Jimmy meets Miss Victoria Ch. 02


"Okay Miss Victoria. I trust you. I have to admit that I've liked everything so far."

"Very good Jimmy", Vicki said. "Now, do you want to make me happy? Are you ready to make me cum?"

I quickly replied, "Yes Miss Victoria! I love to make you cum. Does this mean I get to eat your pussy again?"

"Oh baby, it sure does. It's good to see you so eager to please me. But tonight it's going to be different. Tonight you have to make my pleasure last as long as possible. You have to keep me right on the edge, just like I did to you. Do you think you can do that Jimmy?"

"I'll try Miss Victoria."

With that, Vicki removed her robe and climbed up my body until her legs straddled my head, her pussy just above my face, her shaved lips peeking out of the opening in her panties.

"Alright Jimmy, I want you to lick my pussy very slowly, but don't touch my clit right away. You can lick all around it, but not directly on it. Pay attention to how I react and don't be afraid to try things. I'll let you know if you're doing it right." Vicki lowered her pussy to my mouth and I slowly began licking her pussy.

"Ummmm......that's nice....very good Jimmy, just like that......slowly swirl that tongue around my cunt.......ummmmm......you're a natural at this baby."

As my tongue moved around her pussy I noticed that she seemed to jerk when my tongue got near her clit. I figured out that when I flicked my tongue lightly to the side and above her clit she had the strongest reaction.

"Ohhhhh yeah Jimmy....that's it......tease me baby......tease me around my clit.......oh god that feels so fucking good baby.......you're doing so good......ummmmm."

I switched from just licking to lightly sucking on her pussy lips, then taking long wide licks up and down her pussy. Her body continued her jerking as she alternately pulled away from my tongue and then forcefully grabbed my head to pull it in tight against her pussy.

"Goddamn baby......you are getting to be such a good cunt licker.......suck my pussy baby......suck my lips....eat me Jimmy, eat me good."

I continued to suck and lick her pussy, all the while trying my best to avoid her clit. I would occasionally brush against it with my lips or tongue, but I tried hard to do as she said.

I was proud of how good I was making Vicki feel, but I wanted to make her feel even better. I wanted her to feel as good as she made me feel. Then it came to me -- Vicki told me she liked to have her ass licked too! I slowly dragged my tongue down Vicki's pussy to her ass. Once there I didn't hesitate, I plunged my tongue into her asshole and tried to copy what she had done to me.

"Oh my fucking god baby....that's it, that's my nasty boy.....eat momma's ass baby......oh what a nice surprise....that feels so good Jimmy." Vicki grasped my head firmly in her hands and ground her ass down onto my face. I could hardly breathe, but I wasn't about to stop. "Don't stop baby....eat momma's ass.......tongue fuck my ass....oh fuck....oh fuck....yes baby...you are eating my ass so good."

I did as she asked and ate Vicki's ass. Now I could tell why she liked doing this so much. Yes it was nasty, but I liked being nasty and I really liked her reaction to my eating her ass. Finally Vicki moved her ass away from my mouth, sat up a little and smiled as she said "I am so close baby and you are getting so very good at this. Are you ready to make me cum? Suck my clit now baby, I want to cum and I want to cum hard."

Vicki dropped her cunt back onto my face and I greedily started sucking and licking her pussy. Vicki was reduced to moans as she thrashed back and forth on my face. Her pussy had been very wet from the start, but now her juice seemed to flow out faster than I could lick it up. My face was covered with pussy juice as she ground her pussy all over my face. You could hear the sloppy, wet sounds coming from her pussy as I sucked at her pussy lips. I then moved up to her big clit and sucked it into my mouth, trying to imitate how she sucked my cock. I sucked her clit in and out of my mouth, flicking it with my tongue, trying hard to make her cum.

Vicki began making a low growl from deep in her throat. She pulled my face hard into her pussy and screamed out "Oh fuck....oh fuck......oh fuck" until she arched her back and came with a loud "oh fuck yes!" Her pussy got even wetter and her juices seemed to flow even thicker as she covered my face with her cream. I kept on licking and sucking her pussy, unknowingly causing her to have mini orgasms, until she finally pulled her pussy away. "No more baby. I can't take it. No more." Vicki then collapsed next to me and we lay still for a few minutes as she slowly came down from her orgasms.

When she recovered, Vicki once more began kissing me and licking all of her juices from my face. All the while she praised me for my efforts, before finally pulling back, smiling and telling me "Jimmy, you are definitely a natural at that. You eat pussy almost as good as a girl does baby. I think by the time I'm done with you, you may even end up better than a girl."

My brain went into overdrive. I suck pussy almost as good as a girl does? That could only mean one thing -- Vicki fucks girls and boys! My cock had returned to hardness while eating Vicki, but with that realization it seemed to grow bigger and harder.

Vicki looked at me and smiled once more. "Well Jimmy. You did so good at sucking my pussy that I think you've earned a good fucking. But just like your blow job, you have to make this one last. Girls don't like guys who just put their cocks into a girl's pussy and cum real quick. You need to be able to fuck a girl for a long time and make sure she cums before you do. If you know how to fuck a girl properly you'll never have to worry about having girls to fuck."

"But Miss Victoria, I don't want to fuck anyone else. I only want to fuck you!" I responded.

"Oh Jimmy, that's sweet, but eventually you'll want to fuck girls your own age. I just want to make sure that when you do, you are good at it. So many boys your age have no idea how to please a woman and as a result so few girls learn how much fun sex can be until much later in life."

"I guess so Miss Victoria," I replied "but all I know now is I only want to fuck you."

"That's fine for now Jimmy, but when I think you're ready I'll want you to find a girl closer to your own age."

"Enough talking Jimmy, it's time for your lessons to continue. Lie back sweetie and let Miss Victoria take over." With that I lay down on my back and Vicki climbed over me until her pussy was just over my cock. Vicki slowly lowered her pussy down until she made contact with my cock and when I looked down I could see the head of my cock peeking out between her spread lips as Vicki slowly rocked back and forth, coating my cock with her juices.

"Lesson 1 Jimmy -- start slow. Don't be in such a rush to put your cock into a girl's pussy. Tease each other. Do you feel how wet my pussy is getting just from rubbing it up and down your cock? I'll bet if we tried hard enough we could make each other cum just from doing this" Vicki said as she ground her pussy against my hard cock.

"Y..yes Miss Victoria. It feels good....really good." I could feel Vicki move her pussy up and down my shaft, almost letting the head slip inside before moving back down. I could feel her wetness coat my cock and balls. She would occasionally stop in the middle and slowly grind her pussy in small circles against my shaft, tilting her hips to firmly press her clit against me.

Vicki and I began to moan together as her hips began to pick up speed. Just when I thought that she was going to make me cum, she pulled away from my cock and looked deeply into my eyes. "Do you feel that baby? It would be so easy to cum right now, but not today. Today we're going to make that feeling last as long as we can." Vicki leaned down and kissed me, her tongue pushing into my mouth, her nipples brushing across my chest. I thrust my hips upward, trying to regain contact with her pussy, but Vicki laughed and pulled away again. "Now, now naughty boy. I'm still in charge here. You keep that cock under control." All I could do was moan my disappointment. Vicki then leaned forward and stuck her tits in my face. "Suck my titties Jimmy. Nice and slow to start with. Come on baby, suck momma's titties."

I slowly licked Vicki's hard nipples, swirling my tongue around first one nipple, then switching to the other. Vicki moaned and said "That's nice baby. Now suck them. Suck momma's tits." Vicki moaned again and arched her back as I began to suck her nipple like a baby. Vicki grabbed my head and pulled me in tight. She then grabbed my hand, put it to her other breast and said "Pinch it Jimmy. Pinch my nipple and suck the other one really hard. Oh yeah, that's it. Suck 'em, pinch 'em. Harder baby. Just like that."

I moved from nipple to nipple, sucking one and pinching the other. Vicki moaned above me and dropped her pussy back down on my cock, grinding furiously back and forth. Once more, just when I thought she was going to cum, she moaned loudly and pulled away. Vicki looked down at me, her face flushed with desire, her body trembling. "That was close baby. So good, and so, so close. We've got to slow down, keep the edge. Do you feel it Jimmy? Do you feel how close we are?"

I looked down and my stomach, cock and balls were coated in our juices. I had been leaking pre-cum almost non-stop and my cock twitched up away from my body, almost looking for contact on its own. "I want to cum so bad Miss Victoria. My balls feel like they are going to explode."

Vicki laughed and gently reached down to take my balls in her hand. "You're right Jimmy, they feel heavy and full. Just think how much cum you're going to shoot out for me. I can't wait to feel you flood my pussy with your hot cum."

Vicki's hand slid up to grasp my cock. She pulled it upright and began to slowly rub the head of my cock against her pussy and clit. My precum and her pussy juice mixed together and she teased us both. The head of my cock would barely start to penetrate her cunt lips when she would back off and move up to her clit. I looked down and I could see her cunt lips swell, their normal pink color beginning to turn a deeper shade of red. Her clit had once more grown in size, the hood pulled fully back. My own cock head was turning purple and had swelled to what I thought was gigantic proportions. The nerve endings in my cock picked up even the slightest brush against her body, causing me to shudder.

Vicki looked down at me with a lustful stare. "Are you ready Jimmy? Are you ready for me to fuck your brains out baby? My cunt is on fire and I can feel my pussy juices run down my ass. I'm ready for you baby. Do you want me to put your cock inside my hot cunt? Huh, baby? Ask nice, let me hear you beg for it!"

"Please fuck me Miss Victoria. I'll do anything you want. ANYTHING! Just let put my cock in your pussy and let me cum." I was almost crying as I continued my begging. "I'll hold off as long as I can, but I have to cum. Please, please let me cum. Please." My last cry trailed off into a quiet whimper. I knew then that she had me right where she wanted me.

"OK Jimmy. Momma's going to fuck you good. I'm going to make us both cum, but if you cum before I tell you to there will be hell to pay."

With that she slowly lowered her pussy onto my cock. I could feel her hot wetness wrap around my swollen cock as she began to work her way down my shaft. Vicki's eyes closed and she threw her head back when my cock hit bottom. Then she looked down at me, smiled and began a gentle rotation of her hips. It was my turn to lean back and moan as the tight sheath of her cunt seemed to milk my cock. I fought the urge to cum and began a steady chant of "oh fuck....oh god.....fuck....fuck....."

"Oh fuck is right baby," Vicki growled as her motion changed to a slow up and down. On each down stroke she would grind her clit hard into my cock and pelvis. This slow up, down and grind continued for what seemed like forever.

Suddenly I felt something change. I knew I could come at any minute, but I also knew that I could hold it off as long as necessary. And I knew that I wanted to FUCK and fuck HARD. I reached up and grabbed Vicki's hips and began to slam my cock into her. Vicki's eyes opened wide and she moaned out "Yes, fuck me baby. Fuck me hard."

Her hands reached up to pinch her nipples and her hips met mine in hard, violent thrusts. We seemed to be in a race to see who could make the other person cum first. We were both filling the air with random cries of "fuck", "harder", "yes".....

"Now!" she screamed out. "Cum now!"

I pushed myself fully into Vicki's pussy and my cock expanded even more as I felt the first jets of cum race out of my cock and into Vicki's pussy. My vision blurred and loud moans escaped from my mouth as my body shook with each pulse of hot cum. Vicki's cunt seemed to milk my cock in time with my release. Above me, Vicki shuddered as her orgasm racked her body and her own cries of release mixed with mine. Our combined orgasm seemed to last forever, until finally we collapsed in each other's arms, spent and gasping for breath.

After a short rest Vicki lifted up and looked at me for a long while. "Remember your promise to do whatever I wanted if I let you cum? Well, I think next time I'm going to take you up on that promise."

"OK, Miss Victoria."

"Are you sure about that Jimmy?" she asked. "I may have you do some things you've never thought of doing before."

"Miss Victoria, everything we've done so far has been incredible. I guess I trust you to show me more."

When she heard my response, a big smiled flashed on her face and she reached out with one had a tenderly brushed my cheek. "You dear sweet boy. I'm going to take you places you've never imagined. If you trust me, and keep an open mind, I'll open up a whole new world for you."

"I do trust you Miss Victoria. You make me happy and I want to make you happy too!"

With that, our lips met in a long tender kiss. When we finally pulled apart, Miss Victoria climbed out of bed and began to pull on her robe. "Jimmy, you truly are a sweetheart. I think we are going to have a lot of fun together. Unfortunately, playtime is over for today. You better put some pants on that sexy little ass before I change my mind."

I reluctantly got up and went downstairs to get dressed. Vicki kissed me once more, playfully swatted me on my ass and told me it was time for me to get back to the dorms. I thanked her for a wonderful evening and as I was walking down her sidewalk, she called out to me. "Remember Jimmy, no orgasms until Thursday. You be a good boy." I turned around and as she stood in her doorway, looking like a wet dream come true, I realized that complying with her request was going to be harder than I thought.

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