Jim's Group Physical


Like clockwork, both nurses seemed to finish with their part of the exam at about the same time. "OK Mark, you can go wait over there," said Nurse Mitchell pointing toward the wall. Mark stepped down from the table and came back to stand next to me. That was Stephanie's cue to pass the next set of folders to the two nurses.

Nurse Mitchell looked at the name on the folder and announced her next patient's name. "OK, Kevin Lucas, you can hop up here." Kevin moved from the weighing station to Nurse Mitchell's exam table where he began to receive the same examination of his ears, eyes, nose and throat.

Nurse Fisher and Stephanie were left without a patient so I had a pretty good idea what was about to happen next. "Jim Johnson, it's your turn over here please," said Nurse Fisher. I walked over to the scale and got on as directed. The nurse was next to me adjusting the weights on the scale and Stephanie was directly behind me. I could almost feel the heat from her eyes as she was surveying my bare backside. I was then instructed to turn around so they could record my height. That meant I was now directly facing Stephanie, who still seemed to have that same grin on her face. "Please stand up straight and put your hands at your sides" said Nurse Fisher. Now I couldn't even use my hands to cover myself.

I was instructed to step off the scale so they could begin the rest of my measurement. After watching how they measured Kevin I knew that they started at the top of your head and worked their way down. Sure enough, that's what they did with me. They started by measuring my head and neck. Then they had me hold my arms out while they measured my biceps and my chest. For that, the nurse got very close to me while she ran the two ends of the tape around my back so they met at my chest. As each measurement was taken, she said it out loud so Stephanie could record it in my chart. She then moved down to measure my waist and my hips. In each case, she held the tape so that the two ends met near the center of my body. That position caused her to hold the tape right against the front of my jockstrap. I immediately felt the contact from the backs of her fingers, startling me because I wasn't expecting it.

She finished by crouching down in front of me and measuring the inside of my legs. "Please move your legs further apart for me," she requested. As she measured my inseam, I once again felt contact with her fingers, this time pressing on the bottom of the pouch holding my balls. I looked straight ahead, which is where Stephanie just happened to be.

Just as Nurse Fisher was finishing with me, I heard Nurse Mitchell tell Kevin that she was done with him. He now walked back to the wall to wait. Now it was my turn with Nurse Mitchell and I walked over and had a seat on her exam table. David, the fourth member of our little group, was now called up for weighing and measuring with the school nurse.

Nurse Mitchell performed the same type of exam on me as she did with the previous boys, checking everything from the neck up. As she looked in my eyes she was very close to me, close enough for me to catch her scent. She smelled clean and a little sweet, as if she had just bathed and put on some cologne. She was very pleasant. She quickly finished with me and sent me back to the wall to stand next to Mark and Kevin.

It was now Mark's turn to be measured while David moved to Nurse Mitchell's station. As David walked over to the exam table, I noticed a slight mound in the front of his jockstrap. I've seen David before in the locker room, and I've never noticed a mound like that. He was obviously a little bit aroused by all of this and it showed. You could clearly see that he was pointing up in his jock. The bad news for him was that our exam was just beginning.

The nurses finished with Mark and David and for a brief moment we were all once again together, standing at the wall. But the lull in activity was all too brief. "Mark, it's your turn again," said Nurse Mitchell.

"And Kevin I'm ready for you over here," ordered the school nurse.

It seemed that they had a very organized system of rotating us between the two exam stations. As I watched Mark and Kevin walk to their respective stations, I wondered just how far these examinations would go. Nurse Fisher did say that we could keep our underwear on "for now". So I figured that sooner or later we'd have to briefly pull down our jockstrap, probably for a hernia exam. I looked around the room expecting to see a privacy screen or curtain in the room. There wasn't one.

Nurse Mitchell now had a stethoscope in her ears and was using it to listen to Mark's chest and back. He was sitting on the exam table and you could see that he was taking deep breaths and holding them while she was listening. At one point she moved around behind him and was thumping her fingers on his back.

I turned my attention to Kevin's exam, knowing that I'd be going through the same exam in just a few short minutes. Kevin was sitting on the exam table and Nurse Fisher was pushing and pulling his arms and shoulders. I assumed she was performing some type of orthopedic exam of his muscles and joints.

"Go ahead and lie back for me, Kevin," I heard Nurse Fisher say. "And bend your knees," she added. Kevin was now flat on his back with his knees in the air and his feet flat on the table. From our position against the wall, David and I could see everything between Kevin's open legs. Of course the school nurse had an even better vantage point, as did Stephanie who was now standing just to the side of the exam table.

"Now, cross your right leg over your left knee for me," said Nurse Fisher. The nurse again pushed and pulled on Kevin, this time checking out his legs, hips and thighs.

Until I saw Kevin in that position, I never realized just how completely exposed we all were in our jockstraps. With his knees bent and his legs wide apart you could very clearly see the outline of his cock and balls through the mesh pouch of his jock. And you could see where the two rear straps were sewn together with the front pouch. They formed a three-point arrow pointing right to his ass hole which was pink and now very prominently on display. With Kevin exposed like that, I noticed that he had a little bit of curly dark hair that came out of the sides and bottom of his jock. I've seen him in the shower before, and I know that he has a pretty big set of low-hanging balls. But I've never noticed that much hair on them before. He also has a long cock to go with them, certainly much longer than mine. Kevin didn't play on any of the school teams, but of the four of us, he was clearly the most athletic. He was very muscular and fit and looked like he played some kind of sport. I think Stephanie also noticed how good Kevin looked. She seemed to be paying more attention to him than the rest of us.

I briefly took a look to see how Mark's exam was going. Nurse Mitchell now had him lying down and she was listening to his chest with the stethoscope.

"Go ahead and stand up Kevin," I heard Nurse Fisher say. I turned back to see Kevin standing up and moving to the middle of the room facing away from us. Nurse Fisher moved behind him and briefly examined his back. Stephanie was right next to her recording everything that the nurse said. I then saw Kevin bend over and touch his toes while Nurse Fisher once again checked his back. I was thinking to myself how embarrassing that position was. Kevin was mooning the whole room on command. All we could see was his bare ass framed by the two white straps of his jock. As a final indignity, she had Kevin squat down, place his hands on his head and do a duck walk. I really wasn't looking forward to this part of the exam.

This time Mark was finished before Kevin and he returned to our waiting area at the wall. Nurse Mitchell patiently waited for the school nurse to finish with Kevin since she knew that she would examine him next.

"OK Kevin," said the school nurse, "you can head over to Nurse Mitchell now."

Stephanie handed my folder to the school nurse. "Your turn Jim," she said. I walked over and took a seat on the exam table. Just as she did with Kevin, she began by examining my arms and shoulders. She moved them into various positions and systematically pushed or pulled on them.

"Now resist please," she said, indicating that I needed to try and resist her movement. She also briefly looked at my wrists and fingers. "Go ahead and lie back Jim and raise your knees," she ordered. I did as instructed, raising my knees and keeping my feet flat on the table. I kept my knees together, but she wouldn't have any of that. She immediately separated my feet and positioned them at the edges of the exam table. In the process I was now exposed the same way that I saw Kevin exposed. As my cheeks separated, I felt the cool air on my exposed ass hole. She raised and moved my legs one at a time to examine them in the same way she did Kevin's.

As she began the examination of my legs and knees, I looked over at Mark and David who were waiting at the wall. They were both looking at me and smiling. I knew that they could see everything between my legs, including my exposed ass hole. I guess that was more interesting to them than Kevin's exam on the other table. I also noticed that Stephanie seemed to move a little closer to Nurse Fisher once I got into this position. She obviously didn't want to miss out on the great view between my legs. At that moment I realized just how much Stephanie was enjoying this. She wasn't just a passive observer. No, she always seemed to maneuver herself into the best possible viewing position. And at that moment, the thought of being on display and exposed like this and having her watch me and enjoy it -- that was enough to start the blood rushing to my cock. I felt the first stirrings of an erection.

"Now stand up and face that way please," Nurse Fisher said, pointing to the wall on her left. I took my position as she and Stephanie moved in behind me to examine my back. At least I was facing away from everyone, so they couldn't see that I was starting to get hard. I knew that my backside was on display to the entire room, but I also knew that my position was about to get even worse.

"Now bend over and touch your toes please," she ordered. I obediently bent over, further exposing myself. I felt the nurse's hands on my back as if she was feeling each vertebra. It seemed like I was in this humiliating position forever when she said "OK, you can stand up now, you're done."

I was congratulating myself that I didn't have to do the duck walk when Stephanie chimed in. "But Nurse Fisher, doesn't he need to do the duck walk? That's on the form." Darn, I guess she forgot. Leave it to Stephanie to remind her.

"Oh yes, that's right, sorry Jim, I need you to squat down, place your hands on top of your head and walk." I assumed the position and waddled across the room while they observed me. I never thought about it before, but there is no dignified way to do a duck walk, especially when you're stripped to just a jockstrap. You can't keep your legs or knees close together, so everything is flung wide open. And once again everything is exposed and on display, including the increasing mound held by my jockstrap.

"Alright Jim, that's enough," Nurse Fisher said, "you can head over to Nurse Mitchell."

As I stood up I saw that Kevin had already made his way back to the wall and Nurse Mitchell was patting the exam table; "Hop on up here Jim" she said. As I sat down on her exam table, Nurse Fisher called David over to her station. Nurse Mitchell began by taking my pulse and checking my blood pressure. She then began her exam of my chest and back using her stethoscope. "Breathe in and hold it" she would say, followed by "OK, breathe normally." She repeated this several times on my chest and back, listening to my lungs and heart. She also placed the stethoscope on my neck and listened there for a few seconds.

"Alright, lie back Jim," she ordered. She listened to several locations on my chest. As I was lying there, I could tell that my cock was still a bit aroused. I wondered if the other guys could tell. It wasn't fully hard yet, but it could certainly get there if I wasn't careful.

"Alright, all done for now, Jim," she said. That was my cue to get up and join the other guys at the waiting wall.

David and Mark took their turns at their remaining stations. While he was being examined by Nurse Mitchell, I noticed that David has a completely hairless chest, just like a little boy's chest. The few times I have seen him in the locker room, I never noticed any hair. I guess he's just a late bloomer. But right now, David was aroused. He was still sporting a noticeable start to an erection. I guess the excitement of being undressed and receiving all of this attention was just too much for him. I wondered to myself whether we would eventually see what was trying so hard to get out of his jock.

Mark was now on his back with his legs up in the air receiving his orthopedic exam. I know Mark and have some classes with him, but I've never actually seen him in the locker room or shower. But unlike David, I could clearly see that Mark had plenty of hair. He had plenty of hair on his chest, arms and legs, and also around his genitals. Mark was blond and his hair was harder to see against his pale skin. But it was there, I could see curly blond hair coming out the sides of his jock while his legs were parted. Mark was on the Jr. Varsity track team at school and he was definitely in good shape, but he wasn't as muscular as Kevin. But since he ran track, his legs and thighs looked especially firm. In a few minutes David and Mark were finished and we were all back at the wall waiting to see what the next round would be like.

Stephanie immediately began the next round by handing the nurses their respective patient folders.

"Over here Mark," called Nurse Fisher.

"And Kevin, I'm ready for you over here," said Nurse Mitchell.

Mark and Kevin walked over to their stations to begin the next part of the exam. I was wondering to myself what this next part might include. It seemed to me that they were running out of body parts to examine.

"Lie down on the table for me Mark," said Nurse Mitchell. Once he was in position she began to examine his abdomen, pushing her fingers deep into him as she moved her way down the front of his body.

I turned my attention to Kevin's exam. He was standing in front of Nurse Fisher and Stephanie. The nurse was listening to his heart with her stethoscope. I thought this was strange since Nurse Mitchell already listened to our heart.

"OK that's good," I heard Nurse Fisher say to him. "Now I need you to run in place to raise your heart rate," she continued, "then I'll check you again." She moved Kevin away from the exam table to give him more room to run in place. He began running in place, slowly at first, while Nurse Fisher looked at her watch.

"Higher please, lift your legs higher," ordered the nurse. Kevin obeyed and raised his legs much higher with each stride.

"How long do I have to do this?" Kevin asked.

"Oh, only about 2 more minutes," she answered.

Kevin's arms naturally moved back and forth as he was running. Nurse Fisher moved to Kevin's side to observe him while Stephanie moved directly behind him. She was also observing him very intently. David and I were directly facing him so it looked like he was running toward us. I noticed once again how fit Kevin was. You could see the muscles in his thighs and legs with each stride that he took. His chest expanded and contracted as his breathing was now more labored. The pouch of his jockstrap moved up and down slightly as he ran, the mesh material was being tugged tighter against his body by the movement of his legs. I looked at Stephanie and saw that she was now smiling. She was still directly behind him and still watching his every movement. I could only imagine the view that she had of him running from behind.

I briefly turned my attention back to Mark's exam with Nurse Mitchell. She was still performing an abdominal exam, but by now she was pushing much lower on his body and was very close to his genitals. The mound in his jock looked bigger than before. I guess the abdominal exam must feel pretty good to him.

Just as I turned back to watch Kevin again, Nurse Fisher spoke: "OK, that's enough Kevin, stop running and stand still." Kevin immediately stopped running and the nurse once again began to listen to his heart with her stethoscope. Kevin's chest was still rapidly moving up and down while he tried to catch his breath. After a brief minute, Nurse Mitchell finished with Mark and he joined us back at the wall. It was now his turn to enjoy the show.

"OK, you're done Kevin, head over to Nurse Mitchell," said Nurse Fisher. Kevin moved to Nurse Mitchell's station and she immediately had him lie down for his abdominal exam.

"Your turn Jim," said Nurse Fisher. I walked over to begin my cardiac test. As she did previously with Kevin, Nurse Fisher started by having me stand next to the exam table while she listened to my heart. I could feel the metal of her stethoscope as she pressed it against my chest.

"OK Jim, move over here and start running for me," she ordered. I took a few steps away from the table and began my exercise session. I started running in place as the nurse moved to my side. I didn't see Stephanie anywhere so I assumed that she was watching the action from behind me as she did with Kevin. I thought I was lifting my legs high enough but apparently I wasn't.

"Higher please, lift your legs higher," ordered the nurse. I complied by lifting them even higher. "And pick up the pace please, a little bit faster," she continued. Wow, this was harder than it looked.

I continued running at this rate for at least 2 minutes. I was lifting my legs high, so each time I raised my legs I felt the rear straps of my jock dig into my bare ass. I imagined that I was putting on quite a show for Stephanie, and that she was probably enjoying the view of my almost-bare ass as I ran for her. I started to feel a small amount of sweat build up on parts of my body; under my arms, on my chest and in the pouch that was now bobbing up and down between my legs. I also felt a drop or two of sweat roll down my back, making its way to the crack between my cheeks. The good news was that all of this running seemed to take my mind off of other things, and my erection started to subside.

"OK, that's enough Jim," Nurse Fisher said, "come and stand over here." I stopped running and made my way back to the exam table. As I stood there trying to catch my breath, the nurse pressed her stethoscope against my slightly-moist chest. I looked over to see Kevin lying on Nurse Mitchell's exam table. She was pressing very low on his abdomen, almost at his genitals.

Nurse Mitchell finished with Kevin and it was now my turn for the abdominal exam. David took my place at the running test. After I lay back on the table, Nurse Mitchell began her exam by pressing on my upper abdomen, what I would call my stomach and all around it. I think she was pressing on my liver and spleen but I'm not really sure.

"Take a deep breath and hold it," she would say, followed by "Alright, let it out." While I held my breath she would press deeply on my side. Each time I felt the pressure from her fingers.

"Any pain?" she would ask.

I thought like saying "Yeah, you're hurting me with your fingers," but instead I just answered "No." She continued with this type of exam, systematically moving lower on my abdomen.

"Raise your knees for me Jim," she said. When I did she repeated the pushing on that area of my abdomen. She was now below my naval and was continuing to press in my pubic area. I felt her pull down the waistband of my jockstrap in front, ever so slightly, maybe just a half inch or so. I was wearing a swimmer/jogger style jockstrap which has a smaller waistband, but I guess it was still in her way.

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