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Jingle Bells



Patricia looked at the outfit her husband left her to wear for that night's romantic role playing. She saw the red stiletto heels from a world famous designer that cost at least a couple hundred dollars from internet Christmas shopping ideas. The red velvet looking halter top with faux fur collar and matching hot red thong underwear was definitely a three hundred dollar outfit from her favorite erotic lingerie shop. There above it was a diamond pendant easily worth a thousand dollars. All very expensive to get just for a night of playing "Ms. Sexy Santa" for her husband.

As she saw these expensive erotic garments, she still was puzzled by the dollar store bag above those that held a cheap Santa hat and a pair of jingle bell earrings. This puzzled Patricia a ton because of the fact that the earrings although festive looked so out of place with the rest of the outfit. She started to search through her mind and could only remember that her ugly old teachers wore the bells around Christmas time. Patricia was in her mid thirties, but her long legs, gorgeous brown hair, very ample bosom that seemed to defy gravity and really slim figure didn't denote any thought that she was old. As she made her way to her shower, she still pondered why he bought her those jingle earrings. It was a warm luxurious shower as Patricia did everything to ensure her total cleanliness. She even took the time to ensure her trimmed pussy was up to snuff as she felt it. The minor touching was already beginning to arouse her slightly as she willed herself to hold back for now as she rushed to the bedroom to get dressed.

She sat on the bed and slowly slipped on the stiletto heels and strapped them on. She couldn't help but feel extremely sexy wearing them. She then slowly slipped on the silky underwear as she felt the fabric touching her naked skin. It was almost a temptation to not put on the halter and just walk down the stairs just wearing what she did. Yet she knew her hubby wanted to see a naughty Santa that night.

The halter was slightly snug, especially around her breasts. Usually, her husband would get her outfits that would allow her cleavage to be visible. This halter top squeezed her breasts together so that her breasts felt almost like they were wrapped in tightly woven yarn. Her nipples were already poking through the fabric from the excitement. As she looked at the clock, she noticed that he was close to being home. She quickly put on the Santa hat and used a few bobby pins to secure the hat to her hair. She then quickly slid the bells onto her ears and started to walk downstairs.

There her hubby stood, awestruck at the beautiful picture before him. A sexy Santa waiting for him. Quickly, he walked forward and pressed her against his chest. Through the tight halter, she could feel a shape similar to a box inside his suit pocket. He stood back for a moment and pulled a small blue box out of his inside suit pocket. He slowly opened it and revealed a pair of the matching earrings to go with the necklace. She became very excited as she threw her arms around him again before he pointed back up the stairs

Quickly they both moved up as he plopped himself onto the bed to watch her. Her first movement was straight for those cheap bell earrings before he looked at her and stopped her. Before she had a chance to react, his pants was opened and his dick was already extended to half it's full length. Patricia knelt down to the floor in order to take him into her mouth before her husband stood and shoved the dick into her mouth. Patricia's eyes were wide open as her husband began to shove his dick into her mouth quickly. Patricia thought in her mind how her husband had never been that aggressive before. She attempted to open her throat as much as possible to allow his seven inches to fuck her. As she concentrated on allowing him as much leeway as possible, she started to hear the sounds of bells as his mouth fucking started to get faster.

Soon, she could hear him take an intake of breath as he pulls his dick out of her mouth and tells her to show him her tits. She quickly complied, pulling the halter down to reveal her exposed nipples. His hand began to stroke his dick faster and faster as his head went back. A moment later and his seed began to shoot outward covering her face and chest as he moaned loudly. Soon, he fell back on the bed as Patricia quickly began to suck as much cum out of his member as possible. As she finished cleaning him off, she could only imagine what she would be thinking as she heard the bells again.

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