tagSci-Fi & FantasyJinzōningen: My First Jinzōningen

Jinzōningen: My First Jinzōningen

bySean Renaud©

I can still remember when I purchased my very first Jinzōningen. I was thirty two and it had been close to five years since the last time I was in a relationship of any kind. Well unless Rosie Palms and Minnie Fingers count and those to ladies have been sharing my affections for as long as I can remember. Much like Kagney they don't ever get jealous, they always put up with my bullshit and they love me unconditionally. I'm sorry. I'm getting a little ahead of myself here aren't I? You probably don't even know what a Jinzōningen is since they were outlawed in most places more than a decade ago.

A Jinzōningen is an artificial human, more robot than human though not like the Synths we have running around today. It means something in Japanese or Korean, one of those languages that was absorbed and vanished back when Chinese and English became the only languages spoken. It doesn't matter what the word meant anyway most people just called em' Jizzbots anyway. That's where they started and where they got the most use. It turns out that robot warriors that are difficult to discern from actual humans made war more brutal not less since you couldn't risk that a six year old 'kid' wasn't actually a compact war machine and why would you watch two fake humans box when you can make twenty foot tall metal monsters? But companions for those who didn't have the time or social skills to find a mate? They were positively ideal for that.

I got mine during what was generally called the sixth generation. I'm sure you learned most of this in history class. The first generation had plastic skin, they were really more creepy than realistic and other than haunted houses and the military they didn't see much use. The second and third generations both used some sort of rubber, it looked almost perfect. You had to be really close and paying attention to tell that they weren't human but they felt exactly like they sound. Like a rubber doll and they had all the personality of a house plant. It wasn't a problem if you just wanted to get off but wasn't good for much else and it really wasn't that great for getting off. They had no idea if you were enjoying yourself, they had no initiative, nothing. The fourth generation was a huge leap in the A.I. systems. They learned from interacting with you. They even developed their own personalities over time. There were kinks with it most notably that they were only interested in pleasing you which sounds good but they weren't likely to innovate much at all and they didn't have anything they enjoyed on their own. Now the fifth generation fixed that, I don't know the technicalities of it but they were almost like real people. They still felt kinda wrong but you could kinda hold a conversation with them. The sixth gens were very nearly flawless. They figured out how to make synthetic flesh that seemed just like the real thing. Sure you could still tell that they weren't real people but only if you were right up on top of them and knew what the tells were.

I got mine from a store called Brazzers, they've been closed for years now. I think the building they were in is now some kind of zombie simulation arena. Man it's hard to believe sometimes that when I was in my twenties we still played games on 3D projectors and I still remember televisions. Crazy right? Anyway Brazzers specialized in busty girls, at least that's how they started. As time went on they just specialized in quality but they were still the best place to go if you just wanted something with some cleavage. What can I say? I've always been a bit of a breast man.

Anyway back on subject the Brazzers' store at the time was basically a warehouse with a huge show room. If you were rich you'd go in and basically design yourself the woman of your dreams but most of us had to pick from one of the existing models. As long as you weren't too picky they would have something in your flavor. Tall, short, fat, thin, black, white, blonde, brunette or redhead. You could mix and match a fair bit a lot of guys didn't hold back and there were a lot of guys who just got Jizzbots made of their favorite anime or video game characters. I actually headed in there thinking I was going to get an Ivy Valentine, she was from a game series called Soul Caliber that was big when I was a kid anyway I stepped into the show room and I don't know what I'd expected but not what I found.

I think I was expecting something kinda like a clothing shop. There would be a bunch of model robots standing around and I'd get to look at each one, pick the one that fit what I wanted best and I'd have her boxed up and shipped to my house. What I found was something like a strip club. The lights were dim and some kind of purple pinkish color. There were four stages with girls dancing and a couple tables around each table with mostly females sitting and watching the Jinzōningen strippers. There were a few guys too since there were lonely ladies in the world and Brazzers only cared about the your money not what was between your legs.

The first time I laid eyes on Kagney she was on the stage hanging upside down from the pole with her long brown streaked blonde hair brushing against the floor. She was wearing a metallic pink monokini with a sash knotted around her narrow hips accentuating her bubble butt. I was hypnotized by the way she swiveled her hips and she knew it. When she hit the ground she glided across the room to me captured me in her shawl and ground her ass against my crotch. I knew then that she was the one I wanted, it probably didn't hurt that she smelled faintly of oatmeal cookies and brown sugar. (That was right around when stores started checking your Myface and SpaceBook for your likes and preferences and starting use them against you. Clever bastards.)

The Jizzbots weren't like the Synths we have walking around today. It was normal to power them down when they weren't in use, a lot of people didn't do that for various reasons but you would never see a Jizzbot just walking down the street enjoying the scenery or anything like that. In fact most of the time they were transported in boxes. I remember when Mike ordered his Gen Five was delivered and I had to come over and help him get the box open because he didn't own a crowbar. Imagine my surprise when two days later Kagney knocked on my door.

When I opened the door my jaw felt like it dropped clean through the floor and into the basement. I didn't recognize her at first, she looked so different pearl white pantsuit. Her hair was pulled into some kind of twist that I can't pronounce and her square rimmed glasses reminded me a librarian I'd dated for a while. "Hello Sean. I trust I'm pleasing?" She placed one hand on my chest and shoved me back into the house and against the wall and kissed me. If she hadn't done that I might have stood there the entire day just taking her in. Fortunately she had other plans.

Those plans started with her sliding her hands down the front of my pants and wrapping her slender digits around my cock giving it a good squeeze. "Is that what you have for me?" She purred around the kiss. Kagney reached grabbed my chin in her free hand forcing me to look into her eyes. "I like it. It's big, thick, hard, and all mine?" She barely moved her wrist but the button on my pants popped off and they slid down to my ankles.

It's easy, too easy, to forget just how strong a Jinzōningen actually is and this was my first experience with one. I wasn't entirely prepared for the contrast between Kagney's steel like strength hidden beneath her silken exterior. I couldn't have gotten away from her if I'd been trying to.

Kagney sank to her knees and tore my boxers open and wrapped her lips around my cock. I'll always remember the first time I looked down into her icy blue eyes while she hungrily slurped and sucked. They were so enchanting, and so determined to please. She didn't look away even once while she sucked me.

She kept sucking until I was on the desperate edge of an orgasm. That was when it was obvious that Kagney was actually in control. She kept me pinned against the wall and slowed down keeping me right on the edge until my knees went limp beneath me. For a moment she wouldn't even let me fall. When she did she let me slide down to the floor I was sweating. "Wow."

"Don't look so surprised. I'm not nearly done with you yet." Kagney told me. She wasn't kidding either. She turned around so the only I could watch her perfectly shaped ass descend onto my cock. "You love that don't you? Putting your big fat cock in my tight little asshole. It's so fucking big in there." She whimpered as she bounced up and down on my cock. "You can be as rough with me as you like, go on do it. I know you want to."

I have no idea how she knew but I didn't dare question her right then. I reached up and took a fistful of her hair and yanked her head back. If she'd been human I might have hurt her but Kagney wasn't human. She squealed in delight and started churning her hips faster. I could see the twinkle in her eye and the smile on her face.

Looking back I should have taken realized right then that Jinzōningen weren't just unfeeling automatons. She might have been howling at the top of her lungs because she knew just how much men love to feel like sexual Tyrannosaurs, but she'd left the door open because she found it funny that as soon as I finished fucking her I opened my eyes and found that seemingly everybody on the block was standing on my lawn watching me and Kagney. I thought that was all my fault until I caught her opening the drapes to the living room before seducing me.

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