Jim's Insurance Exam


"Not now Mandy," was all he said. I removed my hands and went back to my chair. A few minutes more passed when the door finally opened and Nurse Wilson entered.

"How are you doing, Mr. Johnson, can you feel the fluid working on you?" she asked.

"I sure can," Jim replied, "I need to go right now."

"Great then," she replied, "go ahead and expel all of that."

The nurse helped Jim as he got up from the exam table. He quickly made his way to the toilet at the far end of the exam room and sat down. He immediately expelled the fluid in an explosive burst of pressure. This was followed by several more squirts of fluid. While Jim was on the toilet, the nurse and I both watched Jim from a distance, trying to give him some small amount of privacy.

"Try to expel all of the fluid," the nurse said.

After a few minutes of expelling the enema, Jim wiped himself using some toilet paper and stood up. His erection was now almost gone.

"Let's see how you look now," said the nurse, "please get back on the table, on your left side again." Jim once again mounted the table and assumed the now-familiar position on his left side.

"Pull your knee up again please," the nurse ordered. As she approached him, she pulled on another pair of exam gloves.

"Let's see if you're clean enough now," she said. She lubricated the middle finger of her right hand and plunged it deep into Jim's hole without any warning. No sound was heard from Jim this time, perhaps he was finally getting used to all of these assaults on his ass hole. She twisted her finger 180 degrees clockwise and then reversed direction to examine the other side of his rectum. After this brief exam, she removed her finger and examined her glove, apparently looking for signs of feces.

"Well, you're definitely cleaner than before," said the nurse, "but I think Nurse Goodell would prefer you to be just a bit cleaner. So I'm going to give you one more enema."

"You're kidding, I really don't need another one," moaned Jim.

"I'm afraid so since we need you to be very clean for this exam," replied the nurse.

Without removing her gloves, Nurse Wilson retrieve another Fleet enema from the cabinet and removed the plastic cover. She once again applied lubricant to the tip and used her fingers to spread it evenly down the entire length of the nozzle.

"Alright, Mr. Johnson, you know the drill, just relax and it will all be over soon," she said.

As she spoke, she pulled Jim's cheeks apart and slowly and carefully inserted the tip of the bottle into his anus. Once the tip was in, she quickly inserted the remainder of the nozzle and started to squeeze the bottle. Jim was much quieter this time, but I did hear him let out an audible moan a couple of times. After a minute or so, all of the fluid was dispensed and the nurse removed the enema bottle. The nurse disposed of the empty bottle and removed her gloves.

"OK, stay in that position and I'll be back in another 5 minutes," she said as she left the room.

Jim laid on the exam table motionless. I didn't try to converse with him at all. It was obvious that he wasn't in the mood to talk. I did watch him with mixed emotions. I felt sorry for him. Sorry that he had to go through all of this. But I had other feelings as well. I was entertained, excited, amazed, and most of all aroused. I expected to be highly entertained watching his exam. But I wasn't prepared for my high state of arousal. Watching his exam, even uncomfortable parts like this enema, was highly erotic to me. It made me appreciate my dear husband and want him even more. I couldn't wait to get home and thank him in a most intimate way.

Nurse Wilson returned to the room after a short wait of about 5 minutes.

"Doing OK, Mr. Johnson?" she asked.

"Yes," was the one word answer from Jim.

"Alright then, let me help you up so you can expel that," she said.

She walked to Jim's side and helped him up from the table. Jim sat down on the toilet and once again expelled the fluid. While Jim was on the toilet, the nurse walked to the panel next to the door and pressed a white button which stayed lit. My guess was that this was the signal for Nurse Goodell to return. Nurse Wilson now walked to the counter and retrieved an item from the cabinet, obviously preparing for the next phase in Jim's exam. I could see that the item was metal and was sealed in a plastic bag. Perhaps it was sterilized after its last use. She opened the bag and placed the instrument on the counter. Jim was now finished on the toilet, had wiped himself off and was walking toward the nurse.

"Is that what she's going to use on me?" he asked as he saw the instrument laying on the counter. Nurse Wilson quickly covered the instrument with a paper towel as she answered.

"Yes, that's right, but Nurse Goodell will explain everything to you. Please have a seat on the table."

Still completely nude, Jim mounted the table and sat down facing me. His legs were spread apart slightly, giving me a nice view of everything that he had between them. His penis was now completely limp and was comfortably resting atop his loose balls. Our eyes met briefly and I give him my best reassuring grin. He half-heartedly smiled back. He seemed relieved that he survived the enemas, but also a bit worried, not knowing exactly what was about to happen. After a short wait, there was a quiet knock on the door and Nurse Goodell entered.

"Alright, Mr. Johnson, I assume you're all cleaned out and ready to go," she said.

"Oh yeah, I'm all clean now," Jim replied in a sarcastic tone.

"Let me explain this next part of the exam," the nurse said as she approached the counter and picked up the instrument. "This is a proctoscope and it allows me to visually inspect the last six inches or so of your rectum and anal cavity."

As she was speaking, she held the instrument out so that Jim could inspect it. It consisted of a shiny metal tube that was about five or six inches long and about one inch thick. She was holding the instrument using a metal handle that was connected to one of the ends . There was also a red plunger that was attached to a small hose at the end of the instrument.

Nurse Goodell now continued her explanation to Jim: "After thoroughly lubricating the scope, I'll slowly insert it into your rectum, at which point I'll remove this middle piece, called an obturator, and perform the visual inspection."

She now unlocked and removed the inner portion of the instrument and showed Jim that it was now basically a hollow tube. A shiny, cold, hollow metal tube that she was about to shove up his ass.

"During the process I'll also pump in some air since that helps to expand your anal cavity to allow better viewing," she added. "Any questions?"

Jim just sat there staring at the instrument without making a sound. He obviously wasn't happy about having something like that shoved up his ass. But of course, I couldn't wait to see it happen.

"Alright then, Caroline please get Mr. Johnson ready and I'll prepare the scope," said Nurse Goodell.

"Sure thing," answered Nurse Wilson. "Mr. Johnson," she continued, "I need you on the table on your hands and knees."

Jim stood up from his seated position and mounted the table with his back toward me. Once on the table, he got on his knees and then bent over to support his upper body with his arms.

"That's just about right," said the nurse, "just part your legs." Jim shuffled his legs further apart, moving his knees toward the edges of the exam table.

"That's better," said the nurse, "now lower your upper body and rest your head on the table. Just rest your arms at your sides."

Jim lowered his head to the table, further accentuating the fact that his ass and only his ass was the focus of this examination. It was now prominently positioned for my viewing pleasure and for the nurses assault. With his legs parted, his testicles and penis were also on display as they gracefully hung down between his widely parted legs.

While Nurse Wilson was preparing Jim, Nurse Goodell was busy preparing the scope. After pulling on a pair of exam gloves, she applied a generous amount of lubricant, using her fingers to spread it evenly over the entire length of the metal shaft. Now that Jim was in position, Nurse Wilson repositioned the spot light above the exam table so that it was once again properly aimed at the business end of the exam. She then turned it on and bathed Jim's pale white ass in bright light.

Nurse Wilson now put on a pair of exam gloves and took the scope as it was handed to her by Nurse Goodell. After adding additional lubricant to her fingers, she approached Jim.

"Now, Mr. Johnson," she said, "I'm first going to make sure you're fully lubricated before I attempt to insert the scope."

As she spoke she placed her left hand on Jim's left cheek and pressed the middle finger of her right hand against his waiting hole. She applied pressure and her finger easily slipped into his ass. After twisting and turning her finger to spread the lubricant, she slipped a second finger in. She once again twisted and turned her fingers, evenly spreading the lubricant. After a few seconds, she slipped a third finger into his ass. This time she appeared to be stretching his anal sphincter, preparing it to receive the cold metal object. After a minute or so, she removed all of her fingers from Jim's rectum. Nurse Goodell wiped the excess lubricant from her fingers with a paper towel and then retrieved the scope from Nurse Wilson.

"OK, here we go, Mr. Johnson, you'll feel some pressure and stretching, but this shouldn't cause any severe pain," she said to Jim.

Jim didn't acknowledge her comments at all and was completely silent. The nurse brought the end of the scope up to his anus and began to apply gentle pressure. She first pushed just the tip of the device into his ass, inserting it maybe a half inch. Once his sphincter relaxed enough to receive it, she slowly pushed further, now inserting the device a full inch into his rectum. She continued to apply gentle and consistent pressure as the scope slipped further into Jim. She seemed to be taking her time, it took more than a full minute for her to bury the scope deep into Jim's rectum.

"Alright, Mr. Johnson, that's as far as it goes, how are you doing?" she asked.

"Fine" was heard as the reply from the far end of the exam table.

"Good, then I'll just have a look and we'll get this out of you as quickly as possible."

Using the handle, Nurse Goodell now turned the scope 180 degrees. She then turned the obturator to unlock it and carefully removed it from the middle of the scope. She turned on the light on her otoscope and used it to look through the void in the middle of the scope -- directly into Jim's rectum. While she was viewing the inside of his rectum, she used the hand pump on the scope to add air. After a minute or so of viewing, she carefully replaced the obturator in the middle of the scope. Using the handle, she turned the scope 90 degrees clockwise and repeated the exam, removing the middle part of the scope, viewing, pumping air, etc. She repeated this maneuver two more times, each time turning the scope about 90 degrees before performing her visual inspection.

After awhile I lost interest in her exam and began to focus on Jim. In particular, I was interested to see if her examination was having any affect on Jim's state of arousal. It was. It was quite obvious that his penis was becoming hard. It was still hanging straight down between his parted legs, but was now much longer and thicker than it was before. He wasn't fully erect, but he was obviously stimulated by this exam. His testicles were still loosely hanging from his body. How I wished that I could grab them right now, but I couldn't. That would have to wait until later.

Nurse Goodell now began to ever so slowly remove the scope. Before doing so, she removed the obturator one last time, leaving the middle of the scope open for viewing while it was being removed. She looked through the middle of the scope as she slowly backed it out of Jim's body. After another minute or so, it was fully removed and handed to Nurse Wilson's waiting hands for cleanup.

"Alright, Mr. Johnson, your proctoscopy is done," said Nurse Goodell. Jim immediately raised his head from the table and started to get up before the nurse stopped him.

"No, don't get up yet, we have a few additional things to cover before you're completely done," she said.

Jim obviously thought that the proctoscopy was the icing on the cake. He wasn't happy to hear that there was still more to this exam. He was now kneeling on the table waiting for the nurse's next command.

"I'm afraid that your insurance forms also require us to extract a sample of your prostatic fluid," said Nurse Goodell. "We'll check it to determine if you have any kind of bacterial infection."

Upon hearing this news, Nurse Wilson retrieved a culture dish from the cabinet and took a position on the right side of the exam table.

She now ordered Jim into the required position: "Just stay on your knees as you were before, Mr. Johnson, but support your body with your arms," she said. Jim bent over again, this time supporting himself with his arms instead of resting his head on the table.

"Feet wide apart please, all the way to the edge of the table," she added.

Nurse Goodell now approached Jim's ass once again and addressed him: "I am sorry about this, Mr. Johnson, I should have obtained this sample during your initial rectal exam, but I'm afraid I didn't notice that it was required. I am truly sorry to put you through this again."

"Let's just get on with it," Jim growled.

"Yes, of course, Mr. Johnson. To extract the sample, I will massage your prostate and Caroline will catch the fluid as it is expelled from your penis," said Nurse Goodell.

When she finished speaking, she nodded to Nurse Wilson, signaling that the exam was about to begin. From her position on the right side of the exam table, Nurse Wilson grabbed Jim's penis with her left hand. She positioned the tip over the culture dish that she was holding in her right hand. You would think that Jim's ass had been lubricated enough by now, but out of habit, Nurse Goodell added some more lubricant to her gloved fingers. She then plunged one finger, then two deep into Jim's ass. She wasn't twisting or turning her fingers in any way, she was simply pushing. Pushing on a single spot, Jim's prostate. She continued to push on this one spot, slowing increasing the pressure.

"Now, you may feel the urge to ejaculate, Mr. Johnson, but try not to since we only want the prostatic fluid right now," she said.

I wondered what she meant by "right now". Did she really mean that they would also need a sperm sample later? As she was pushing, Jim let out a painful grunt.

"I'm sorry Mr. Johnson, some men find this pleasurable, but I'm told that it can sometimes be painful," she said. Looking at Jim, it was a little bit of both. Based on the size and firmness of his penis in Nurse Wilson's hand, he was deriving some pleasure from the procedure. After about one or two minutes of pushing, Jim grunted several times and Nurse Wilson spoke up.

"He just produced some fluid, Nurse Goodell," she said, "I think it should be enough."

Nurse Goodell immediately stopped pushing and removed her fingers from Jim's ass. Nurse Wilson released her grip on Jim's penis and immediately took the culture dish containing the fluid to the counter and covered it up.

"Please remain in this position, Mr. Johnson," said Nurse Goodell, "we have one more procedure to perform."

I could see the full extent of Jim's arousal now that the nurse was no longer holding his penis. It was once again hanging down between his legs and was quite thick and firm. A very nice erection indeed.

"Go ahead and get a beaker ready, Caroline, we'll need it for his sperm sample," said Nurse Goodell.

"Sperm sample?" said Jim, "what are you talking about?"

"Once again, I am very sorry that you weren't expecting this, Mr. Johnson," answered Nurse Goodell. "But your insurance forms very clearly require a sample of your ejaculate. And as is the case with all samples that we collect, it must be an observed sample."

Her words hung in the air for a few seconds while we all made sense of what was about to happen. Not only was my dear husband about to be forced to ejaculate, he must do so while we all watch.

"You've got to be kidding," Jim replied.

"As I said, I am truly sorry that you weren't expecting this," said the nurse. "But this is a required part of your particular insurance exam. It is the final procedure, but we can't complete your exam without it." Throughout this conversation, Jim was still on the exam table on his hands and knees and facing away from us.

"Alright," sighed Jim, "what do you want me to do?"

"Well, Mr. Johnson," replied Nurse Goodell, "to be honest, you have the easy part. You really just have to relax and become aroused enough to ejaculate when you're ready. Nurse Wilson and I will take care of everything else." Jim must have liked the idea of two nurses jacking him off since he didn't protest again. I almost stood up and volunteered to help, but I decided to quietly watch the show instead.

Nurse Wilson once again moved to Jim's right side, carrying a clear glass beaker. Taking Jim's semi-erect cock in her gloved hand, she applied some lubricant to the entire length of his shaft. Once the lubricant was applied, she started stroking him with her left hand. She held the beaker under the tip of his penis using her right hand.

Nurse Goodell now spoke to Jim: "Now, Mr. Johnson, I need you hold back as long as possible. That will ensure that we get a good sample. Just let it build up a bit and let us know when you're about to ejaculate, OK?" Jim nodded in agreement.

Nurse Wilson continued to pump her hand up and down Jim's shaft. I could see that he was now fully hard in her hand. From between his legs, I noticed that his balls were no longer hanging as low as they were before. They had pulled up higher, but were still well defined as two separate spheres in his scrotum.

A few minutes passed and the nurse was still working on Jim's shaft. He was still fully hard, but it didn't look like he was getting at all close to ejaculating. I think the nurses expected Jim to shoot his load very quickly, especially after the exam that he had just endured. But they didn't know my husband. They didn't realize that he was just getting started and could go like this for a long time. They clearly needed to add additional stimulation if they wanted to speed this along.

After another minute or so, Nurse Goodell realized just that, that more stimulation was needed. Standing behind Jim, she reached between his parted legs and grabbed his balls using both of her gloved hands. She started by gently rubbing them, then quickly moved on to squeezing and lifting them. Ah, now she's getting the idea, I thought to myself. After another minute or so, Nurse Goodell ramped up the stimulation even more. She applied more lubricant to the fingers of her right hand and pressed them against his anal sphincter. She didn't enter him, she merely teased him with the pressure from her fingers. During this time her left hand continued to rub and massage both of his balls. After a bit more teasing with her fingers, she slid one finger all the way in. She immediately started pumping her finger in and out of his hole. She wasn't performing any type of examination this time and she wasn't pressing on his prostate. She was simply plunging her finger in and out of his ass in a steady rhythm. Jim let out an audible grunt. He was clearly enjoying all of this attention. As she continued to finger fuck him, Jim began to rock back and forth on the table, moving his hips backward in an opposite motion to her finger. As she thrust forward, he pushed back. He wanted more and she sensed this. She now slipped a second finger into his ass and continued to pump in and out in an ever increasing rhythm. She grabbed his balls much tighter now, squeezing them as if she was milking a cow. Nurse Wilson continued stroking his cock, increasing her speed as she sensed that he was getting close.

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