Jo opened the door to the house and stepped inside. As she set her schoolbooks down on the table, I stepped up behind her and placing my hand over her mouth, I pressed the sharp blade of my knife into the soft, firm underside of her large breast. Before she could scream, I pulled her tightly against my body and whispered in her ear, "Don't make a sound!"

The terrified, young girl remained silent as I eased the pressure of the blade against her huge mam. As she relaxed, I released my grip on her mouth and then taking a handful of her shoulder length hair, I pushed my young captive into the den. I walked her forward until we reached a large sofa. Bending my knees into the backs of her legs, her knees buckled and I held her body as she crumpled to the floor. Pushing down on her head, her body bent down over the sofa. I sat down across her back, mashing her huge tits against the sofa cushions and pinning her arms under my thighs.

Behind the sofa was a long table, the length of the sofa and on it I'd left my bag of tricks - toys I'd brought with me to use on this young beauty and her truly beautiful mother. Pulling out a gag, I pulled back on Jo's long hair and forced the rubber ball between her teeth and slid the thick elastic band behind her head. My innocent captive began to thrash about but to no avail. Her screams were muffled by the gag that cruelly bit into her mouth. Each attempt to cry out only wedged the gag deeper between her pearly white teeth. I bounced hard on her body and much of the fight went out of her. Her screams were muffled by the gag. Lifting the elastic band, I pulled her long, silky hair out from under it and then she felt the wide band against the soft skin on the nape of her neck.

Sliding back and pulling her slender wrists together, I tied her hands behind her back with a length of soft material. Jo was now completely helpless under me. I could feel her young body tremble with fear, if not a bit from excitement. Raising my body slightly, I rolled her over onto her back and gazed down at her magnificent chest. With her arms bound behind her, her shoulders were drawn back and her back arched slightly, forcing her huge tits forwards. I stared down at her tits and smacked my lips aloud.

Jo was high school senior with a sweet face, soft, brown hair that came down over her shoulders and a body that would be the desire of every man and the envy of most women. I was planning to enjoy every square inch of her luscious body in the next few hours. She wore a tight- fitting, spandex top with a scooped neck that was cut just below her ribs, a pair of nylon running shorts and sneakers. Her long legs were splayed out across the rug as I straddled her slender waist and her huge tits were framed by my thighs.

It was 9:00 and Jo's mother would be arriving home very soon and I had to prepare for her arrival. I placed my hand on Jo's throat and squeezed gently but firmly. Her eyes filled with terror as I let my hand slide down her slender neck and over the tops of her trembling breasts. Pressing my fingers between her warm mams, I took a firm grasp on her bra and lifting my body off of hers, pulled the bound beauty to her feet. As she stood up, I kept my hand wedged deep in her cleavage and then pulled her forward by her bra as I walked her across the den. I could feel the firmness of her huge breasts as they pressed against my fingers. I turned her body and sat her down on one of the barstools.

Pulling down on her bra, her body bent forward and I raised her bound wrists until I could slide them over the brass rail that ran along the edge of the bar. Easing my grip on her bra, I slid my fingers from between her pendulous breasts and then cupped her firm tit in my hand as I pulled down on her wrists, guiding her body upwards as her arms slid between the rail and the bar. The rail slid up across her back until it wedged tightly under her arms. Her shoulders were pulled back and her huge tits thrust outwards as her body leaned backwards. I slid my fingers back into her deep cleavage and once again grasped her bra. I used my grip on her bra to move her body slightly and adjust her position on the stool. Before letting go of her massive chest, I shook my hand between her tits and watched as her huge mams jiggled inside her bra and pressed firmly against my fingers. I slid my hand out of her deep valley.

The contours of Jo's body were just magnificent. Moving around in front of her body, I ran my hands up over her massive tits, down her sides and over her swelling hips. Taking a firm grasp on the waistband of her shorts, I pulled them down to her knees in one swift motion. As I did this, her hips slid to the edge of the stool and revealed a pair of pink, silk panties that barely covered her seething pussy. The arch in the young beauty's back was now even more pronounced and gave even greater beauty to her helplessness. In an instant her shorts were gone completely.

Walking over to the sofa, I picked up a throw pillow and wedged it under Jo's back. It was more comfortable for her, but also made the arch in her back permanent. I stood in front of the terrified, young beauty and she raised her leg to kick at me. Laughing, I grabbed her slender ankle and raising her long leg, I pulled it to the side and tied it to the same brass railing that ran across her shoulder blades. Her body twisted as I bound her leg open and her other leg came up off of the floor and dangled in the air. Grabbing her free ankle, I pulled it to the other side of her body and tied it to the other end of the railing. Her long legs were raised and her satiny thighs split as wide as they could possibly be. I stepped up between her open thighs and let my crotch brush up against her sheer panties. Jo watched as the huge bulge in the front of my shorts rubbed across the sheer silk of her only protection. I was almost ready.

All Jo's thrashing about had caused the straps of her bra to slide out from under the shoulders of her top. From my pocket, I retrieved a switchblade knife and opened it in front of her beautiful face. The young beauty froze. I teased her huge tits with the point of the blade and then I rubbed the blunt edge of the knife over her huge tits. She felt the hardness of the metal as it ran over her very erect nipples and her body began to shake. Turning the blade, I slid the knife over the smooth top of her huge breast and then under the strap that ran over her soft shoulder and slit it open. I then slit the other strap. Reaching around her bound body, I pressed my cock firmly against her exposed pussy as I slid the knife up under her top and then between her soft skin and the tight elastic band of her bra.

"Aghhh!" she screamed as I slit the taut material and her bra snapped open. As she squirmed, her pussy rubbed against the huge bulge in the front of my shorts. Sticking the knife into the bar, I slid my hand down into the scoop neck of her top and once again wrapped my fingers over the center of her bra and between her magnificent breasts. Jo began to squirm but there was no escape. I could feel her breasts quivering as I slowly pulled the nylon cups from her huge tits. Jo felt the strong underwires of the bra slide over her firm breasts as the soft cups slid from her magnificent tits and the cut straps slid from around her body. She watched as the sexy garment slid out of her top and her huge breasts pressed firmly against the elastic material of her top. Even now her hard nipples were clearly visible as they stuck out through the elastic material.

Glancing down at her ruined bra, I pulled on the label. "38-DD, not bad for a high school girl. And very sexy." I commented as I looked at the soft lace of the bra. Jo sat silently. I lay the bra on the bar and then reached down and filled my hands with her huge tits. Jo moaned as she felt my hands on her breasts. I rubbed my hands over her tits and then slid my palms under her massive orbs. Squeezing her huge tits, I lifted them slightly. Easing my grip, I let my fingers slide out to her taut nipples and then I pinched her hard nubbins through the soft material. Jo gasped as she felt me pinch her sensitive nipples. I shook her tits gently and pulled on her nipples. I slid my hands up to her soft shoulders and then hooking my index fingers under the soft elastic material, I pulled the shoulders down over her upper arms and then slid the elastic material down over her huge tits until they were fully exposed and the scoop neck stretched below her naked breasts. The tight material pressed firmly against the sides of her breasts, pressing them together. I stared down at her amazing chest as her nipples stuck out like pencil erasers.

The sounds of the garage door meant that Jo's mother was home. I leaned forward and sucked Jo's taut nipple into my mouth and she gasped as my tongue teased the tender nubbin. "Don't go away." I teased as I bit her nipple gently.

I heard the door open and Cheryl came into the kitchen. She called Jo's name and then began to babble about something. As she came into the den, she stopped in mid-sentence as she saw her daughter bound and spread in front of the bar. Cheryl stood motionless as she gaped at the scene before her. Peering between Jo's spread thighs she could see her daughter's naked breasts as the elastic material pressed them upwards and together. My hand rested on Jo's breast as I held the knife in my other hand. She could see the gag that I'd wedged into her daughter's mouth and she was petrified.

"What the...." she gasped softly.

"I was just about to enjoy the charms of your beautiful daughter." I chuckled. "Intimately." I added. Cheryl paled, as Jo's face became redder. I slid my hand down over Jo's firm tit and pinched her tender nipple. The young girl gasped. Her eyes grew wider as she began to thrash about. Cheryl stood transfixed by what she saw.

"She's really quite beautiful." I commented. "In a virginal sort of way." I added, as my hand moved to Jo's other tit. "She's obviously gotten her looks from you." I complimented the mother as I teased the daughter's huge tits.

"Stop." Cheryl shouted. "Leave her alone."

"The only thing that will keep me from enjoying her sweet, young body - and I mean thoroughly - is going to be your ability to keep me interested in your own." I said. Cheryl paled at the thought but her nipples began to harden.

"I'll call the police." she threatened.

"Please do." I said. Cheryl picked up the phone and realized that it was dead.

"I'll go next door." she threatened.

"Yes, and by the time you get there and the police get here, there won't be enough left of your sweet daughter to bother with." I advised her. Reaching down between Jo's pendulous breasts, I wrapped my fingers around the hem of her top and pulled the garment up over her head and let it slide around the back of her neck. Her huge tits were totally exposed and framed her magnificent chest. Cheryl could see that her daughter's nipples were rock hard, just like her own. I slapped Jo's tit with the palm of my hand and the young beauty screamed into her gag as her soft, white breast bounced on her chest. I raised my hand and slapped her other tit. Again the bound beauty screamed.

"Stop." Cheryl screamed softly. I lay my hand across Jo's tender breast and then pinched her taut nipple between my fingers. As I began to tease it, I heard Cheryl's voice.

"What do you want me to do?" she asked in defeat.

"Come closer, I want to get a better look at you." I instructed and the beautiful woman slowly walked towards me. I watched as her magnificent breasts bounced gently with each step. She wore an elegant silk blouse that buttoned down the front. It was quite feminine and gently suggested the fullness of her breasts. She also wore a stylish skirt that was slit to mid-thigh and a pair of high-heeled shoes. Her soft, brown hair was a bit shorter than Jo's but it was thick and lustrous, with some auburn highlights. She could have been a model for a shampoo commercial. For a woman of 34 or 35 years of age, she was a knockout.

"Are you wearing pantyhose?" I asked and Cheryl was a bit surprised by the question. She nodded. "Take them off." I instructed in a quiet but firm voice. Cheryl did not move. I pinched Jo's nipple hard and she screamed into her gag as I lifted her huge tit by her tender nipple.

"Don't." she barked as her hands moved down to her hips and she began to reach under her skirt. As she began to slide her pantyhose off, I released my grip on Jo's tender nipple.

"That's much better." I said as the beautiful woman leaned forward and slid her pantyhose down her long, tapering legs. She stepped out of her shoes and removed the hosiery without ever having shown me her long, sleek legs. I didn't mind, that would come soon enough. She held up the garment and I nodded to her. She let them fall onto the floor.

"Put your shoes back on." I instructed and Cheryl obeyed. "Now turn on the stereo." I said and she walked over to the bookcase and turned on her stereo.

"What are you going to do?" she asked, her voice betraying her fear.

"It isn't what I'm going to do, it is what you are going to do that matters." I taunted her.

"And what is that?" she asked, a bit more boldly.

"You are going to try to keep my attention focused on you and away from your beautiful, young daughter." I said. "But first you are going to do a strip tease for me." I added. "I'll bet you've done that a few times in your life." I taunted her as I gazed at her magnificent body. "This is going to be the sexiest strip you've ever done." I informed her. Cheryl blushed deeply. She had done a few good strips in her day but it had been a long time.

"And of course, your efforts will keep me fully entertained - or I may turn my attentions to the little virgin over here." I said as I pinched Jo's nipple and she gasped.

"Then what?" she asked as she tried to draw my attention away from her bound daughter and back to herself.

"Then I'll let you entertain me for awhile and if you're good, I'm going to fuck you so thoroughly that you won't be able to walk straight." I informed her. Cheryl was a bit taken by my description. It had been a long time since she'd gotten laid and ages since she'd 'gotten fucked so thoroughly that she couldn't walk straight.'

"Put your hands behind your head." I instructed and Cheryl lifted her arms and interlocking her slender fingers, placed her hands on top of her head. Her huge tits were lifted gently and stuck out nicely. "Now turn around." I said and the beautiful woman slowly turned her body for me. As I gazed at her full figure, I thought about all the ways I wanted to enjoy her beautiful body and that of her bound daughter. This was going to be a most enjoyable evening. As the music changed and the beat became more danceable, I sat down on the stool beside Jo and placed my hand on her satiny thigh.

"Dance." I said and Cheryl began to move to the music. She moved slowly at first and began to move her hands. "Keep your hands behind your head." I barked and she quickly pulled her hands back as she continued to move to the music. Her hips began to gyrate with the beat and I watched as her full breasts swayed with her movements. She started to get into the beat and she was very seductive as she moved. Her hips moved in wide circles as her breasts bounced gently.

"Now strip for me." I said and Cheryl began to sway her arms to the beat of the music. Her hands came down and traced over her firm breasts and then down to her flaring hips. As Cheryl watched me, she opened the top button of her blouse and then turned her body. She was stalling. I slid my hand along Jo's open thigh and she saw my fingers creep closer to her daughter's virgin lovehole.

Quickly she moved her hands to her hips and opened the side of her skirt. She pulled on the zipper and I watched as she slowly slid the skirt down over her smooth hips and it fell to the floor. She hooked her toe into the waistband and kicked it off to the side. I watched her long, tapered legs as they moved and the tops of her thighs disappeared under the soft silk of her blouse. As she danced, her golden thighs flashed open before me, giving a hint of the pleasure they would provide shortly. As she turned before me, I could only imagine how beautiful her ass was and how firm her huge tits would be.

As she began to lose herself in the movements and the music, she reached down and opened the cuffs of her blouse. Her hands then came up to her chest and she began to open the buttons of her blouse. It had been a long time since she'd stripped for a man - at least as a performance. She did recall that she had been pretty good at it and immersed herself in the experience once again.

When all of the buttons were open, Cheryl drew her arms up over her head and swung her hips in a wide circle, teasing me as she flashed her golden thighs open for me. Hooking her fingers under the front panels of the blouse, she peeled the silk from her own silky skin. Her pink bra was lacy and cut low to reveal much of her ample titflesh. Her matching panties were also lace with a pink patch over her mons and with the lacy sides revealing her tanned skin.

"Someone has been going to the tanning spa." I commented as she continued to dance. Cheryl nodded. "I approve." I commented. With a shrug of her bronzed shoulders, the silk blouse slid off of her arms and fell to the floor behind her. Cheryl's tits were huge - even bigger than Jo's and they looked absolutely delectable.

Cheryl continued to dance to the music, teasing me by letting first one shoulder strap and then the other drop sensuously. She turned around, throwing her head back and lifting her leg. Her smooth thighs flashed seductively. She continued to dance, but had stopped stripping. She saw me lay my hand over the soft material that hid Jo's pussy and her own hands went right for the plastic clasp between her own huge breasts. In an instant she unhooked the clasp and holding the front of her bra, did a few more gyrations. She then pulled the cups of her bra from her pendulous breasts and peeled them back to reveal two dark, creamy mountains, capped with even darker and amazingly hard nipples that stood out proudly. Cheryl held her bra open as she danced and her huge tits bounced gently. She then shimmied her shoulders and her huge tits shook seductively. As she pulled her arms back to let the bra slide off of her arms, her huge chest was thrust forward. Her tits were amazing. Again she placed her hands on her head and continued to dance. Her naked breasts bounced gently as she moved and then she shook her tits for me.

Cheryl's eyes were fixed on my hand as she saw my fingers begin to scratch gently at the crotch of Jo's panties. Her hands came down over her nipples and then descended to her own tender thighs. She let her hands graze over her hips and her mons and then sliding the top of her panties down a bit, she revealed the top of her silky, dark muff. As she turned her body, she hooked her fingers under the sides of her panties and drew the soft material up into the crack of her ass, revealing her smooth, tanned globes. They were magnificent.

As she continued to dance, she watched me closely. When she saw my fingers begin to tease Jo's spread pussy again, she knew it was time to finish it up. I watched as Cheryl slid her long fingers into the front of her panties and then hook both of her thumbs into the front of the sheer garment. Pulling the soft material from her body, she flashed it open a few times and then bending forward, she slid her lace panties down over her flaring hips and down to her ankles. As she bent forward, her huge breasts swayed beautifully below her chest. As she stepped out of her panties, she lifted her body and stood naked before me, except for her high heels. She stood almost defiantly as her long legs were slightly spread and her hands came to her flaring hips. Her huge tits stood out proudly as I gazed at her magnificent body. She was truly beautiful and I was prepared to enjoy all of her charms.

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