Jo Ch. 04


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I was ready to begin enjoying my younger captive and had to decide what to do with her mother. I didn't want her leaving or interfering with my pleasure. After a moment of thought, I lifted Cheryl off of the table and walked her over to the pole where she had first sucked on my cock.

"Squat." I said and Cheryl once again leaned against the pole and bending her knees, slid down against the pole. "Arms behind the pole." I instructed and the naked beauty pressed her arms backwards and clasped them together behind the pole. With a pair of handcuffs, I locked her wrists around the pole. I pressed my cock to her lips and she sucked my shaft into her mouth. I let her suck on me for the moment as I moaned with pleasure. Then slipping my spent shaft from between her soft lips, I turned and walked in Jo's direction. Cheryl shifted her position and lowered her knees to the carpet as she knelt with her arms bound behind her around the pole.

As I approached Jo's bound body, I drank in her beauty. I was not at all ready to fuck her yet but I was ready to begin taking my pleasure in her beautiful, young body. As I looked down, her huge breasts were fully exposed and thrust forward, her ass rested at the very edge of the barstool and her long legs were slightly raised and spread as wide as they could possible go. Only the thin material of her bikini panties protected her virgin pussy as her swollen pussy lips protruded around the narrow strip of cloth. Her head bolted erect as I touched her warm breast with my hand.

I slid my palm under Jo's meaty melon and raised it slightly in my hand. It was firm and heavy. I squeezed it gently and then with my other palm, I gently rubbed her tender nipple. I could feel it harden under my palm and then with both hands, I began to knead her tit like a mass of warm dough. Not wanting to neglect her other tit, I started to massage and squeeze both of her huge mams. As her nipples got even harder, I focused my attention on them, gently pinching and twisting her tender nubbins. Jo was scared to death but her body was also more aroused than it had ever been in her life.

Stepping closer, I leaned forward and kissed her full on the mouth. Jo tried to pull away but could not. I squeezed her tits firmly as I pressed my tongue between her lips and probed her sweet mouth. My cock pressed up against her barely covered pussy and she felt the smoothness of my cock against her moist pussy lips. I ground my cock against her crotch as I sucked her tongue into my mouth and her body shuddered.

I pulled around another stool and sat down between her open thighs. Cupping her firm tits in my hands, I leaned forward and sucked first one nipple and then the other into my mouth. Jo moaned as she tried to fight the sensations that were building in her beautiful, young body. Her nipples were rock-hard and I nibbled and sucked on them. Cheryl watched as I enjoyed her bound daughter, to exhausted to protest. She also thought for a moment that this might not be a bad first experience for her beautiful, young daughter. As I continued to suck on Jo's mams, I could smell the sweet arousal of her body as her long legs periodically shook with excitement. As Jo got more aroused, my teasing her nipples got more pronounced. I began to chew on her meaty melons and bite at her swollen nipples.

I turned the stool on its side and then began to kiss and lick my way from her huge tits down across her taut stomach and down to her spread pussy. Jo was not in control of her body movements and her entire body began to buck with sexual excitement when my tongue finally licked at the top of her mons and I tenderly bit her through her wet panties. I saw the puffy lips of her love petals protruding from the crotch of her panties and was overwhelmed by the sweet scent that emanated from between her open thighs. I took a deep breath and drew the sweet aroma deep into my lungs.

Placing my hands on her hips, I slid them down over the front of her panties and down between her open thighs. I traced my fingers over her moist lips and her body began to shake uncontrollably. Pressing her lips back I watched as the thin strip of her panties slid deep into her open pussy and disappeared. I leaned forward and slid my tongue across her moist lips as her body shook. I enjoyed teasing her virgin pussy.

Sliding my hand up over her mons, I wrapped my fingers over the elastic waistband of her panties and she felt my fingers slip through the soft curls of her muff. Pulling her panties away from her body, I gazed down at the soft curls of her pubic thatch. Jo felt the soft material move between her pussy lips and rub across her erect clit. I continued to pull forwards until her ass slid to the very edge of the stool and then lifted up into the air. I pulled hard and the sheer material tore from around her hips and slid out from between her engorged pussy lips. Jo was totally naked and vulnerable as she felt her ass fall back onto the stool. I stared down at her naked pussy and smacked my lips. I leaned forward and Jo felt my warm breath on her naked pussy. I pressed my face between her open thighs and sucked her erect clit between my lips.

"Aaghh!" she gasped as she felt my mouth suck on her most intimate flesh. I pressed my thumbs into her pussy and then brought them up to her clit and worked it between them. Her body shook with a powerful orgasm as I teased her clit. Then holding her clit between my thumbs, I flicked my tongue over the top of it and her body exploded with another more powerful orgasm. Jo had played with herself before and had brought herself to more than one climax but never had she experienced anything even close to what was happening to her body now. Her huge tits heaved as she climaxed again and again. Her body thrashed about as I licked and sucked on her virgin pussy. There is something about the taste of virgin cum that is unique and indescribable but definitely addictive.

I could feel my cock rising back to full erection and decided it was time to take her virginity. I lifted my face from between her moist thighs and stood up. Jo looked down and saw my ramrod standing up between her open thighs and she gasped. I rubbed the head of my cock across the inside of each of her warm thighs as she stared down at it. She couldn't believe how soft and smooth the head was as it rubbed over her drenched pussy lips. She looked down in utter excitement and fascination as my ramrod teased her swollen pussy lips. I watched her open thighs shake as I teased her pussy.

Taking my ramrod in hand, I rubbed the tip over her pussy lips and felt her body shake as the moistness of her pussy lips bathed my cockhead. I slid the tip into the entrance of her virgin pussy until it wedged in place. Jo's eyes were riveted to my cock as it stuck out of her pussy. I slid in and out gently as the head of my cock became coated with her moistness. I slid in slowly until the tip of my cock prodded her taut cherry. Jo froze as she felt my ramrod prod her virgin barrier. Her eyes stared down at my cock as it entered her virginity. I reached up to her panting tits and squeezed them firmly as I continued to tease her cherry with my cock.

As I gently rocked in and out of her pussy, her spread thighs began to shake. I eased my cock from her tightness and then holding it in my hand I rubbed the wet tip over her erect clit. Jo began to gasp and her body shook. I teased her clit with the tip of my cock and then with a gasp her body convulsed in a powerful orgasm. Her eyes were riveted to the tip of my cock as it teased her clit between her legs. Before she could recover, I pressed the tip of my cock back down between her drenched pussy lips and with one quick move, I shoved my cock all the way into her body, ripping through her cherry as I filled her tight pussy to the hilt. Jo screamed as she felt my ramrod rip away her virginity and her huge tits bounced wildly. Her eyes stared down between her open thighs as she saw my body pressed firmly against her open pussy, my cock buried to the hilt inside her tight quim. I knew that this image had been seared into her brain and that she would always remember it. My hands caressed her huge tits as I flexed my cock deep in her tightness. Then holding onto her massive tits, I began to stroke slowly into her wonderful body. Cheryl watched silently as I ravaged her daughter's magnificent body.

Jo's body began to writhe as her muscles instinctively tightened around my invading shaft. She was unbelievably tight. She moaned and gasped as I penetrated even deeper into her tight pussy. I increased the rhythm of my thrusts and under normal circumstances, I would have cum right then and there, but I had already cum a few times and it would be some time before I would be able to shoot my next load. I didn't mind and from what I could tell, neither did Jo.

I continued to stroke into her tender loins and feel her muscles milk my cock. I varied the depth, angle and speed of my penetrations and watched as Jo experienced wave after wave of orgasm. Deeper and deeper I thrust into her open body and then I felt my cum starting to boil. It was still going to be awhile but I was ready to fill my sweet, young captive for the first time.

I pounded into Jo's beautiful, young body again and again until I felt my explosion build and then grabbed her heaving tits and shoved my cock deep into her body as I shot my load into her tight, young pussy. As she felt the power of my cum spray into her pussy, Jo's body arched and a powerful orgasm ripped through her bound body. I bent over and bit her hard nipple as I felt her muscles tighten around my shaft. Virgins are a wonder.

To be continued...

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