Jim's Insurance Exam


"Alright, Mr. Johnson, please remain still and breathe normally," ordered the nurse.

With that, she switched on the EKG and began recording. The EKG appeared to be paperless, but it had a small monitor that she was watching. I too watched the lines dance up and down as they recorded Jim's heart beat. After 30 seconds or so, she switched off the machine.

"All done," exclaimed the nurse. She quickly disconnected the wires from my husband and pealed the adhesive contacts from his skin. She started to wheel the EKG cart toward the door.

"You can sit up now, I have to return this to its proper place in case someone else needs it, but I'll be right back." As Jim sat up on the exam table, she opened the door and pushed the cart out into the hallway, closing the door firmly behind her. I looked at Jim and smiled.

"What?" he asked, "Why are you smiling at me?"

"I'm just enjoying this," I answered. "I've never watched a male exam like this before and it's exciting."

At that moment Nurse Wilson reentered the exam room, ending our conversation. She immediately made her way to the counter and reviewed the next items on Jim's chart.

"It looks like we need to get some measurements now, Mr. Johnson. Can you please stand up for me?" she requested.

Jim got up from the exam table and stood in the middle of the room facing me. Nurse Wilson approached him with a cloth measuring tape.

"Stand up straight and hold your arms out at your sides please," she ordered. As Jim lifted his arms, she placed the cloth tape around his upper chest.

"I need to measure your chest at maximum inhalation and exhalation, so take a deep breath and hold it," she ordered. Jim took a deep breath and held it as she recorded the measurement.

"Now take another deep breath and exhale completely," she requested. Jim exhaled as she measured his chest again.

"Now just breath normally," she said as she slid the cloth measuring tape down across his navel. "This is to measure your abdomen at the umbilical." She now returned the cloth tape to the counter and retrieved some skin fold calipers.

"Let's get your skin fold measurements now," she said. She approached Jim and took several measurements, all on the right side of Jim's body: his chest, his triceps, his front thigh, his abdomen, and on his side just above his hip bone. Jim looked nervous as she quickly moved from site to site, pinching his skin and measuring it with the calipers.

"Alright, time for your height and weight," she said, "step onto the scale please."

The scale was at the wall right next to where I was sitting. As Jim walked over to the scale, Nurse Wilson returned the calipers to their place on the counter and made some additional notes in Jim's chart.

"Wait a second, Mr. Johnson," she said, "It looks like your shorts need to come off before I can record your weight."

"What?" Jim replied, "you've got to be kidding."

"I am sorry, but I'm completely serious," answered the nurse. "The form specifies height without shoes and weight unclothed, so that's precisely how it must be done."

"But my shorts can't possibly weigh that much," Jim protested, "can't you just compensate for them?"

"Well, as I already said, Mr. Johnson, we follow the instructions that we receive from each insurance company. To the letter. So I'm not really allowed to compensate for anything." Jim just stood there shaking his head.

"If it makes you feel any better, Mr. Johnson, your shorts will need to be removed soon anyway. The next few steps on your exam form require it. So you will have to remove them sooner or later."

Jim knew that he was going to lose this battle, so he turned toward me, pulled down his briefs and stepped out of them. He handed them to me as he stepped up on the scale. Nurse Wilson walked over to the scale to record Jim's weight. He was facing the wall with his now-nude backside facing the nurse. Since the scale was right next to me, I had a very nice profile view of Jim. Even from the side, his penis and testicles could be clearly seen hanging from the front of his nude body.

"Now turn around, and stand up straight for me," she ordered.

Jim turned around and faced the nurse for the first time since his briefs were removed. She adjusted the measuring rod that was mounted at the back of the scale to record his height. She didn't make a point of staring at his genitals, but I did notice her quickly glance down at Jim and then turn to me and smile, as if she approved of what she saw.

"You can step off the scale, Mr. Johnson," she said as she walked back to the counter to record his measurements. Jim retrieved his briefs from me and started to put them back on before the nurse noticed what he was doing.

"Don't get dressed yet, I need your shorts off for this next part," she ordered. "As you might expect, your insurance company requires a urine specimen," she explained, "and we normally allow you to do that in private. But your form stipulates that it must be an observed sample. Have you ever given an observed sample before, Mr. Johnson?" she asked. Jim just shook his head no.

"What that means is that I'm required to first ensure that you do not have any type of substitute sample concealed on your body, and then I must actually observe you as the sample is provided." I giggled when I heard that bit of news, I just couldn't help myself.

"Mandy, it's not funny," Jim said as he turned to me.

"I'm sorry," I responded.

I now addressed myself to the nurse. "Do you mean that you actually have to stay here and watch him pee?"

"Yes, that's correct, Mrs. Johnson," she replied. As she was talking, she was writing Jim's name on a plastic specimen cup.

"Please stand over there," she said, pointing to the middle of the room, just a few feet in front of me. The nurse now retrieved two pink exam gloves from a box on the counter and proceeded to pull one onto each hand. It was beginning to look like Jim was about to receive some type of inspection prior to his urine specimen.

"This is just a formality Mr. Johnson, it's part of the required protocol that must be followed for observed collections," she said. "Please place your feet shoulder-width apart and put your hands on top of your head, palms up," she ordered as she approached him.

Jim was facing her and had his back to me and reluctantly complied with her order, shuffling his feet further apart and moving his hands to the top of his head. She began her inspection by examining his hands, lifting up each hand to ensure that Jim wasn't concealing anything before placing it back on top of his head. She then squatted down in front of him and quickly moved her hands around his genitals and inner thighs. Since I was behind him, I couldn't see exactly what she was doing, but I could see her hands move between his widely parted legs.

"Turn around please," she ordered, "and keep your hands on top of your head." Jim turned around and now faced me.

"Bend your left leg please," she ordered. Jim now bent his left leg at the knee, raising his foot for her to inspect.

"Good, now the right," she said. Jim repeated the move with his right leg.

"Good, now bend over and touch the floor, please," she ordered. Jim bent over and reached for the ground with both hands, giving Nurse Wilson what was surly a fine view of his nude ass. I watched as her hands quickly brushed against his cheeks to complete her inspection.

"Alright, Mr. Johnson," she said, "follow me to the toilet."

As Jim stood up, he briefly looked at me and shook his head in disbelief. I could tell that he was not happy at this point. But more importantly, I was enjoying every minute of this. They both now walked to the far end of the exam room and stood in front of the toilet.

"Here you go," she said as she handed him the plastic cup. "Please start your stream in the toilet and then fill the cup."

Jim took a position in front of the toilet while Nurse Wilson moved a few feet to the left and watched. Jim held the plastic cup in his left hand and used his right hand to hold his penis. After about a minute of waiting, a stream of urine started to flow from his penis. He quickly moved the cup under his stream to catch the sample. When he finished, Jim handed the cup to the nurse.

"Go ahead and dry yourself off," she said, "you wouldn't want to dribble." Jim took a small piece of toilet paper and used it to blot the last few drops of urine from the tip of his penis. After placing a cover on the plastic cup, she opened a small metal door that was in the wall and placed the sample inside. She then removed her exam gloves and made some additional notes in Jim's chart.

"I think that's it for now," she said. "Nurse Goodell will be in shortly to complete your examination. You can go ahead and put your shorts back on while you're waiting." As she walked toward the door and exited the room, Jim walked over to me to retrieve his briefs.

"Why not just leave them off?" I said to Jim. "Based on what I've seen so far, I have a pretty good idea that you'll end up taking them off again."

"Because I don't want to wait here in the nude and I don't want to meet this Nurse Goodell person like this," he answered. "Even if you are enjoying this."

Jim stepped into his briefs and pulled them up, once again covering his ample package in the clean white cloth. He walked back to the exam table and took a seat on top of it. As he sat down, I got up and approached him. Standing directly in front of him, I placed my hands on his knees, leaned in to him and gave him a passionate open-mouth kiss.

"What's that for?" he asked when the kiss had ended.

"That's just to thank you. Thank you for allowing me to be here." I replied. "I'm really enjoying this so far." As I spoke, I slipped my right hand between his parted legs and cradled his cloth-covered package with my fingers.

"And I can't wait to see what she does with these," I said as I fondled and lifted his testicles with my fingers.

"Stop it Mandy," said Jim, "I really don't need any extra stimulation right now".

Just then I heard someone outside the door. I quickly returned to my seat just as there was a quiet knock at the door. The door opened and in walked a very young and good looking nurse.

"Hello, Mr. Johnson, I'm Kristy Goodell," she said as she extended her hand to Jim. "I will be completing your insurance examination today."

She looked like she was fresh out of medical school and couldn't be a day over 25. She was medium height, slender and fit, with light brown hair. Overall she was quite attractive in her white doctor's coat.

"Nice to meet you," Jim replied as he shook her hand.

"Hello," she said as she turned toward me, "and you are?"

"I'm Mandy, Jim's wife," I said as I shook her hand.

"I see," she said. "Well, you are welcome to stay as long as it's OK with your husband."

Jim now spoke up: "Yes, doctor, I'd actually prefer to have Mandy stay."

"That's fine then, whatever makes you more comfortable, Mr. Johnson" she continued. "And just to clear things up, I am not a doctor, I am a nurse practitioner. But I have a great deal of experience conducting physicals like this, so rest assured you're in very good hands today."

Nurse Goodell stood silently at the counter reviewing Jim's chart for a few moments.

"I've reviewed the medical history and questionnaire that you provided," she said to Jim, "and it looks like you really don't have any health concerns. Is that correct?"

"That's right, I don't have any problems that I'm aware of," replied Jim.

"Well, that's good, we just have to satisfy the requirements of your insurance company and we'll have you on your way in no time at all," she said.

"Now, Mr. Johnson, I do have some questions that I'm required to ask you, for the record, so to speak." The nurse then began a series of rapid-fire questions and recorded Jim's responses in his chart.

"Have you recently had any severe chest pain?" "No."

"Any heart palpitations, shortness of breath, severe headaches, blurred vision or lightheadedness?" "No."

"Any numbness in your arms or legs?" "No."

"Have you had any abdominal pain?" "No."

"Any severe back pain?" "No."

"Any pain in your groin or testicles?" "No."

"Do you have any family history of heart disease or stroke?" "No."

"Any family history of cancer?"

"Well, my father did have prostate cancer a few years ago," Jim replied.

"Is he doing well now?" she asked.

"Yes, he had radiation and chemo and seems to be fine now," said Jim.

"Any family history of epilepsy, seizures or other brain disorders?" "No."

"Have you had any recent surgeries or hospitalizations?" "No."

"Do you urinate frequently?" "No."

"Do you ever have to get up in the middle of the night to urinate?"

"Once in a while" replied Jim.

"When you urinate, do you ever have difficulty starting?"

"No, except for just now in front of your nurse." Nurse Goodell gave a half-hearted attempt at a laugh.

"What about your bowel movements, how often do you have them?"

"Usually once a day."

"And when was your last bowel movement?"

"Yesterday morning" answered Jim.

Nurse Goodell paused for a few seconds to update Jim's chart.

"I'm going to ask you some lifestyle questions now, Mr. Johnson. Once again I'm required to ask these questions by your insurance company."

"Do you now or have you ever smoked?" "No."

"Do you take illegal drugs?" "No."

"Do you abuse prescription or over-the-counter drugs?" "No."

"Do you drink alcohol?" "Yes" replied Jim.

"Beer or hard liquor?"

"I have a beer a few times a week, and a mixed drink one in a while, maybe once a month," Jim replied.

"Your weight seems fine, so that's not an issue. What about exercise?"

"I try to exercise regularly," answered Jim. "I run regularly and play tennis a couple of times a month, and golf less frequently than that."

Once again, the nurse paused to update his chart. I took the opportunity to look up at Jim and smile. He smiled back, but he still seemed very nervous.

"I need to ask about your sexual history now, Mr. Johnson. I apologize if this is embarrassing for you or your wife, but I am required to ask these questions."

"I understand, go ahead," Jim replied.

"I'm assuming you are sexually active, is that correct?" "Yes."

"Do you currently have multiple partners?" "No."

"What about in the past, did you ever have multiple partners?"

"Yes, before Mandy and I got married."

"And how long ago was that?"

"We've been married for 5 years now and she's been my only partner for all of those years," Jim replied.

"Have you ever had a sexually transmitted disease?" "No."

"Did you ever have unprotected sex with multiple partners?"

"Well, most of the time I wore a condom, but sometimes, yes, it was unprotected" Jim replied. Jim looked at me with embarrassment, as if he was ashamed of his prior relationships.

"And these previous partners, were they all female or were any of them male?"

"All female," Jim replied with a smile.

"And did you practice vaginal sex with them?" "Yes."

"Anal sex?" "Um, sure, a few times" Jim replied.

"You penetrated them anally?" "Yes."

"I know you said these were all female partners, but were you ever penetrated anally yourself, perhaps with a sex toy or other device?"

"Um, sure, yeah, I had one girlfriend that liked to do me with a strap-on," Jim replied with an embarrassed look on his face.

"And oral sex?" "Yes."

"You performed it on them or they on you?" "Both."

"And what about now with your wife, is that primarily vaginal intercourse?" "Yes."

"Any anal sex?" "Yes."

"Does your wife ever penetrate you anally?"

"Yeah, sometimes -- she's got a few toys that she uses," Jim replied.

"Oral sex?" "Yes, we do each other?"

"And do you use any protection now?" "No".

"Even for anal sex?"

"Well yeah, when I'm doing Mandy from behind, I slip on a condom for that."

As Jim was speaking, I was thinking about how good he felt in me, especially how much I loved it when he took me from behind and made love to my ass hole. The sensations of him pounding my ass with his well lubricated cock were magnificent. And I loved the feeling of his balls as they slapped against my bare ass. I looked up at him and grinned from ear to ear as he was answering the nurse.

"Alright, Mr. Johnson, I think that covers all of the questions for now. Time to start your exam," said the nurse as she washed her hands in the sink.

After drying them, she approached Jim and began her examination, starting with everything from the neck up. She looked in his ears, up his nose, down his throat and in his eyes. She then walked toward the door and flipped the light switch, turning off the lights in the exam room.

"Just look straight ahead," she said as she shined a small light directly in each eye. When she completed the test, she turned the lights back on.

"Now, keep your head still and follow my finger with your eyes," she commanded as she moved her finger in front of Jim.

"Squeeze my fingers with your right hand," she said as she held out her fingers in front of Jim. Jim grabbed them with his right hand and squeezed.

"Good, now with your left," she said. Jim repeated the test with his left hand.

The nurse now walked over to the counter and retrieved a single exam glove. She approached Jim as she pulled it on her right hand.

"Just look straight ahead and open wide please," she ordered. Jim complied, opening his mouth wide. Using her freshly gloved hand, the nurse stuck several fingers into Jim's mouth, running them up and around all interior surfaces in his mouth. She held a small light in her left hand, aiming it into his mouth.

"Any sores or bleeding?" she asked.

Jim grunted an answer that was assumed to mean no. She now retrieved a small piece of cotton gauze and approached Jim once again.

"Open wide and stick out your tongue please," she said. As Jim stuck his tongue out, she grabbed it using the cotton gauze. Once it was captured by her gloved hand, she pulled his tongue out further and examined it, lifting it up to inspect the underside. Satisfied that everything was OK, she released his tongue and peeled off the exam glove.

"I need to check your reflexes now," she said as she retrieved a small rubber hammer from the counter, "just relax please."

As she spoke, she tapped the hammer on each of Jim's knees and observed him as his legs jerked involuntarily. She repeated the same test on his elbows, wrists and also his ankles. Satisfied that Jim's reflexes were normal, she retrieved a metal pin wheel and ran it across his right arm.

"Do you feel that?" she asked.

"Yes." replied Jim.

She repeated the test on his left arm and then tested each of his thighs in the same way. She then lifted Jim's right leg and ran the wheel across the bottom of his foot.

"Do you feel that?" she asked again. As Jim replied in the affirmative, she repeated the test on the bottom of his left foot.

Nurse Goodell now put the ear pieces of her stethoscope in her ears and pressed the bell against Jim's chest. She didn't say anything, or give Jim any special instructions at this point. She was just listening to his heart and moved the bell of the stethoscope to various locations on Jim's chest.

"Now take a deep breath and hold it," she commanded. Jim obeyed by taking a deep breath through his open mouth and holding it until she told him to release it.

"Breathe out," she now commanded.

"Once again, deep breath for me," she said. "And release." After moving the bell to yet another location, she repeated the test.

"Once more," she said, "deep breath and hold it." Jim once again complied with her instructions.

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