Jim's Camp Counselor Exam


As she was talking she rolled the stool even closer to Chris. Without any warning, she grabbed the loose material of his boxers with both of her hands and pulled them down in one swift motion. They were now laying on the floor in a pile of light blue material that was wrapped around his ankles.

"Step out, please," she ordered.

Chris appeared to be in total shock at the swift removal of his last remaining clothing, but he managed to obey Stacy's command. As he freed his feet from the confines of his boxers, Stacy reached down and picked them up. She then walked a few feet to the chair with his other clothes and added his boxers to the stack. She now returned to her position on the stool directly in front of Chris -- who was now completely nude. Chris was standing with his feet tightly together and his hands held in front of his genitals. This was a half-hearted attempt by him to maintain some modesty, since deep down I'm sure he knew that he would have to uncover himself.

"Now, Chris, you know I can't do this with your hands in the way," she said. "Can you please move them to your sides? You're going to have to uncover yourself, or I can't complete your physical."

Chris obeyed by moving his hands to his sides, and in the process, he uncovered himself. As a reward for his obedience, Stacy looked up at him, made eye contact and gave him a warm smile. Chris just stared down at her with a look of total disbelief in his face. Was he really nude right now, standing just a few feet in front of this cute girl? But Chris didn't have much time to contemplate his situation, for she was about to return to the job at hand. Since she was sitting in front of him, she was eye level with his genitals. She seemed to just sit there for a brief moment, taking it all in. She was about to give a male patient, her first real one, a genital exam.

Chris was circumcised and had what I would call an average size penis. It wasn't unusually thick or long, just average -- similar to mine. The light brown hair that I previously saw on his lower abdomen led directly into a good crop of pubic hair. His pubic hair was darker, but I would still call it light brown. His hair was fairly long, but it did look like he kept it trimmed, although it wasn't as short as I keep mine. The skin of his scrotum was loose and it was obvious that his balls were large, relaxed and low-hanging. But looking at him, I felt that I would measure up well when I got undressed. I didn't feel that I was inferior to him in any way. And I hoped that Stacy would feel the same way.

"What about him?" Chris asked. "If I have to stand here like this, shouldn't he get undressed too?"

Chris did have a point, but I'm not really sure why it was such a big deal to him. Unless this was an attempt by him to try to embarrass me. Maybe he just didn't want to be in the only person in the room who was nude right now. Little did he know that at this point, I didn't really care who saw me. And this was another opportunity for me to demonstrate my confidence to Stacy -- to show her that I wasn't afraid or embarrassed at all.

"Jim is fine for now," she answered, "he can wait until it's his turn before removing his shorts."

"No, that's OK," I announced, "I don't mind getting ready now, just to save time, of course."

As I stood facing them, I grabbed the waistband of my briefs with both hands and slowly pulled them down my body. I didn't want to hurry. I wanted to give them plenty of time to watch me strip for them. When my hands reached the floor, I stepped out of my briefs and then deposited them with my other clothes. Then I calmly walked back to my previous position and stood before them. They were both watching every move I made, so I was especially conscious of my body language. I kept my arms at my sides and casually spread my legs apart, giving them an opportunity to take a good look at me. As a final step, I looked them right in the eye, first Stacy and then Chris, and gave each of them a proud, confident smile.

Just like Chris, I was circumcised and had what I consider an average size penis. At least, it was average size when I was flaccid, as I was right now. My balls didn't hang as low as Chris', nor did they look like they were as large. My public hair was also lighter than his, and I liked to keep mine trimmed much shorter. I didn't want to look bald like a little boy, but I also didn't like a thick forest of hair.

While still looking at me, Stacy pulled the exam gloves onto her hands, ending with a loud snapping sound for each hand. She then turned back toward Chris to begin his exam. Without saying a word, she grabbed his penis with her left hand and lifted it up and away from his body. She did a thorough visual inspection of it, seeming to look at every bit of skin. At one point, she even lifted it straight up in order to look at the underside. Her right hand now joined the party, as she used it to help stretch the skin in order to thoroughly examine his male member. After spending a short time visually inspecting his penis, she began to gently palpate it up and down the entire length of his shaft. She then gently squeezed the head which caused his pee hole to open, allowing for her visual inspection.

All of this attention to his penis was taking its toll. It looked like he was now, ever so slowly, becoming aroused. His penis was now noticeably longer and thicker. He wasn't fully erect by any means, but he was on his way there. When Stacy released her grip on his member, it now stood up and away from his body on its own rather than hanging straight down over his balls. Stacy must have noticed the change because she briefly looked up at Chris and smiled knowingly.

"I need to check your testicles now," she said to Chris. Chris didn't respond in any way.

Stacy now lightly patted the inside of Chris' thigh, signaling to him that she wanted his legs parted. Chris immediately responded by shuffling his legs further apart. As he did, she turned her attention to his testicles. She grabbed his left one with her right hand and gently lifted it away from his body. As she held it between the fingers of her right hand, she used the fingers of her left hand to gently feel the entire surface. Her fingers stretched the skin of his scrotum tightly across the testicle to make the examination easier. She then began to palpate the testicle, gently tapping it with her fingers. One she completed her examination of his left testicle, she repeated the exam on his right side. As a final step, she grabbed both of his testicles in her hands at the same time and compared them. It looked as if she was weighing them in her hands, gently bouncing them up and down.

It was now time for Chris' hernia exam. Stacy found the location of the inguinal ring on his left side and plunged her index finger deep into it.

"Cough, please," she commanded.

Chris turned his head to the right, away from me, and let out his best cough.

"Again, please," she commanded.

Apparently, his first cough didn't satisfy her. Chris coughed again, even louder than the first time. Stacy now switched sides and plunged her finger into his right side, once again commanding Chris to cough for her. Satisfied that she had successfully completed her first male genital and hernia exam, she was finished.

"Alright, I'm ready for you, Jim," Stacy said to me. "Chris, you can trade places with him." As she spoke, she pulled off the exam gloves she used on Chris and retrieved a fresh pair to use on me.

As Chris walked toward me, I could see that he was still aroused, perhaps even slightly more than before. As his body moved, his penis swayed back and forth, indicating that it now had some extra weight due to being engorged with blood.

I took my position in front of the exam table, facing Stacy who was now sitting in front of me on the rolling stool. I positioned my hands at my sides and spread my legs widely apart, planting my feet about shoulder-width apart. I noticed that with my feet spread apart, I could no longer feel the warmth of my testicles and the skin of my scrotum as it made contact with my upper thighs. The lack of contact made it feel as if my testicles were hanging freely between my legs, dangling precariously beneath me and very vulnerable. As Stacy pulled on the fresh pair of exam gloves, I looked down at myself. It looked like I wasn't totally flaccid anymore either. Being nude for the last few minutes, and watching Chris' exam was certainly arousing and there was visible evidence that it was increasing the blood flow to my penis.

"I can get dressed now, right?" asked Chris. "I mean, you're done with me, right?"

"No, not quite, Chris," Stacy answered, "I wanted to get Jim caught up with you before I move on to a couple of additional things. Just relax for a minute and wait until I'm done with him."

I looked at Chris to see the disappointment in his face. Clearly, he was assuming that he was now finally done with all parts of the exam. But that was apparently not the case. Worse yet, he was now wondering what else might be included in the exam. He had already had a genital and hernia exam, which is usually as bad as it gets. What more could there be? Since he was completely nude, he probably realized that he was about to endure something even more embarrassing than what took place during the last few minutes. But for the time being, he now had the same opportunity that I just had -- to watch another guy receive a genital and hernia exam. But this time, he was the audience member and I was the subject on display.

"Well, Jim, let's begin," said Stacy as she rolled the stool closer to me and began her examination of my genitals.

As she just did with Chris, she began by grabbing my penis with her left hand and lifting it away from my body. The feeling of her gloved fingers on my male member was exquisite. She used the fingers of her right hand to tightly stretch my skin. This allowed for a better examination along the entire length of my shaft. As she did, I could almost feel the blood rushing to my penis, helping to make it increase in length and girth while she was still holding me. Next she gently palpated my penis before squeezing the head with her fingers and observing my pee hole.

Without saying a word, she released my penis from her grip and proceeded to examine my testicles. My penis had grown in length and now seemed to be in her way, so she simply pushed it to my right side to provide better access to my left testicle. After gently feeling and palpating the entire surface of my left testicle, she turned her attention to my right side. Once again, my ever-lengthening penis seemed to be in her way again, but she solved the problem by simply pushing it to my left side. I absolutely loved the feeling of her gloved fingers as they held, squeezed and generally fondled my balls. It was wonderful and I didn't want her to stop.

I briefly looked down and saw that my penis was now much longer and thicker than before. It was almost at the point where it was beginning to lift up from my body on its own. Whether I liked it or not, it was on its way to a full erection. Not just yet, but sooner or later it was inevitable. I looked over at Chris and saw that he was looking down and intently watching my genital exam. And he was smiling. I guess he was enjoying the show. I looked down at him and saw that his arousal had continued. His penis was now erect and pointing straight out from his body. He was trying to hide it with one of his hands, but it was pretty obvious.

I now felt Stacy's gloved hands grab both of my testicles at the same time. I felt her gently lift and bounce them in her hands as if she was weighing and comparing them. After a few seconds of that, she released her grip to prepare for my hernia exam.

"Alright, just the hernia check now," she said.

I shuffled my feet a little further apart and made sure they were planted firmly on the ground. I've had hernia exams in the past that almost knocked me off balance, so I wanted to make sure I was prepared for this one. I wasn't expecting her to be especially rough, but I wanted to be prepared either way. After placing her finger into position on my left side, she commanded me to cough. I deliberately let out a timid cough, knowing that this would then require a second cough on that side. I wanted to extend the amount of time that Stacy had her fingers on this area of my body. After providing a second cough, she switched to my right side. This time she was satisfied that my first cough was good enough to complete the exam.

"OK, Jim, go stand next to Chris while I update your forms," she said as she removed her exam gloves.

I walked over and stood next to Chris, moving my hands casually behind my back. I looked down at myself to see that my penis was still long and thick, but not fully erect yet. It was still laying against my body, unlike his which was sticking straight out. I caught him looking down at me, but then he quickly looked up and our eyes briefly met. We both just smiled at each other, knowing that we were both very aroused. Still totally nude, we both stood there and watched as Stacy made notes on our exam forms. After just a few passing seconds, she turned and addressed us.

{ P A R T 6 : P E N E T R A T I O N }

"OK, boys," she said, "For males, the form requires a quick rectal and prostate exam. Originally, I was thinking I would skip that part to save time, but since both of you are already undressed, I think I'll go ahead and include it."

I looked at Chris and saw what I can only describe as a mix of sheer terror and embarrassment in his face. I quickly looked back at Stacy and smiled at her, just to let her know that I was OK with this part of the exam. But I really wasn't. The reality was that I was terrified of the exam that she just described, but I certainly didn't want her to know that.

"But I'm sure they'll accept the form even if you skip those parts," Chris protested in an obviously nervous, cracking voice.

"Oh, don't worry, Chris," she replied, "It won't be so bad. You'll see."

I looked at Chris again. He didn't seem convinced. Stacy now continued with her instructions.

"Let me have both of you boys stand over here at the side of the exam table," she ordered.

We both walked a few steps to the side of the table where Stacy was now standing.

"That's right, face the table and just stand right next to each other, a little closer to the table."

We both moved closer to the table, and were now about a foot away from it. We were standing very close to each other, with Chris only a foot or two to my left. As we moved into position, Stacy went to the other side of the table to retrieve some supplies. She retrieved the entire box of exam gloves, a box of tissues, and a blue and white tube of KY jelly and placed all of them on the exam table between Chris and I. She now pulled out a pair of gloves and proceeded to pull them onto her hands. As she was doing so, she walked back to our side of the table and stood behind us. I had a pretty good idea what her next instructions were going to be.

"Now I need you to bend over and rest the upper part of your body on the table."

I assumed that she would examine Chris first, just as she had done throughout this exam. So I didn't move into position. I figured that it would be my turn after she finished with Chris. Instead, I turned to watch Chris as he bent at the waist and laid his chest on the table.

"You too, Jim," she said, "I want both of you to get into position before I start the exam."

I wasn't sure why she decided to have us both get into position right away. But nevertheless, I obeyed her order by turning back to face the table, bending over and resting my upper body on the table.

"Now, if I can get both of you to reach forward with your hands and grab the other side of the table, that would be better," she added. "I need you boys to keep your hands occupied and out of the way, otherwise I can't give you a proper examination."

At the time, I had my arms at my sides. But I obeyed her order and lifted them up above me. Once there, I reached for the opposite side of the table, holding on to it with both hands.

"That's better. The only problem now is that you're both standing too close to the exam table. So without getting out of this position, I need both of you to take one step back away from the exam table. Oh, and also spread your legs a little further apart."

I took a step back and shuffled my feet further apart. As I did so, my sockless left foot made contact with Chris' right foot as he was repositioning his feet. Still keeping our heads on the table, we both turned toward each other and silently whispered "sorry". It was an awkward moment, since it emphasized just how closely we were standing next to each other. And to recap, we were both completely nude, bent over an exam table, our legs were spread apart and we were about to be penetrated by Stacy's finger. Throughout the earlier parts of the exam, we could watch each other from a distance. And for some parts, we got a little bit closer. But we were never this close to the other guy when he was being examined.

We stayed like that in position and just waited for Stacy to begin. I'm sure it was merely seconds that we waited, but it seemed like an eternity. I couldn't see behind me, but I could imagine the view that Stacy had right now. We were two healthy and fit young men, stripped of all clothing and bent over in front of her. We were objects on display before her, waiting to be used in any way that she desired. It was as if we were loyal subjects, bent over in a show of respect as we presented our gift offering to the queen. In my case, I was offering her my anal virginity, allowing her to be the very first person to anally penetrate me. Sure, I have vague memories of having my temperature taken rectally when I was a small child. And I remember receiving one or two enemas from my mother when I was probably the same young age. But this was somehow different. I was now an adult. And no adult, not a doctor, nurse, friend or lover has ever penetrated me as she was about to do.

"OK, Chris you're first," Stacy said, "I'm just going to check you externally first."

I couldn't see what was happening, but from the uncomfortable look on Chris' face, she was making some kind of contact with him. Since she said she would check him externally first, I assumed that she was simply looking at his ass, and maybe spreading his cheeks apart.

She now reached between us and retrieved the tube of KY. Neither of us could see what she was doing, but I assumed she was applying it to her fingers. I then saw her put the tube back in its original position between us.

"This will feel a little cold," she said to Chris.

I then saw Chris' body involuntarily jerk forward, as if it just received some kind of shock.

"Just breathe normally," she said.

I saw Chris' body jerk forward again, this time his face cringed in discomfort. And once again, his body moved, and Chris let out a loud gasp for air. Was he in pain? Or was it pure pleasure? I couldn't really tell by looking at his face.

"Almost done," Stacy said.

After a couple more grunts and gasps for air, Stacy withdrew her finger and announced that she was finished with Chris. Chris immediately stood up next to me.

"You see, that wasn't so bad," Stacy said to him as she handed him a few tissues from the box. "Here, you can clean yourself up with these."

My head and chest were still down on the exam table, but I now heard the sound of exam gloves being removed. I saw Stacy retrieve two fresh ones from the box that was next to me, so I knew that it was now my turn to be anally examined. I also knew that Chris was no longer bent over the table beside me. Instead, he was now standing to my left, right next to Stacy. For this part of the exam, he would have the opportunity that I didn't. He would be able to watch the business end of my rectal exam. He could watch as Stacy penetrated me with her lubricated finger, shoving it deep into my rectum. And there wasn't anything that I could do about it. And for some unknown reason, the thought of being on display like this, and having an audience, excited me.

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