tagGroup SexJim's Girl Friend Ch. 02

Jim's Girl Friend Ch. 02


Jim smiled as he watched his girl friend straddling his father and fucking in the cowgirl position. He wasn't at all surprised to find them cavorting on his bed. After seeing his dad's pickup truck parked in front of the house, and not seeing him or Susie in the family room, he expected to find them here together. Jim was well aware of the strong mutual attraction the two would have for each other, which is why he had suggested a threesome to Susie. He was happy to see they had met and decided to start without him.

"Hi, Jim," his father greeted him, after finally noticing him in the doorway.

"Hi, Dad. Hi, Susie." Jim walked into the room, placed one hand on Susie's shoulder and one on her other breast, the one his father wasn't fondling.

Without speaking, she turned her face to him, and he kissed her mouth, thrusting his tongue deep inside, finding hers, and letting them greet each other. Susie's face and upper body were flushed and it was obvious she was having a great time fucking his dad. Even while kissing him, she didn't miss a stroke, not even hesitating, as she moved her body up and down, taking his father's cock all the way into her pussy.

"Hi, Jimmy. I think a threesome with your father is a great idea," Susie responded after their mouths separated. "Take off your clothes and join us."

Jim complied with part of her suggestion, removing all his clothing and leaving it in a pile on the floor, but he wasn't ready to join in until he had done something else. He considers Susie to be the sexiest woman he has ever known and probably her sexiest quality is her truly gorgeous ass. He had patted and caressed her there many times and gazed, enraptured, at its smooth and curvaceous loveliness from many different angles and viewpoints. This was his chance, he realized, to see her ass from yet another different perspective.

Jim leaned over the bed to watch how she raised and lowered her pussy to envelop his father's cock. He noted, with satisfaction, that the thick shaft going in and out of her was wearing a condom, and Jim knew the first thing he would do after they were through fucking. The recent waxing of her pussy also caught his attention, and he knew she would be even more sensitive than usual. That would be later, although probably not much later. What he most enjoyed watching was the way Susie's lovely ass cheeks flared out, spreading with every down stroke when the cock surged into her pussy, and how her cute pink rosebud seemed to wink at him. He smiled and winked back.

Her gorgeous ass and flirtatious rosebud brought another thought to the forefront of Jim's mind. Not only is Susie a world class hotty to look at, she is even hotter in bed. So far, she had relished different kinds of sex with him but they hadn't tried anal yet, except for fucking her ass with his finger while eating her pussy. He wondered if she would be ready for a little bit of a double penetration.

Once again he looked at the cock driving in and out of her. As usual, Susie was producing a heavy flow of juices, so many that they were running onto his dad's legs and soaking into the bed. Jim reached in between them to catch some of the flow on his middle finger and brought his hand back to cover the finger with the lubrication, especially the tip. Her juices had a truly delightful aroma, and he knew they would be delicious, but he also knew he would be devouring a great wealth of them soon, so it was alright to put some to use now.

Jim spread Susie's ass cheeks with one hand and placed the prepared finger tip, with the palm up, against her rosebud. She immediately divined what he was about to do, and turned her head to grin an invitation to him. Susie also leaned forward and reached back with her hands to spread her cheeks even better, without missing or even delaying a stroke in her fucking. Jim's finger eased inside Susie's ass, all the way to his knuckle, and he started thrusting it in and out at the same pace as she was impaling herself on his father's cock.

"Mmmm, I really like that," Susie responded to what Jim was doing. "Keep fucking me like that. You too," she said, turning back to George.

He had been silent since greeting Jim, but spoke up then. "Son, your lady friend is about the hottest woman I've ever met. Definitely the best pussy I've ever eaten and the hottest woman I've ever fucked."

"I know that, Dad, and I'm glad she meets with your approval. She's the hottest woman I've ever even known, too."

"Thanks, guys," Susie responded to the completely sincere compliments. "A girl likes to feel appreciated."

As if to prove the two men right, Susie started moving up and down faster, and they matched the increased speed with their finger and cock. "I'm getting ready to cum, George," she announced.

"Okay. Me too."

Besides taking the cock and the finger faster into her pleasure holes, Susie leaned back so the entire length of George's shaft was massaging her clit with every stroke, both going in and coming out. "Oh, my God," she blurted. That feels so good! Fuck my cunt! Fuck my ass!"

The men were happy to do what Susie wanted. Jim, still fondling one succulent breast, moved directly behind Susie so he could continue to ram his finger all the way in and out of her ass. George fucked faster too, even removing his hand from her breast and putting both hands on her thighs so he could push downward on her as he drove his cock as hard as he could into her pussy. Susie whimpered with the pleasure she was getting from the double penetration and her body writhed on top of George.

"Yes! Yes!" she cried out joyfully. "I'm cumming! Keep fucking me; I'm cumming!"

George did what she wanted but Jim, knowing how Susie's muscles clench when she cums, removed his finger from her ass. He also knows just how wild she gets while cumming, especially in that position, so he held her shoulders to keep her on top of his father, lightly enough so that everybody would enjoy themselves to the utmost, but firmly enough so that she wouldn't fall off the bed.

Knowing she was safe from mishap, Susie gave herself completely over to the pleasure of the moment, her body thrashing all over on top of George, while her pussy continued slamming down against him. He was just as active, driving his cock in and out of her. "Ah! Ah! Ah!" Susie cried out ecstatically for as long as she continued cumming.

Once again, it was almost five minutes of incredible pleasure for her and George before she climaxed, her back arching and her whole body spasming. After her orgasm, Susie collapsed on top of her partner, who did not slow down at all. His hands went from her thighs to her luscious ass and he kept pounding his cock into her pussy until he felt a great rush of pleasure from every extremity, concentrating on his groin. He climaxed, grunting and ejaculating into his condom. George kept fucking and fired two more spurts of semen into the latex protection until he was through cumming, and relaxed under Susie's voluptuous body.

Jim was the only one not relaxed but he was also enjoying himself. His father lay flat on his back, his legs out straight. Susie lay on top of him, her legs spread and George's softening cock still imbedded in her pussy. Jim smiled at the sight and fragrance of the great wealth of her juices that were spattered on her legs and buttocks, or were still trickling from their delectable pink source. He knew what he wanted to do as soon as Susie had rested enough to continue, and he knew Susie would want it too. Before that would happen, however, he went to the bathroom, washed off the finger that had been in her ass, and returned to the bedroom to wait.

She also knew what they both wanted and, as soon as she had recovered enough strength, pulled her pussy free of George's cock and started to roll to her left. Jim saw where she was going and quickly slipped a pillow under where her ass would be. Susie really loves having her pussy eaten immediately after she has climaxed from fucking, and Jim enjoys it too. The condom had served an important purpose, besides the usual ones, and that was keeping George's ejaculate out of her. Although he loves his father, Jim had no wish to lick his semen out of Susie or off her, but he had a very strong desire to devour the nectar she had just produced. For that, and because he knows how Susie feels about it, one of his favorite parts of making love with her is eating her freshly-fucked pussy, whether he or another man has done the fucking.

Susie smiled and raised her legs when she saw Jimmy on his knees on the bed, waiting for her. He quickly thrust his head between her legs and feasted on all the nectar, starting with her thighs, sluicing the delicious treat from her crotch, and ending by licking it from her swollen labia. Incredible pleasure swirled through her body as his tongue swabbed her pussy lips, which were more sensitive than ever after the fucking she had just gotten.

She knew he had finished devouring her juices when she felt him licking her outer lips. Ripples of delight coursed through Susie's body as his tongue caressed the smooth, waxed area, starting in her crotch and licking all the way to her mons. Both outer lips were given the same heavenly treatment; it was time for the pleasuring tongue to return to the even more sensitive inner labia.

Susie next felt and heard its presence as it slurped up all the juices that trickled onto her crotch, with the tip just reaching the pink hole that had just been so thoroughly fucked. After all her nectar had been devoured, Jimmy's tongue started caressing her inner lips, using the perfect degree of pressure. She was still swollen with her lust, and he knew just what she liked. Pleasure flooded from the path taken by his supple tongue, as it probed between the inner and outer labia and explored under Susie's inner lip. Already, her body was writhing on the bed from the incredible thrills she was getting, and her cunt was thrusting up against the face of the man who was providing them for her.

As intense as her pleasure was, Susie wanted to make it even better. Knowing how Jim would respond to her silent request, she raised her ass from the pillow and reached around to spread her cheeks, making her delightful ass available. She looked down her body and saw him unwrap one arm from around her thigh and wet his middle finger in his mouth. Although she couldn't see it, she felt the tip of that finger pressing against her welcoming rosebud. It twisted back and forth to gain entrance and, once that was achieved, slid its entire length inside her ass. Susie sighed blissfully as the delightful sensations spread from where Jimmy's finger had intruded, and it felt even better as he started slowly fucking it in and out.

Her joy was multiplied when his tongue returned to her cunt and resumed caressing the same inner and outer lips. When he reached the end, where the two inner labia merge to form her clit hood, his tongue stroked her there, but stayed away from the precious love button itself. Susie knew that, like his father had, Jimmy would want to take a long tine eating her cunt before bringing her to a climax. After a few delicate strokes, his tongue started on the other pair of lips. Once again, delight surged through her body as she felt it slowly caressing its way back toward her clit hood.

As incredible as the way Jimmy's tongue was making her cunt feel, Susie wanted more. She is a woman who loves sex of all kinds and can never have too much. George was still lying on the bed, but on his side, his eyes gazing at her luscious body, and obviously wanting to do more than just look. Susie smiled an invitation to him, and made it even more obvious by cupping her tits in her hands and offering them to him. It was an offer he could not refuse and, seconds later, he was leaning over her, his tongue stroking one of her erect nipples while his hand massaged the other tit. Her moans of pleasure, which had started when Jimmy's tongue had first caressed her cunt, were even louder.

As George licked her nipple and fondled her other tit, Susie once again felt the connection with her clit. Bolts of pleasure coursed between there and the nipple between his lips and, after he started switching his tongue back and forth, the path became triangular and even stronger. She responded by writhing on the bed, thrusting her tits up to meet George's mouth and fucking her pussy against Jimmy's face. Both men immensely enjoyed Susie's vocal and physical demonstrations of pleasure, as well as reveling in the wonderful sensations they were receiving from her succulent body.

Jimmy's tongue had reached her clit hood again, and was gently caressing the top of it, raising Susie's level of ecstasy even more, but not as much as she would need to cum. "Lick my clit, Jimmy," she begged. "Make me cum.

He had every intention of making her cum, but not until his tongue had given even more pleasure to Susie and himself. Gently, Jim curled his tongue under the protective hood and tickled the precious clit that was sheltering there. The response was immediate and delightful. Fresh juices gushed from her and Susie's thighs turned outward, presenting her pussy even better to him. The father's mouth on her breasts, the son's tongue caressing her clit and his finger that was slowly fucking in and out of her ass had brought her to the verge of cumming.

Jim knew it too, from hearing her ecstatic moans and seeing and feeling the way her body thrashed on the bed and her hips swiveled under his face. After licking up all her fresh nectar, he started probing his tongue into the lovely pink hole that was their source and exploring under her inner lips. His tongue progressed slowly around her dripping hole until it reached the top, where Jim squeezed it inside, curling the tip upward to press against the base of her clit. Susie's legs pistoned out over his shoulders as she repeatedly told him where he should lick and suck her to bring her to the climax that, by that time, she needed more than merely wanted.

Silently, Jim agreed that it was time. He opened his mouth wide and moved his face far enough up on Susie's pussy to envelop her clit. His lips formed a seal on the swollen morsel and, while he sucked, his tongue caressed the sides and top. Because he knew she would be cumming momentarily, he removed his finger from her ass and wrapped his arm around her other thigh, being careful not to touch her pussy with the middle finger.

Several minutes of sucking and licking produced the result they all wanted. "Yes! Yes!" Susie blurted out joyously. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Suck my clit! Suck my tits!"

Once again, she gave herself completely over to the full enjoyment of cumming. "Ah! Ah!" she cried, voicing the ecstasy she was feeling. Susie's legs squeezed Jim's head between them and her ass bounced up and down on the bed, jamming her pussy against his face. One hand pressed against the back of George's head, holding his mouth on her tit, while the other arm flailed the mattress and her legs swung wildly back and forth, carrying Jim's imprisoned head between them.

He clung tightly to her thighs, while his mouth concentrated on pleasuring Susie's wonderfully swollen clit. George kept one breast in his mouth while his hand fondled its luscious twin. All three of them immensely enjoyed Susie's cumming. Once again, the ultimate ecstasy lasted for over five minutes until her whole body spasmed. She gave one last cry of absolute joy and slammed her pussy against Jim's mouth. After her orgasm, Susie collapsed completely on the bed, her eyes closed in bliss and her face almost bisected by her smile. Jim removed his mouth from her clit and started devouring most of the juices she had just produced.

He knows how much Susie loves to alternate between having her pussy eaten and fucked, but he didn't know just which of her favorite positions she would want for the latter. After relishing all the fresh nectar except what she would need for its natural function of lubrication, he backed out from under her legs, letting them fall to the bed. He went to the nightstand to get a condom, unwrapped it and rolled it onto his cock. Unlike his father, Jim knows that Susie likes the smell and even the taste of her own nectar, so he didn't bother to wash his face. When he returned to the bed and kissed her, she kissed him back just as avidly, and even licked some of her own juices off his face.

"When you're ready to fuck, what position do you fancy?" He smiled at her, knowing that whichever one she chose, his cock and her pussy would soon be giving incredible pleasure to each other.

Susie knew it too, and she smiled back. "Do you know where my red pumps are? Would you get them out for me, please, and set them by the side of the bed?"

Jim smiled, knowing what was in store for them, and went to the bathroom to wash off his finger again, and to the closet to retrieve the sexy red leather shoes with the four inch heels. He set them by the bed and reached out his hand to help Susie stand up. Facing toward the bed, she leaned on him and slipped the shoes onto her feet and, while Jim supported her by holding to her hips, bent over and fastened the straps. When she straightened up, he was standing behind her and, with the extra four inches provided by the pumps, she was at just the right height for Jim's stiff cock to slide into her pussy.

That, of course, was the reason she was wearing the stiletto heels. Susie looked back to smile lasciviously at Jim and stepped forward so her legs were spread apart and pressed against the bed. Leaning over, her knees slightly bent and imbedded in the edge of the mattress, she placed her hands flat on the surface of the bed to support her upper body. Jim's hands were still on her hips as he followed her, but he removed one of them in order to guide his cock until the tip was rubbing against the wetness in Susie's pussy. With the lubrication properly spread, he thrust forward to wedge the head of his cock into the hole that was so eager to receive it.

She sighed happily as she felt the hard mushroom shape start to enter her, and arched her back to provide better access. Jim's hands were gentle but strong; he held Susie firmly in place and drove his cock into her pussy, sending great waves of joy through her body. She was still somewhat stretched open there from the recent fucking she had enjoyed so much with Jim's father, and with a few strokes, his shaft was imbedded all the way inside her. Intense pleasure throbbed through her body as they stood for a few seconds before beginning the slow fucking that they both knew would be so marvelous.

Slowly, Jim drew his cock back so just the head was still inside Susie's pussy. Equally slowly, he plunged it back in. She moaned in pleasure and, on the next stroke, she fucked back to meet him. After a few more strokes, they had established a rhythm. Jim set the pace at first but Susie knew he would slow down or speed if she asked.

Susie looked at George's cock. It had softened after their fucking, but was starting to stiffen again. She had enjoyed the sensation of his cock in her mouth earlier and she knew it would be even better now, since he hadn't wiped off the semen after cumming. Susie also really enjoys feeling a cock getting hard in her mouth so she beckoned to him and invited him over.

"C'mon, George. My mouth needs your cock again."

He responded eagerly and slid under her face, with one hand propping up his cock directly below her mouth. With her hands still flat on the mattress, Susie lowered her face enough to take the head between her lips and fondle it with her tongue. The leftover semen was delicious, as expected, and she lowered her face so she could take his cock into her mouth far enough to lick around the ridge and the slit, enjoying more of his cum and the feel of his velvety head between her lips. His shaft wasn't even semi-hard yet, but Susie knew that would soon change.

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