Jo Ch. 03


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Easing my cock from between Cheryl's soft lips, I walked across the room as Jo got her first glimpse of my huge cock. Her eyes were riveted to my manhood as I pulled over the parson's table that had stood behind the sofa. I placed it in the middle of the den and then turned to face Cheryl.

"Over here." I said and the naked beauty eased her hands to the floor and then lifted herself up. As she walked across the room, her huge tits bounced gently with every step. Jo and I both watched as her mother's naked body moved gracefully across the room. As Cheryl approached me, I reached out to her hips and pulling her close to me, I felt her huge tits press against my chest. I kissed her passionately and was surprised by her response. So was she. I eased her body around until she leaned against the end of the narrow table. "Up you go." I said and the naked beauty eased her magnificent ass up onto the edge of the table.

Reaching down to her panting tits, I filled my hands with her warm titflesh. Cheryl moaned as she felt my fingers tease her magnificent breasts and then pinch her very hard nipples. I pulled and twisted her nipples for a moment and watched as her face flushed. I pulled up on her tits and her body sat up straight. Releasing my grip on her mams, I nodded and the beautiful woman lay back on the narrow table. She crossed her arms over her taut stomach and I gazed down at her body.

Cheryl jumped slightly when she felt my hand on her satiny thigh. I watched her face as I let my fingers slide up the inside of her leg and stroke through the soft curls of her muff. She gasped as she felt my fingers slip between her swollen labia. She was drenched. She could feel the wetness of her pussy as I probed her most intimate flesh. Her legs opened slightly as she slid her feet apart. Jo continued to watch as I enjoyed her mother's body.

"Raise your legs." I said and as Cheryl tried to lift her long legs, she was forced to reach up over her head and grasp the edges of the narrow table. I watched as bent her knees and her long legs came up over her body. She then straightened her long legs until they pointed at the ceiling. They were long and sleek and tapered beautifully. Her high heels made her feet point to the ceiling and made her legs look even longer. Jo watched as I ran my fingers over the backs of her mother's smooth thighs as I sat down on a chair at the end of the table. Cheryl could not see me but she could feel my warm breath on the backs of her thighs.

"Spread them." I instructed and the naked beauty slowly opened her legs until they were fully extended to either side of me. Her sweet pussy was now completely open for me and I leaned forward and kissed her open thigh. Cheryl's body shuddered. I ran my fingers between her engorged pussy lips and then pinching them gently, I spread them open. Pointing my tongue, I inserted it deep into her pussy. Cheryl grasped at the table above her head and her naked body shook as she felt my tongue enter her seething quim. She gasped loudly and bathed my tongue with her sweet flow. I licked the sweet nectar from between her pussy lips and then trapping her erect clit between my lips, I began to tease it with the tip of my tongue.

"Aaghh!" she gasped as a powerful orgasm wracked her beautiful body. I teased her clit some more as her head began to roll from side to side and her body shook. I could hear her whimpering as I licked her pussy and chewed gently on her engorged pussy lips. Jo watched in fascination as her mother's body bucked and thrashed with each successive orgasm.

Cheryl was tiring and her legs were strained. I guided her long legs around my shoulders and let them rest on the back of the chair as I continued to suck on her pussy. As her legs rested on the chair, her knees fell to the sides and her thighs opened even further. My hands came under her firm ass and I pulled her pussy to my mouth. I felt her hands slide through my hair as she guided my tongue to her most sensitive flesh. I sucked her clit between my lips and pinched it as my tongue teased the tip of it.

"Aaghh!" she screamed as another powerful orgasm ripped through her beautiful body. Jo was mesmerized by her mother's responses to my licking her sweet quim.

"Enough!" she gasped as I felt her pull my face from her seething pussy. "I can't take any more." she panted as she held my face away from her pussy. I laughed as I eased my grip on her firm asscheeks. She let go of my head and I sat back. Then reaching under her long legs, I raised them and stood up.

Jo saw my huge cock pointing straight at her mother's open quim as Cheryl gazed between her open thighs and could see that my huge cock was ready for action. I pulled her legs apart and lay my cock across her soft, brown muff. At once her hands reached down between her open thighs and stroked my cock. She slid her ass closer to the edge of the table and then peeling her pussy lips apart, she inserted the tip of my ramrod into the entrance of her hungry pussy.

"Fuck me." she whispered and I thrust my cock deep into her tight pussy. I couldn't believe how tight this woman was. I felt her inner muscles clamp tightly around my invading shaft as she gasped aloud. Jo watched as my cock entered her mother's naked body. Holding Cheryl's legs up and open, I began to fuck her tight, oozing pussy. I watched as her huge tits rolled gently every time I thrust my cock into her beautiful body. Her head rolled from side to side as her powerful muscles milked my invading shaft. She was unbelievable. Her hands came up to her breasts as she began to pinch her hardened nipples.

"Oh, no you don't. I want to watch them bounce." I said as I released her legs and leaned over her body, bracing my hands on the table beside her chest. I fucked her hard as her tits began to bounce wildly and her long legs splayed about in the air. However, to counter the weight of her long legs, she had to reach up over her head again to grasp the table. As I fucked her hard, her huge tits continued to bounce wildly. Jo watched as I fucked her mother and her mother's huge tits bounced wildly on her chest. She realized that this was how she would look when I fucked her. Bending forward, I sucked Cheryl's nipple into my mouth and bit her gently. Cheryl gasped as I imprisoned her tender nub and her huge breasts bounced wildly.

"Aaghh!" she gasped as another powerful orgasm flooded her tight pussy. I could feel the added moistness in her love hole as she clamped down hard with her powerful inner muscles. I fucked her hard as her body continued to gush. Over and over my beautiful captive bathed my shaft with her sweet, wet flow until I just could not help myself any longer. I rammed my cock deep into her twitching pussy and with a loud grunt, I filled her body to the hilt. As she felt my cock explode deep in her tight pussy, Cheryl's body convulsed with yet another powerful orgasm and then she went limp. I reached out to her heaving tits and pinched her taut nipples between my fingers. She gasped as she felt me tease her mams and then I sucked her nipple into my mouth. She gasped as she felt my teeth bite her tender nubbin and then my tongue teased the tip of it.

My cock was still buried in her pussy when I lifted my body from hers. I stepped around to the side of the table and her body turned as I moved. It was a narrow table and as her hips slid over one side, her head slid over the other and hung down towards the floor. As I gazed down at her body, her huge tits were even with the edge of the table and seemed to be thrust upwards as her long neck and head dangled down. I eased my cock from between her thighs and placing my hand on her chest, I walked around her body. Cheryl could see me as I came around and she saw my spent cock dangling down between my thighs, almost even with her mouth. Jo watched as Cheryl opened her mouth and I slid my cock between her sweet lips. I felt her hands come around my hips as she guided me into her mouth and I moaned as I felt her talented tongue caress my shaft. I reached down and teased her tender nipples as she sucked and licked all of the cum that covered my cock.

To be continued...

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