Jinglin' Spurs


"Oh honey." Lou sat down beside Rose and took her hand in her own. "I've seen a lot of men come and go in my life. I haven't seen many like Lucky. I think you know what you can offer to him, and if my hunch is right, that one thing is all he needs, or wants."


Lucky had picked up the buggy from the livery stable. He had stopped at the café and picked up a basket of fried chicken. On the seat beside him was a bunch of spring flowers. On his way into town the day before he had spotted some white daisies growing, and had managed to find one last purple crocus. He had arranged the flowers so that the purple crocus was in the center of the flowers. Stubby had told him that women liked to get flowers, Lucky hoped that Stubby was right.

As he pulled up in front of Lou's place Lucky didn't think he had ever felt so nervous in his life. He smoothed the front of his new shirt, picked up the flowers and walked nervously to the door.

Inside the house the bell rang and Rose jumped from her seat to go answer it.

Lou grabbed her by the hand. "You stay in here, a lady does not answer the door for her gentleman caller. You wait in here for a minute or two. A lady is never quite ready on time."

Rose sat back down on the settee as Lou closed the parlor door, and went to answer the front door.

Rose opened the door, and smiled sweetly at Lucky. "Good morning Lucky, what brings you by on a Sunday morning?"

Lucky removed his hat. "Well Lou, I mean ma'am, I've come callin' on Rose. I was plannin' on takin' her for a picnic."

Lou spotted the bunch of flowers in Lucky's nervous hands. "I'll take those flowers and get them into water for Rose." Lou stepped back and invited Lucky in, "Let me see if Rose is ready."

Lucky stood nervously in the hallway where he had tread on many a Saturday night, but it felt totally alien to him on a Sunday morn. He could hear some giggling coming from the other side of the parlor door. Lou came back down the hallway smiling sweetly with the flowers in a vase.

"Let me check." Lou opened the door to the parlor. "Oh Rose, your gentleman caller is here."

Lucky's heart almost stopped when Rose came from the parlor. When he was a young boy he had heard preachers talk of angels. He was sure that at what he was looking at was an angel. Rose's reddish tinged hair contrasted against the ivory colored dress she was wearing. Her face was radiant; Lucky could scarcely believe this was the same Rose that he had come to know.

"Thanks for the flowers Lucky." Rose smiled.

"You're welcome Rose." Lucky looked into her eyes. "You look beautiful."

Rose smiled and stepped towards Lucky. "Thank you. Shall we go?"

Lou and two of the other girls watched from the parlor window as Lucky and Rose walked to the buggy. They watched as Lucky held Rose's hand and helped her into the buggy.

Lou turned to the girls. "He may lack the clothes, and the schooling, but ladies, that is a gentleman."


Lucky drove the buggy through town, Rose moved close to Lucky and slipped her arm through his. Lucky whispered, "Do you think that might be lookin' a little unseemly for us to be sittin this close? This bein' our first outin' and all."

Rose leaned over and kissed Lucky's cheek. "I don't care what people think, only what you think matters. Would you like me to slide back over?"

A chuckle escaped from Lucky as he looked at Rose, "Hell no Rose, if'n it don't bother you, it certainly won't bother me."

They found a secluded spot by the river. Lucky brought the blanket from the back of the buggy and spread it out on the ground. A warm, gentle breeze rustled in the leaves in the trees around where they sat. The sound of the water flowing in the river combined with the sounds of robins and meadowlarks.

"Thank you for asking me to come out here with you today. It's been a long time since anyone has done something like this for me." Rose smiled at Lucky.

Lucky blushed softly. "Well Rose, this is the first time that I have ever done something like this." His gaze dropped. "I've never had anyone to ask before."

"There were never any girls in your life before?" Rose looked into Lucky's green eyes.

He shook his head. "No ma'am, when I was growin' up there weren't many people around us. And after I left home and struck out on my own, I started cowboyin' in west Texas, and the nearest town was two days ride."

After they had eaten their lunch Rose looked at Lucky. "I brought a book with me, would you like me to read some Byron for you?"

"I really would Rose, I do enjoy listenin' to you read." Lucky smiled happily.

"Do you like the poetry I read to you?"

Lucky nodded. "I surely do. I've seen things, like the first time I seen the mountains in Colorado. I had never seen anything like it in my life before. I was filled with awe, how that something could be so wondrous. The poetry you read to me feels like that, I never knew words could sound like the way you make them sound," Lucky sighed softly, "It makes me wish I had learned some reading."

She walks in beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies;

And all that's best of dark and bright

Meet in her aspect and her eyes:

Thus mellow'd to that tender light

Which heaven to gaudy day denies.

After Rose had finished, Lucky spoke softly, "I wish I knew the words to tell you how that makes me feel, I'm almost ashamed to speak after listenin' to you."

"Oh Lucky." Rose reached over and touched his cheek. "I didn't write that, I'm only reading what someone else has written. You never need to be ashamed to speak, especially to me."

"Thanks Rose, I do appreciate that." Lucky had a serious look to his face. "If I'm not prying too much, how did you end up where you are? You're not like the other women I've met in places like Lou's. You are a real lady."

Rose looked at Lucky for what seemed a long time. "I fell into bad company, and by the time I realized what was happening, it was too late. I'm not proud of what I've become, but there's not much I can do about it right now. Lou has been good to me, she never makes me take men, and really I don't make her enough money to keep me working there, but she lets me stay, and for that I am grateful to her. You know Lucky, some weeks you are about my only customer. And who knows, that may be why she does keep me. She does seem to have a soft spot for you. And thank you for calling me a lady, it's been a long time since someone called me that and meant it."

Rose gently pushed Lucky back on the blanket, and then kissed him softly. Their kiss built slowly, their passions beginning to rise, Lucky looked up at Rose after it ended. "Oh Rose, you're makin' me feel things I shouldn't be feelin', leastways today."

Rose smiled, "I'm glad I'm making you feel those things today Lucky, I want you to feel like that."

She took his hand and placed it against her breast and held it tightly against her with her hand. "I want you to make love to me Lucky. Just you and me out here, I want to just because I care about you."

Lucky liked how her breast felt in his hand, and he began to fondle it gently in his hand. He could feel her nipple hardening against his palm. He raised his other hand and began to caress her other breast, luxuriating in the feeling of her firm breasts in his hands.

Rose's fingers slowly began to unbutton his shirt. Her hand moved down to his pants, the palm of her hand rubbing up and down over the bulge that had started to grow in his pants.

"I want you to feel my flesh," Rose whispered, "Unbutton my dress."

Lucky's fingers shook as he began to undo the small buttons on the front of Rose's dress. Once they were all undone he slipped her dress over her shoulders. He gazed at the sight of her breasts, her small nipples taut with excitement.

As he placed his hands back on her breasts Rose undid his pants, and pulled his rigid member out and beginning to slowly stroke it, "I love how you touch me Lucky, you are so gentle."

"You feel so soft and smooth, I'm always afraid of hurtin' you with my rough hands," Lucky replied.

Rose smiled. "I like how your hands feel, they feel so strong."

The desire in Rose was mounting; she could feel the warmth between her legs. She watched her hand moving slowly up and down Lucky's erection. She enjoyed turning him on, she wanted to feel him inside of her.

"Your hand feels so good," Lucky whispered, unsure if he should say anything or not.

Rose's voice had a dreamy quality to it, "I want you to feel good. You never told me, did you like what I did to you last night?"

Lucky's head nodded. "Yes, I did. And I should have thanked you for showin' me that."

Rose lifted her dress, and pulled down her bloomers, she took Lucky's hand and placed it between her legs, "I want you to touch me Lucky."

Lucky felt Rose's smooth wetness with his finger, he felt her shudder when he touched her little hard nub, and the pressure of her hand increased on him. Without warning she straddled Lucky and guided him inside of her.

His hips thrust upward deep inside of her, her hips met his. No words were spoken, none were needed, and their eyes said everything to each other. Rose liked how he felt, filling her completely, satiating her carnal thirst. Faster and harder they moved, her hands tightly gripping his shoulders while his hands clung to her hips, helping to move her up and down on him.

Lucky cried out as his climax grew near, "Oh God Rose!"

Rose felt her head spinning, her climax coming at the same time, she moaned loudly, "Yes Lucky, yes!"

She could feel him release inside her, flooding her with his warm seed. Her whole body shook and vibrated. It was everything she wanted, and more. Rose collapsed on top of Lucky panting as she tried to get her breath back.

The afternoon ended all too soon for the both of them. Lucky walked Rose up to the door of Lou's place, put his arms around her, and gave her a tight hug.

"Will you be coming to see me on Saturday?" Rose's voice was soft, and wanting.

Lucky gazed at Rose's face and nodded. "Wild horses couldn't keep me away, well that is if you'll be wantin' to see me."

She kissed him softly on the lips. "Saturday cannot come too quickly, I will count each day, each hour, each minute 'til I see you again Lucky."

Lucky felt his heart ache, he didn't want to go, he didn't want to leave Rose. "I know what you mean, I will be countin' the time too."


The ride back to the ranch had been one of the loneliest rides of Lucky's life. More than once he had been tempted to turn around and head back to Lou's. Each time he would stop, and turn, and then sigh and continue on his way.

Stubby had looked up as Lucky walked in. "Howdy Lucky, you need some supper, there's still some left."

Lucky thought for a moment. "Yeah, I could stand somethin' to eat," he picked up a cup and poured himself a cup of coffee while Stubby got him some supper.

The bunkhouse was quiet, save for Earl's snoring. Stubby handed Lucky his plate and sat down. "I know I shouldn't be askin', but I gotta know, did you have a good time?"

"It was even better than I could have hoped for Stubby." Lucky's face got a dreamy faraway look.

Stubby smiled, and got up, he knew what the look on Lucky's face meant. He was happy for Lucky. He thought back to girl he once knew, and went back to cleaning his pots and pans.


"You've been quieter than a whiskey drummer at a temperance meetin," Earl laughed as he looked over at Lucky.

"I just been thinkin', that's all," Lucky replied.

Earl nodded as he spit. "I can tell that. What are you thinkin' about?"

Lucky laughed, "You know damn well what I'm thinkin' about. Rose."

"I woulda never guessed," teased Earl.

Lucky and Earl were making one more sweep looking for missing cattle, the number missing now had decreased significantly, to the point that today was the last day they would be looking for them.

As they rode along Lucky looked over at Earl. "You know that I've got some coin put back. Would you come with me if I headed to Nevada? I know where there's some land, and wild horses. We could go into horse ranchin' down there."

"And just who's gonna do the cookin'?" Earl had a pretty good idea of what the answer would be, but he just wanted to put Lucky on the spot again.

"Rose," Lucky answered, "I'm gonna ask her to marry me, and take her with us."

Earl shook his head. "Well, we been pards too long, no sense in us splittin' up. Besides I was getting' a mite tired of babysittin' cattle. Do you think she'd read to us after supper like Stubby does? Have you asked her yet?"

"No, I haven't," Lucky had forgotten about that small detail. "Damn, Saturday is such a long ways off."

"You head on into town, I'll cover for ya." Earl pointed in the general direction of town.


Lou looked up as the door opened. She was surprised to get a customer this early, usually Monday nights were slow. She called out from the kitchen, "Be right out," but beneath her breath she muttered, "Damn sun hasn't even set yet, can't they keep their peckers in their damn pants until it gets dark."

"Lucky! What the hell are you doing here? It's only Monday night!" Lou was shocked to see him, and even more surprising was that Lucky was wearing his chaps, and looking like he had just come off the range.

"I've come to see Rose, but not to uh..." Lucky's voice trailed off.

"Oh." Lou smiled softly. "You go right on up there, she will be happy to see you."

As Lou watched Lucky climb the stairs, she smiled to herself. She had a pretty good idea why Lucky was here, and that made her happy. Lou had seen the look on Rose's face when she came back yesterday, she had never seen her happier. As they sat in Lou's room talking late into the night Rose had admitted that she had feelings for Lucky. Lou knew that Lucky also had some feelings for Rose

Lucky knocked lightly on Rose's door, and waited for her to answer. Her eyes lit up when Lucky walked in. Rose jumped up from the chair she was curled up in. She ran over to Lucky and threw her arms around hiim.

"What are you doing here?" Her eyes sparkled brightly.

"Rose," Lucky began, his voice was nervous, "I'm not much good with words, and I know I ain't much, but I've come here to ask you something"

She had never seen Lucky so serious. "What is it Lucky?"

"Well, I've got some money put back, and well, I was wonderin' if I was to ask you to leave these-a-here parts, would you consider goin' with me?"

Rose was shocked, "Lucky?"

"What I'm tryin' to say..." Lucky looked down at the floor, and then straight into Rose's eyes. "Would you marry me Rose? I have strong feelin's for you, and I suspect I'm in love with you."

Tears began to flow down Rose's cheek, "Oh Lucky, you can't marry me, you know what I am, I'm just a..."

Lucky interrupted her. "Yes Rose I do know what you are, you're a woman. You're the woman I love, and I'm hopin' that maybe you might have some feelings for me too."

Rose held Lucky tightly against her. "Yes Lucky I do have feelings for you, I do love you."

"I talked to Earl, I've got enough money to get us set up in Nevada doin' some horse ranchin', and I'd like you to come with me as my wife."

"Oh Lucky," Rose looked up into his green eyes with her wet ones. "Yes, I will go with you, and I will marry you."

After that night Rose entertained no more gentlemen at Lou's place. Lou wouldn't have it. She thought it would be unseemly to have a what would soon be an honest woman working.

A couple of weeks later on a sunny and bright afternoon, a small group of people gathered in the small church in the town. The local preacher had been all too happy to join Lucky and Rose in matrimony.

Earl was Lucky's best man, and Stubby had volunteered to give Rose away. Lou was Rose's maid of honor, and had almost been a nervous wreck the past couple of weeks helping plan the small wedding.

"Do you Rose, take this man Evan to be your wedded husband, to love, and to cherish in sickness, and in health, in good times, and bad until death do you part?"

Rose gazed up into her cowboy's eyes, and softly answered, "I do."

"Do you Evan take this woman Rose to be your wedded wife, to love, and to cherish in sickness, and in health, in good times, and bad until death do you part?"

Lou dabbed at her eyes with her handkerchief, trying her best to keep her tears at bay.

Lucky looked at Rose. She was wearing the same dress she had worn to the picnic, a small bouquet of flowers in her hand. He smiled as he responded. "I do."

The preacher smiled as he announced, "Here in the sight of God, and everyone present, I now pronounce you man and wife." He looked at Lucky and then whispered, "Give her a kiss man, she's your wife, that's what everyone wants to see."

Lucky took Rose into his arms and kissed her deeply for what seemed to be an eternity. Walking down the aisle Lucky felt like the proudest man on the planet. Once outside they were showered with rice, and slaps on the back.

After the rented carriage had taken the newlyweds for a ride around the town Stubby looked over at Lou. He thought she was a very handsome woman; finally he stepped up to her. "Excuse me ma'am, I was wondering if you would mind much if I came callin' next week?"

Lou looked at Stubby and smiled. "Well, I'm sorry, but I don't work much anymore."

Stubby shook his head, "Oh no ma'am, I meant more like we could go steppin' out."

A broad grin came over Lou's face as she gave Stubby a second look, "Well now, that's different."


Rose, Lucky and Earl headed off to Nevada where they built a ranch. Earl eventually married a widow and settled down on the ranch. It was a good life, and with patience, Rose taught Lucky how to read.

Stubby and Lou? They could be seen stepping out together every Saturday night at the local dance.



The two verses of poetry are by Lord Byron;

"When We Two Parted"

"She Walks in Beauty"

I would like Sweetsubsarahh and her AV of the "Girl With the Round Glasses" for the inspiration for the story.

And I would like to thank DampPanties for proofreading and making corrections.

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