Jim's Insurance Exam


"Now breath normally," she ordered. The heaving of Jim's chest now ceased and his breathing was normal, if not shallow. She continued to press the bell against several other locations on Jim's bare chest.

The nurse now moved behind Jim and to his side as he sat on the exam table and used the stethoscope on several areas of his back.

"Just breathe normally," she ordered. At one point, she placed the instrument on the side of his neck and listened. She then repeated the test on the opposite side.

"I'm just checking your carotid pulses," she volunteered. Putting the stethoscope aside, she now sat on the exam table behind Jim and placed both of her hands on his neck.

"I'm just checking your thyroid now," she said. Once her hands were in place she spoke again. "Swallow please," she ordered. I could see Jim trying to swallow as her grip tightened around his throat.

"One more time please, swallow," she said. Jim repeated the maneuver as ordered. When she completed the examination of Jim's thyroid, she got up from the table and came back to Jim's side.

"Place your hands on top of your head please," she now ordered. Jim complied by raising both of his arms and placing the palms of his hands flat on top of his head. The nurse now used two fingers of her right hand to press deeply under Jim's right arm, presumably checking his lymph nodes. After a short moment, she moved to Jim's left side and performed the same exam under his left arm.

"Lie back please," she ordered. As she spoke, she pulled out a metal extension from the foot of the exam table. Jim immediately took a position flat on his back. Moving back to Jim's right side, she once again used her stethoscope on Jim's chest.

"Just breath normally," she said. She placed the bell of the instrument on the upper part of Jim's chest. After a few brief seconds, she moved the location of the bell slightly and listened again. She repeated this maneuver several times, each time moving to a different location on his chest.

Seeing Jim in this position was actually quite entertaining. His legs were parted so that his feet were almost at the left and right edges of the exam table. The soles of his bare feet were facing me, and I could see that his arms were placed flat on the exam table on either side of his body. Jim was still wearing his briefs, and I was enjoying the view of the tightly wrapped mound of white material between his legs. His balls were indistinguishable in their wrapping, meaning that I couldn't tell that there were two separate testicles. From my vantage point, it simply looked like a single mound of flesh held tightly by his briefs. His penis, however, was another matter entirely. I could clearly see the outline of his circumcised head straining against the front of his briefs. He was clearly pointing down and toward me, but it looked like his penis was stretching the front of his briefs, straining to break free from its bounds. Jim was clearly becoming aroused. And so was I.

I now returned to watching the nurse. She was still using the stethoscope, but was now moving lower and lower on Jim's body, listening to different areas of his abdomen. She now set the stethoscope aside and began to palpate Jim's abdomen using both of her hands. To do this, she placed her left hand flat against his skin, then used several fingers of her right hand in a hammering motion to strike her left hand. She repeated this examination several times, each time moving to a slightly different location. She also thumped Jim's abdomen several times directly using just her right hand. She now used both hands to press deeply into his abdomen, applying firm pressure in order to feel his internal organs. She repeated this exam on the other side of his lower abdomen. She once again retrieved her stethoscope and began to place the instrument in her ears.

"I have just a couple more pulses to check," she said.

She now placed the bell of the instrument on Jim's right ankle and listened. After a few seconds, she moved to the left ankle and listened again. Satisfied with those pulses, she moved back to Jim's lower abdomen, placing the bell of the stethoscope right above the waistband of his briefs. But she suddenly stopped and removed the instrument from her ears.

"These are in the way," she abruptly said, "lift up please".

As she spoke, she grasped the waistband of his briefs with both hands and pulled them down his body in one continuous motion. As commanded, Jim lifted his hips as the material was pulled down to uncover him. She pulled his briefs down to his knees and stopped there, leaving his legs bound by his briefs and immovable.

"There, much better," she said. She now placed the stethoscope back into her ears and placed the bell on Jim's uncovered pubic area, this time much lower than before. As she listened to his femoral pulses, I enjoyed the view that I now had of Jim. His genitals were now uncovered and on display to Nurse Goodell, and to me. I could now confirm my earlier suspicions. Jim was partially aroused, since his penis was slightly thicker and longer than his normal flaccid state.

Satisfied that his femoral pulses were satisfactory, Nurse Goodell placed the stethoscope back on the counter and jotted down a few additional notes in Jim's chart. She approached Jim again and, without warning, used both hands to pull his briefs down the remainder of their journey, this time pulling them completely off of his body. With Jim's briefs in hand, she now approached me.

"Here you go," she said with a smile. "He won't be needing these anymore!"

I took the briefs from her and smiled back. From the wide grin on her face, I could tell that she was enjoying herself. Was it a feeling of power over Jim, and me? My mind was spinning with possibilities. Was she flaunting the fact that she just stripped my dear husband in front of me and there was nothing that I could do about it? Was she smiling because she was thinking about the remainder of his exam? Was she thinking about the things that she might do to my nude husband, all while I helplessly watched? Or was she intuitively aware of my excitement in watching Jim's exam? Was my secret that obvious? Did she know how much I was enjoying this? Was this her way of telling me that she understood, and that she was happy to have an audience?

Jim was still laying nude on the exam table. The nurse now approached Jim's right side and began what seemed like a continuation of her abdominal exam. She pushed her fingers deep into Jim's side and asked him to take a deep breath.

"Raise your knees please," she now ordered.

Jim complied by raising both of his knees, providing me with an excellent view between his parted legs. She now repeated her exam, pressing deeply into Jim's right side. She then walked around the exam table and performed the same examination on his left side. In this position, Jim's balls were lifted and hanging freely from his body. His penis was resting on top of them in a graceful curve, still pointing down. The nurse now turned her attention to Jim's raised legs. She began raising, twisting and bending them into different positions. I assumed this was some type of orthopedic examination.

"Sit up please," she commanded as she pushed the leg extension back into the table. Jim quickly obeyed and was now sitting on the edge of the exam table. She now performed a similar type of orthopedic exam on his arms, elbows and shoulders.

"Stand up," she ordered as she walked away from the exam table and toward me.

Jim got up and stood at the foot of the exam table. He made a vain attempt to maintain his dignity by placing his hands over his groin area. In the mean time, Nurse Goodell took a position standing just to my right and turned around to face Jim. At this point, we both had a good view of my dear husband, standing completely nude in front of us.

"Now stand up straight and face me, arms at your side," she ordered. Jim complied and uncovered himself.

"Good, now raise your left leg and balance for me," she ordered. Jim lifted his left leg and balanced himself on his right. She repeated that maneuver with his opposite leg.

"Now walk toward me," she ordered. As she spoke, Jim walked a few steps toward us.

"Now turn around and walk back," she said. He turned around and walked away from us and toward the exam table, providing us with a very nice view of his firm ass.

"Bend over please and touch your toes," she now ordered as she approached him from behind.

"Hold that position please," she added. Jim was now facing away from me and was bent over touching his toes. Needless to say, I had a glorious view before me. The sight of my husband's tight ass as he was bent over in front of me was spectacular. Perhaps this was why I loved to take him from behind with some of my own toys. As I was enjoying the view, Nurse Goodell ran her fingers up and down the entire length of his spine, checking it for any abnormalities.

"Now face me and squat down," she ordered. Jim turned around to face me again and squatted down.

"And now up please," the nurse requested. Jim immediately stood up.

"One more time please, squat down," she ordered, "and this time place your hands on top of your head." Jim got into position one more time, this time finding it more difficult to balance since his hands were on his head.

"I need you to do a duck walk for me," she ordered, "just a few steps is enough, do you understand how?" Jim nodded in the affirmative. He carefully took a few steps toward me, trying not to lose his balance. His knees were spread apart widely, providing the nurse and I with a clear view of everything that he had between his legs. I could clearly see that his genitals were hanging down loosely from his body, his balls suspended by a seemingly small cord of skin.

"Alright," said Nurse Goodell, "that's enough, stand up next to the table for me."

Jim got up from his crouching position and walked a few steps to take a position at the foot of the table. The nurse walked to the counter to retrieve her stethoscope again. Jim was once again facing me, but this time he took a more relaxed stance with his arms comfortably at his sides. I guess he had finally given up trying to maintain some level of modesty.

"Alright, Mr. Johnson," she said as she approached Jim, "this next part of the examination is designed to evaluate your cardiac health." As she was speaking she put the stethoscope in her ears and placed the bell of the instrument on Jim's almost-hairless chest.

"Just breathe normally, please," she said. She stood there listening to his heart for a few seconds, moving the bell of the instrument to several positions on his chest. At that moment, Jim made eye contact with me. He silently shook his head and rolled his eyes. It appeared that he was becoming quite frustrated with this exam. It was quite clear that he couldn't wait for it to end. But I was loving it, and I gave him my best reassuring smile in return. After a few short moments, Nurse Goodell took the stethoscope out of her ears and grabbed Jim's right hand in order to measure his pulse, simultaneously holding his hand and looking at her watch.

After recording the latest results in Jim's chart, the nurse retrieved the wooden stairs that were next to the scale and positioned them in the center of the room. The set of stairs were about three feet wide, and had two stairs, with each one being about eight inches tall, the normal height of stairs. The stairs were positioned in the middle of the room so that the person using them would directly face me. That person was presumably my dear husband Jim.

"Now, Mr. Johnson," said the nurse, "I need you to step up and down on these stairs in order to increase your heart rate." She continued her explanation of the test: "I'll stop you after 45 seconds and check your pulse and listen to your heart again. After that, I'll have you continue for another two minutes and check you again. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I think so," replied Jim.

"Good, then stand over here and let's get started," she said, pointing to the stairs. Jim walked to the other side of the stairs, once again facing me. I readied Jim's briefs that I had been holding, expecting her order to put them back on prior to the exercise. But those instructions were never given. Was she really going to have him exercise in the nude? Of course, the idea of seeing my husband exercise in the nude didn't bother me at all. I was actually getting quite excited at the prospect. But what purpose did it serve? It was beginning to appear that my earlier suspicions might have been correct. This nurse was actually enjoying this exam, perhaps as much as I was.

"Alright then, begin," she ordered as she looked at her watch.

Jim took a first, careful step with his left foot, then immediately stepped up to the top step with his right. He then brought his left foot to the top step and was momentarily standing on the top step. He immediately reversed the sequence and was back on the floor. I watched in amazement as he repeated these movements. His arms gracefully swung forward and backward, naturally synchronized with the movement of his legs. The muscles in his firm legs and thighs rippled with each step that he took. And best of all, he was nude. His genitals were not only on display before me, they were in constant motion. Jim always kept his pubic hair neatly trimmed, so it was quite easy to see everything. His penis gracefully swung from side to side. His low-hanging balls seemed to retract a bit and were now held much closer to his body. But they were still loose, and were gently swinging back and forth with each step. During this time, the nurse was standing at his side, watching him and also glancing at her watch.

"Alright, stop," she ordered.

Jim stood at the bottom of the stairs while she once again checked his pulse and then pressed the stethoscope against his chest. As she was listening, Jim's chest was moving up and down with his breathing. From his chest movements, it was obvious that he was slightly out of breath, but he seemed to recover quickly.

"Good, now continue for two more minutes, a little faster this time," she ordered. Jim once again began his exercise regime.

"Pick up the pace please, faster," she said after a few seconds.

Jim increased his speed even more to comply with her orders. The nurse now walked to my side of the room and stood beside my chair. She looked down at me and smiled. I looked up at her and responded with a warm grin. And then we both turned our attention to my husband, watching the show as my nude husband performed before us. After two short minutes, Nurse Goodell stopped Jim's exercise and once again checked his pulse and listened to his heart. This time, Jim's chest was heaving up and down while he tried to catch his breath. This last two minutes of exercise was obviously much more strenuous than the initial 45 seconds. But Jim recovered quickly and was soon calmly standing at the foot of the wooden stairs.

"Remain standing please," said Nurse Goodell.

As I watched, she walked to the wall next to the door and pressed a red button on the intercom, a button which was now glowing brightly. She then walked to the counter and proceeded to silently make some additional notes in Jim's chart. After a short wait, the red light went out and there was a quiet knock at the door, which was then opened. Jim had his back to the door, but he instinctively positioned his hands over his genitals before turning toward the door to see who it was. It was Nurse Wilson who had done Jim's preliminary workup.

"Mr. Johnson," said Nurse Goodell, "I've asked Nurse Wilson to join us for the remainder of your exam. She's here to assist and to also act as a chaperone. I'm afraid our company policy and our insurance requires it for any invasive procedures."

"But I'm fine without a chaperone," responded Jim, "after all, my wife is here."

"Yes, I understand," responded Nurse Goodell, "but I'm afraid those are the rules. I'm sorry for the inconvenience." Nurse Goodell now turned her attention to Nurse Wilson.

"Caroline, will you please get Mr. Johnson into position for his genital exam?"

"Yes, of course," Nurse Wilson responded. Jim just stood there staring at the two nurses with his hands still tightly clenched over his genitals.

"I need you to stand up on the top step please, Mr. Johnson," said Nurse Wilson. Jim reluctantly mounted the stairs once more, this time stopping on the top step.

"Good, now your legs need to be parted, put them on the yellow marks please," continued the nurse.

Jim looked down and placed his feet on two yellow lines that were painted near the edges of the top step. I never noticed the lines before, and I doubt Jim did either. The lines were almost at the left and right edges of the step, which meant that his feet were now almost three feet apart. Jim was still trying to cover himself with his hands, but that wasn't going to last long.

"Good, now let's just get those hands out of the way. Please raise your arms and place your hands behind your head," commanded Nurse Wilson.

"I don't think so," said Jim.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Johnson, but you really don't have an option. This part of the examination can't be performed properly if the patients hands get in the way, and we've found that this position works best to keep them occupied. So you can either comply or we can end the examination right now."

Jim reluctantly uncovered himself and raised his arms, placing the palms of each hand against the back of his head. Jim was now facing me in a delightfully vulnerable position. He was elevated about 16 inches off the ground, his hands were behind his head, his elbows pointing to either side, his feet were spread widely apart and his penis and testicles were prominently displayed before the three females in the room. I had thoroughly enjoyed his exam up to this point, but I was beginning to think that the best was yet to come.

"He's ready Nurse Goodell," said Nurse Wilson.

I looked over at Nurse Goodell and saw that she was pulling on a pair of exam gloves in preparation for Jim's examination. She now walked to my side of the stairs and faced Jim. Nurse Wilson moved away from the stairs and took a position to my left, but also facing Jim. Nurse Goodell now began her examination by grabbing both of Jim's testicles with her gloved hands. Although she was standing directly in front of Jim, she was slightly to my left, so I still had an excellent view of the exam. She seemed to be weighing and comparing his testicles, lifting and bouncing each of them with the open palm of her hands. Having completed this preliminary examination, she turned her complete attention to Jim's left testicle. She grabbed it more forcefully this time with both hands, pulling it up and away from his body and squeezing it. She pulled the skin of his scrotum tightly around it and methodically ran her fingers over his testicle, looking for any sign of an abnormality. At one point, Jim's body involuntarily jerked in pain.

"Sorry about that," said the nurse, "I'm trying to be gentle."

She continued the palpation of his testicle, this time with somewhat less force than before. Satisfied that she had adequately examined his left testicle, she turned her attention to his right, performing the same type of exam. I looked over at Nurse Wilson and saw that she was intently watching the action from her close vantage point. She didn't seem to mind her chaperone duties in the least.

"When was the last time you ejaculated, Mr. Johnson?" asked Nurse Goodell.

"Um, yesterday morning, I think," Jim responded.

Nurse Goodell simply nodded her head without a verbal response. At the time I wondered why she asked that question. Could she possibly tell when he ejaculated by feeling his testicles?

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