tagMatureJimmy meets Miss Victoria Ch. 02

Jimmy meets Miss Victoria Ch. 02


It has been quite a while since my first submission. I had this chapter nearly complete for a long time, but life got in the way. I hope you enjoy it. As before, this story is based on fact, but not entirely true. There was a Victoria in my life, but the Victoria in this story is a composite of three women who introduced me to the pleasures of sex and being sexually and sensually submissive to women. I've also compressed roughly three years of events into a single year.


After Vicki had left me at the curb with her panties in my hand I returned to my dorm room in a daze. My roommate was in and he asked me where I had been, but all I did was mumble a quick "work" as I made my way to the shower. Thankfully, our dorm had private showers so I didn't have to worry about explaining my lack of hair to anyone. I went to sleep that night with Vicki's panties in my hand and a hard cock tenting my shorts.

I spent the next two days in a fog, my only thoughts were centered on what had happened on Sunday and trying to find ways to keep my hands off my cock. I seemed to be in a near perpetual state of arousal, even more than normal. My cock seemed to drip pre-cum all the time and my balls ached for release, but I didn't dare touch myself. I knew that this was a test for me and I wanted to please Vicki by proving I could do as she commanded.

On Monday I talked to Dave about changing my work schedule, telling him that I needed Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings off. I came up with a lame excuse about needing to do lab work. He just grinned, looked at me for a few seconds, said no problem and told me to have fun at my lab, learn a lot and be good. I was confused by his answer, but didn't really think about it too much.

By the time Tuesday evening came around I was going crazy with anticipation. I slowly walked to Vicki's house, thinking that I was finally going to be able to cum and best of all Vicki was going to help me do it. I walked up to her door and checked my watch; I was 5 minutes early. Taking a deep breath, I rang the bell, my cock hard and clearly visible through my pants.

Vicki opened the door with a smile and invited me in. "You're early. Good boy. I don't like it when my pets are late."

Vicki opened the door wide and my jaw dropped open. She was wearing an all white outfit consisting of garter belt and stockings, crotchless panties, half cup bra, a see-through robe and 3 inch heels. She was every guy's wet dream and she knew it.

"Are you just going to stand there and stare Jimmy, or do you want to 'cum' inside?" she asked, chuckling over her double entendre. I came inside and she shut the door behind me. She looked at me and repeated the first command she had given me on Sunday -- "Strip."

I hurriedly removed my clothes, taking care to put them in the chair she pointed to while she watched me. I stood before her, hard cock jutting out from my smooth crotch. She once more made a little twirling motion with her hand and I slowly turned around for her inspection. "Stop and bend over" she told me. As I did as she commanded, she checked out my smooth ass and murmured "Nice, very nice", before telling me to stand back up and face her.

"So Jimmy, were you a good boy? Were you able to keep your hands away from your cock?"

"Yes Miss Victoria. I was difficult, but I did it."

"Your balls look swollen and full of cum Jimmy. I'll bet you can't wait to unload those big boys can you?"

"God yes, Miss Victoria. I'm ready to explode."

"Well you'll have to wait until I give you permission Jimmy, because tonight is all about control." I couldn't believe it! Here I was, standing naked in front of the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, who was dressed in the sexiest outfit imaginable and I wasn't going to be able to cum?

Vicki must have noticed my expression because she walked up close to me and said "Don't be disappointed Jimmy. You're going to get to cum tonight. In fact you are going to cum more than once. But you are also going to learn that the journey to your orgasm can be as enjoyable as your orgasm itself. But first I have to say that I'm a little disappointed in you young man."

"What Miss Victoria?" I asked, the alarm clear in my voice. "What did I do wrong? I did everything you told me to do. Whatever it is, I'm sorry. I'll make it right, just tell me what I did." I was near panic. FUCK! I had just got here and already I had fucked up! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!

"Well Jimmy, I got all dressed up just for you and you didn't tell me how nice I look."

"I'm sorry Miss Victoria. You look incredible, beyond incredible. You're beautiful. You're everything any man could wish for." I was relieved and hoped this was my only sin.

"Very well Jimmy, you're forgiven. You need to remember to always recognize when a woman gets dressed up for you and make sure you thank her properly. Of course we get dressed up for ourselves as much as we do for you. I like to dress up this way because it makes me feel sexy and naughty all at the same time. Now give me a kiss to say you're sorry."

I wrapped my arms around Vicki and gave her the kiss she asked for. Out tongues dueled in and out of each other's mouth as our bodies pressed close. I unconsciously began to grind against Vicki straining for any kind of contact that might release the pressure in my balls. Vicki chuckled and pulled away. "Now, now Jimmy. Don't be a bad boy. You'll get to cum when I say and not before." Vicki grabbed my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom. Once inside her bedroom she sat on the end of the bed as I took my position in front of her.

"Last time Jimmy I let you cum whenever you wanted to and there may be times in the future when I'll want you to do that again. But that was just fucking for a quick cum. Granted, it was a cum you needed, and one we both enjoyed. While it was pleasurable, it was fucking for fucking's sake, it wasn't making love. Fucking for a quick cum can be fun once in a while, but in order for you to be a good lover you need to learn some control. You need to learn how to make that pleasure last, how to draw it out as long as possible. Do you understand?"

"I think so Miss Victoria. If I take my time it will feel even better when I do cum, right?"

"Yes Jimmy, that's exactly right! Now I want you to tell me what you want to do tonight. Don't be shy. Tell me want you want."

I blushed deeply as I remembered Sunday night and I slowly stammered out my reply. "I...I...I want you to sss....suck me again."

"Suck what Jimmy? I can't make you feel good unless you tell me what you want."

"My...My cock. I want you to suck my cock Miss Victoria."

"I can do that Jimmy, but what about your cum? What should I do with that big load of cum you have stored up? Should I swallow your juice Jimmy? Did you like it when I did that last time? Do you want me to be your cock sucking, cum swallowing little slut?"

"Yes, I want you to swallow my cum, but first show it to me like you did last time. You looked so fucking hot with your mouth full of my cum."

Vicki laughed. "Well, that was pretty clear. What else Jimmy? What else do you want to do?"

Words seemed to spill from my lips as I quickly replied, "I want to eat your pussy. I want to lick your cunt and suck your clit. I want to finger fuck you. I want to make you cum with my mouth."

Vicki smiled and asked "That sounds nice too Jimmy, but what about fucking? I assume you want to fuck me."

"Yes Miss Victoria. I want to fuck you again. I want to fuck you like last time. I want to fuck you from behind and I want to fuck with you on top. I want to watch you ride my cock and I want to fill your pussy full of cum." I stopped suddenly, visions of every position I had ever seen in porn coming to mind. My cock bobbed up and down, pre-cum oozing from the tip and covering the head. I was ready and I was ready right now!

"Slow down big boy. You keep that up and you're liable to cum without me even touching you. We can do all of that, but we will do it at my pace. Now climb up on the bed and let's have some fun."

I quickly climb on the bed and Vicki pushed me onto my back. She crawled between my legs and looked up at me. "I'm going to suck and lick you Jimmy, but you can't cum until I say so. You need to fight the urge and you need to tell me when it feels like you can't fight it any more. But, if you cum before I say so, then the night is over and you don't get to eat me and we don't get to fuck. Are you clear on this?"

"Yes Miss Victoria."

"Good. Now lay back, close your eyes and enjoy this. But don't forget to tell me if you feel yourself losing control. We want this to last as long as possible."

I lay back as she told me. The next thing I felt was Vicki climbing higher, her soft robe brushing against my cock and balls. Vicki began kissing my face, soft little kisses all over. Then she started sucking on my ear lobes and thrust her tongue in my ears. I had never heard of this, but the sensation went straight to my cock. Vicki then kissed my mouth, hungrily sucking on my tongue. I moaned loudly and thrust my hips upward, trying to gain some sort of friction onto my aching cock.

Vicki moved down to my neck, kissing and sucking on the skin. The only thing I could feel were her lips and the soft fabric of her gown as it brushed across my skin. Damn! I thought to myself. No wonder she likes to wear that stuff. It feels great!

Vicki then moved down my chest and lightly licked my nipple. I gasped out loud, surprised at how good that felt. Vicki moaned and moved to my other nipple. She switched back and forth, licking, sucking and lightly biting my nipples. I was confused. I knew that I liked the feelings I was having, but part of me said that only girls were supposed to like having their nipples sucked. Part of my brain was confused, but another part of my brain knew exactly what was going on, because I realized that Vicki wasn't the only one who was moaning. In fact, I was even loader than Vicki. Fuck, I LIKED this! Vicki gave my nipples a few more hard sucks before she began to move further down my body.

Vicki licked down my body to just below my navel when she surprised me again by skipping right past my cock down to my legs. My disappointment was short lived as she began to slowly lick the insides of my legs. The sensations were heightened by my lack of hair and when my legs began to spread to give Vicki more room she chuckled. Vicki licked up and down both of my thighs, always stopping just short of my cock and balls. I was oozing pre-cum constantly now and a small puddle had formed under my cock head.

Vicki looked up at me and said "You're doing very well Jimmy. I'm impressed. Do you think you can last a little bit longer?"

Last a little longer? I wasn't sure. Hell, I had almost cum twice already and she hadn't even touched my cock yet. But I knew I didn't want to cum unless it was in her mouth or pussy so I replied "Yes, Miss Victoria. I think I can."

Vicki smiled again and said "Good boy. Now roll over and I'll show you something even nicer than what I just did." Nicer than that? I had no idea what she had in mind, but if it was better, I was willing to try it.

I rolled over and Vicki began to kiss and nibble my ass cheeks. Fuck, that felt good. She then moved down my legs and began to lick and suck on the insides of my thighs again. As she got closer to my ass, I involuntarily lifted my ass up, eager for her tongue, hoping she would lick my balls. Vicki seemed to growl deep in her throat as her mouth moved up to the top of my ass again. This time she slowly began to lick down my ass crack. As she got closer to my asshole I couldn't believe she was doing this. Her tongue circled around my asshole slowly, not quite touching it. Vicki then grabbed my ass cheeks, pulled them apart and attacked my asshole. Her tongue darted across my asshole repeatedly, driving me crazy.

I couldn't believe how good it felt! Part of my brain was saying that I shouldn't like this, because gay guys did this, but the other part of my brain (which seemed to be the part that was controlling my cock!) was telling me how could it be gay if a girl was doing it to me? All I knew was that gay or not, I loved it and I pushed my ass back at Vicki and moaned loudly. "Oh god Miss Victoria, I can't believe how good that feels. Oh fuck, eat me, eat my ass."

When my ass began to open up to her assault, Vicki pushed her tongue further into my ass. With that I bucked hard and screamed out "Oh fuck. Please stop Miss Victoria. I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna cum if you don't stop." Vicki pulled her head away and laughed lightly as I rolled over and fought hard to control the urge to cum. I couldn't believe it. I had nearly cum again and Vicki hadn't even touched my cock.

"That was a very good boy Jimmy. You're learning how to control yourself very well. Look at what learning to hold back has done to your cock. Look how big and swollen your cock and balls are. Look at how much your cock is leaking."

I glanced down and saw that Vicki was right. My cock was bigger and harder than ever before, easily a half inch or more in length and girth, my cock head was damn near purple and I was leaking so much that even my balls were coated with pre-cum.

Vicki smiled at me as she once more crouched between my legs. "Okay Jimmy, I'm going to suck you now, but remember, you can't cum until I tell you. I know you really want to cum, but you have to trust me baby. If you hold out as long as you can, when you finally do cum it will be unbelievable."

"I'll try my best Miss Victoria, but I want to cum so bad that my balls hurt."

"Don't worry baby" Vicki replied. "Just fight it off and I promise that your balls will feel a whole lot better when I'm done."

With that Vicki leaned down and lightly flicked her tongue across my shaft. I moaned loudly, closed my eyes and threw my head back. Her tongue moved up to the head of my cock, swirled around and then quickly went back down my shaft as my hips thrust up in the air. I wanted release and I wanted it now! Vicki then grasped my cock in her hand and pointed it towards her mouth.

"Are you ready Jimmy? I'm going to give you a blowjob that you'll never forget. Sunday's blowjob was just a warm up. This blowjob is going to be one you measure all other blowjobs against. I want you to lie back and enjoy this, but remember - no cumming until I say so. If you can last, then you can eat me and fuck me later."

All I could do was beg, "Please. Please, Miss Victoria. Suck me. Suck my cock and make me cum. I'll do whatever you want, just let me cum."

With that, Vicki looked at me and said "Oh yes you will" and put my cock in her mouth. She slowly slid her mouth down until her lips reached the base of my shaft. I arched my back and moaned out "Oh fuck. Yes. Yes." Vicki groaned and slowly began her journey back up my cock. Up and down she went, pausing occasionally to swirl her tongue around the head while she stroked my shaft. During this whole time I was reduced to moaning and saying an incoherent stream of "Oh fuck....suck me....yes....." over and over. Vicki could sense when I grew close to losing control and during these times she would pull off my cock and lightly stroke me while I fought the urge to cum, all the while encouraging me, telling me what a nice cock I had, how much she loved to suck me. Vicki rubbed my cock over her face, smearing her cheeks with my pre-cum.

I lost all track of time. Vicki could have been sucking me for 5 minutes or 50 minutes, I had no idea. Vicki would back off when I told her I was close and then she would slowly build me back to the breaking point. We repeated this cycle at least 5 or 6 times, and my cock was constantly leaking pre-cum. My balls were pulled tight against my body and by now they had a deep steady ache. Then Vicki started sucking me faster and faster, stopping to lick and suck my balls.. She was making deep, guttural grunts and moans as she sucked my cock and her saliva flowed down to cover my balls and drip into my ass crack. My hips moved up and down as I tried to fuck her face.

Finally Vicki pulled off my cock and said "Are you ready baby? Are you ready to fill my mouth with your big, hot load?"

"Fuck yes! I want to cum so bad. Please Miss Victoria, I can't hold out much longer. Please let me cum."

"Alright Jimmy. I gonna get you off now. Hold off a little bit more and cum when you can't fight it any longer."

Vicki then dove back on my cock and began to rapidly bob her head up and down, slamming her lips repeatedly into my crotch. She then reached down with one hand and began to roll my balls in her fingers. That alone had me ready to blow, but Vicki had one more surprise in store for me. She reached down to her pussy and shoved two of her fingers deep inside her hot cunt. She then took those wet fingers and pushed them deep into my asshole. Her fingers quickly found a spot inside my ass and pressed against it. That was it! I arched my back, and screamed out "OH FUCK!!!!! CUMMING!!!!!" I pushed my cock down Vicki's throat and began to empty my balls. I shot 3 hard streams into Vicki's throat before she pulled back off of my cock, keeping just the head in her mouth. I shot 3 more streams of cum into her mouth as Vicki rapidly swallowed. Vicki then began milking my cock with her hand, forcing out more cum from my balls. During all of this, her fingers continued to piston in and out of my ass, fucking my ass hard and repeatedly rubbing across that spot inside. I thrust my head backwards and moaned out a long slow "Ohhhhh fuuuuuuck" as my balls finally quit pumping out cum.

Vicki slipped her fingers from my ass and slowly climbed up my body as I lay there immobilized, totally overpowered by the most incredible orgasm of my young life. Vicki leaned into me and kissed me. As our tongues dueled I could taste the slightly salty remains of my cum in her mouth and on her lips, but I didn't care. I hungrily devoured Vicki, not wanting the bliss I was feeling to end.

Vicki finally broke our kiss and looked at me with a grin and said "So, I take it you liked that?" All I could do was moan and pull her in for another kiss. I pulled away and said "That was the most incredible thing I've ever felt, Miss Victoria."

"Did you like me playing with your ass Jimmy?"

My face turned a deep shade of red as my shyness returned. "Y..Yes Miss Victoria...but....but..."

"What Jimmy? What's wrong?"

"W..well, it felt good, b..but how could you do that? I...I ...I mean, that's really dirty and I thought only gay guys did that stuff."

"Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy" Vicki said laughingly. "You poor baby. You're all confused aren't you? Well let me put you at ease. First off, nothing that makes you feel good is bad unless you force your partner to do something they don't want to do. Not only did you not force me, but I wanted to do that. I told you that you had a cute ass and I couldn't wait to get my mouth and tongue in there. I like licking and playing with a cute ass and I LOVE to have my ass licked and played with. Now, if you liked it and I liked it, how can it be wrong? It may feel naughty, but sometimes being naughty is part of the fun of sex."

"But if I liked it, doesn't it make me gay?"

"No baby" she said with a laugh, "it just means that you like having your cute little ass played with. And I like to play with cute asses, so no big deal. In fact, I plan on playing with your cute ass a lot more, so get used to it. As for being gay, I think you like my pussy way too much to be gay. So, do you feel better now?"

"Yes Miss Victoria. I guess I'm okay with it. I just never expected to like something like that so much."

Vicki laughed again. "Sweetie, by the time I'm done with you, I'll show you so many things that you don't know you like yet, it will make your head spin. Remember Jimmy, trust me and you'll find out things about yourself that you never expected."

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