Jo Ch. 06


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Satisfied that Meri had cleaned my cock fully, I slid my spent shaft from between her soft lips. I looked down at her spread pussy and could see that cum just oozed out of her twat. Walking over to Jo, I unclipped her ankles from the ends of the brass railing. She slowly eased her ankles off of the bar and then slid her knees closer together, easing the strain on her stretched thigh muscles. Her body was still bent forward and I reached out and cupped her full breasts. Reaching down between her satiny thighs, I unclipped her wrists from the railing and helped her off of the bar. I held my hands out and she put her hands in mine. I pulled her arms behind her back and clipped her wrists together as her huge tits mashed firmly against my chest. I leaned forward and kissed her full on the mouth and her young body shook as I sucked her tongue into my mouth.

"On your knees." I said as I released my grip on her body and the naked beauty sank to her knees as she tried to keep her balance with her arms bound behind her. "Crawl over here." I instructed as I walked over to stand beside Meri's suspended legs. I watched as Jo began to crawl over to me, her huge tits thrust forward because of her arms being bound behind her and bouncing heavily every time she moved her body. As she neared her friend's suspended thighs, she could see the cum that oozed from Meri's pussy and glistened around her pussy and down into the crack of her beautiful ass. Jo imagined that was what her own pussy had looked like earlier. I turned her body to face Meri's open pussy and she could smell the powerful scent of sex that emanated from Meri's recently ravaged love hole.

A lot had happened to her in the past several hours and much of it things that she had fantasized about in one form or another. But looking into Meri's oozing pussyflesh, she had a good idea of what she was going to be forced to do and she could not bring herself to do it. She was no lesbian. I stepped behind the kneeling beauty and unclipped her wrists. Pulling her arms up, I pressed them around Meri's open thighs and then clipped them together again across her firm stomach. Jo knelt with her face barely inches from Meri's seething pussy, unable to escape. She stared down at her friend's dripping pussy, the scent overwhelming her. Jo kept her face as far away from Meri's twat as she possibly could.

I looked down at Jo's kneeling body as her hips were thrust back and her magnificent breasts hung down below her chest. Straddling her body, I reached around her ribs and filled my hands with her pendulous breasts. As I kneaded her meaty tits, I watched as she pulled her head back away from Meri's open pussy. Meri could feel Jo's warm breath on her open thighs. I slid my body backwards and lowered myself as Jo felt the tip of my cock drag across the smooth skin of her lower back. Bending down behind her, I let my shaft slip between her open thighs and then tease the swollen lips of her pussy. Then reaching down, I held my cock and aimed it at the entrance to her tight quim. Jo gasped as she felt my cock slide deep into her love hole as my hand came back to her dangling tits and I began to rock in and out of her body. My cock wasn't fully hard and wouldn't be for awhile but I teased her pussy for a few minutes as each thrust of my cock into her tight pussy pressed her beautiful face closer to Meri's open twat. She held her upper body away from her friend's quim as my cock skewered her own. I placed my hand on the back of Jo's head and pushed her face down between Meri's open thighs. Jo felt her lips brush against her friend's soft muff but she tried to pull her head away. I held her face to Meri's twat for a moment and then I slid my hands around her sides and down over her firm stomach. As Jo lifted her face from Meri's open thighs, she could feel the wetness of her friend's cum as it was smeared across her soft cheeks.

Easing my cock from between Jo's labia, I started to search the house. In Jo's room I found a wooden paddle with Greek letters on it. Someone was a sorority member. In the garage I found a length of very coarse nylon rope about a half-inch thick and several other interesting items that I thought might be fun to use on the three naked bodies at my disposal.

Returning to the den, I threw the rope down on the floor behind Jo's feet and leaned the paddle against the parson's table. From my kit, I retrieved a pair of gloves and then picked up the end of the rope. It must have been and old boat rope, since it was full of sand and the nylon strands were scratchy and it had the texture of a bottlebrush. I tied a small loop in the end with a large double knot. Stepping over Jo's kneeling body, I reached down to the gag that still hung around her neck and pulled it up over her chin and forced it back between her teeth. I didn't want her making too much noise. I reached over to my pants and pulled my belt free. Sitting down on Jo's ass, I reached down between her knees and pulled the loop I'd tied up. Jo felt the coarseness of the rope as it scratched the inside of her knee. She tried to watch what I was doing but she couldn't see past the soft muff of her friend's pubic thatch.

I slid the loop over the end of the belt and then wrapped the belt around Jo's slender waist. The rope dangled down to the floor and then ran out between her legs. Getting up, I looked up at the brass railing that held Meri's legs and then ran the rope over it. As I pulled on the rope, the slack ran out and Jo felt the coarse rope slide up between her thighs and across her naked pussy. As the rope wedged snugly between her thighs, she could feel the knot mash firmly against her mons and the rope pulled up into the crack of her ass. She squirmed as the coarse rope scratched her most sensitive flesh. By squirming the way she did, she succeeded in wedging the knot firmly against her erect clit. As I pulled down on the end of the rope, Jo felt it cut deep into her crotch and her knees came off of the floor. As her body rose, her face moved closer to Meri's open pussy and she fought to hold her head up. Jo was in agony as the coarse rope bit into her swollen labia and the crack of her magnificent ass. Every movement rubbed the scratchy knot over her clit and she screamed into her gag as her body continued to rise. I continued to pull on the rope until her feet left the floor and her entire weight was supported by the rope that ran between her thighs. As her feet left the floor, her body swung forward slightly, bringing her mouth firmly to Meri's dripping pussy. I could hear her whimpering as the rope ravaged her most intimate flesh. As she hung before me, her ass was actually higher than her head and her body pressed forward.

"Just let me know when you're ready to lick Meri's cunt." I said as I ran my hand across the smooth cheeks of her ass. Then reaching up to the taut rope, I shook it and the young beauty screamed as the rope cut into her tender pussy lips. I leaned over and placed a warm, wet kiss on her satiny cheek as my fingers slid between her thighs and pressed her tender pussy lips around the coarse rope. Jo screamed into her gag.

Picking up the paddle, I walked behind the hanging beauty and gazed down at her satiny thighs. Holding the paddle with both hands, I whacked her across the backs of her legs. Jo screamed into her gag as her body lurched forward and her face mashed against Meri's mons. Her soft cheeks smeared with the cum oozing from Meri's full pussy. Jo felt the pain and warmth across her thighs as the sting of the paddle overwhelmed her. I hit her again across her thighs and then brought the paddle down over the rounded globes of her magnificent ass. I hit her several times across her ass as her creamy skin turned from pale to pink.

"Are you ready to lick her cunt?" I asked as I ran my hand down under her body and squeezed her pendulous breast. Jo did not reply. I stepped back behind her and gazed down at her smooth thighs. Her cheeks and thighs had a soft, pink glow and they were warm to the touch. I hit her again across her thighs and then again. She screamed into her gag as her head flew upwards. I continued to hit her ass and thighs until they turned a deep shade of red. I could hear her pleading through her gag as she turned her face and rubbed her cheeks over Meri's oozing pussy.

"Had a change of heart?" I teased her as I put the paddle down. Jo nodded. I reached out and grabbing a handful of hair lifted her head and pulled the gag from between her lips. I then lowered her face to Meri's open twat and the young beauty began to lick her friend. Jo had never done this before and she really didn't know what to do. As she licked Meri's twat, her friend began to moan and writhe on the table and she quickly figured out where her tongue would do the most good. I watched as the suspended beauty licked her first quim. Jo felt totally humiliated and defeated when Meri gasped and her body went rigid. Jo felt the added moistness in Meri's quim as her cum oozed out onto her tongue. She also felt strangely excited as she brought her friend to an orgasm.

Meri lay on the table, her legs in the air and her friend's tongue sliding in and out of her seething pussy. The orgasms that had ripped through her young body had overwhelmed her and the sensation of Jo's tongue on her clit was amazing. She brought her hands down between her legs and slid her fingers through her friend's hair, holding her face to her pussy and guiding her to the most sensitive spots on her body.

As Jo sucked on Meri's pubes, I stepped behind her and began to lower the rope that ran between her thighs. Her feet touched the floor and then she felt the pressure of the rope ease across her oozing gash. The knot no longer mashed against her clit but the rope remained embedded between her warm asscheeks. Sitting down behind Jo's body, I eased the coarse rope from the crack of her ass and then brought my hands up to her firm globes. She gasped as she felt my fingers gently press her cheeks apart and then she felt my warm breath on her sensitive skin. I lowered my face to her magnificent ass and pressed my tongue into the crack of her ass. Jo's body bucked as she felt the wetness of my tongue flick across her recently abused skin. My hands came around her thighs and held her tightly as my tongue began to tease her tight sphincter.

Jo began to really go after Meri's clit as my tongue probed gently into her asshole. My fingers entered her dripping pussy and teased her clit as she sucked on Meri's. I could feel her body shaking as my tongue caressed her tight asshole. Sliding my fingers into her dripping cunt, Jo was overwhelmed as she felt both of her holes filled for the first time in her young life. I probed her asshole with my tongue as my fingers dug deep into her dripping cunt. Once they were coated with her sweet flow, I brought one hand up over her ass and pressed my finger against her tight sphincter. Jo gasped as she felt my finger press into her virgin ass as my other hand continued to tease her open pussy. Jo's body began to writhe as my finger pressed all the way into her asshole. I continued to lick the crack of her ass as the fingers of both hands invaded her twin holes. Then easing my finger out of her ass, I slid it back into her pussy and then back into her ass. As her tight sphincter began to loosen, I slipped my finger from her crack and then replaced it with a larger finger. Jo's body began to buck as I finger-fucked her twin holes.

As I felt her tightness begin to loosen, I eased my finger from her ass and pressed my thumb into her steaming pussy. I pumped it in several times until it was fully coated with her slick juices and then I pressed it against her asshole. Jo gasped as her tight sphincter opened and I pressed my thumb all the way into her virgin asshole. I twisted it in her bowels and then began to pump it in and out as my other hand ravaged her pussy. Jo's body began to buck as she felt this twin assault on her sex. Shoving my thumb into her tight pussy I began to pump both hands into her loins, first together and then one in and one out. Jo's body bucked wildly as I ravaged her twin holes.

Finally pulling my hand out of her pussy, I pressed my thumb deep into her bowels and stood up. Aiming my cock at her dripping pussy, I rubbed the tip over her swollen labia. She gasped as she felt the soft skin of my cockhead against her engorged pussy lips. I wedged the tip inside the entrance of her twat and then leaned forward. Jo felt her tight pussy stretch to accommodate my ramrod as it slid into her body to the hilt. When she felt my hips press against her beaten asscheeks, she knew I was all the way in. I started to fuck her as my thumb ravaged her asshole and her face rubbed hard against Meri's oozing pussy. Jo felt her pendulous breasts begin to bounce back and forth as I rammed my cock deep into her loins. After several thrusts into her tight pussy, my cock was fully coated with her warm, slippery flow. I slid my cock out of her twat and rubbed the length of it through the crack of her ass. I eased my thumb out of her asshole and then pressed the tip of my cock to her stretched sphincter.

"Relax." I said as I pressed forward. Jo gasped as she felt the tip of my cock enter her virgin asshole. Her body tensed and I stopped. As her body relaxed a bit I slid in a bit deeper. Once the head of my cock was wedged firmly in her asshole, I stopped and let her body adjust to my cock being in her ass. As she relaxed I teased her creamy asscheeks. Then slowly I pressed forward until my cock entered her virgin asshole. Jo gasped as she felt her tight sphincter stretch to accommodate my cock.

Placing my hands on her firm globes, I began to stroke into her tight asshole, pressing a bit deeper with each penetration. Jo's body rocked forward with each thrust and her face pressed firmly into Meri's cum-filled pussy. She was squealing as my cock probed deeper and deeper into her virgin asshole. Her sphincter had relaxed a bit as I fucked her tight ass and finally she felt my hips press against her creamy cheeks. I was in to the hilt. Holding her hips firmly, I began to fuck her ass as she felt her huge tits begin to bounce wildly below her chest. She grunted and groaned with each penetration and I could not believe how tight she was. I pounded into her ass as I felt my balls begin to boil. Deeper and faster, I reamed her ass as her huge tits bounced wildly below her chest and her mouth sucked the sweet nectar that oozed from Meri's ravaged pussy. Then suddenly, I rammed forward and felt my cock explode deep in the young girl's ass. Jo felt the power of my cum as it sprayed deep into her bowels and she exploded in the most powerful orgasm of her young life.

I remained buried in her tight asshole for several minutes and reached forward to release the belt around her waist as the rope dropped from between her open thighs. I slid my cock out of her bowels as I looked down at her asshole and could see how open it was. Meri still held Jo's face firmly to her own pussy as Jo continued to lick the sweet cum that oozed out of her friend's quim.

To be continued...

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