrust hard and fast into Chris, trying to use the friction to build up some heat between us. It didn't work. She used her legs to jam me into her cunt too. To her, I was a fiery stick that seemed to sear the inside of her cunt; to me she felt like dry ice, surrounding me with an icy glove.

We lasted through about two minutes of hard and rapid fucking before we exploded into each other. Our orgasms were stupendous. We both shouted our glee and passion and the dirty words to emphasize our union: "Oh, you beautiful icy slut. Feel my hot cock in your cunt. I'm going to spray you with hot cum ... fill you with fire juice," and from Chris, "Feel my iced cunt. Iced juices are there for you to suck. Fuck me. Drive that cock into me. Fill me with your hot man fluid. I want your cum. Warm me up. Oh, you feel divine. Oooooooooooh, noooooo!"

I forced myself to remain in Chris' pussy after I blasted my hot load into her, and we each felt the temperatures in our cock-pussy regions slowly return to normal as the minutes ticked by. Chris told me she could actually feel my warm semen erupt from my body and wash her insides. She clenched me to her and said, "That was soooooo sexy ... and so loving. I want to feel that again sometime. What a rush!"

Holly sat in a provocative pose beside the two of us looking most pleased with herself. Finally, she said, "Hey, I got two for the price of one." She bent down and started to suck our combined juices from Chris' pussy. Chris was jerking around the bed and enjoying the sensations. I watched the sexy show wishing I had more resilience. The two women pleased themselves, and then the three of us curled up and slept.


Robbie nudged my naked body about five o'clock in the morning. Holly and Chris were beside me also naked, but neither awoke or showed any care in the world. "Time to take me to the airport." I nodded and slipped from my love nest between the two women. I watched as Robbie knelt on the bed and tenderly kissed each woman goodbye even though neither awoke to his love. I'd tell them later.

I shaved and showered, dressed, and then drove Robbie to the airport. Helping Robbie get back to work seemed more important than my morning meditation; I figured I might find a time later in the day. I entered the high-rise building downtown holding my publisher's offices well before normal starting time. I treated myself to a latte and sticky bun of some kind from the Starbucks in the lobby. Upstairs in their offices, I'd even beat the receptionist to work. After thirty minutes, someone retrieved me from their lobby and took me to a corner conference room that looked out over the entire state we were up so high. I sat in a chair looking out over the rolling Ohio plains and slipped into a meditation. People left me alone, so I actually felt I completed my transcendental time with the Universe.

I had never met my editor face to face, but we'd had many telephone calls and e-mails. Paul Davies was a tall lanky man that I already knew was serious about his job and a stickler for perfect grammar -- unlike me. Together, we were a formidable team -- I handled the content and he perfected the form. With his help, I was about to launch two books we hoped would be well received in the market and that people would find interesting enough to buy and read; the one on polyamorous relationships would probably be controversial and seen as salacious.

After cordial greetings and some appreciation for meeting together face to face, we started on the two manuscripts. We focused on the smaller book first -- the one on surviving in tough times, walking through comments and edits page by page. By five-thirty we'd finished the book, and I downloaded our day's work to a memory stick for him to pass along to the printer. They would prepare the galley proofs, hopefully by midweek. We parted company, and I headed 'home' to the girls' house.

Holly was home, but no one else. She gave me a beautiful hug and lots of kisses to welcome me 'home.' I almost felt I was home with Lynn and Karen she was so welcoming. I told her how creative I thought she'd been the night before, praising her for her ingenuity in our lovemaking. She beamed. I was watching this wallflower blossom before my eyes. She was changing from a shy and reticent individual into a self-assured and assertive woman who knew what she wanted from life, particularly when it involved sex. I was so glad for her.

She played 'wife' and got me a wine cooler at my request, and we sat and talked. Mel came back from her afternoon seminar looking washed out, and glad the day was through. I got hugs and kisses. Sarah arrived in a flurry of activity, kissed me, and disappeared to swap books before she joined an evening study group; she waved goodbye on her way out -- wolfing down a piece of leftover pizza. Chris arrived last giving all of us hugs and kisses; she held Mel in her arms and thanked her for bringing me into her life. I blushed.

I took the three of them to dinner at TGIFridays. It was fast and efficient, and the food was predictable. The waitress carded all of us -- me included; I left her an extra tip. Back at the house I expressed my wish to be alone with Mel for the night. Everyone looked glad for that decision, and I think it was not unexpected.

Mel and I both read for a while in bed -- naked, Mel nestled in the crook of my arm with me lazily stroking her breasts. We kissed a lot, yet she finished a couple of chapters in a book she was supposed to have read by midweek.

As we lay there, each of the other three women knocked politely on the door, came in and kissed us both goodnight. Every one of the kisses was hot and steamy, and each woman was nearly naked. The parade of young bodies together with Mel's nakedness resulted in an erection that Mel pledged to purge from the planet.

Well, it didn't happen right away. It took Mel the better part of an hour to finally conquer and eradicate that erection. Meanwhile, she seemed to succumb to a half dozen orgasms and then, as I came with a real mind-blower. We didn't push the envelope further that night; we just curled up and went to sleep with my love stick buried in her pussy. What a pleasant way to go to sleep.


I was in love with Mel -- not to mention her housemates. As the week went on, everyone was very solicitous to everyone else and so in the evenings and overnights I spent "quality time" with each woman and no one appeared jealous or possessive. I could feel a joyous veil of love over the entire house.

I developed a routine of rising early, running to the stadium with Chris, meditating for half an hour, running home the long way, cleaning up, and going to my publishers. While we'd finished my first book in one day, the edits on the second book, the one on polyamorous relationships, took longer. Further, the print shop had some malfunctions and so the galley proofs of the 'surviving in tough times' book didn't appear at the publisher's office until Thursday afternoon. I would have to spend the weekend and part of the next week with the girls. I think in the military they call this a 'tough duty station'.

I called Lynn and Karen and gave them the news about having to extend my trip. They took it in stride and told me they missed me. I asked whether they knew I was extending the family even further with Mel's housemates, and they said they'd guessed as much even before I left since they knew me and knew Mel's living arrangements and friends through conversations with her. They both made me promise to 'tell all' when I got home; as Lynn put it, "We want to hear about your two weeks up there stroke by stroke." The two of them howled with laughter at that comment. They both assured me that they were happy and that they would call Robbie or Carl (at my urging) to keep fulfilled and in shape for my lusty return. They seemed happy which made me glad my trip wasn't a disappointment for them.

I finished the final galley proofs of the 'surviving in tough times' book on Friday, finding few errors or printing problems. These were easily fixed with a long conference call with the print shop, and the book officially went to press. That afternoon, the press agent for the publisher came up to Paul Davies' office and the three of us talked. It turned out that the following Wednesday afternoon I could appear on a statewide network TV channel and talk about the two books. I reluctantly agreed to do so, although I'd never appeared on television before. Paul assured me it would be a good thing, and that I'd do just fine. My anxiety level rose just thinking about it.


Chris was the only one of the women who didn't have a major assignment due on Monday, so the two of us spent a very romantic weekend together, occasionally joined by one of the "honey three" as we started to call them. I remained 'fucked out' all weekend between Chris and all the visitors to our bedroom. They made me feel right at home, and I wasn't the least bit homesick.

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