tagIncest/TabooJimmy's Mom Ch. 02 - The Day After

Jimmy's Mom Ch. 02 - The Day After


Jimmy opened his eyes and fell out of bed as he scrambled for the bedroom door. He charged into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him, and barely flipped open the toilet before retching. All the junk food he'd consumed the night before flushed from his system. He clung to the sides of the toilet dry heaving until he was sure there was nothing else to come up. He sat back on the hard tile floor with his back against the wall. What the hell was he going to do? Life as he knew it ended last night.

Flashes from last night passed through his throbbing brain. He beat his temples, desperate to keep them out, but it was no good. They came anyway. The memories were hazy, edged with fuzz. Jimmy had been drunk before he took the hits off the vape. Those hits tipped him into the abyss. He wanted to blame the drugs, but even the strongest pot couldn't make you fuck your mother.

He saw his mom on the couch—pinned between his friends—Tanner and Parker double teaming her like some scene out of a porn video. He heard his mom begging his friends to fuck her. And then Jimmy saw himself standing behind her, staring down at her plump ass and swollen cunt, ready to fuck her himself. He started to get hard and felt like he was going to be sick again.

Jimmy stripped down and took a long, scalding hot shower. He stayed in there until the water turned cold, and only then did he reluctantly step out of the shower. He listened intently as he toweled off. His mother was out there in the house somewhere, and he could not face her. He didn't know if he's ever be able to face her again. His ears were greeted by silence, but that didn't mean he was home alone. His mom was probably even worse off than he was, and still sleeping it off.

Treading lightly, Jimmy crept into the hallway. The house was old, and it was difficult to walk on the creaky floors without making a racket. When he was in high school, just a couple years ago, it had been impossible to sneak in after curfew. Each creak of the floor stabbed into his ears as he walked toward his mother's room at the end of the hallway. The door was ajar and the room was dark beyond. His mom usually opened the curtains first thing, suggesting she was still in there.

He couldn't bring himself to call out her name, so Jimmy poked his head past the door, and sighed in relief finding his mother's bed empty. His heart sank again when he realized that didn't mean she wasn't room. The clock on her nightstand said it was mid-afternoon. She could have gone to church. He almost laughed, thinking about his mom piously sitting upright in a church pew after what she'd done last night. Jimmy went to the window and pulled the curtain aside. Her car was not parked out front. Now he really did relax.

Jimmy retreated to his room and quickly dressed. He didn't know how long she'd be out, and he didn't want to be there when she returned. He threw on his standard uniform of baggy jeans, long-sleeved t-shirt and hoodie and fled out the back door, where his beat-up old Dodge Neon was parked. He purposely didn't look at the living room, where everything had gone down.

The neighborhood park was a short drive away, but it had always felt like another world to Jimmy. He'd been losing himself in the woods since he was little, probably too little to be out there alone. He wasn't always alone. This was also where he and his friends retreated when they wanted to hang out away from the prying eyes of adults, but Jimmy's friends were the last thing he wanted to think about right now.

It was a chilly October afternoon, and Jimmy shoved his hands deep into the hoodie's pockets as the trudged up the trail. The trees thickened around him as he pushed up hill. The trail wound up and around, behind a big rock face that overlooked a wide creek and an open field. Jimmy liked to sit out on that rock and look out on the world—especially when the park was deserted. It was deserted today, and that suited him just fine. Jimmy settled onto the rock, stared out into the field, and the trees beyond it, and could not escape one thought: I'm a motherfucker. Literally, a motherfucker.

Jimmy hated his friends now. How could they take advantage of his mom like that? The second she came stumbling into the house last night he knew there was going to be trouble. It took everyone a moment to get over the fear of being busted drinking underage and smoking weed, but once that passed, and they got a load of her outfit, Jimmy felt the atmosphere in the room change. The guys couldn't take their eyes off her. In the deepest, darkest part of his soul, Jimmy had to admit he couldn't either, but at least he had the grace to try. He saw his mom when she left, and when he got a load of her tits in that outfit he purposely stared at the floor. He didn't like the things he felt for his mother sometimes.

Wyatt was the worst of the group. He'd had a thing for Jimmy's mom since middle school and never tried to hide it. The others agreed that she was the hottest mom—they loved telling Jimmy he had a MILF, just to see his reaction—but Wyatt acted like he was really in love with her. Wyatt always stared. He was always like, "Mrs. O, you're so pretty" or "Thanks, Mrs. O, you're the best." She didn't see it for what it was, but why would she? Jimmy thought Wyatt came in his pants when she walked in wearing that costume last night.

Jimmy did what he could to get his mom upstairs and in bed. She was already tipsy, but it was like the world was working against him, and the next thing he knew his mom was on the couch between his friends—their hands all over. When he couldn't take anymore, he went up to his room. He felt guilty now for throwing her to the wolves, but he was too angry to care at the time. His mother was acting kind of like a slut, so she deserved what she got.

Jimmy stewed in his room until he couldn't take it anymore. He was too high to properly suppress the feelings his mother's Halloween costume stirred in him. He tried to think of anything else, but she kept coming to mind, and he was so horny he couldn't think straight. Jimmy finally resolved to kick the guys out and get his mom in bed (not like that!)

The sounds coming from the living room stopped him at the top of the stairs. The rational part of his brain told him to run back to his bedroom, shut the door, and hold his pillow over his head. The animal part of his brain took him around the corner and down the stairs to where he stopped, stunned by what he saw. There was his mom, on the couch, bouncing between his friends, Tanner and Parker. Tanner was fucking Jimmy's mom like a wild man, while Parker used her mouth. Parker let her go, and she begged Tanner to fuck her. Tanner was happy to comply, riding her ass until he filled her with his load. Parker moved in right behind her and took his friend's place.

It wasn't just a punch to the gut. It was more like a baseball bat. He had to sit on the steps as it felt like the house was turning on its side. Jimmy had never felt anything like this in his 19 years. Hot-white anger and betrayal. An urge to do serious violence. And under all of that, a burning arousal. Jimmy didn't know when he got hard, but his cock was painfully full. His balls felt heavy between his legs. He didn't want to face it, but he'd never seen anything as sexy as his mother being double teamed on the living room couch.

Jimmy saw Tanner approaching him, pulling up his pants, and tried to flee. But Tanner caught up with him. Meanwhile, Parker kept fucking Jimmy's mom, and Wyatt fed her his cock.

"Pretty fucking hot, right?" Tanner said.

"That's my mom, you asshole," Jimmy spat.

"Oh, knock it off. You want her as much as the rest of us, or you wouldn't be up here watching the show."

"Tanner, you're dick. I do not want that."

"You're not hard, Jimmy?"

Jimmy looked away, shamed.

"Hey, don't think any of us are going to judge you. We've all just had her. Why don't you come down and take your turn?"

"No! No way, man!" Jimmy shook his head, violently.

"Look at her. Karen fucking needs it, Jimmy. She's not going to turn down that hog leg of yours. Just get in there after Park's done. We've got her all ready for you."

"No. I can't. It's fucking wrong. What's wrong with you, Tanner?"

"It's not like you have pussy falling out of your pockets, Jimmy. It would be wrong to turn this down. When's the next time you're going to get the chance to bang a wild piece of tail like Karen?"

It irked Jimmy that Tanner kept referring to his mother as Karen, which was silly given the circumstances. Sitting there, the day after, staring out at the field, he still didn't know what he had been thinking. There was no excuse for his behavior. Jimmy went down those steps and he fucked his mother.

Her face was buried in Wyatt's lap. His chest was tight. How was he going to fuck her if he couldn't breathe? But then he was reaching for her, and she wiggled her ass back at him, eager for her next cock. She didn't know it was him, at first. He just thrust himself into her drenched pussy. She loved it, though. She went wild the second he stuck his cock in her, almost like she could sense something was different. She was so wet and sloppy from his friends fucking her, and coming inside her, that he didn't know what to think. It felt so different than the handful of other times he'd had sex. But his mother's cunt felt good. And the illicitness of the act made it difficult to keep from coming right off the bat. She begged him to fuck her—not knowing it was him—and he fucked her harder, feeling the cum boiling in his balls. And then she knew it was him, and the spell was broken. His mon panicked and begged him to stop. Jimmy almost did, but she felt too good. Parker told her to lie back and enjoy it, and she gave in. She loved her son's cock too much.

Jimmy kept ramming her as she screamed, climaxing on his prick. He fucked her even as she went limp. At the last minute, a sliver of sanity took over and Jimmy pulled out, shooting his load all over her round, juicy ass. At least he didn't come inside his own mother.

He ran upstairs without looking back, leaving his mother with his friends. Jimmy knew that made him a coward, but that didn't matter. He couldn't face anyone. And he still couldn't. Jimmy sat on that cold rock with the wind whipping up around him and wondered what the hell he was going to do. Could he just run away and start somewhere else?

It wasn't just about how he felt. What was his mother going to say? What was she feeling? Jimmy knew she was a good person, or always thought so until last night. Not that being drunk and high was an excuse—as she'd always told him—but she would have never done that stuff otherwise. His mom must be devastated. Maybe she had already run away. No, she would face this, and make Jimmy face it. But god, what were they going to do? How could they face something like this? Nothing would ever be the same again.

Jimmy stayed in the park until it began getting dark. He only had the light of his mobile to navigate back down the trail, so he didn't want to let it get full dark. When he reached his car, he knew he couldn't go home, not yet. He hadn't figured out how to face his mother. Instead, he stopped for a bite to eat, consuming the fast food in his car and listening to Spotify. He tried flipping through stuff on his phone, but nothing grabbed his interest. His mother was ever on his find, and when he figured out that he was mildly aroused thinking about her, he almost pulled up some porn on his mobile. He recalled his mom begging, "Jimmy...baby...don't..." And then she moaned, "Mmm...no...yes..." Jimmy was disgusted with himself and sat in his dark car.

It was almost 10 when he rolled home. Jimmy circled the block and found his mom's SUV parked out front, but didn't see any lights on in the house. If the universe had any mercy, his mother had gone to bed, hoping to avoid him too. He came in through the backdoor, and the house was silent. He picked through the dark kitchen and dining room. The living room was dimly lit from the street lights out front, but he didn't see anything. As he turned the corner to go upstairs, he heard his name.


He froze, didn't speak.


Still silent.

She turned on the light, and he took a step upward. "Jimmy, stop. We can't hide from this."

"Mom... I don't know." He didn't look at her.


"I don't know if I can talk about this. Let me go, please."

"No. We can't let this go. Come here."

He finally did turn, anger flaring. Who was she to tell him what to do after last night? She had no moral leverage. "Or what, Mom? Are you going to ground me? Spank me?"

"Stop it, Jimmy. I understand why you're angry."

"Do you, Mom? Do you understand how I'm feeling? How can you understand?"

Jimmy walked towards where she sat on the couch. She was in jeans and a worn, old Orioles t-shirt. The t-shirt was snug, emphasizing her nice, round breasts, and Jimmy cursed himself for noticing, but he couldn't help it, not now that he'd seen her tits nude, bouncing as she was fucked by his friends. His cock stirred, and he tried to suppress those feelings.

She looked as worn out and worried as he felt, but she was still beautiful. Jimmy's mother had always been beautiful. From an early age, he'd known his mom was pretty in a way that most of the other mothers weren't. She'd worn her hair darker and shorter when he was younger, but his dad liked blondes, so over time she'd begun dying it and let it grow out. It was a shady of honey-blonde now, and fell just past her shoulders. She was prettier when it was down, not pulled back. She was in her mid-40s now, and wore glasses, but the dark frames only seemed to highlight her pretty blue eyes. His mom had laugh lines when she smiled, but her smile was radiant. She was not smiling now.

Jimmy got why his friends wanted her. She was pretty and blonde, and had always been in reasonably good shape. Maybe she'd thickened a bit over the years, but Tanner liked a thick ass, and her tits had always been incredible. And then Jimmy's dad left, and after she got over her initial depression, she'd pulled herself together and transformed herself. Transformed wasn't fair. She had always been attractive, but his mother started running every morning, which knocked off a few pounds and nicely shaped her legs and butt. Her ass kept a nice little jiggle, but it was rounder. And her breasts looked bigger when she slimmed down. Yes, Jimmy understood how his friends felt, because even he had noticed how his mother looked, but that didn't excuse anything.

"Jimmy," she said, taken aback.

"Do you know what I'm feeling? I don't remember you mentioned this happened to you. Did Mom Mom fuck some boys from the neighborhood? Or did Poppie screw some of your friends?"

"Jimmy, stop!"

"When Poppie fucked your friends, did you just have to jump in? Was it too hot for you?"

"Jimmy, enough! Sit down."

He fell silent, but was fuming. How could that slut sit here and act like his mother after what she'd done? She was acting like it was no big deal. For a moment, he wondered if she'd been fucking his friends all along, and he'd only just found out. Jimmy sat beside her, and for the first time it occurred to him what his problem was. It floored him.

Jimmy sat beside his mother on the couch—that couch. He swore the room still smelled of sex, even though his mother had cleaned the mess from the night before. There was no sign of the depraved orgy he'd shared his with friends. Shared was being generous. They took what they wanted and left him sloppy seconds...or thirds...or fourths. Yeah, he was jealous. He was jealous because his friends didn't consider how their good time would affect him. He was jealous because they had her first. His friends were brave enough to do the things he'd only thought about in the darkest reaches of his mind. And he was jealous because she gave herself to them. Maybe she did start out with a token no, but Tanner was right. She wanted it. Karen wanted it. Jimmy heard her mother begging them to fuck her. He saw how she swallowed their cocks. The truth made him sick. Jimmy was jealous because he wanted her himself. If she was going to give herself away like that, Jimmy wanted her first. It was sick, but he felt she should have known.

"I know this must be very difficult for you, but can we please talk? I love you, Jimmy. I don't want this to ruin our lives," she said earnestly.

Jimmy took a deep breath and calmed himself. He didn't know what to say to her, because he didn't know how to tell her what she was feeling. Yes, he hated himself for his weakness, he could tell her that. He just didn't know how to tell her that he was so upset because he was jealous of his friends, and he was made at her for being their whore. How could he tell his mother he wanted her to be his whore?

"Mom...it's just all so fucked up," he started, pausing when he caught himself cursing. The irony nearly made him laugh. "I feel like I'm all over the place. There's just so much... How can we even tackle this?"

"Do you want me to start, honey?" She reached for his hand, but he pulled away. He felt a pang of guilt at her hurt expression.

Jimmy nodded.

She took a deep breath and exhaled loudly. "I'm not really sure where to start either, honey. I guess at the beginning. What happened with your friends—I don't even know how things got so out of hand. I was a little tipsy when I came home, and I should not have had anymore to drink, let alone smoked your pot. And don't think we're not going to talk about that."

"Really, Mom?"

She smiled. It was nice to see her smile. "I'm still your mother, no matter how you feel about me right now."

"I know that."

"Anyway, I don't know if you've noticed, but things have been very strange for me the last year or so. It was very hard when your father left. I didn't know what to do with myself. I never even considered there was a time when we wouldn't be together. It felt like my world ended."

"I'm sorry, Mom." Jimmy took her hand now, feeling sad for her.

"Thanks, but that's not necessary. I'm just trying to explain my frame of mind, so maybe—hopefully—you won't just think the worst of me."

"I don't just think the worst of you, Mom. It's...complicated."

"I get that, Jimmy."

"But you're really pretty, Mom. Once you got out there, it's not like you had trouble dating."

"We've never really talked about that. How do you feel about me dating?"

"I can't lie. It's weird for me. Not as weird as what happened last night, but it's weird. I mean, you're my mom, so it's hard to see you as—I don't know—a woman."

"But I am a woman. And I don't want to hurt you, but I don't want to be alone either."

"I know. You have needs, Mom."



Jimmy couldn't help himself. He'd overheard what she'd told his friends. But he already knew it. He tried his best to get used to his mother dating, but it was tough because of all the conflicting feelings it brought to his young mind. It started with the simplest feelings any kid has. It's hard to see your mother move on and bring other men around. Most boys don't want to think about their mother doing things with those men, and they don't want to see their father being replaced. Jimmy didn't give a shit about his dad, but he did think about his mother doing things with her dates. He was not typical, though. It didn't gross Jimmy out. It made him hard.

His mother would get all dolled up for her dates and Jimmy would see her before she went out. She always looked good, and sometimes she looked hot. She was a decent woman, and didn't usually over-do it, but there were times when she'd slip into something particularly sexy for a man she really wanted to impress. And Jimmy knew why she wanted to impress her date. She wanted to get lucky.

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