Jim Meets the Coeds Ch. 02


Saturday night, I took everyone to a late dinner at a real dive my editor, Paul Davies, had recommended to me. We sat around having a few beers and dancing while everyone took a study break. The place was dark, smelled of stale beer, and was full of mostly underage Ohio State students. I joked that I raised the average age in the place by about ten years. Mel and Chris were hanging on me, often kissing me, and running their tongues into my ear. Sarah and Holly sat close by except when all five of us hit the dance floor.

Several guys were watching our group dynamics and looking for an edge where they could cut a couple of the girls from our group. Finally, one guy asked Sarah to dance; the guy and she put on a real show of dirty dancing. After a couple of dances they came back to our table. He was just getting ready to make his 'big move' when Sarah sat in my lap and thrust her tongue into my mouth. She looked me in the eyes and said, "Let's go fuck, I'm horny!" just loud enough so her dance partner could hear her comment. The guy's mouth dropped open. I'll never know what stories he made up to rationalize his failure to score.

Holly was having a ball watching the whole scene; later she confided that she'd never had the confidence to go to a place like that even with a crowd. She sat on my lap for a while too, and we nuzzled as the guys continued to watch with jaws dragging on the floor. I told the girls they were really stroking my ego; they all promised to stroke something else later.

At least that night, we all partook of sexual pleasures from each other. One man with four women seems like a dream, but when you want to please everyone you feel guilty that you don't have a sixty-second recovery time.

That night I lined the women up by twos. One woman was eating another while I alternated doggy style between the two whose pussies were in the air. Overall, this approach created quite a few orgasms. I managed to hold off for a cycle as the women changed places, and then I blasted my load into Holly's pussy as she was going down on Sarah. The two women actually came together, a testament to thinking globally and acting locally.

We all petted, sucked, and stroked for a while, and then I recovered. The second time that night I blew into Mel, coating the inside of her cunt with a lovely white wash of my white cum. Chris finished with most of it when she'd sucked it from Mel's pussy. That night Chris, Mel, and I slept together. In the morning, Chris slept in and I showed Mel where we could fuck in Buckeye Stadium -- the same place Chris had shown me a week before. She loved the risk we took and promised to take Robbie there on his next visit, even if it were in the middle of a raging snowstorm. Her comment made me hope that Robbie was buried to the limit in either Lynn or Karen; I wanted them to be happy with their sex life even when I wasn't there.


Paul Davies, my editor, called on Sunday afternoon, and invited me 'and a friend', if I had one, to dinner with his wife and him. I accepted figuring that I could find a date from among the four women. Chris accompanied me out to the suburbs to Paul's home. He and his wife were both in their early forties: Paul a tall lanky man who was good looking, and Eleanor, his wife, a beautiful woman with prematurely graying hair. She had a sexy swishy style that appealed to me; she was also a 'toucher' -- often putting her hands on mine or my arm or shoulder or somewhere on my body as we talked. At the time, I didn't think anything of it.

The two of them served us a very fine Italian dinner. Our dinner conversation was often between Chris and Paul, talking about the complexity of finding good authors, editing and then publishing their works in a way to make a profit so they could repeat the process with another author. Eleanor, or El as Paul called her, and I got in a conversation about polyamorous relationships. She was skeptical whether what I'd researched and wrote about was feasible in anything other than the Mormon Church, and even then she doubted it was practiced today except some rare cases.

Chris heard enough of the conversation between us to hold off talking to Paul and changed her focus to listening to El and me. I finally suggested to El that she listen to Chris for a moment. I turned to her and said, "Chris, tell Eleanor what kind of relationship I have with Mel, Sarah, Holly, and you."

She grinned and looked at Eleanor who still had an evident skepticism about multiple people being able to be in love with each other. She started with a gleam in her eye, "Well, I'll tell you the juicy parts first. Last night Jim fucked four of us. It was wooooondeeeeeeerful!" She rolled her eyes to heaven to show that she felt the event had moved her in that direction. Eleanor's jaw dropped open; Paul looked most interested and leaned forward. He didn't know this about me.

She went on, "Right now, there is Jim and four women in our house; Jim is visiting for two weeks. Mel, one of my housemates, and he had a prior intimate relationship, particularly since one of Jim's long-term lovers is Lynn, Mel's mother -- they live in Sarasota with another woman named Karen -- and her sister Rachel also loves Jim, and Karen loves her brother-in-law -- I mean sexual love too. Mel is a senior at OSU and so is Sarah, another housemate. Then there's Holly; she and I are grad students working on our masters. We all love Jim -- a lot! And what he helped us discover in the week he's been here is that we all love each other too, and I mean romantically as well as in a physical way, but most of all we love Jim and the loving life style he's shown us."

Eleanor fell back in her chair almost in shock. If the chair hadn't been there, she'd have fallen flat on the floor. Her jaw went slack as she absorbed all that Chris had told her. Chris looked pleased with her concise description of the relationships we'd formed. I reached over and held El's hand; "Are you OK?" I asked. Paul actually looked pleased we'd shocked his wife.

"Wow," Eleanor looked suspicious at where I'd touched her and said. "You ... you ... you have all these women that love you?"

"Yes," I said softly; "There are others that Chris didn't mention. There are also a couple of guys involved; we like each other but none of us are gay or bisexual."

"And ... and ... and ... you have relations ... sexual relations with all the women?" she asked hesitantly.

"Yes, I do. We do, and we love each other. We care deeply about each other and go out of our way to do all the things you would hope a lover would do for you, and I mean besides all the sexual stuff. We look for ways to help, ways to promote the person's career, ways to keep their bucket full of love, ways to help them grow and expand personally -- even if that means encouraging them to have relationships with other people."

Eleanor was now studying Chris and me. After a minute, she directed a question to Chris, "And you love this man? He's maybe thirty years older than you are!"

Chris responded, "Actually he's thirty-two years older than I am and yes, I love him deeply and with all my heart. I've never said it quite that way before." She reached out and took my hand and kissed it.

Eleanor turned to me, "And you love Chris ... and all these other women?"

"Yes. That may seem hard to understand, but I have always thought that you could love more than one person at a time. I was married before -- my wife died about five years ago. She loved me and another man for a while, and I learned that I actually felt richer for that experience, and I know she did. I grew so I liked having him around, even when they made love for I knew that act made her happy."

"You ... you weren't jealous?" El asked now out of more curiosity than shock.

"No. Whenever I tried to conjure up jealousy I thought of how happy the relationlships made Nancy and that made me happy that she was happy. I really loved her. Now, I love Chris, Mel, her mother, and several other women. We have committed to each other in a way -- no ceremony. Oh, and I don't even want to put this on the same basis as the Mormon Church. I want each of my lovers to grow personally and spiritually. If they grow away from me or I from them, I want them to feel comfortable to move on into the world they find and hope they are richer for having been with me for a while. On the other hand, I will work hard to love and keep them with me; it makes me think about how to be a better and more interesting person."

Chris actually knelt beside my dining room chair and kissed me; "I've never heard you talk about what you want for me this way. That's beautiful."

When I looked back at Eleanor she was hypnotized watching Chris and me. "You two are beautiful together -- although its May and December, or whatever." She paused for a moment then asked, "And, this is what your book about 'polyamory' is about?"

"Yes. It's about relationships involving multiple men and women that love each other. It doesn't have to be a free-for-all sexual orgy, but that's not ruled out. I talked to some groups that were almost celibate. Our 'extended family' is a fairly lusty group of individuals, so we may be towards the other end of the spectrum."

I went on, "When it's just Lynn, Karen, and me, we're getting to be like a regular married household. We don't make love all the time -- frequently, but we each have other interests and hobbies we pursue. One of us might miss a night or two of sex a week, although the three of us sleep together."

Eleanor looked between Chris and me then looked at her husband. "Well, I have to admit the whole idea excites me in many ways. I know Paul knows women he'd like to have a relationship with, and I confess I've known a couple of men since we've been married I wouldn't have minded a tumble with."

I commented on her remarks, "To me the goal isn't sex, although like most of us, I have done that from time to time. The goal is to make someone you care about happy and pleasured, and to keep yourself stimulating to the people that love you. I seem to have a knack for identifying whom I'd like to have a long-term relationship with in a fairly short time period; thus, I can start to move a relationship in a direction even before the other person might sense it. With Chris and me, we both knew pretty much right away, plus Mel had been very open to Chris about her relationship with me and what my overall 'status' and philosophy were, so Chris seemed ready to love me almost sight unseen. I don't like to see people hide facets of their relationships from each other. If you feel you have to hide something, you're not in alignment, and you need to work that out."

Eleanor shot a glance at Paul then asked out of the blue, "Do you still like Marjorie or Margaret or whatever her name is?"

Paul looked directly at her and answered, "Yes, I do. Her name's Marjorie; however, except for flirting occasionally we've never even had an 'improper' word with each other. What about you and Gary?"

Eleanor looked guilty. "Well ... we've had some improper words. Last week, he asked me if I'd go out with him some time soon ... hinting that we take an extra long lunch. I know he wants sex ... or love ... or whatever. I just don't know where we go next." She looked at Paul for guidance.

Chris and I were transfixed by their conversation, our heads jerking from one end of the table to the other as though we were watching a tennis match. They were making some major changes in their life and life style as we talked.

Paul thought about El's comments and then said, "You should go with him. Take an evening -- a night. If you don't, you'll always wonder what he'd be like. If you keep having an affectionate relationship with him, bring him home and let the two of us make love to you. We'll figure out what to do after that."

Eleanor looked at Paul with awe in her eyes. He returned her gaze. She finally said to him, "You should do the same thing with Marjorie." She grinned widely then added, "Maybe we'll end up with the four of us here some night. That'd be really exciting, plus I think Marjorie and Gary might like each other." She grinned lecherously.

I could tell it was time for Chris and me to say goodbye. We made the right noises to say goodbye. Paul and Eleanor escorted us to the door. Eleanor wrapped herself around my body and said to me after a long kiss, "Thank you. Thank you so much. You just changed our marriage so much for the better. I knew we were drifting apart and wanted other relations ... our desires weren't being met in each other. You helped bring that all out. We'll fix that and expand our family now. We can get on with being honest with each other again." Paul stood beside her and nodded. He shook my hand firmly, briefly kissed Chris, and we said goodnight. When I looked back, Paul and El were in an embrace on the front step.

In the car driving back, Chris held my hand against her thigh. She was very thoughtful then asked, "You really do love me ... love us ... don't you?"

"Absolutely," I replied. "I just want to bring you and the other parts of my extended family together so you all know each other better." She nodded in acknowledgement and what I was to learn later was total acceptance of the concept.


Chris and I made very tender and sweet love to one another that night. There was no rush, but there was passion. Our love subsumed our lust. We joined and appreciated how well our naked bodies fit together and how well we could stroke and please each other. We rushed to the end, just prior to our climaxes. We fell asleep in each other's arms.

We ran together in the morning, took time to meditate, showered together, ate breakfast together, kissed each other goodbye and both commented on how "domestic" the whole morning appeared to be going. I went to my publisher, and Chris went off to an early class.

I spent the day on galley proofs from the polyamorous book, but didn't come close to finishing. Paul Davies told me how much his wife was impressed with Chris and me, and what great sex they'd had after we'd left them alone the night before. He also went out of his way to introduce me to Marjorie; she was a beautiful young woman and, taking a quick cue from their chemistry, I guessed their relationship would mature quickly in the coming weeks. Around five-thirty, I packed up my computer and brought about a hundred pages of proofs home with me.

Chris was there with gray stovepipe slacks, loafers, and a matching sweater on. Her hair was held back in a black headband. She looked sharp ... and domestic. I told her so, and she laughed and basked in the comment as she kissed me hello.

She held me as we stood in the living room; "Do you know how happy you've made me feel since you've arrived? I feel I've grown in ten days into a completely different person. You've made me ... mature, I guess. And, yes, I feel very domestic, but most of all I've moved from accepting my singlehood to feeling so totally loved ... loved by everyone around me. I feel so different -- so full of joy. Do all your women feel this way?"

"I'm not sure," I responded. "We can ask Mel, although she has Robbie as her primary focus -- that'll make it different."

A preppy Mel waltzed into the living room as we were talking; "Did I hear my name?" she asked.

"Yes," I answered. "Can you join us for dinner ... out somewhere?" Chris would like your comments on a few things about our ... my relationship ... with women."

She laughed and pulled Chris up from her seat and hugged her, "You're feeling 'wifely' aren't you? I can tell by how you're dressed." Chris smiled and nodded. Mel went on, "I did too -- still do with this man. What's happened is you've found a life mate according to society's rules. You'd like to get pregnant and have babies by this man and set up home and bake cookies. Well, you can do all those things, but know that all those messages come from social norms. Ask what you really want, and you'll find you want a fantastic long-term love affair, a 'full bucket', and freedom to pursue your bliss -- to self-actualize and have a career. These days playing wife won't let you do that. The 'wife at home' model will get old real fast."

Chris nodded and accepted her feelings with a smile; "So you've felt this way too."

"Oh, hell yes. This is the man who made me a woman -- I gave him my virginity. I REALLY wanted to play wife with him. Fortunately, he nudged me in the right direction to pursue my larger bliss. While he made me a woman -- lower case, I'm the person that has to make me a WOMAN! -- all upper case." She hugged us both, then kissed me hard, looked at me and said, "Thank you lover!"

After a chat and a couple of texts to Holly and Sarah, we realized that we were on our own for dinner. Both Sarah and Holly were wrapped up with academics for the evening. The three of us went out for dinner; as usual, I felt great pride at escorting these two gorgeous women.

After dinner, the three of us got naked and settled into Chris' bed. Both women were reading texts as I edited galley proofs. We did this for an hour; we even set the clock so we would force ourselves to stop and 'relax' for the rest of the night. Thus, at ten o'clock immediately after the buzzer went off, I had two women sucking on my cock, and I had fingers buried in each of their pussies.

We got creative about how to spread one cock between two women. We each got fucked and had plenty of orgasms before we nestled into one another and went to sleep, each one of us washed in the love of the others and the love of the Universe.


Two days later, on Wednesday morning, I awoke about four o'clock. It was chilly and dark out. I lay awake worried about appearing on television that afternoon. I thought of all the really, really bad questions that the TV host would ask me that I'd stumble on and that would make me sound like a sex maniac or imbecile instead of a thoughtful author and researcher that happened to be living the life style I wrote about.

Mel leaned in and kissed me. "You're awake," she stated. I nodded. "You're worried about this afternoon?" I nodded in the dark again. "You might not listen to this twenty-one year old, but I am old beyond my years; you will do fine. Don't let whoever interviews you rattle your cage. If they ask you a bad question, rephrase it and answer the question you want to answer. That's what the politicians do; you can do it too."

She pulled my head to her breasts, and I happened to note that one of her semierect nipples just happened to end up in front of my lips. I latched on and sucked, feeling a certain relief at the erotic stimulation. Thus, the two of us happened to end up fucking in the early morning as a naked and satisfied Holly slept soundly right next to us.

When we were through, I kissed Mel and let her go back to sleep. I got up and padded around the house naked as jaybird, getting a very early breakfast and organizing my briefcase. Eventually, I tiptoed up to Chris' room where my clothes were. In the dark, I found my sneakers, running clothes, and a sweatshirt. Half an hour later, I was in the OSU stadium on the fifty-yard line doing my meditating. When I came back into this world, Chris was next to me also meditating. I waited silently for her to finish.

As she finished her time with the Universe, we both looked at each other. There was a little light, yet we could tell we were looking at each other. Chris said, "You know this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Do you want to make love to me, right here, right now?" She pointed to the fifty-yard line next to us.

I did, and she did, and we did, right in the middle of the Buckeye Stadium on the fifty-yard line. We used our clothing as a bed. After our climax, we cuddled briefly and looked up at the lightening night sky; Orion was poised overhead, but slowly some stars were disappearing in the brighter sky. As we re-dressed in the chilly morning air, the sky started turned a beautiful midnight blue hue. We hugged, both well satisfied.

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