tagIncest/TabooJimmy's Plan Ch. 5

Jimmy's Plan Ch. 5


The story continues. Now Jimmy gets back what he has been giving!!

* * * * *

Jimmy was busily soaping himself down when he thought he caught a shadowed movement over by the furnace. Rinsing the soap from his face he strained to see what it was. What the heck was moving around over there?? He couldn't see anything but could have sworn something moved!!

Finishing his shower he stepped out and without covering himself walked over to the bed where he had left his Mother. The bed was empty, she must have gone upstairs, and it was then he could her the water running in the bathroom upstairs, she was in the tub.

This made Jimmy curious, what had moved by the furnace? Wrapping the towel around his waist he walked across the room toward the furnace. Faking a move to his right, quickly he moved left and there hunched over, hidden behind the furnace was Mary, Joey's girlfriend. She must have witnessed the entire sordid event between Jimmy and his Mother.

Jimmy whispered loudly, "What are you doing here??"

"What did you see you spying little bitch??!!" Mustering all her courage Mary stood up saying "I saw it all, every sick minute of it you Fuck and I'm not only going to tell Joey but your Father as well!!" Jimmy knew this was a decisive moment. Mary was defiant, she had what she thought was the upper hand and she was trying to make Jimmy squirm!! Jimmy tried to be submissive, he had no choice, she truly had him and he had nothing on Mary that he could use to negotiate!!

"Okay, okay, what do you want from me??" Jimmy uttered in frustration! "I may only be 18 but I've always wanted an older guy to run and fetch for me" Mary said "and you will now be that guy." Jimmy's shoulder sunk toward the floor, he was beaten, beaten at his own game. He groaned with the pain of a person caught, turned and walked back to the bed and sat down. Placing his elbows on his knees he rested his head in his hands and said, "what does that mean??"

Little did Jimmy know but Mary had been fucking his Father for well over a year. She had learned a lot about older men and now was ready to apply what she knew on Jimmy. Jimmy was in for the most trying time of his life because Mary was now an expert in teasing and manipulating men and his life would never again be the same!!

Mary followed Jimmy to the bed and looked down at him. How easy these men are to manipulate. They have always let there "small head" do their thinking for them. It always did their thinking for them…right wrong or indifferent!! Because of Jimmy and Joey's Father, Mary now knew how to control them and place them at her beckon call!!

Mary told Jimmy, "you do what I want when I want and I will not tell Sylvia or anyone else what I saw…clear?" Without taking his head from his hands Jimmy shook his head "yes" in acknowledgement. Ordering him to stand up, Mary reached under the towel and grabbed his shriveled up cock. "Who do you plan to please with this…yourself??" She asked!!?? Jimmy was embarrassed, the situation had caused him to shrink, sex was the last thing on his mind!! Jimmy however was not totally beaten down and when she grabbed his cock he momentarily had the thought that there may be a way out of this…He just wasn't sure at the moment what that way was!!

Boldly Jimmy said, "Keep holding that and you'll see who I can satisfy!!" In her hand his cock started to swell. She firmly squeezed it, it continued to swell until Jimmy was now totally erect!! Mary was surprised; it was much larger than his Fathers and his brother Joey's as well. Mary loved cock and she was enjoying the control she had over Jimmy but she felt like she was losing control. As his member grew, the towel worked its way loose from his waist and fell to the floor! Jimmy now stood totally nude in front of his brother's girlfriend!! He was proud of his physique and especially proud of his prick!! He knew it was large and of all the things he enjoyed, showing it off to a woman, was at the top of his list!! Even if that, so-called woman was his brother's 18-year-old girlfriend.

Mary looked up at Jimmy and said, "I'll bet you'd like me to drop to my knees and suck that thing. Wouldn't you?"

"If you'd like" Jimmy replied confidently. Now feeling like he was regaining control. Jimmy decided to try his patented direct approach, which had very rarely failed him. Looking Mary directly in the eye and bending over to within a few inches of her face commanded "Mary….Mary"; he whispered sit down on the edge of the bed! Mary smiled at him and moved to the bed and sat down. She was now eyeball to cock with Jimmy's wonderful member!! She reached out with both hands placing one on his large balls and the other on his head. Gently she slid the hand from the head down the length of the shaft and returned to the head. She loved the feel of hard cock and she looked up at Jimmy saying "Do you like that??" Jimmy nodded his approval. Standing up, she unbuttoned her jeans and let them fall to her knees. Grabbing the sides of her thongs she pulled them down to her jeans. Jimmy had a smile on his face and thought to himself, "It worked again his direct command approach." And he was now anticipating a roll in the sack with this cute young thing.

Mary was a foot shorter than Jimmy but their leg length was close to the same. She took hold of Jimmy's now rigid member stepping close to Jimmy she could feel her breasts against his chest. She pushed his cock down so the head was against the thin hairy patch above her pussy. Snuggling closer she pushed the head of his cock down while pushing her hips forward so his cock was now at the top entrance to pussy. Moving her hips back and forth she now had just the head at the entrance. Looking up at Jimmy she asked "Do you like that as well?" Jimmy nodded and placed his hands on her blouse-covered breasts! He was now in control and he would make this little bitch do his bidding!!

With surprising speed and strength and by using his cock as leverage, Mary swung Jimmy around and pushed him on the bed. Reaching down, she pulled up her thongs and slowly pulled up and buttoned her jeans!! "Not today Jimmy. Not today you mother fucking bastard!!"

"You'll do what I want, when I want" Mary said, "Now get you ass off my bed and get up stairs!!"

In a matter of a few moments Jimmy went from conqueror to conquered!! He was speechless and like a whipped puppy he eased off the bed, grabbed his towel and walked up the steps. Halfway up the steps he hesitated and softly mumbled to himself, "I'll get her for this…I don't know how, but I will!!"

Mary was basking in the knowledge that she had this bastard by the balls and he would do anything she desired. Smiling she thought, "What do I desire??" Lying down on the bed Mary unsnapped her jeans and slid her hand down pressing her finger against her wet pussy. She lay there for quite some time finding comfort in the warmth between her legs. It had taken all her will power not to go down on Jimmy and taste his beautiful cock. She was happy she had resisted!

Towel in hand, Jimmy rounded the corner of the kitchen headed down the hallway to his bedroom, hard-on pointing the way!! At the same time his mother Sylvia, came out of the bathroom. Just having finished her bath, wrapped in a terry cloth bathrobe, Jimmy damn near knocked her over!! "Woo!!" Sylvia yelled!! "What's the big rush?" It was then she noticed he was buck-naked and sporting a huge erection!! "Be careful, you run into anything with that and something will break!!"

Jimmy stopped dead in his tracks. Sylvia, after all knew nothing about what had happened in the basement after she left. Looking at his mother and grabbing a hold of his cock, Jimmy said, "I could use some help with this!!" Mary walked up to him, kissed him playfully on his nipple, bit down on it gently and said "Sorry Sport I've got to get to the store and get some groceries, some other time!" And with that Sylvia went into her bedroom closing the door behind her. Sylvia would have liked nothing more than to go down on her young stud son one more time, but she had to get food for dinner. It would be that long before Frank came home. It was then she thought to herself, "Where the hell has Mary been keeping herself…haven't seen her all day!??"

Jimmy flopped down on his bed, pissed!! Pissed because first of all that little bitch Mary was one up on him, yes she truly had the advantage at this time. Then, when he thought he'd get a little relief from his mother…well, that didn't work out either!! For the moment things were not going his way!!

Mary heard Sylvia say "See ya later Hon, I should be back in about an hour and a half." Then the door to the garage slammed shut and Mary knew that she was alone with Jimmy, no one else was in the house!! Time for some more fun!!

How could she torture him?? Make him beg?? Make him submit to her will?? She walked upstairs not knowing the answers to her own questions….yet, but she knew she had to try and find those answers. After all, what good is the power of advantage if you don't exercise it??

Walking down the hall Mary stopped and quietly cracked open the door to Jimmy's room. It wasn't that she was afraid of being discovered…she was just a voyeur at heart. Jimmy was on his back, no covers, with a pillow covering his face. Mary took in his lean tall body! He was not a muscular guy, at least not like one of those weight lifters but he didn't have any fat either. His now semi limp cock lay against his flat stomach. "Funny she thought, she has now seen all the men of the family naked. She had been fucking his bother Joey for two years, he was not her first, and she had been fucking his father Frank for about a year!!" Looking at Jimmy lying there with no clothes she was trying to guess how he would be in bed. His brother Joey was a "slam-bam-thank-you-Ma'am" type and his Father Frank, (Old soft cock) well, he satisfied her much better than Joey and she liked his soft cock in her mouth. But Jimmy, he was larger than the other two and from what she had witnessed with Sylvia….this guy could really F U C K!! "What next" thought Mary, "How can I fuck over him??"

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