Jim's Group Physical


"I'm just going to check your pulses now," she said. She put the stethoscope in her ears and pressed the other end to my pubic area. She listened to my left side for a few seconds, then moved to the right side and did the same thing. Her close contact with this area of my body was very stimulating. I could feel my erection starting once again.

Nurse Mitchell completed my abdominal exam and I was sent back to the wall to wait. Next, David took his turn with Nurse Mitchell and Mark went over to Nurse Fisher and Stephanie for his running test. I watched as David received the same type of abdominal exam that I just received, while Mark was facing us and running in place. You could tell that Mark was on the track team. Even though he was only running in place, his running seemed very natural and fluid. He didn't waste energy with unnecessary movements. Once again I could see that his thighs and legs were especially tight and fit. And I could tell that his arousal, which I first noticed during his abdominal exam, was still there and even increasing. Looking at him I felt a slight twinge of movement in my own cock. But for now, I focused more on David as Nurse Mitchell moved lower on his abdomen. He was wearing a full size jockstrap with the wide waistband. I watched as she pulled down the front slightly and checked his pulses. I was trying to spot any pubic hair as she pulled down his jock but I didn't see any.

This round of examinations was now complete and all of us were once again at the wall. "OK gentlemen," started Nurse Fisher, "first of all, I want to thank you for your cooperation with the exam so far. The good news is that we have only a few additional parts of the exam to complete, so you're almost done. However, in order to complete your exams, we do need you to finish undressing!"

Oh great, I thought to myself – this is exactly what I was afraid of, now we have to strip completely. I looked around again to see if there was a privacy curtain or partition anywhere in the room, but there wasn't. So I assumed that we were going to strip down completely, right here in front of everyone!

"Any questions gentlemen?" Nurse Fisher asked. We just looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders, not knowing if she wanted us to strip right now or wait until we were called up for our exam. But before anyone had a chance to ask that particular question, we receive our answer.

"OK, then let's get those supporters off right now," she ordered.

As the words left her mouth, I once again felt blood rushing to my cock. We were now being ordered to remove our last shred of clothing, our lowly jockstraps. They were all that stood between us and total nudity in front of these three females.

"But what about her?" asked David, pointing at Stephanie. "She doesn't need to be here, does she?" he asked. Personally, I thought it was a very good question.

"Well," answered Nurse Mitchell, "Nurse Fisher and I have already discussed that situation and we agreed that since Stephanie is pursuing a nursing career, it is appropriate for her to stay and assist." Stephanie just stood there smiling at us.

Kevin now objected: "But, I don't think my parents would approve of her being here."

"Oh, they already have," answered Nurse Fisher, "the permission forms that they signed indicated that non-medical personnel may attend the examinations for training purposes, so I can assure you that everything is in order."

"Besides," said Nurse Mitchell, "I'm sure you boys have seen each other in the locker room and showers before. And as far as the females in the room are concerned, I think we all know what you boys have under your supporters anyway. I mean, it's not really a secret."

The three females in the room were now standing and staring at us, waiting for us to comply with their order to strip. Since it didn't look like we had a choice, we all reluctantly pulled down our jockstraps and removed them. As I pulled mine down, I first turned around to face the wall. I knew that they now had a great view of my bare ass, but I figured that was better than the alternative. I bent over to pull my jock all the way down to my ankles, stepped out of it, and then picked it up and put in on the pile with my other gym clothes. Kevin also did the same thing, turning around before he stripped off his jock. Now completely nude, I turned around to face the females in the room, joining the other boys who were also now nude.

We all instinctively stood with our feet together, and our genitals covered with our hands. We all knew that we would eventually have to uncover ourselves, but none of us wanted to stand there completely uncovered. However, our new sense of modesty seemed to upset Nurse Mitchell.

"Now boys," said Nurse Mitchell, "we really don't have time for any false modesty today. You're not going to make this difficult, are you?" She just stood there, apparently waiting for us to uncover ourselves. We didn't answer her and we didn't move our hands.

"Well," she continued, "we do need to complete your exam one way or another, so if you won't cooperate we'll need to be a little stricter and set a few ground rules." We looked at each other, wondering what kind of rules she had in mind. For the first time, the mild mannered Nurse Mitchell seemed angry.

She spoke again: "Alright then boys, have it your way. But you boys need to get over your little modesty problem right now or we'll never get through this exam. So here is what we're going to do. I want all of you to raise your hands and place them behind your heads, right now." We looked at each other to see if anyone was complying, but none of us moved our hands.

Nurse Fisher now spoke up: "Now boys, we really do need you to cooperate, but it is your choice. As I already said, your parents were informed of this program and voluntarily gave their written approval for you to participate. Once they did that, these mandatory examinations were scheduled. I'm sure that you can understand there is a certain cost associated with these examinations. So if you boys don't cooperate, we can't complete your exam. And if that happens, our only choice is to notify your parents and to bill them for the cost of your incomplete exam. Needless to say, they won't be happy about that."

That was all it took. We didn't know if Nurse Fisher was bluffing or not, but we couldn't take the chance. We all knew that our parents would be furious if they ended up with a big bill because we wouldn't cooperate. We had tried to maintain some small shred of our dignity but we couldn't fight against them any longer. We were completely powerless. Reluctantly, we all uncovered our genitals by moving our hands to our sides.

"That's much better, but I did say that I wanted your hands up and behind your heads," commanded Nurse Mitchell.

As a group, we lifted our hands and placed them behind our heads. We were now fully exposed. She had ordered us to move our hands as far away from our genitals as possible to prevent us from using them as cover.

"You see, that wasn't so bad," said Nurse Mitchell. "But I'm not entirely convinced that you boys are completely over your little modesty problem. I'm afraid that you might still feel some embarrassment and might be reluctant to cooperate with the remainder of the exam. So boys, let's just go ahead and get all of that embarrassment out of the way right now. That way we can continue with your exams without any further problems. You boys have finally uncovered yourselves, but you are all standing with your feet tightly together, as if you're still trying to cover up. And that doesn't really allow us to see what healthy young men you are. So boys, I want all of you to separate your legs for us. Spread them apart at least three feet. Go ahead, do it now!"

We all separated our legs, putting us in a more or less spread-eagle position and further exposing ourselves to the room. With my feet together, I could feel the warmth of my thighs against my balls. Now with my legs widely parted, I felt the cool air of the room on them as they freely hung from between my legs.

"Wider apart, David," she said looking at him. We waited as he shuffled his feet further apart.

"My, you're all such fine looking young men," Nurse Mitchell commented. "Aren't they Stephanie?" she asked, turning toward Stephanie.

"Yes, they are" answered Stephanie with a big grin on her face. Stephanie slowly moved her head left to right as she surveyed the group of nude males that were on display before her. Her gaze was directed downward toward our genitals.

Nurse Mitchell now gave us some more bad news. "And gentlemen, since you were reluctant to cooperate, you will maintain this position at all times when you are not being examined. Do I make myself clear?" We all nodded in agreement.

We all stood there in this spread-eagle position, allowing the two nurses and Stephanie time to look us over. I felt more exposed than I have ever been in my young life. I deliberately avoided any eye contact with the other boys. I especially tried to avoid looking at them below the waist. I was already aroused enough without any additional visual stimulation. Although I didn't look down to see myself, I could feel that my cock was now fully engorged with blood. I wasn't hard enough to point up at the ceiling, but I was thick, long and hard. I could feel the hot skin of my cock as it hung over my balls.

"Alright, now that we're past that little false modesty problem, I'm ready for you over here Mark," said Nurse Mitchell.

"And you can step over here Kevin," ordered Nurse Fisher.

As the two boys walked over to their respective stations, each nurse positioned a small rolling stool in front of their exam table.

"Hop up here and lie down for me Mark," said Nurse Mitchell. As he got on the table she snapped on a pair of rubber examination gloves. She immediately went to work examining Mark's penis and testicles. I could see her lifting up his circumcised penis and palpating it with her fingers. Mark wasn't erect, but he did have a very long cock. It just wasn't very thick.

I was still standing spread-eagle with my hands behind my head, but I noticed that David standing next to me had lowered his hands to cover himself again.

"You're not supposed to do that," I heard Stephanie say.

That brought on the wrath of Nurse Mitchell once again: "David, get back into position right now," she ordered.

Realizing that she was serious about us maintaining this position, David once again spread his legs apart and placed his hands behind his head. I looked over to see what David was trying so hard to hide. He was now fully erect with his cock pointing up in a sweeping curve. I noticed that he was not circumcised and his foreskin was pulled back to make way for his erection. For the first time I noticed a small amount of hair on David's body, just a bit above the base of his cock and a little bit around his balls. I turned away for fear that I was becoming too aroused myself. But I saw that David still had Stephanie's attention. She was staring at him, and she wasn't looking at his eyes.

I turned my attention to Kevin's examination. He was standing in front of Nurse Fisher who was seated in front of him on the rolling stool. Stephanie was standing right next to her holding the folders. His legs were spread apart and his arms were at his sides. The nurse was running her gloved hands through his pubic hair and the hair on his upper thighs.

"Hair distribution is adult quality and good," she said to Stephanie who faithfully recorded the results.

Apparently she was performing some form of puberty or maturity test on Kevin. I watched as Kevin raised his arms and she checked his underarm hair. Kevin didn't look aroused at all. He had a big set of low-hanging balls and a long and very thick cock. But I've seen him enough in the locker room and showers to know that that's normal for him.

"Alright, stand up for me Mark," I heard Nurse Mitchell say.

That brought my attention back to Mark's exam. He was getting up off of the table and taking a standing position in front of Nurse Mitchell who was seated before him on the rolling stool. She patted the inside of his thigh with her hand and he immediately moved his legs further apart. She then began a similar type of exam as she did when he was lying down. She lifted and examined his penis and then began to lift and examine each one of his testicles, cupping them in her hand.

As I continued to watch, she pushed her fingers deep into the spot just above his right testicle; "Turn your head and cough please," she said. Mark let out a cough on command. "Again please," she commanded. Once again Mark coughed for her. She repositioned her fingers and repeated the test on his left side.

I turned my attention back to Kevin's examination when I saw Nurse Fisher retrieve a set of white plastic balls that were tied together on a string. She was now holding one of the plastic balls up to Kevin's left testicle for comparison. She repeated the test on his right testicle using a slightly smaller plastic ball.

"Left testicle 4.7 cm," she said, "Right 4.2."

Stephanie nodded as she recorded the results. I then saw Kevin turn around with his back to us and bend over. Nurse Fisher parted his cheeks to take a look. It appears that she was again checking his hair, this time the hair between his cheeks and the area between his ass hole and his balls.

"Hair spread to the perineum," she said to Stephanie. "I'd say he's a Tanner stage 5" she continued. Kevin stood up and waited for Mark's exam to be complete.

Mark's genital and hernia exam was now finished and he returned to the wall to wait. He kept his hands at his sides but Nurse Mitchell quickly put a stop to that.

"You need to assume the position again Mark," she ordered. "I told you boys that you had to stay in that position when you weren't being examined." Mark once again put his hands behind his head and spread his legs wide.

"I'm ready for you over here Kevin," said Nurse Mitchell. Kevin walked over to Nurse Mitchell's station and was ordered to lie down on the exam table.

"OK, your turn Jim," called Nurse Fisher.

I lowered my hands to my sides and took my place standing in front of Nurse Fisher and Stephanie. After putting on a fresh pair of exam gloves, Nurse Fisher began my exam by looking more closely at the hair on my chest. After making a note of my chest hair, she had me raise my arms up so she could see my under-arm hair. Next she moved directly to my pubic area.

"A little wider please," she requested, asking me to part my legs.

She started by running her gloved fingers though the hair above my cock, then moving down to the hair around my balls and my inner thighs.

"Adult quality hair, but not widely distributed," she told Stephanie who was intently watching this exam.

I briefly looked up to see how Kevin's exam was going. He was now standing in front of Nurse Mitchell while she examined his penis and testicles. The first thing I noticed was how much larger his cock was than before. He was definitely aroused now. His cock was very thick and the skin was stretched tight without any loose folds of skin. He was still pointing down but out from his body at maybe a 45 degree angle.

My attention returned to my own exam when Nurse Fisher brought over the set of white plastic balls. She grabbed my left testicle, squeezing it and weighing it in her hands. She pulled the loose skin of my scrotum tight around my testicle. This allowed her to compare its size to the plastic balls in her other hand.

"Left testicle 4.3 cm," she said to Stephanie. She then moved on to my right testicle and repeated the comparison. "Right testicle 4.1 cm," she said.

I thought she was done with my balls when she grabbed my left side once again. This time she wasn't using the plastic balls. Instead, she was just squeezing and palpating my left ball. After about a minute of this attention to my left ball, she was finished. But the damage was done and my cock was now hard and pointing down at a 45 degree angle. I looked over at Stephanie and saw that she was looking down at my cock. And she seemed to be biting her lower lip.

"OK, turn around and bend over Jim," said Nurse Fisher.

As soon as I did, I felt two gloved hands part my ass cheeks. A gloved finger moved down my crack looking for hair. It then moved down lower to the area between my ass hole and my balls. As she did this I felt my erection getting harder.

"No hair between the thigh and perineum," Nurse Fisher said to Stephanie. "Put him down for Tanner stage 4," she added.

I stood up to see Stephanie making notes in my folder. I looked down and saw that my cock was now pointing straight out at a 90 degree angle to my body.

Nurse Fisher removed her gloves and spoke to Stephanie: "Let me see Jim's chart for a minute." The nurse took my chart and wrote several notes in it. "OK, I'm done with you Jim, it looks like Nurse Mitchell is ready for you," she said.

Kevin had already finished with his genital and hernia exam and was now standing at the wall in his spread-eagle position.

"Hop on up here Jim," said Nurse Mitchell as I walked over to her exam table. "Lie down for me Jim," she said as I got on the table.

As she put on a fresh pair of gloves, I looked over to see David taking my place at Nurse Fisher's station. He was still hard and pointing up. The next thing I felt was two gloved hands touching my erect penis. Since I was already pointing straight up, there was no need to actually lift my penis. Instead, she felt, squeezed and palpated it while it was erect. Next, she turned her attention to my testicles, lifting and feeling them one at a time.

"Go ahead and stand up for me," she ordered.

I immediately stood up and realized that I was now fully erect. My cock was curving upward at about a 45 degree angle. But Nurse Mitchell didn't seem bothered by it at all. She sat down in front of me on the rolling stool and began the second part of her exam. As she did before, she thoroughly examined my penis before moving on to my testicles. She started with my right testicle, lifting it and rolling it between her fingers. In no time at all, she switched to my left testicle, performing the same lifting and rolling procedure. But she took a lot longer with my left testicle – it seemed like she was squeezing and examining it for several minutes.

"Nurse Fisher," she said, "I'd like you to come over here when you're done with your patient."

"Of course, no problem," Nurse Fisher answered, "I'll be done with David in just a minute."

I wondered why she needed to see the other nurse. Was there something wrong with me? Nurse Mitchell then pushed her fingers into the area between the base of my penis and my right testicle.

"Cough please," she ordered.

I let out a good cough, which was apparently enough for her – she repeated the procedure with my left testicle.

"Cough again please," she said.

I looked over to see that Nurse Fisher was finishing up with David. "David is Tanner stage 3," I heard her say to Stephanie. I was a 4 and Kevin was a 5 so I guess a higher number is better. I looked over at David again. He had a big enough erection, but his balls were small and virtually hairless. I guess that's why he's only rated as a Tanner stage 3.

"Yes, what is it?" said Nurse Fisher as she walked over. Stephanie followed right behind her.

"I read your note on Jim's chart," said Nurse Mitchell. "I thoroughly checked his left testicle and I think everything is alright."

"Oh good," replied Nurse Fisher, "then what was it that I felt?"

"Well, put on a fresh pair of gloves and I'll show you," said Nurse Mitchell.

That's just great, I thought to myself, now I get to have both nurses handling my stuff once again. I thought I was done with the ball grabbing part of the exam. Nurse Mitchell reached over and grabbed my left ball once again, pulling it away from my body and up toward her.

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