tagIncest/TabooJimmy's Plan Ch. 7

Jimmy's Plan Ch. 7


You really need to read the entire series for this to make sense. It starts with Jimmy's Plan and goes to Chapters 2 through 7.

* * * * * *

Mary's brother had his 18th birthday two weeks earlier. Unable to get him a gift, she only gave him a card with the promise of a gift to come. Until this very moment she had, had no idea what she would get him! Now she knew…it would be Sylvia, Jimmy and Joey's mother!! What a great idea!! She would give her brother Terry the present of presents, the present of his life!!

Sylvia returned from shopping and heard the shower in the basement running when she came in. "Oh!!" she thought "I wonder if Jimmy's taking a shower, I have half a mind to go down there scrub his back…..Can't do that, that's what got me in trouble earlier!!" Instead she put the groceries down on the table and started putting them away. When she finished putting everything away she went to her bedroom to change into something more comfortable. One of her old housedresses would be just fine.

The door to Jimmy's room was opened just a crack. She could see Jimmy laying on his side masturbating!! The view of his fully naked lean body stretched out made her pussy instantly wet!! She was about to enter his room when she caught herself. "If Jimmy's here, who's in the basement showering??" Sylvia must have made a noise because Jimmy looked up and saw his mother standing in the hallway watching him. In dire need of relief he gestured to her to come in!! At the very least he wanted a blowjob!! Sylvia couldn't ignore him so she pushed the door open enough for her to enter and said, "We can't do anything now. Do you know who's in the basement?"

"That little bitch Mary" Jimmy spit!! "Oh my God, She can't catch me in your room with you like this!!" Sylvia exclaimed. "Wait, wait" said Jimmy, "We can hear the shower, when she shuts it off you can go across to your room!" He would do and say anything at this time to get some relief!!

Sylvia was caught up in the erotic excitement of the moment. The opportunity to once again perform a taboo act on her son and the chance of getting caught by her other son's girlfriend, was overpowering!! She gave a nervous look over her shoulder and stepped completely into Jimmy's room, leaving the door cracked just a bit so she could hear if anyone was coming.

Sylvia sat on the bed next to Jimmy, bent over, grabbed his cock in her hand and devoured it with her eager mouth!! She loved his cock, so hard, so long and it throbbed with anticipation of her expertise!! Jimmy, head propped up on the pillow watched his cock slide in and out of his mother's mouth. It was funny how as his cock disappeared her soft lips folded between her teeth and his member and then as his cock reappeared her lips also reappeared drawing out their full length as they reached the purple now swollen head!! He thought to himself, "She really knows her stuff!!" Taking full advantage of her preoccupation with his cock, Jimmy reached down and stock his hands down the front of his mother's dress; found her nipples and began to message her large tits while he twisted gently on the nipples. Sylvia moaned with delight, increasing the speed of her up and down movements on his huge member. Both Jimmy and Sylvia were lost in this forbidden interaction and did not hear the shower turn off.

Mary stepped out of the shower, hearing some noise from upstairs she dried off quickly and put a robe. She giggled to herself; "I'll bet Jimmy is up there jacking-off after what I put him through. I need to play him a little more!!"

When she reached the top of the stairs, saw the kitchen table with empty grocery bags on top, she knew immediately that Sylvia had returned. She walked down the hall toward Jimmy's room and noticed the door was ajar. Standing back about five or six feet from the door she could see Sylvia giving Jimmy one hell of a blowjob and Jimmy didn't have his hands in the cookie jar but he was fully into playing with her tits. Being very quite she decided to watch.

Sylvia, so fucking hot she didn't really know what she was doing, took one hand off Jimmy's cock and placed it under her dress, pushing away the now soaked panties. Placing a finger on her clit she began to message it as she continued sucking. Sylvia was now moaning uncontrollably. Ummmmmmmm, Ohhhhhhh!! She was working his cock in and out of her mouth as fast as she could and flicking her clit with equal speed with the other hand. That combined with Jimmy's rough handling of her tits….well Sylvia had an explosive orgasm!! It shot through her body, flushing her face causing her to convulse involuntarily!! She actually soaked her hand and her juice trickled down her leg!! Jimmy realizing that his mother had cum couldn't hold back any longer. His skintight head swelled in his mother's mother and the first shot of cum hit the back of her throat!! Sylvia wasn't used to such volume and force, the first spurt nearly chocked her!! With an unconscious action she removed his cock from her mouth just as the second spurt hit her right in eye, then the 3rd and 4th and the final, they all landed squarely on her face. Cum was now sliding down toward her chin.

Jimmy's eyes opened as his final shot hit his mother in the face!! Looking at his partially opened door he said, "SHIT!! FUCK!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!!?? Sylvia, not sure what Jimmy was talking about thought, "What is he talking about, he knew full well what she…." She looked at him through cum soaked eyes and realized he was staring at the door!! Jerking her hear around she saw Mary, standing in the doorway…. Smiling!!

At that moment Sylvia's world came to an end; she had been caught by her youngest son's girlfriend, performing the most taboo act any mother can perform. She was caught "red handed" sort of speak, with her son's cum running down her face. There was no way to excuse this or explain it for anything other than what it actually was…INCEST!! "Oh my God!! Oh my God!!" Sylvia screamed as she literally jumped from the bed, ran past Mary, cum falling to her exposed breasts, ran into her room and slammed the door crying uncontrollably.

Jimmy didn't bother to cover up. He just looked at Mary with hate in his eyes. "You fucking little bitch, you fucking little bitch, you'll get yours for this!!" Whispered Jimmy. Mary said, "Don't get your nuts in a knot, asshole, you're the one who fucked up!!" Jimmy yelled, "Fuck you!! Get the fuck out of here!!" Mary shut the door, smiled, turned and went into the living room and turned on the TV.

About 15 minutes later Jimmy came out of his room fully dressed. He yelled to his mother, "I'm going out and I'll be back late!!" As he walked past Mary, he said "Fuck You!" to which Mary responded with the showing of her middle finger!! And he was gone!

Mary continued watch TV for the next two hours. All the time thinking to herself "What a stroke of luck! Before it would have been her word to Sylvia saying she saw her and Jimmy together but now Sylvia had seen her watching and knew she knew!! She would get Sylvia to do exactly what she wanted or there would be hell to pay!!

It was about 9:00 PM, Frank; Sylvia's husband was supposed to be home in about an hour. Joey, her boyfriend wouldn't be home until midnight. Mary could hear Sylvia still crying although much softer now. Thinking she had given Mary enough time to emotionally recover and grasp the magnitude of what had happened she decided to go into Sylvia's bedroom and talk to her.

Mary walked down the hall to Sylvia's bedroom. She knocked on the door saying, "Sylvia, can I come in?? Sylvia timidly replied, "Okay, come in!" Mary somehow knew instinctively she had to be in control. She had Sylvia down and if she was to get what she wanted she had to keep the upper hand!! "Sylvia?" she said, "I caught you and now there is something I want you to do for me." Mary waited for her statement to sink in. Sylvia stopped crying and quizzically looked at Mary, "What do you mean?"

"I have something special I want you to do for me Sylvia and in return you'll get my silence. No one will ever know what I've seen here today!!"

Sylvia's blood ran cold, this young little girl, no baby, was trying to blackmail her, or at least that's what she thought she was hearing. She asked the question, "Mary? Are you trying to blackmail me??"

"Lets not call it blackmail, Sylvia; let's call it an understanding!! You do something for me and I'll do something for you!!"

Sylvia's head was still not clear and she wasn't sure she understood what was being said. "What the hell was Mary talking about??"

"Mary," Sylvia said in a nervous voice, " I don't understand!!?" Boldly Mary revealed to Sylvia what it was she wanted.

"I want you to introduce my 18 year old step-brother to sex!! I want you to instruct him on the finer points of lovemaking. I want you to turn him into a confident sexual person!! In short Sylvia, I want you to fuck his brains out in every imaginable way and position conceivable. Is that clear?"

Sylvia was white with shock!! She couldn't believe her ears!! What did this "Little bitch" as Jimmy called her, think?? Did she really believe I would do such a thing?? Did she really believe that I could have intimate relations with a 18-year-old boy!!?? It was one thing, with my 20-year-old son, but a 18-year-old boy?? NEVER!! And that is exactly what she told Mary, NEVER!! Mary stared a cold stare at Sylvia. Mary had promised her brother a special birthday gift and damn it Sylvia was it, like it or not, she was it!!

Holding back her anger, through clinched teeth, Mary said "Sylvia, if you value your self-respect, if you value your marriage, if you value the feelings of your son's, if you value your life as you know it, you will do what I'm asking. If you don't I'll expose you!! I'll tell the church, you neighbors, your work, your husbands work and last but not least…The Police!! I will ruin your life!! All you have to do is this one thing and only once and it's all over!! For this you have my promise. Do it and as far as I'm concerned we are square!! Understand??" Oh Sylvia understood all right!!

While Mary had been talking Sylvia had been mentally exploring her options trying to find some wiggle room. Trying to find an acceptable way out!! To her disappointment, none came to mind! She was beaten, beaten by this young little upstart. This conniving little bitch and she had no way out!! No way except to do her bidding!! In utter surrender Sylvia said, "Okay, I'll do it but Mary I will never forgive you for this! On that you can count!" Mary really didn't give a shit one way or the other so she replied "Good! Now here's exactly what I want you to do!"

"I will rent a room at the Twilight Motel across town for tomorrow night. You will call home from work and say you have to work late again. You will arrive at the Motel promptly at 6:00PM. I will drop my brother Terry off at 6:30. You will, lets say entertain him, until midnight. At that time you will leave and go home. Terry will spend the balance of the night there!! Is that clear??" Sylvia nodded in agreement, she understood…all too clearly!!

Mary turned on heals and left Sylvia's room. Returning to the living room she continued watching TV waiting for Joey to come home from work. Sylvia dropped face first into her pillow… What was she to do now? She had no choice but to do as she was told!! A welcome sleep finally came. She welcomed the mind numbing silence!!

The next day Sylvia awoke as if it had all been a bad dream but she knew deep down that it hadn't been. She remembered her orders to be at the Twilight Motel at 6:00 PM. Following her morning bath; not knowing why she put on her best lingerie. She actually took some extra time prepping that she normally didn't. She did all this without really realizing she was doing it. Work that day went extremely fast. She didn't want it to but it did. Around 5:00PM she called her husband and told him she had to work late and not to expect her until shortly after midnight!! Frank, her husband, was pissed but only because he had to fend for himself for the evening not because he would miss his wife. At 5:30 Mary called her, told her the room number was 207 and that the key was on the seat of her car. Mary had stopped by after lunch and place it there.

Sylvia arrived at the Motel at 6:00 PM just as she was instructed. Taking the key from her seat she proceeded to climb the stairs to room 207. Inserting the key, she turned the knob and entered. It was a large room with a single king sized bed, a television and a small table with two chairs. The bathroom was located at the rear. Stepping inside she hit the light and closed the door behind her.

Sylvia was nervous; she had never done anything like this before. She didn't know what to do, partially undress, sit on the bed, sit on the chair? She had only been unfaithful to her husband with Pete but that was different, Pete wasn't some young kid. Especially one that was only 18 and just turned 18 to boot!! What would she do and how would she handle this?? She had no idea!!

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