tagMind ControlJim's Tale

Jim's Tale


Chapter 1

Big trees with big over hangs always make me feel nervous. My name is Jim and I trim trees next to power lines for a living. Today was a beautiful Friday. There was just one big nasty fir standing between me and the end of the day. "Tim are you sure you don't want this one?" I said, to my foreman as we were looking at the tree.

"No way. You're the hot shot climber. Not me."

"Yeah, you say that a lot. I guess I should get started on it, if we're going to get it done today."

"If we don't get it done today we can come back and finish it Monday."

"Your joking right. I'm not climbing that tree twice. I'm going to get it done today."

"You better hurry." Tim said as I started up the tree.

I got up to where I needed to tie in, about 150 feet. Then picked another spot for the bull rope.

The tree was coming along nicely and I'm down to my last branch. I limb walked close to the end of the branch to tie the bull rope. All of a sudden the limb snapped off and fell on the transmission line.

The last thing I remembered was the surge of power coursing thru my body, until I heard Tim yelling up at me asking if I was ok. I shook my head to try and clear away the buzzing at the back of my skull. I yelled back, "I'm ok. I'm on my way down."

When I got on the ground Tim was waiting for me. "Are you sure your ok?"

I sat down under the tree. "Yeah, I'm ok. My head is just buzzing."

"Do you want me to take you to the hospital?"

"No. I'll be ok." The buzzing in my head was finally starting to ease off.

"Are you sure? Your not looking to good."

"I'm already feeling better." I took the time to look at my hands and arms, to check for burns. "I got lucky. I didn't even get burnt." I said as I showed him my arms and hands.

"You should be brunt to a crisp. Are you sure you're alright?"

"I'm fine. Lets get the gear rolled up. It's about quitting time."

We got all the gear rolled up, and headed back to the show up. When we got there I grabbed my gear and threw it in the car.

"Are you sure you're ok?" Tim asked as I was getting in my car.

"I'm fine. See you Monday." I said as I started to drive away.

The hour long drive home, went by uneventful. As I pulled in the driveway, the buzzing had all but stopped.

I went inside and plopped on the couch. I sat there rubbing my temples for a few minutes. I was very relieved when the buzzing finally came to a stop.

"That was way to close 56Kv. I must have been born under a lucky star. I gotta be more careful."

I walked into the kitchen to fix a bowl of soup. When I reached for the ladle that was just out of reach, it slid across the counter into my hand. I dropped the bowl I was holding and jerked my hand away from the ladle. I bent down to pick up the bowl, never taking my eyes off the ladle.

"I've never had that happen before." I thought to myself. I took a step back and held out my hand. The ladle floated over to me. I sat down in the middle of the kitchen floor. I was in shock.

"I've read about this type of stuff before, but I never thought it was true."

I finished fixing my soup. Sat down at the table and ate while I was thinking. "This power is going to make my job a lot easier."

I finished eating, washed the bowl and spoon. I headed to the bathroom to get cleaned up, so I could relax for the evening.

A little bit about myself. I'm 5' 10" and 130 pounds, kind of skinny, but at the age of 30. I didn't think I would ever get any bigger.

I was wrong. I turned on the shower and got undressed while the water heated up. I looked in the mirror and thought, "I wish I could fill out more." All of a sudden I felt power surging thru my body. I could feel my muscles growing, strengthening. I grabbed the sink and closed my eyes. When I opened them I could already see the change.

"I'm buff! I must be close to 180, maybe 190. All muscle. Wow! I wonder how strong I am."

I reached to shut the water off in the shower and pulled my jeans back on. (Luckily they still fit. I still had a 29 inch waist, but the leg and crotch area were really tight.) I walked out in the garage and picked up a 2 inch metal pipe, 6 feet long lying on the floor. "I wonder if I can bend this?"

It was so easy. It took very little effort to bend it. I played with the pipe for a few minutes. It was like playing with a thin wire. Bending it in a bunch of different shapes. When I walked back in the house I stopped to weigh myself. 185 pounds! I couldn't believe it.

"Well I guess I should jump in the shower and get cleaned up." I said to myself.

As I was washing up I started to fantasize about my next door neighbor Kim. She was 26 years old. She had long dark hair, D tits and legs that went on forever. Then I noticed my chest and arms were not the only things that had gotten bigger. My dick must be 10 inches long and a lot thicker than it was.

When I finished up in the shower. I got out, dried off, put some pajama bottoms on and sat down on the couch.

I spent the next three hours playing with moving stuff around the house, cleaning the house without moving off the couch. I found if I concentrated, I could see into other rooms and move things in there also. I had the whole house spotless in no time.

By the time I had finished playing with my new gift it was nine o clock. About that time, Kim was pulling up in her drive way. "Well" I thought to myself. "I wonder if I can see into her house from here?" I relaxed into the couch and concentrated. I found it very easy. It was like, I floated a third eye. I could just drift right through the window. I floated across the yard and right through her window. I could see and to my surprise, hear.

Apparently my extension could hear, as well as see. This was way cool. I moved her coffee cup just to see if I could. Then I moved from room to room just looking around her house. I could hear her talking on her cell phone in her bedroom. As I entered her bedroom she was shutting her cell phone. She sat the cell phone down on her night stand and sat on the edge of the bed. At that time I herd a faint thought coming from her.

"I wonder if I can hear more of her thoughts." As I tried, her thoughts and memories came flooding in. If I would not have been sitting down, it would have knocked me down.

"WOW! I need to turn down the volume." As soon as I thought it, the volume tuned down to a small trickle. "Well if I can see her memories and thoughts, can I replace some of her's with mine?"

This took a little time to figure out, but when I did, I found that I could put thoughts in her head. So I played around in her head a little. I found out that she was single, not really attracted to anyone that she had ever met. (That was about to change.) She was very wealthy, but wanted to live a normal life. She worked as a realtor. While I was in her head, I made it so that every time she thought of me she would get very aroused, and every time she got aroused she would think of me. Then I made her very attracted to me. I could see her thoughts start to shift, thinking about me more and more. This is going to be a lot of fun. After I finished making adjustments to her, she was starting to get very worked up. I gave her a mental command to go get cleaned up.

I followed her in the bathroom and watched her get undressed. She had a little fluff around her middle. Her breasts were at least a DD but kinda saggy. "I wonder if I can change her body like I did mine?" I tried this for a while but just couldn't make it work. "I might need to touch her to make physical changes."

I left to returned back to my house. I wondered how long it would take her before she came over.

I spent the next hour thinking about what I could try doing to her body. I knew I was going to make her tummy flat and take all the sag out of her tits. The thought of changing her body to my liking was really starting to turn me on.

About that time someone knocked on my door, shattering my concentration. I shook my head to clear it and got up to answer the door.

"Hi Kim. How can I help you this evening?"

"Can we talk for a bit?"

"Sure. Please come in and have a seat.

"Thank you." She said as she brushed up against me and swayed past to have a seat on the couch.

"What would you like to talk about Kim." I was a little nervous that she might have figured out what I was trying to do to her.

She looked at me and I watched her eyes fill up with lust as she licked her lips. "I can't explain it, but I need to be with you. I have never burned for someone like this before. I will do anything for you."

Wow. I must have really started her motor. "Ok. Strip." She took her clothes off. Stood in front of me. I walk up to her and placed my hands on her breasts. She moaned and pushed her chest into my hands.

"That feels so good." She said, while trying to reach in my pajama bottoms.

She was making it very hard to concentrate. I knew what I wanted her tits to look and feel like. I felt a warm liquid feeling in my hands then I felt it pass into her breasts. When she felt the warm liquid enter her, she shuddered with a small orgasm. I could feel her breast's changing under my hands. They became perky enough to stand on there own, yet stayed soft and pliable. I made sure her nipples were always hard and sensitive to my touch. I went ahead and made all the modifications to her that I wanted to make. I trimmed down her tummy and gave her a very well defined body. I made it so she could deep throat me with no problem. I also changed her thinking so she would love the taste and orgasm when I did. I made all her hair fall out from her neck down and made sure her skin was silky smooth. The last thing I did was made sure I couldn't hurt her with my new size.

She was shaking with small orgasms while I was making the changes. When I finished she shuddered one last time. She looked down at her new body, "How? I can't believe it, this is incredible." She said as she ran her hands over her new flat tummy up to her large perky breasts.

She looked up at me and said. "This is absolutely great I can't wait to test my new body out." She started rubbing up against me like a big cat. "I want to taste you." she said as she started pulling my pajamas down.

When she wrapped her hand around my thick pole, her eyes got big. She looked down. "I'm going to have a lot of fun with this. I just hope I can take it all. I've never seen one so big!" she was licking her lips. Then ever so slowly she started to lick up and down my shaft. When I was fully hard, she slipped the head of my cock in her mouth and started sucking. Like she was trying to suck the cum strait from my balls. Then she started to run her tongue along the underside of my manhood.

I almost lost it. She kept taking more of me in. At that time I felt the head of my pecker enter her throat. I looked down just in time to watch her swallow my entire length. Then she started to hum. I put my hand on the back of her head, held it in place, and started cumming. The first shot went straight down her throat. She pulled back so just the head of my man hood was still in her mouth and started sucking as I delivered the rest of my load. She swallowed every drop. I also noticed, she had a pretty good orgasm when I blew mine.

When I came in her. I felt a shift in both of our minds, like we were linked some how.

She let my dick slide out of her mouth. "Wow! That was great. Your cum is so yummy and I love how your big cock feels slipping in and out of my throat. I cant wait to feel you fill the rest of my holes with that big prick you have."

I stood up and held my hand out for her. "Shall we move to the bed room?"

"Yes, I think we can have a lot more fun in the bedroom." She said with a twinkle in her eyes.

When we got to the bedroom she stepped over to the bed, laid down on her back, spread her legs, look up at me and simply said. "I'm yours."

I didn't even think about what she said I was to busy staring at the best looking pussy I had ever seen. I knelt down next to her to get a better view and couldn't help myself. I just had to run my tongue along her beautiful hairless snatch. She didn't even have a hint of stubble. I ran my hand down her silky smooth legs. As I started licking up and down her slit. She started having little orgasms.

She started running her hands thru my hair and pushing her crotch toward my face.

I started sucking on her clit and pushed two fingers inside her slopping wet hole. Which pushed her over the edge. I had to hold on to her hips to keep from being bucked off. When she came back down I stopped sucking on her clit and started kissing my way up her smooth flat belly taking my time, when I reach her breast I kissed every inch of them. Then moved to her nipples, sucked, licked, and lightly nibbled on them. This was driving her wild. She was moaning very loudly and then said.

"Please, fuck me. I need you to fill me up please."

How can a man say no to that. So I did what the lady asked for, I lined the head of my dick up with her opening. She was dripping wet, so it took very little effort to get the head in. As soon as it slipped in, she slammed herself onto my rock hard pole all the way down. She thru her head back and let out a silent wail of ecstasy. She was way to worked up to go slow. We rolled over so she was on top and she started riding me like a wild women. Since I had nothing to do with my hands, I reach up and grabbed her ample tits. They were so soft and full. I started pinching and twisting her nipples. And she started riding me even harder.

She was getting me very close to cumming. So I thought this would be a good time to end this. So I found her pleasure center in her brain and kick it into over drive. She froze with the biggest orgasm she ever had. Her pussy was milking my cock which made me blow my load, then she just passed out. When I came I felt the shift again. "Wow that was great. This new life is going to be a lot better than my old one." With that thought I rolled her off me and fell asleep. With my meat still buried in her.

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