Jo Ch. 05


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Slipping my spent shaft from Jo's wet pussy, I stepped up onto the barstool next to her and then grasping the brass railing above her head, placed my knees on either side of her head and then lowered my cock towards her face. Jo's head lay back on the bar and she looked up as my cum-coated cock came closer to her beautiful face. She could smell the powerful scent of cum on my cock as the tip brushed across her soft lips. She looked up at me with a pleading look and I just smiled at her as I reached down and eased the rubber ball out of her mouth. Pulling it down over her chin, I let it hang loosely around her slender neck as I pressed my cock to her lips. Swallowing hard, the young beauty parted her lips and I slid my cock all the way into her mouth. I could feel her tongue as it slid over the bottom side of my wet shaft and I moaned as my entire cock slid into her mouth. I pumped gently into her mouth as she sucked on me, tasting both my cum and her own. I slid my fingers through her thick hair and lifted her head off of the bar as I guided her mouth up and down the length of my shaft.

When I'd decided that she'd sucked on my cock long enough, I eased my grip on her head and slipped my cock from between her soft lips. Then raising my body slightly, I moved forward until my balls hung just above her mouth.

"I want to feel you suck on my balls." I said as I lowered my heavy sack towards her mouth. Jo opened her mouth wide as my entire scrotum dropped down into her mouth. I felt her lips close around my hairy balls and then she sucked on them. "I want to feel your tongue." I said and the young beauty began to lick and prod my balls with her tongue as I moaned with pleasure. I left my balls in her mouth for several minutes as she sucked and licked my balls. What a wonderful after the pleasure, pleasure.

Finally, I lifted my body up and eased my balls from her mouth. Looking down at her, I smiled and then slid my body forward. Jo looked up into the crack of my ass. I lowered my ass to her mouth and without saying anything to her, I felt her tongue begin to lick as my asshole. I moaned deeply as I felt her tongue tease my tight sphincter. I rubbed my ass along her tongue as she licked my ass.

Lifting my ass off of her beautiful face, I slid back and pressed my cock to her lips once again. Jo opened her mouth and swallowed my cock as I slid all the way into her mouth. I could feel the tip of my cock press against her tonsils as I began to gently fuck her beautiful face.

Climbing down off of the bar, I wrapped my fingers around my spent shaft. It was not hard but it did have some firmness to it. Walking between Jo's open thighs, I slid my cock back into her wet pussy and took several strokes as she moaned with pleasure. Then withdrawing from her body, I turned and walked in Cheryl's direction. Her eyes were riveted to my cock as it bounced from side to side with each step. As I approached her bound body, I stepped between her open thighs and rubbed the tip of my cock across her soft cheek. She could smell the sweet aroma of her daughter's pussy on my shaft and devoured my cock as I pressed it to her soft lips. I felt her lips close around my cock as her talented tongue went to work caressing my hardening shaft. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked hard on my tool. I moaned deeply as she pleasured my cock.

Easing my spent cock from Cheryl's mouth, I turned and walked back to Jo's bound body. Reaching behind her, I untied her wrists and gently helped her to lift her arms up over the brass railing that had arched her body so beautifully. I let her massage the strain in her arms as her back muscles relaxed. Her hands came down to her recently violated pussy and she gently inspected herself. Her legs were still bound to the ends of the bar and I watched as she slid her fingers deep into her ravaged pussy.

"Put your hands on the railing." I instructed and Jo reached behind her and wrapped her fingers around the brass railing that she was leaning against. "Closer together." I said and she leaned forward as she slid her hands in close to her body. "I want you to lift your body up until you can sit on the bar," I instructed and I watched as she tightened her muscles and tried to lift her body up onto the bar.

"I can't do it." she said as she tried to obey me. I reached out under her spread legs and cupping her firm thighs in my hands, I helped her to slide up onto the bar. Her ass slid over the brass railing and then back onto the wooden surface of the bar. She eased her body backwards as the strain on her open thighs eased. She began to massage the stretched muscles of her inner thighs as I watched the naked beauty. As she slid her body back even further, she was able to bend her knees slightly and the strain eased even further. Taking her wrists in my hands, I placed leather cuffs around them and then clipped them together under the metal bracket that supported the brass railing. Her body was bent forward and her huge tits hung heavily below her chest.

I was pretty fucked out and so were the two women. I needed to rest and it was going to be awhile before my cock would be up to another session. I pulled over one of the easy chairs and set it in front of Cheryl's squatting body. I sat down in the chair and reaching behind her head, pulled her face to my crotch. Cheryl leaned forward on her knees until her wrists caught on the pole. I slid my ass forward to the edge of the chair and she lowered her mouth to my cock. I felt her wrap her soft lips around my shaft and begin to suck on my cock. I moaned deeply as she sucked on me and slowly drifted off to sleep as she pleasured me.

When I awoke, my cock was ramrod hard and Cheryl was busy licking my balls. I looked down at her kneeling body as she lifted her face and wrapped her lips around my shaft. I looked up and could see Jo sitting on the bar, her huge tits dangling heavily below her chest. Lifting Cheryl's face from my cock, I got up and walked over to Jo.

Coming around the bar I stepped up behind her and filled my hands with her huge tits. Her nipples were rock-hard as I began to tease her magnificent breasts. With her wrists bound to the railing of the bar, Jo's body remained bent forward and her huge tits hung heavily below her chest. Jo moaned as I fondled her magnificent breasts and nibbled on the nape of her neck. Then I let my hands wander down across her firm stomach and I began to tease her open thighs. Her body began to quiver as my fingers stroked through her soft muff and then pressed between her swollen labia and eased into her pussy. I probed deep into her pussy as her body began to writhe.

Looking down, I could see a small wooden crate on the floor and kicked it over. Stepping up onto it, I saw that my cock was about even with the height of the bar. My hands came up from Jo's dripping pussy and I pulled her body backwards until her long legs straightened and her magnificent ass slid over the edge of the bar. Jo felt my ramrod press into the crack of her ass as her body moved backwards. I reached down with one hand and pressed the tip under her body and slid it across the length of her oozing gash. I heard her moan as the top of my cock was bathed with the slick juices that coated her engorged pussy lips. Then changing the angle slightly, I slipped the tip of my cock between her moist love petals and slid all the way into her body. Her pussy was unbelievably tight as it stretched to accommodate my invading shaft.

My hands came up to her huge breasts and I began to maul her titflesh as my cock hammered into her tightness. I was almost ready to ravage her virgin ass when I heard a knock at the door.

"Jo." the voice called as I heard some movement in the kitchen. It was a girl's voice. "Where are you?" I heard her say. I reached up and covered Jo's mouth with my hand and then pulled my cock from her tight pussy. I looked at Cheryl and she remained silent. Through the pass-thru to the kitchen I could see the shape of a girl moving. I glared at Jo to emphasize the point that she remain silent and I moved into position next to the door.

"Jo, where are you?" the voice asked, becoming a little more demanding. As the young girl entered the den she stopped dead in her tracks, transfixed by the scene before her. I could see that she was wearing a pair of overalls and a narrow, tube top. I quickly stepped up behind her and seeing what she was wearing, I turned my wrist and then slid my fingers into the back of her overalls and wrapped my fingers around the narrow band of her tube top. The young beauty felt my hand on her back and as she tried to flee, I turned my wrist, twisting the soft material around my fingers and making it stretch tightly across her firm breasts. As she tried to step away, I pulled back and her trembling body pressed against mine as my free hand came up to her slender throat.

I looked down and could see that this young beauty had a fabulous body. She was short but her breasts were full and firm, even with the soft material pulled tightly across them. I glanced into the side of her overalls and could see that her bare waist was narrow and her hips looked like they flared gently. I couldn't see completely, but it was a safe bet that she had a magnificent ass.

I could feel the young beauty tremble as I turned her sideways and forced her against the wall. Her arms hung helplessly at her sides as I released my grip on her top and held her firmly to the wall by her slender throat. She was petrified.

"What is your name?" I asked softly as I held her throat firmly.

"Meri." she whispered, her body shaking with fear. Her face was truly beautiful. Her eyes were dark, her lips full and her nose cute and slightly turned up. Her long, dark hair was tied back in a French braid that accentuated her slender neck. I leaned forward to kiss her and she turned her face away. I chuckled and pressed my thumb up into the pressure point below her jaw and increased the pressure. Slowly she turned her face back to me. I smiled at her first defeat and then eased my grip on her neck. I bent over to kiss her full on the mouth but as I pressed my tongue forward, she resisted and held her lips tightly closed. Without pulling back from her lips, I increased the pressure on her throat until her soft lips parted and I thrust my tongue deep into her mouth. I probed her mouth with my tongue as I eased my grip on her throat.

"Much better." I teased her when I'd finished tonguing her mouth. "You're learning quickly. Stay smart and this will be a lot less painful for you." I threatened.

Meri's body was pressed flat against the wall, her shoulders held firmly against it. I let go of her neck as I stood over her. She was trembling. I reached over to her soft shoulder and slid my fingers under the strap of her overalls. Sliding my fingers down over the top of her firm breast to where the strap was buttoned, I unhooked it and the front panel of the overalls fell forward. I let my fingers linger on her full breasts as I looked down at her heaving chest. Her nipple was pressing hard against the soft knit of the tube top and I could see it clearly as it stood out. Meri had few illusions as to what awaited her and she broke and ran for the door. I was prepared for that and grabbing her by her braid, I pulled her back, slamming her hard against the wall.

"Naughty, naughty." I taunted her as I slid my arm around her slender waist, forcing her arm behind me and then gripping her other arm just above her elbow, her arms pulled back and caused her body to arch as her full breasts were thrust forward. I reached down with my free hand and squeezed her other breast and then unsnapped the second strap that held her overalls up. The front of her overalls fell down, exposing her upper body. The pants slid down to her firm hips, and I could see her bare waist and the soft flair of her hips. Her stomach was firm and smooth and she had a beautiful tan. This girl, in addition to her natural beauty, took very good care of herself.

On her hips were two more brass buttons holding the sides of the jeans closed. I turned her body slightly and unsnapped the one closest to me. As it fell open, her overalls slid down over her flaring hips and landed on the floor around her ankles. I looked down and could see her microscopic panties. There was a small red triangle in front and barely a string that ran up between her magnificent asscheeks and over her hips. Not much there.

My hand slid down between her legs as I rubbed the front of her panties. Meri tried to clamp her warm thighs together as she desperately tried to keep my hand away from her pussy. I chuckled as I stroked her across the front of those microscopic panties. Her body squirmed as she tried to get away from my probing fingers. I forced my fingers between her warm thighs and mashed my thumb against the moist material of her sheer triangle. Her body began to buck as I teased her pussy and a few moans escaped her lips.

I pulled my hand from her crotch and let it trace up over the firm muscles of her stomach and up to her narrow tube top. It was only a few inches wide and ran across the base of her swelling titflesh as the tops of her firm breasts were clearly visible as the soft band stretched across her chest. Her meaty tits pressed firmly against my fingers. I slid my hand over her breast and squeezed her firm tit in my hand. Meri began to cry as I kneaded her warm titflesh. I could feel her nipple harden as it pressed against my palm. I slid my fingers up over her breasts and then tucked my fingers down into her generous cleavage. Pulling the narrow band of material away from her body, I pulled it down from her magnificent breasts and around her slender waist. I stared down at Meri's naked breasts as the narrow tube top clung tightly to her narrow waist. Her tits were golden brown and capped with deep red nipples that were too good to pass up. My hand came back to her naked breasts and I squeezed her taut nipple between my fingers. The terrified, young girl gasped as she felt my fingers close around her sensitive nubbin. I twisted it gently and began to tug on her tender nipple.

Leaning forward, I bent my head and sucked her hard nipple into my mouth. My tongue teased her nub, while my mouth sucked hard on her breast. Shivers ran through her young body as I mouthed her sensitive nipple. I turned slightly and went after her other nipple as my hand descended across her firm stomach to her golden vee. Meri clamped her legs closed and crossed them in an effort to keep me out of her most intimate flesh. That was fine for the moment.

"You know, by the way you keep closing your thighs, one would think you're a virgin." I taunted her. Meri blushed deeply. "I treat virgins in a very special way. Just ask Jo over there." I teased her. "You're not a virgin, are you?" I asked. Meri tried to speak but did manage to shake her head slightly.

"Too bad." I teased. "How many men have you had?" I asked her teasingly. Meri did not answer. My fingers pinched her tender nipple and I shook her tit. The young beauty gasped.

"One." she whispered, fear very evident in her soft voice. My young captive was totally humiliated as she confessed in front of her best friend and her mother.

"And how many times?" I asked as I held her tender nipple tightly.

"Once." she whispered.

"And I'll bet it was a disaster." I said somewhat sympathetically as I eased my grip on her aching nipple. It had only been two weeks since she'd lost her cherry and she'd only gotten fucked that one time. Her boyfriend dropped her the next day and she hadn't really gotten over the trauma. The experience had not exactly been a wonderful one. He pressured her into having sex and then rammed his cock into her and came very quickly, leaving her high and dry.

"Do you give good head?" I asked as I massaged her magnificent tit as I gazed down at her body. Meri was silent, as she looked puzzled. "Your boyfriend, did you ever suck him off?" I asked. Again she looked puzzled. Obviously she hadn't but that would change.

I reached around her body until I was able to grasp her other arm again. Then sliding my hand down to her wrists, I crossed her arms behind her back and pulled her close to me. My cock wedged hard against her stomach as her breasts flattened against my body. I bent my knees until my rod pressed hard against her soft pussy and then ground hard against her, forcing her against the wall as she turned her face away from me. I forced her knees apart and then aimed my shaft between her barely open thighs. My cock slid across the moist silk of her sheer panties and I could feel the heat of her wet snatch against my rod. Her body flushed as I stood up straight and my ramrod slid up between her soft thighs and then lifted her body off of the floor. She hung like a ragdoll with her weight supported by my shaft as it pressed between her satiny thighs.

I carried Meri over to the parson' s table near the wall. I set her body on the edge and then sliding my fingers into her panties, pinched her smooth asscheeks as I pulled the small triangle up into the crack of her ass. Her cheeks were golden brown. I pressed her body back until she lay flat on the table. Stepping back, I ran my fingers over her rounded hips and down the outsides of her smooth thighs. I spun her around so she lay lengthwise on the narrow table. She wore only her very brief panties and sneakers. I put my hand on her firm tit and began to tease her nipple. It was very hard. I traced my hand over her stomach, across the front of her silky panties and then down her legs. With a strip of cloth I tied her ankles together but leaving the binding with a bow rather than a knot. Meri was frightened by her predicament but relieved that her legs were bound together and not wide apart like Jo's. Lifting her legs, I pressed them back over her chest as she bent her knees.

"Don't move." I said as I walked over to my kit and returned with two leather cuffs. I attached the cuffs to Meri's slender ankles and bucked them closed. Above the parson's table was a brass railing on the ceiling, similar to the ones on the bar and above it. Picking up two lengths of rope, I ran them over the ends of the railing and let them dangle freely. Reaching for Meri's legs, I turned her body so that her ass rested on the side edge of the narrow table and her head fell back over the other side. At the ends of the ropes were metal clips and I attached them to the rings on her ankle cuffs. Standing close to the bound beauty, I pressed her knees down over her quivering breasts as I leaned against her body. Meri felt the hardness of my cock as it wedged between her golden asscheeks. She gasped. I rubbed my cock over her satiny cheeks as the narrow corner of her panties barely protected her oozing pussy. My hands reached around her bent legs and I began to tease her beautiful, young tits as her body squirmed below me.

Stepping back from her body, I pulled the ropes over to the bar and pulled down on them. Meri watched as her legs were raised and then her body slowly began to lift off of the table. When she was almost vertical, I tied off the rope to the bar and then came back to her inverted body. I walked up to the young beauty and she watched as my ramrod waved back and forth with each step. My cock was even with her face and I began to slap her cheeks with my ramrod. Meri fought to keep my cock away from her mouth. I chuckled to myself and then pulling over a chair, I turned it around and leaned against it, my cock aimed right at Meri's mouth.

"I know how desperately you want to keep your legs together." I teased her as I traced my fingers over the backs of her satiny thighs. Meri could feel my warm breath on her thighs, as my face was barely inches from her pussy. "I'm not sure you are strong enough to do it though." I teased as I reached up to the cloth binding her ankles together. Pulling gently on the end of the cloth, it began to open and Meri felt her legs begin to move apart. She tightened her muscles as she tried to hold her legs together but it was a losing battle. Slowly the material loosened until it gave way and the suspended beauty felt her legs ripped apart. I gazed down at her open thighs and licked my lips.

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