Jim's Insurance Exam


The nurse now released her grip on Jim's balls and turned her attention to his penis. Jim wasn't completely flaccid anymore, his penis had started to grow in length and thickness. All of this attention to his genitals was definitely having an effect on him. She grasped his circumcised penis with her right hand and lifted it, inspecting all sides. Using her left hand, she gently palpated the length of his shaft. Throughout this procedure, Jim was stoically maintaining his stance, not moving his hands or his feet. He was staring straight ahead, avoiding eye contact with me or the nurses.

"You have a bit of redness here at the base of your penis," said the nurse. "Does this area bother you at all?" Jim looked down to see the area that she was referring to.

"Um, no not really," Jim quickly answered and then hesitated before continuing: "I wear a cock ring sometimes, it's probably from that."

"Oh, I see," replied the nurse, "that would explain it." She continued her questioning: "What kind of material is the ring? Is it metal, leather, rubber or something else?"

"Most of the time I use solid rubber rings but I also have a few metal ones," Jim replied.

"And do you wear these rings only during sex or also at other times?"

"Just for sex," Jim answered.

"Well, that's fine, but I would suggest that you start using some additional lubricant, otherwise this redness may get worse." Jim didn't respond to her advice. Next, the nurse gave his penis a few short tugs and seemed to stretch it away from his body.

"Will you be taking a culture, Nurse Goodell" asked Nurse Wilson. "Yes, please prepare one, Caroline, his insurance requires it," answered Nurse Goodell.

Nurse Wilson now walked over to the counter and prepared for the next part of the exam. She quickly returned with a long stick, which looked like a common cotton swab that you would use to clean your ears. But this one was much longer and I didn't get the impression that they were going to stick it in Jim's ears.

Nurse Goodell was still examining Jim's penis, squeezing the tip and looking into the slit at the end of his penis.

"Have you noticed any discharge, Mr. Johnson?" "No."

"Have you experienced any bleeding directly from your penis or noticed any blood in your urine?" "No" answered Jim.

"Very well. Now, Mr. Johnson," continued Nurse Goodell, "I'm required by your insurance to take a culture from your penis. It's one way we screen for any venereal diseases." Jim looked down at her while she spoke but didn't move his hands or feet.

She continued as she held up the stick: "I'm going to insert this just a short bit into the head of your penis. You might feel some discomfort, but it really shouldn't hurt. But I do need you to stand very still. Do you understand?"

"Yes," answered Jim.

Nurse Goodell now firmly grabbed Jim's penis with her left hand, completely encircling his shaft with her fingers until only the tip was visible. Nurse Wilson now handed her the culture stick, which she carefully pushed into the tip of his penis. Once it was inserted an inch of so, she slowly twisted it before completely removing it.

"There, that wasn't so bad," she said.

She handed the stick to Nurse Wilson who dutifully took it to the counter and replaced its plastic cover. Jim now looked down at me and slowly shook his head. He was not enjoying this. I could tell that he had just about reached the limit of his patience with this exam. He clearly wanted this exam to be over.

"Alright, we need to do one more thing while you're in this position. I'm sure you've been checked for a hernia before, Mr. Johnson."

Jim nodded in the affirmative. "Yes, lots of times."

Nurse Wilson now returned to her position to my left. She apparently didn't want to miss the remainder of the show. Nurse Goodell now stuck two fingers of her right hand into the area above Jim's left testicle. From the look on Jim's face, I could tell that she was pressing very hard.

"Cough please," she ordered. Jim let out a good cough while maintaining his position with his arms behind his head.

"Again," she commanded. Once again, Jim let out a good cough, much louder than the first.

"Now I want you to press down as if you're having a bowel movement," she ordered. I could see the muscles of Jim's abdomen contract as he was trying to tighten them.

"Now the other side," she said as she thrust two fingers of her left hand into the right side of Jim's scrotum. After repeating the coughing tests on Jim's right side, she removed her fingers.

"Alright, you can step down now," she said.

Jim quickly lowered his hands and used the two short steps to reach the ground. His hands once again instinctively covered his genitals in a futile attempt at modesty. I chuckled to myself at how silly that was, especially when you consider that the three females in the room had just spent the last few minutes gazing at his most private parts while they were seemingly on a pedestal for all to see.

After Jim had safely reached the ground, Nurse Wilson pushed the stairs back to their original position against the wall. She didn't pick them up and carry them, she merely shoved them across the floor with her foot. In the mean time, Nurse Goodell made her way to the counter to make additional notes in Jim's chart. On the way there she peeled off the exam gloves.

Nurse Wilson now walked back to the exam table. "Please follow me, Mr. Johnson," she said.

As Jim walked the few steps to the exam table, Nurse Wilson pulled out the built-in step at the foot of the table. The step was previously pulled out only half way, but now she extended it to its full length. Apparently she knew exactly what was next on the agenda and didn't need any instructions from Nurse Goodell. As he walked over to the table, I could see that Jim was now sporting a very nice erection. His penis was no longer gracefully hanging from his body. Erect was now the only way to describe it. It was pointing straight out from his body. Clearly the genital exam had increased Jim's state of arousal. Or was it anticipation of what was to come?

"I need to get you into position for the next part of your exam," Nurse Wilson said to Jim. "The next part involves your rectum," she continued. "So as you might expect, the position isn't the most modest, but we'll try to make you as comfortable as possible."

Upon receipt of the news that his rectum was about to be placed on display, Jim looked at me with a disgusted frown on his face and shook his head. I gave him a big smile in return. Since I enjoy playing with Jim's ass myself, I was looking forward to this part of the exam.

"OK then," continued Nurse Wilson, "please face the exam table and stand on the step."

Jim approached the table and mounted the one and only step at the foot of the table. In doing so, Jim was now facing away from me, preventing me from seeing his genitals. But his tight ass was now front and center and was the complete focus of my attention.

"Feet apart please" said the nurse, "place them all the way to the side edges of the step and point them in slightly." Jim shuffled his feet so that they were right at the edges of the step, which was about two feet wide.

"Good, now bend your knees slightly and rest your upper body on the table," the nurse continued. Jim bent over at his waist and rested his chest flat on the exam table. He used his strong arms to support himself while he lowered his upper torso to the table.

"Pull yourself forward just a bit more," ordered the nurse. Jim used his arms to pull himself further toward the head of the table.

"That's better. Now rest your arms forward, above your head," she said. Jim lifted his arms above his head and rested them at the sides of the table.

I silently congratulated myself since I had the perfect viewing spot for this part of the exam. Jim's upper body was resting on the exam table with his ass raised slightly and his feet apart. This position naturally tightened the skin of his cheeks, helping to separate them slightly. This provided a brief teasing view between his cheeks and into his crack. Jim's ass was about to be violated and I had a ring-side seat for the event. I nervously shifted my position in my seat. I was now wet with anticipation of what was about to occur before me.

"He's ready Nurse Goodell," said Nurse Wilson.

"Thank you, Caroline," said Nurse Goodell in reply.

Nurse Goodell now approached the left side of the exam table carrying a pair of gloves, a tube of lubricant and a hemoccult card. She handed the lubricant and the card to Nurse Wilson and then snapped the gloves onto her hands. Nurse Wilson moved slightly to the right side of the exam table, but was still close enough to view the proceedings and to assist when necessary. Nurse Wilson now reached up and adjusted the light that was mounted on the ceiling above the table. She pulled the arm of the light down so that it was directly above Jim's ass, and then turned it on. The scene was now bathed in bright light. I still had an unobstructed view of Jim's illuminated ass between the two nurses.

"Now Mr. Johnson," said Nurse Goodell, "have you had a rectal exam before?" Jim answered in the affirmative.

"Well, then you should have some idea of how this goes," she continued. "I'm first going to examine your rectum externally, then I'll penetrate you with my finger to get a small stool sample. We'll use that to check for any blood. After that I'll enter you again for the rectal and prostate exam."

When she finished speaking she began her external exam. Using both of her gloved hands, she parted Jim's cheeks and visually inspected the area of skin between them. Next she used her left hand to spread his cheeks apart and ran a finger of her right hand between them.

"No hemorrhoids that I can see. That's good," she said.

As Nurse Goodell was speaking she held out her right hand to Nurse Wilson. This was the signal for Nurse Wilson to squeeze a small amount of lubricant on Nurse Goodell's right index finger. Using her fingers, Nurse Goodell spread the lubricant evenly over the entire length of her index and middle fingers.

"Alright then, Mr. Johnson, you'll feel just a small bit of pressure as I enter you, but it shouldn't hurt." she said.

Nurse Goodell now placed her left hand on Jim's left cheek and her right index finger against Jim's awaiting hole. She gently applied additional pressure to his anus and then backed off, seemingly teasing him. After doing this several times, she was finally ready to enter him. She pressed harder and her lubricated index finger easily slipped into Jim's ass.

"Just breathe normally," she said reassuringly. Her finger was only about half way into him when she suddenly removed it. Nurse Wilson opened the hemoccult card and handed it to Nurse Goodell who carefully smeared a small sample of Jim's stool from her finger onto the card.

Nurse Goodell now spoke to Jim again: "Alright Mr. Johnson, I'm going to do the same thing again, but this time I'll be in there a bit longer for the rectal and prostate exam, so please try to relax."

As she was speaking, Nurse Wilson applied additional lubricant to Nurse Goodell's fingers, doing so very carefully to avoid touching the tube of lubricant to her now-contaminated fingers. Nurse Goodell once again placed her left hand on Jim's left cheek. This time her right middle finger was used to press against his hole and then back off. She repeated this several times. Finally, she pressed harder and penetrated him. This time her middle finger was completely buried in Jim's ass.

"Just try to relax and breathe normally," she said.

She slowly turned her finger 180 degrees clockwise, presumably feeling the sides of Jim's rectum. She now twisted her finger back counter clockwise to its original position and then slowly continued in a counter-clockwise motion. She continued until her finger was now pointing up instead of down and she had been able to feel all sides of his rectum.

"Are you doing alright, Mr. Johnson?" she now asked.

"Yes, I'm OK," said a voice from the exam table.

The nurse now twisted her finger back to its original starting position and began to visibly apply more pressure, as if she was trying to reach deeper into his rectum.

"I'm going to press on your prostate now so you'll feel some pressure as though you have to urinate or ejaculate. That's perfectly normal." she said.

Jim's body involuntarily jerked and he let out what can only be described as a loud grunt. I assumed that she must have reached his prostate. She pressed again and Jim once again exhaled loudly, this time raising his head slightly off of the table.

"Just relax, Mr. Johnson," she said.

As I watched, she pulled her middle finger out about half way and then immediately reentered Jim's ass, this time using both of her lubricated fingers at the same time. With both fingers now stretching his anal sphincter, she was able to penetrate him more deeply than before. She once again pressed on his prostate, this time with both fingers, causing Jim to let out another involuntarily gasp. At this point, Nurse Goodell was completely focused on her work, but I noticed that Nurse Wilson turned to look at me. I suppose she wanted to see if I was watching the show, as was she, and what my reaction was to seeing my husband's ass violated like this. Our eyes briefly met and we exchanged smiles.

Nurse Goodell pressed on Jim's prostate once more time, just for good measure I suppose, and then she removed her fingers. She immediately peeled off both of her exam gloves and disposed of them.

"You can stand up now, Mr. Johnson," she said.

Nurse Wilson moved to the side of the exam table and helped Jim get up from the table. While Jim got up from the table, Nurse Goodell moved to the counter to make a few additional notes in Jim's chart. Jim was now standing on the step of the exam table and facing me. I noticed that the tip of his penis was slightly moist. I didn't see any evidence on the table that he ejaculated, so I assumed that he must have simply leaked a bit due to the prostate exam.

"You can step down, Mr. Johnson," said Nurse Wilson.

Jim immediately stepped down to the floor and stood there at the foot of the exam table, waiting for any final instructions. Jim was still sporting the erection that he had earlier. It didn't seem any larger, or smaller, just the same. It appeared that his exam was now over. At least Jim thought it was over based on the look of relief on his face. But I had my doubts. It just didn't feel over. Why didn't they give him something to clean himself? After all, his ass was now dripping with lubricant. And why the long pause while Nurse Goodell wrote in his chart? Why was Nurse Wilson still here? Wasn't her job done? No, I wasn't convinced that it was over.

After a few more seconds, Jim spoke up. "Can I get dressed now?" he asked.

"No, I'm sorry, not just yet," came the quick answer from Nurse Goodell. "We still have a few things to cover," she continued. When she finished writing in his chart, she spoke again, this time addressing Nurse Wilson directly -- not Jim.

"Caroline," she said, "go ahead and give Mr. Johnson one or two Fleets. When he's all cleaned out I'll return and do his proctoscopy."

"Yes, of course Nurse Goodell," answered Nurse Wilson.

Jim appeared shocked that his exam wasn't over, and confused because he didn't understand what was about to happen to him. I had never heard of a proctoscopy before, but I knew that a Fleet was a type of enema. So I had a pretty good idea what was in store for dear old Jim. Jim now spoke up.

"I don't understand I thought we were done," he said, "What else do you need to do?"

"Well, Mr. Johnson," replied Nurse Goodell, "I'm going to use an instrument called a proctoscope to visually inspect your anal cavity and rectum. This isn't a routine part of every insurance physical that we perform, but it has been specifically requested by your company." Jim's face turned white with fear as he began to understand what was about to happen to him.

Nurse Goodell continued: "Nurse Wilson will make sure you're all cleaned out first so that I can accurately perform the exam." The two nurses stared at Jim while he looked down at the floor.

"Do you understand, Mr. Johnson?" asked Nurse Goodell.

"Yes, I do," answered Jim.

"Good, then carry on Caroline and let me know when he's ready." Nurse Goodell picked up Jim's chart, walked to the door and left.

Nurse Wilson now addressed Jim. "I know you weren't expecting this and I am truly sorry," she said. "As I tried to make clear earlier, your exam today is quite comprehensive."

"Let's just get on with it," replied Jim.

"I need you back up on the table please, this time lying on your left side," she said.

While Jim mounted the table again, Nurse Wilson opened the cabinets above the counter and retrieved the supplies she would need. She also pulled exam gloves on both of her hands. As Jim was getting into position, she approached the table with a tube of lubricant and a Fleet enema that was already uncapped . Jim was on his left side with his back toward her.

"Now raise your right knee up to your chest please," she ordered.

Jim pulled his top leg up to his chest, once again pulling the skin of his cheeks tight and preparing his ass hole for penetration. The nurse squeezed a generous amount of lubricant onto two fingers of her right hand. She smeared some of the lubricant along the tip of the plastic enema bottle. She worked the rest of the lubricant between her fingers to ensure that they were completely covered.

"Breathe normally," she said as her lubricated middle finger approached Jim's anus. She ran her index finger along the outside of his hole, covering it with lubricant. She seemed to be stroking the outside of his hole with her finger. Next, she pressed against his hole with her middle finger until it easily slid all the way in. She now twisted her finger a bit to make sure that everything was nicely coated with lubricant before removing her finger.

"Alright, here we go, Mr. Johnson, just try to relax," she said.

She now placed the tip of the enema bottle against his anus and penetrated him with it. Jim let out a slight gasp of air as the tip of the bottle entered him. Once the entire nozzle of the bottle was firmly inserted, she began to squeeze it using slow and even pressure.

"You should start to feel the fluid entering now," she said.

"Yes, I feel it," Jim replied. It only took a minute or so for her to empty the entire enema bottle into Jim. When it was empty, she removed it from Jim's ass and disposed of it.

"Alright, Mr. Johnson," she said, "You need to stay in that position for about 5 minutes to let the enema work on you. I'll be back in just a few minutes. Please hold all of the solution until I get back." With that, she removed her gloves and left the room.

I took the opportunity to get up from my chair and try to comfort Jim.

"Are you alright dear?" I asked.

"Sure, I'm OK I guess. I'm just really sick and tired of this exam. It just goes on and on," he said. "How much more can they possibly do to me?" he added.

"I don't know dear, I wasn't expecting this much either," I replied. "But you're doing great, and I'm really enjoying this," I said.

"Well good," he said, "at least someone is."

As the minutes slowly passed, I could tell that Jim was becoming very uncomfortable. The solution was starting to work on him and he was beginning to experience some cramping.

"I really need to go soon," he said.

"Just hold it for a bit more dear," I said, "I'm sure the nurse will be back any time now."

Standing over Jim, it was easy to see that he still had his erection, perhaps even slightly bigger. Wanting to take his mind off of his current situation, I gently took his cock in my hands and started to stroke him.

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