tagGroup SexJim's Girl Friend Ch. 03

Jim's Girl Friend Ch. 03


She knew that her climax was imminent so Susie removed her mouth from George's cock. It was already fully erect and ready for her cunt, and she didn't want to bite down when she started cumming from what she was doing with Jimmy. Susie continued rocking her body back and forth, fucking herself on his big, hard cock that he held in place for her. Her level of ecstasy was nearing its pinnacle and she looked back at the owner of that cock.

"I'm almost ready to cum, Jimmy. Play with my clit."

That was something he was very happy to do. Susie's pussy was tight and hot and wet, and he could feel it massaging his entire shaft with every movement she made. When she thrust back against him, he heard and felt her succulent ass cheeks smacking lightly against his legs. On her forward movements, the tightness of her love channel seemed to be trying to pull his climax from him. Jim was close to cumming too, but he wanted to hold off until she had reached her orgasm. Fucking Susie was tremendous fun, but watching and feeling her cumming, especially while his cock was buried in her pussy, followed by his own climax, was the greatest combination imaginable. His right hand reached around her and began massaging her clit, matching his movements with hers as her pussy repeatedly enveloped and released his cock.

"Yeah! Yeah! Like that! Now, fuck me harder."

To do that, Jim had to start setting the pace which would, he knew be a fast one. He moved in more tightly against her, pressing Susie's legs more firmly against the edge of the mattress to keep her from falling. Both his arms held tightly to her hips while his hand continued stroking her clit, but faster, synchronized with the faster thrusts of his cock. Susie's hands were flat on the mattress, supporting her upper body and she pushed back with them so her pussy met his cock as it surged into her.

"Yes! Fuck me!" She cried out joyfully. "Fuck my hot cunt! Make me cum!"

George had been rather hoping that Susie would suck him off but when he saw that was not going to happen, he went to the nightstand to select another condom. His cock was still hard, and wet from being in her mouth so he rolled it on, and waited for her and Jim to finish fucking, wanting another turn with the most wonderful pussy he had ever known. While he waited, his cock became even harder from watching her luscious breasts swaying and her delightfully sexy body writhing as she fucked back to meet the strong thrusts of his son.

"Oh! Oh! Oh, God, I'm cumming!" Susie warbled triumphantly. "Keep fucking me, Jimmy. Fuck me harder!"

Jim's right hand was almost a blur as he massaged Susie's clit. He drew back and rammed forward, pulling her onto his cock, pounding it into her as hard and as fast as he was able. Besides giving her and himself the most pleasure he could, he had to keep Susie from falling to the side in her spike heels. She had almost completely lost control of her body, and was thrashing in front of him, her arms flailing aimlessly, whimpering and telling Jimmy to keep fucking her cunt.

Oh! Oh! Ah!" Susie trilled, as her back arched downward and she climaxed. After her noisy orgasm, all her muscles relaxed and she started to sag forward.

Jim let go of her clit and held onto her hips with both hands as he continued plowing his cock in and out of Susie's pussy. Suddenly, a great fountain of pleasure welled up inside him. The muscles in his buttocks clenched as he grunted and ejaculated into his condom. He continued fucking, as more of his semen spurted out and, when he was done, he let Susie slowly fall forward, actually lifting her off the floor and onto the bed.

George was there on the bed to help lift her and to help her lie on her back, and make sure she had a pillow under her head. One high heeled pump slipped off during the transition but the other stayed on. Jim knew and George hoped that Susie would want more fucking, with as little interval as possible between partners so, as soon as she was lying down, each took an ankle and spread her legs. George knelt between them, his cock at the ready, prepared to start where his son had left off.

Susie was tired from the great sex she had already gotten, but not too tired to smile a greeting at George, raise her legs and reach down to her sopping wet pussy and pull her lips apart. He guided his cock to where it was wanted and easily pushed the head in. She was so wet and so open from being well-stuffed by Jim that his smaller cock slipped all the way in with one more thrust. Wanting full contact with her sexy body, George leaned forward and curled his arms under hers, putting his weight on his knees and elbows. Susie's hands clung to his shoulders and she wrapped her legs around his hips, ready and eager for more fucking.

George was just as ready and eager. He drew his cock back, paused for a second, and plunged it forward, all the way into her, tickling the smooth skin around her pussy with his pubic hair. On his second stroke, identical to the first, Susie thrust back to meet him, pulling herself against his cock by flexing her legs.

"Give it to me, Georgie," she implored. "Fuck me good."

That was his wish and expectation, but he wanted to start slowly, and build her toward a momentous climax as well as building his own. Once again he drew his cock back and thrust it forward, meeting Susie halfway, as she moved freely under him, murmuring happily at the way her cunt was being stuffed. Over and over, for a long time, she reveled in his cock slowly surging into her, continually raising her level of pleasure toward ecstasy.

She glanced over and saw Jim standing by the side of the bed. He had removed his condom and was holding his cock for her to lick. Susie hungered for the semen that was still oozing out the slit on the end.

"Can I cut in?" he asked, reaching over and tapping his father on the shoulder.

Divining what Jim and Susie wanted, George raised his upper body, so he was supporting his weight on his hands, and continued slowly plunging his cock in and out of the wet pussy under him. Susie continued fucking back to meet his strokes while Jim knelt on the bed next to her face and rested his cock on her lips. Holding his shaft in her fingers, she licked all his cum off the head and all around the ridge, including what was oozing out of the slit. He moved in closer and she licked everything off the rest of his cock, and put her thumb at the base, just in front of his balls. Holding the head between her lips, she brought her thumb and index finger forward to squeeze out all the cum that was still inside. After relishing the flavor and swallowing it, she left his cock, still almost fully erect, where it was so she could lick it some more. Although she had gotten all his semen, Susie truly loves the feel of a cock against her tongue.

As always, Susie had loved the taste of Jim's cum and the texture of it in her mouth. She loved the velvety feel of his cock head against her lips and tongue too, but she loved even more the feel of his father's cock surging in and out of her cunt. Smiling at him, she gently pushed him away.

"It'll be your turn next, Jimmy. Don't go away." She knew there was no chance of that happening.

With the taste of one man's semen still fresh on her tongue, she turned her full attentions to the other man's cock, and the good things it was doing to her cunt. With every thrust, more of her juices gushed, and his entire shaft glided all the way in, so she could feel his balls bumping gently against her ass. She and George were still fucking slowly, making it last, but Susie knew it was time to pick up the pace.

"Faster, Georgie. Fuck me faster and make me cum again."

He had felt his own climax building up so George was ready to do what she wanted. Once again, he lowered himself to lie atop her and enjoy the full contact. His arms curled under hers again but this time, he had moved higher on her body, so when he drove his cock into her pussy, the top of the hard shaft massaged her clit for the entire stroke, and did the same when he drew back. Susie's arms hugged his shoulders and her legs squeezed his hips while her whispers into his ear, told him how great his cock felt, and to keep fucking her.

He needed no urging. George loved the way Susie moved under him, meeting every thrust of his cock, and rocking from side to side on her beautiful ass. Those movements were getting wilder and he could tell she was getting closer to cumming again. That was good, because his own climax was rapidly approaching too.

"Yes! Yes!" Susie cried out joyfully. "Fuck my cunt! I wanna cum!"

That was what George wanted too, both for Susie and for himself. Faster and faster, he drove his cock into her writhing body while her pussy continued to do incredible things to him. Finally, the amazingly sensuous blonde reached the pinnacle of her pleasure.

"Oh, God! Oh, God, I'm cumming. Fuck me harder!"

Although he wouldn't have thought it possible, George did fuck her harder, driving his cock even faster into her wildly gyrating body. Susie rammed her pussy just as hard back to meet him, and he could feel her clit scraping against his cock with every movement. He hoped he would be able to hold off cumming until Susie had climaxed, giving both her and himself the most fun possible.

He succeeded. "Oh!" Susie shouted. Her back arched as she climaxed, digging her fingers into George's shoulders and jamming her pussy against him for the last time. Sighing happily, he continued fucking her just as fast and just as hard, until he felt a volcano of pleasure begin to erupt within him. As it concentrated in his groin, he groaned ecstatically and ejaculated into his condom. He continued fucking Susie, pounding his cock into her pussy while he pumped out two more spurts of semen, before collapsing on top of the very happy woman.

Jim wanted to make her even happier. Knowing that Susie would want to fuck again, immediately after her orgasm, he had prepared his cock with a new condom. After he was sure his father was through, he grabbed the older man's shoulder to remove him so he could replace the paternal cock with his own in Susie's pussy. Since he was thoroughly aware what a hot number Susie was, George did not complain, and rolled away from her.

Knowing she was wet and stretched open enough that no preliminaries would be needed, Jim knelt between her beautiful legs, his cock in hand, aimed at Susie's delightful pussy. Quickly, he placed the tip at the entrance, moved it around to spread some of her copious juices, and wedged the head into her. With a slight adjustment in his position, he drove his entire cock into where he knew she wanted it, and started slowly stroking in and out.

Susie felt the exchange between the two men and felt the new, bigger cock sliding into her cunt. She raised her legs in greeting and wrapped them around Jimmy's hips, pulling herself snugly against him to meet the thrusts of his cock. Her arms went around his shoulders and she whispered into his ear.

"My God, Jimmy. I really love your cock, and my cunt loves it too. Give it to me! Really give it to me!"

He would, but he wanted to take it easy at first. Slowly, almost teasingly, he drew back, paused for several seconds, and started to stroke it back in even more slowly. Susie grew impatient and, flexing the muscles in her legs pulled herself forward, impaling her pussy on his cock. She grinned at him, knowing he was teasing her.

"C'mon you. You know how much my cunt needs that big, hard cock. Now, give it to me, the way you know I want it."

Jim knew, of course, and he had been only teasing. His next stroke was slow, but not as glacial as the first one. Susie fucked her pussy back to meet him again and grinned up at him.

"That's better, you big tease. You know how I like it."

Jim smiled, knowing full well how Susie liked it, and gave it to her that way, plunging his cock into her pussy while she moved under him to meet his thrusts. Over and over, his hard shaft filled her love channel while Susie murmured her appreciation. They were interrupted by George tapping him on the shoulder.

He had removed his condom and was offering his softening cock to Susie so she could enjoy his semen. As his father had done earlier, Jim raised his upper body so Susie could take even more pleasure from the cock that given her so much that day, besides receiving so much. She did not expect to suck it hard again, but she took it into her mouth and moved it around between her tongue and cheeks, sucking out all his leftover juices. She knew George was through fucking for the day, but enjoyed the feel of his cock, even soft in her mouth. After swirling it around and draining all of his cum that had been left, she opened her mouth and he removed his cock and backed away. Jim leaned forward again, his arms under Susie's, and they resumed their slow, deep fucking.

Their movements were slow but they were like those of a well-maintained machine. Jim's cock pistoned into Susie's dripping pussy, and she jammed herself back to meet him. They fucked silently, except for the bed springs squeaking, and both of them moaning and sighing and softly whispering of their tremendous pleasure. Sometimes his cock squished from her plentiful juices as it surged into her, but otherwise the room was quiet, as Jim and Susie felt themselves slowly building toward absolute sexual ecstasy.

George was very satisfied with his activities, and considered that day to be one of the highlights of his life. Being much older than the others, he was done but he remained naked because he wanted to talk over future meetings with Susie and his son, and it seemed appropriate. Patiently, he waited for them to finish, not wanting them to take too long, but also taking vicarious pleasure in their fun, and not wanting them to miss any.

Susie certainly hadn't missed out on any fun that day. Jim knows she likes plenty of room to move around, and he was giving it to her. She took it all, fucking her cunt back to meet him and rocking from side to side on her curvaceous ass. With every movement she made, his cock surged into her at a new angle, pleasuring her cunt differently every time.

However it plowed into her, great waves of pleasure swept through Susie's body from where his thick shaft was stretching her love channel and spreading the tight opening. Her level of pleasure had built slowly but steadily since his first entry into her, and had gotten so high, it was like a mountain about to be leveled by an avalanche. Her climax would be that avalanche, and she knew it was about to happen.

"I'm ready to cum, Jimmy. Really give it to me. Fuck me harder."

He did what she wanted, increasing the speed of his strokes into her. Susie could feel his cock surging faster into her cunt, and she responded my matching his speed. "Give me all your cock," she urged him. "Give it to my clit!" He knew what she meant.

Briefly interrupting his steady rhythm, Jim moved his body farther up on hers, and started driving his cock down into her, massaging her clit with its entire length as it went in and again as he drew it back out. She continued ramming her pussy back to meet him but her other movements became more erratic as she started to lose control of her body.

"Yes! Yes! Fuck my clit!" Susie warbled joyously. Seconds later, as his cock did what she wanted, she cried out in triumph "Oh, God! Oh God! I'm cumming! Keep fucking my clit!"

Jim's cock pounded harder into Susie's pussy, doing just what she wanted. He could feel his cock scraping against where she wanted it as he drove it into her and again when he pulled it most of the way out. His movements were as fast as hers, and as regular as hers were erratic, and he kept them up for five minutes of incredible bliss as Susie continued cumming.

Once again, her back arched, smashing her pussy against Jim's pounding cock, as she climaxed. After her orgasm, partly in satiety and partly in exhaustion, she lay flat on her back, her arms splayed out at her side and her legs wrapped loosely around Jim's thighs. His thrusts into her pussy didn't even slow down, and less that a minute later, he exploded again, ejaculating into his condom. He continued driving his cock into Susie's hospitable pussy, and when he was through cumming, he sprawled on top of her. They lay in a contented pile until Jim's cock softened and he rolled off her to lie beside her. His father joined them on the bed and lay on the other side of the very sexy lady that had just given him and his son such a great time.

Susie continued lying on her back, completely satisfied after six great and distinctly separate orgasms. "That was great, you guys. I don't know when I've had as much fun in bed." Both men smiled and nodded happily in agreement. Without question, the woman lying between them was the hottest woman either of them had ever known.

Susie continued. "Jimmy, I liked your finger in my ass, but I know your cock would be a lot better. I loved the taste of both you guys' cum, but I'd rather suck you off and get it all. When I start my period next week, suppose you take turns fucking my ass and I can suck you both off. I get really hot when I'm in my period, and I'd love for the three of us to get together in this same bed.

With great alacrity, the father and son agreed to Susie's suggestion. George wanted more, and he would be horny and more than ready by then. Jim would be eating Susie's pussy, and they would be fucking some more before her period started, but he was looking forward to sharing her with his father again. They both believed that the family that did fun things together was the family that stayed together.


Thank you for reading this story. I hope you had as much fun as Jim and George and Susie did, and as much as they are looking forward to having together. This is the third of a three part story and the other parts can be found by clicking onto my name, not onto "Group Sex".

I like writing stories on Literotica, but I like it a lot more when I know that people are reading and enjoying them, and I appreciate it when readers take the time to express their opinions by voting, preferably on all three parts. Like most authors on Literotica, I practically live for feedback from readers, either public comments or email to me. Such feedback, whether praise or criticism, helps me to write more and better stories, and I respond to it whenever I can.

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