tagGay MaleJimmy's Summer of 1974

Jimmy's Summer of 1974


July 17th, 1974, was a day I will never forget. It's 36 years later and I still remember it like it was yesterday. It didn't start out any different than most days of that summer; fresh from graduating high school, I had gotten into a routine that was working well for me.

I would sleep late, usually not waking up until noon or so, and at that point I would hang around the house all day until my Mom got home from work. We would have dinner, and then I would go over to the place us guys hung out back in the woods. Pooling our money together, we would buy as much of the cheapest beer we could, and then proceeded to drink it as fast as we could.

That was the routine, and except for the nights I would have to work at this part-time job I had at the grocery store, I kept to it religiously. It seemed like that was as good a way to spend the summer as any, after all, real life would be starting up in the fall.

I neglected to mention the activity that filled many of the afternoons around the house, but in fact that was the highlight of my days, at least on those days that were sunny and warm. Seeing the sunlight streaming through my blinds was incentive enough for me to get up and go to the window.

My bedroom was on the second floor of the house, and one window faced my backyard, which was pretty boring. The other window - now there was where the action was. That window faced the house of our long time neighbors, the Browns.

They were a family of six, but the three oldest of the four kids had moved out, leaving only the youngest girl and her parents. The younger girl was my age, but because she skipped a grade was a year ahead of me in school.

Lois had never interested me very much, probably because she had always been rather butt ugly growing up. She was skinny, was rather homely and had wicked acne up until a few years ago. She dressed in baggy and drab clothes, and seemed to be trying to make herself as unattractive as possible, and it worked.

She was a brilliant student though, which was probably why people like me who were painfully average academically didn't care for her. There was also a rumor that she was a lesbian, which turned people off from her too, although I confess that not only didn't bother me but made her a bit interesting.

Anyway, the Brown family had a pool in their yard. It was one of those above ground round things that's about 4' deep; nothing elaborate. I had never been in it because the rest of the Brown kids were older than me and we didn't hang out, but I could see it clearly enough from my window.

It was then that I started noticing Lois Brown. Earlier that summer I happened to glance over and saw Lois swimming, and ever since then I was hooked. Every day I would check over there to see if Lois was out, and if she was, my entertainment for the day was complete.

Oh, Lois was still no beauty queen, at least not in any conventional way. She still had skinny arms and bony legs, still had complexion problems, and in her bathing suit I could see that she even had acne scars on her back. I had noticed that by accident when I was checking out how clearly the binoculars could see, but in reality, nobody was ever going to spend much time looking at Lois Brown's back.

It was her front that interested me, and I don't know whether she was always built like that, or whether she suddenly blossomed overnight, but whichever the case, when I saw Lois in her bathing suit for the first time, I damn near fell out the window.

Lois Brown had the biggest tits I had ever seen. Even in the drab tan one piece suit she wore, her breasts looked gigantic. How that skinny body managed to stay upright with those torpedoes attached was astounding, and her cleavage looked like someplace you could bury your head in.

I spent that first day in my bathrobe, jerking off as I watched Lois, who would swim a bit and then come out of the water and sit in the chaise lounge to rest. My dick was sore by the end of the day, and that came from the non-stop stroking it got. Every one of the half dozen orgasms I had was incredible, and the next day was more of the same.

The third day was the best. Lois had a friend over. It was some dumpy looking girl who wore a t-shirt into the pool, but I would have looked at her if she was naked, because Lois wasn't wearing that drab bathing suit, but instead was wearing a bright yellow bikini that hid very little.

Maybe this was her lesbian girlfriend, I wondered as I watched those enormous jugs swaying as she moved, hoping to catch the two of them kissing or something. Nothing happened, although I thought the other girl spent a lot of time doing what I was doing, staring at the skinny girl with the big tits.

That night at our drinking hangout, I mentioned to my friend Kenny about what I had seen that day. Kenny was my best friend, probably because misery loves company. He was a misfit like me, and while my problem was being chubby and not very popular, his was being skinny and equally unpopular.

Kenny was a virgin, but at least he admitted it. I was too, but always claimed that I had screwed Kathy Morin last summer. I hadn't, but not for lack of trying. She did jerk me off though, so when she dumped me I got my revenge by claiming her as the first notch on my bedpost.

On the way home I told Kenny of my peeping activities, and when I told him about Lois, he refused to believe it.

"No way man," Kenny said. "She belongs in a kennel. She's as flat as a board. I remember her from church."

"When was the last time you were in church?" I asked him. "I think she's grown up since then."

Maybe Kenny didn't believe me, or maybe he did so he could get an invitation to come over to see for himself the next day, because he really liked to hang out with me. I had to get dressed for the occasion, and when he arrived around noon I was worried, because there had been no sign of Lois.

We paced around the sweltering coffin that was my room, glancing out the blinds from time to time while Kenny started suggesting that I was putting him on. I told him to hang on, because it wasn't even 1:00 yet.

Then it happened. Lois emerged from the house and went over to the pool. She was wearing something like a bathrobe, and as she tested the water Kenny started commenting.

"Shit. Her legs are like toothpicks," he said while she walked around the side of the house.

"Just wait," I said, hoping that when she took off the robe, that yellow bikini would be under it.

"Who's the fat chick?" Kenny asked as Lois let her friend from yesterday into the backyard.


"Looks like a dyke," Kenny said. "Wait, she's... DAMN!"

I smiled when I saw Kenny's reaction to Lois taking off the robe. The yellow bikini was there, and Lois looked better than ever.

"I do not fucking believe this," Kenny said, pulling at himself through his shorts. "She makes Raquel Welch look like a boy."

That might have been an exaggeration, but the sight of that bony girl with the over-sized mammary glands was doing to Kenny what she had done to me, and we rubbed shoulders at the window to get the best view.

"That one in the t-shirt - she must be a lesbian," Kenny deduced. "You know that's what they always said about Lois."

"I know."

"It would be so hot if they made out," Kenny said. "Look at those tits. Wonder what size bra she wears?"

"I have no idea. Maybe she doesn't wear one."

"Lesbians don't," Kenny declared. "She must be gay. Did you see her armpits? They're as hairy as mine."

"I saw," I told Kenny, having memorized Lois from head to toe, and noticing the thick tufts of hair Lois had in those deep armpit hollows of hers would have been hard to miss. "Check out around the leg openings of her bikini. There's hair peeking out of there too."

"A trail of it goes up to her belly button too," Kenny said as he pressed the binoculars to the glass. "The pit hair of hers - I gotta admit that it turns me on."

"I know," I agreed, having discussed that topic with Kenny many times, since his older sister had gone through her hippie phase before heading to college.

"How do you stand it? Watching her like this all day, I mean. I would be jacking off non-stop," Kenny admitted, and I guess that my expression gave me away.

"Hey, I don't blame you," Kenny said after I confessed. "She's so hot. You ought to take pictures of her."

"Kinda tough through the glass," I said, having already thought of it before, and because we had only a nodding acquaintance, I didn't think she would let me come over and take a few Polaroids of her for my archives.

"I gotta," Kenny said, growing tired of adjusting himself in his shorts. "Mind if I use your bathroom?"

"Go ahead," I laughed. "Hell, you can do it here if you want."

"Really?" Kenny said. "Ah, I can't do it with you here."

"I'll join you," I said, not used to staring that long at Lois without release, and since we were like brothers I figured we might as well share everything.

Kenny started to ask me if I had tissues, but I was already getting my invention out of the closet. I had gotten weary of cleaning up messes, so I had improvised a way to catch my many ejaculations.

"See?" I said after I had wedged the edge of the old bed-sheet under the blinds and draped the rest of it along the wall and onto the floor.

"You're a genius!" Kenny declared. "Sometimes I use a sock at home. You know? Put it over my dick and wank?"

"Me too," I admitted. "I was running out of socks though."

"Pretty sad," Kenny said. "We should be over there fucking Lois instead of doing - you know - this."

"We could go over and give it a try," I suggested, and Kenny laughed at that.

"Right. Like we would have a chance of converting lesbians," Kenny said sarcastically.

"If they are lesbians," I reminded him.

"It's my fantasy, so in my mind they are. Oh well. Here goes."

We had been waiting for each other to make the first move, and Kenny finally got tired of waiting, yanking down his shorts and underwear at once and stepping out of them.

Kenny had a boner, and I giggled when I first saw it, bouncing around wildly in front of him. We had seen each other in the showers and stuff, but never with an erection, so seeing Kenny's dick like this was a bit of a shock.

I knew he didn't have a big one, but I was kinda shocked at how small he was hard. Trying not to stare at him as he self-consciously pulled on it a couple of times, I guessed his dick to be about 5" long and quite thin, and the slender reed curled upwards in a slight arch.

He had a lot of pubic hair though - a big jungle above his dick, and I wasn't surprised at that. Kenny had hair growing on his legs and under his arms way before I did, and in far greater quantities. That was something that I had always been a bit jealous of, to be honest, having only ended up with a dusting of hair in the usual places even after my painfully late puberty had finally kicked in.

I dropped my jeans and underwear much slower, being a little self-conscious of my own body. I was about 15 or 20 pounds overweight, and while I wasn't fat, I was a little doughy, in direct contrast to my skinny friend.

After stepping out of my underwear, I took my time turning around to face the window. When I did, Kenny was trying not to look at me much like I had tried not to look at him, but he failed.

"What the hell?" Kenny said, staring at my cock which was pointing toward Lois. "Your cock is fucking huge!"

"Is not," I mumbled in response while trying to look out the window, but Kenny spun me around to face him.

"It's gotta be a foot long!" Kenny said, waving his dick in my direction. "I mean, I knew yours was bigger than mine, but damn! Your cock has got to be a foot long."

"You're crazy," I said.

"I've got six inches, and yours has to be twice the size of mine," Kenny said with excitement as he brought his dick over to mine. "See?"

We were facing each other, and as Kenny held his dick near mine I couldn't deny there was a major difference. Kenny's dick was no six inches, and might not even be 5", but mine was no 12" cock like Kenny had claimed. My cock measured about 8" or so, although it probably was twice as thick as my friend's.

"Back to Lois," I said, and we went back to our observational post.

Lois has taken a dip while we were comparing our stuff, and now she was out of the pool and shaking the water off of her.

"Oh man!" Kenny said. "Look at those boobs."

I had my cock in my fist and was pumping it slowly while I watched what my friend was doing a play-by-play off. I glanced over at Kenny, observing his masturbating technique. He had his dick pinched between his thumb and index finger and was moving his hand up and down the shaft, and I averted my eyes when Kenny looked over to me.

Kenny was watching me jerk off, and he seemed to be just as interested in looking at me as he was Lois. I surprised myself by being equally interested in Kenny's activity. That made me feel a little weird, but for some reason it seemed to turn me on, even though I had never thought of Kenny - or any other guy - like that.

"Oh that's it!" Kenny declared, now looking through the slats as his fingers worked faster. "Lift your arms for me Lois. That's it... AWWW!!!"

My gaze went from Lois in the act of drying her hair to my friend, whose knees buckled as his dick squirted milky jets of cum all over my bed sheet. The sight of seeing my friend cum make my orgasm race through my loins, and as Kenny's orgasm ended, mine began. As I blasted my load all over the sheet, I couldn't help but notice Kenny's eyes were glued on me, and I don't know whether that was what made me cum so good and hard, but I know it didn't hurt.

"Damn, that was good," Kenny said. "Mind if I stick around this afternoon?"

"Sure. My mom doesn't get home until 5."

"No sense getting dressed," Kenny said. "I think I'll be back to the window a few more times."


"She's back out," Kenny announced as I came back into the room.

Lois and her friend had gone inside for a while, and when I went to the bathroom Kenny kept watch. Looking at Kenny peeking though the blinds, on his toes with his dick in hand, I was struck at how interesting his body was.

His little rear end was kinda muscular in a way, and although his legs were slender, they were muscular as well. What got my attention, as it always did, was how hairy his legs were, from his ankles on up. Even the back of his thighs were coated with dense dark brown hair that grew right up to the bottom of his butt.

When I got next to Kenny, he was already hard and stroking away, in stark contrast to my limp member. Strangely enough, I felt my dick starting to energize again, and while that wasn't all that odd, the fact was that I hadn't looked back out the window yet.

"That other girl?" Kenny asked. "She ever take that shirt off?"

"She didn't yesterday," I said, starting to pull on my stiffening tool. "To tell you the truth, I didn't care if she did or not."

"Guess not," Kenny said. "As long as Lois is out there. I wonder how big her nipples are?"

"Beats me," I said, and I was flustered when Kenny looked over at me and caught me looking at him.

To my relief, Kenny didn't say anything, but instead looked down at my cock, which was erect again.

"Bet you made Kathy Morin scream when you stuck that cock for yours in her," Kenny said, now looking right at me.

"No, it wasn't like that," I said, tempted to admit my story was just that, a story.

"She give you head?" he asked.


"Probably wouldn't have been able to get her mouth open wide enough," Kenny decided.

"I think you're exaggerating quite a bit," I told him.

"Come on. The head of your cock is as big as a apple," Kenny said, and after a minute where he seemed to be wrestling with himself, asked me a question.

"Don't get the wrong idea, man," Kenny said slowly. "Would you mind if I - you know - touched it. I'm not queer or anything. I'm just curious."

I never answered the question, and just stood there stunned. I didn't say yes and I didn't say no, but when Kenny's hand came toward me, I didn't move away. In fact, I may have moved a little to face him.

"Wow," Kenny gasped at his hand wrapped around the shaft of my cock, and my breath caught in my throat as I felt his grip tighten. "Look. I can't even get my fingers all the way around it."

"You've got small hands," I said, the sight of Kenny holding my cock making me feel things I didn't know were inside of me.

"Bullshit. Man, what I would have paid to watch you fuck Kathy Morin with this," Kenny said. "You wear a rubber?"

"Uh, yeah," I lied.

"Surprised you could get one to fit you," Kenny said. "You should have fucked her in the ass."

"In the ass?"

"Yeah man, it's really good," Kenny claimed.

"How would you know?" I said, chuckling at my virgin friend's assumed knowledge.

Kenny still had a hold of my cock, his fist still pumping the sweaty shaft of my member, while Kenny's dick bobbed away near my hip.

"If I had your dick for a day," Kenny said. "I wouldn't even wear pants. I'd be wiggling it at every girl in town."

"I think you're crazy. Who cares how big a guy's dick is? What good does it do me?" I reminded him.

"Your problem is you lack confidence, just like me," Kenny said. "We freeze up with other people. But if I had your cock, I'd be all over girls."

"I think your dick is way better than mine," I said, looking at the beige stem with the pink gumdrop head. "Yours is..."

"Little?" Kenny suggested.

"More attractive," I said, wanting to use the word cute. "Mine is brown and veined and ugly."

"Makes it look scarier," Kenny said. "You ever hold any other dick but your own?"


"Here," Kenny said, taking his free hand and grabbing me by the wrist, and when I resisted a bit, he almost pleaded with me. "Please. It'll make me feel less weird.

So I did it. I let Kenny take my hand over to his dick, and when it was placed on his boner, my hand clutched it.

"Different, isn't it?" Kenny asked, and I nodded as I felt the pulsating beneath the pale skin of his prong. "Than feeling your own, I mean?"

"Yes," I said, my voice no more than a wheeze as my hand began to move up and down Kenny's dick.

"Thank you," Kenny said softly. "You don't know..."

He never finished his sentence, but instead began to groan, moving his hips as I pumped his dick, and then he was crying out, turning a bit away from me as I felt a surge run through his penis, and then realized he was cumming, pointing himself toward the window as he ejaculated.

Kenny's face was red and sweat was pouring down his face as I milked his dick until it shriveled down to the little stem I was more used to seeing. It almost seemed like tears were mixed in with the sweat, as he seemed to be getting emotional.

"Not doing this very good for you, am I?" Kenny finally said, looking at my cock which was beet red and stiff in his hand. "Would you rather finish yourself?"

"No," I heard myself saying. "It's good."

"Maybe like this then," Kenny said, letting go of my cock for a second to get behind me, and then he was leaning into my back as he reached around and took my cock in his fist again.

"This okay?" Kenny asked, and as his fist began slowly pumping my cock I felt his body against mine.

The hair on his legs felt coarse against the smooth backsides of mine, and I found myself leaning back into Kenny as he leaned into me. His pale white hand looked erotic against the darker tone of my cock, and his touch felt so good that I forgot what we were doing was wrong.

"What's Lois doing?" Kenny asked, and I noticed he was looking over my shoulder, watching his hand working me over.

"Swimming," I said, but in fact while I was facing the window, I had lost track of my neighbor, and was concentrating on what Kenny was doing to me, and I was trying like hell to keep from cumming because I wanted this moment to last forever.

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