Jo Ch. 07


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* * * * *

There was a knock at the back door and the voice of a young boy calling for Jo. I decided to ignore it but he was persistent and was creating a lot of noise. I didn't want to arouse the neighbors and decided to bring him inside. I unclipped Jo's wrists and helped her to stand up. I wrapped my arm around her slender waist and held the knife to under her chin.

"Not a sound." I hissed to the bound women and then I turned in the direction of the kitchen. "In the den." I called and I heard the back door open. As he came into the den, I held my knife to Jo's firm tit, the point pressed to her very erect nipple. The young boy stopped dead in his tracks as he surveyed the scene before him. He gazed at Jo's naked body as her huge tits stuck out before him. Then he saw Meri's body lying on the table with her legs hanging from the railing and spread wide apart. When he saw Cheryl's naked body kneeling by the pole, he rubbed his cock through his pockets.

"Just do what you're told and you won't get hurt and I won't have to hurt any of them either." I threatened. John stood still, transfixed by what he saw. He was a timid looking kid, tall and thin and kind of nerdy looking. I don't think he'd ever seen a woman completely naked before and was certainly shocked by what he saw before him. "Over there." I ordered as I pointed to the barstool where Jo had lost her cherry. He stared in fascination as my free hand began to tease her very hard nipple. His eyes gazed down at her thighs and he could see where dried cum clung to her soft, brown muff. He then gazed at Meri's open pussy and saw the same thing. He couldn't quite see Cheryl's muff but he assumed that she too had cum caked to her soft muff. He was scared shitless but fascinated and excited by the beautiful, naked women bound in front of him.

"Take off your belt." I instructed and John slowly removed the leather strap from his pants. I whispered into Jo's ear and then released my grip on her firm titflesh. She walked over to the boy and sat him down on the stool in front of her. She then took the belt from his hand and ran it across his chest and under his arms. She slid the buckle to the back over the brass railing where John would not be able to reach it and buckled it tightly. He wouldn't be able to get up.

"Strip him." I said and Jo, with nervous hands, reached out to unbutton his shirt. John pushed her away.

"Don't interfere or I'll just punish the girls for what you do." I threatened and John dropped his arms. Jo unbuttoned his shirt as he gazed in fascination at her beautiful, bare titflesh. He'd had many a fantasy about her tits and here they were, barely inches from his face and naked in all their glory. She pulled his shirt from his pants and away from his belt. He leaned forward a bit and she slid the shirt off of his body. Jo hesitated and with my own belt, I gave her a light swat across her creamy asscheeks. She reached down and unbuttoned the belt of his pants and then with unsteady hands, unzipped the young boy's fly. He was a mixture of conflicting emotions as his fear; rage and sexual excitement all crashed together as he felt her hands touching his crotch. No one had ever touched him there before. He couldn't imagine this was happening to him as this naked beauty stood before him, stripping his clothes off of his body.

"Okay, take them off." I instructed and Jo reached for the waistband of his pants and pulled down. John lifted his hips and he felt his pants slide down over his hips and down his legs. Jo knelt down in front of him and untied his sneakers and then removed his pants. John looked down at her as she knelt between his knees and his fantasies went into high gear. The boy sat there wearing only his briefs as Jo rose to her feet.

"Now the rest." I said and Jo pulled his underwear down revealing his long, thin cock. John was totally embarrassed as his cock stood straight up in the air.

"Over here." I said and Jo turned around and walked towards me. John's eyes were glued to her magnificent ass as she walked across the room. "On your knees." I said and the naked beauty sank to her knees. I pushed the padded hassock over behind her and sat down. I clipped her wrists to her ankles and then pulling her body back over the hassock, her body arched as her head lay back over the edge of the padded stool and her knees spread apart. I sat down in the chair behind her and teased her cheeks with my cock as John watched in fascination. Jo tried not to reveal her excitement as I toyed with her bound body. My hands dropped down to her panting tits and I pinched her nipples as I pulled her body forward. As my cock touched her lips, she opened her mouth to suck on me. John watched as Jo's lips slid up and down my shaft and my hands pinched and pulled on her huge tits. His own hands slid down to stroke his cock as Jo pleasured mine. I let her suck for a while and then slipped my ramrod from between her lips.

John watched as I stood up and walked over to Cheryl. She sat on her knees with her arms bound behind the pole. I pressed my cock to her lips and she sucked it all the way into her mouth. I let her suck on my cock for several minutes and then slipping my cock from between her soft lips, I reached down to her full breasts. Cheryl felt my grip tighten on her huge mams and she looked up at me.

"Stand up." I instructed as I began to pull up on her magnificent mams. The beautiful woman pressed her back against the pole and pushing up with her legs, slid her body up to a standing position. My fingers eased from her huge tits and then I pinched her taut nipples between my fingers and lifted her huge mams by her tender nipples. Cheryl winced as she felt the full weight of her tits suspended by her crushed nubbins.

John watched in fascination as I shook Cheryl's huge tits and then dropped them. As I stepped around behind her, he could see how hard her nipples were. Releasing the cuffs binding Cheryl's wrists behind the post, I reached over to my kit and pulled out another pair of handcuffs. I clapped the second set of cuffs around her free wrist and then holding her by her upper arms; I pulled her shoulders back as her huge tits were thrust forward.

"My guess is that our young friend over there has never experienced the pleasures of a woman. I think that you ought to introduce him to the pleasures that your magnificent body can provide." I whispered in her ear as she felt my cock press between the firm cheeks of her sculptured ass. Cheryl remembered back to her college days, when seducing virgins was a hobby of hers. It had been a long time, but she remembered the excitement of turning them on with her magnificent body and then having them lose control of their own. She looked over at John as he sat naked on the stool and then felt me push her forward. I walked her across the room towards John. He watched as her huge tits bounced gently with every step as she came closer to his bound body. John held his hands over his cock as I positioned Cheryl between his knees. His eyes were riveted to her naked breasts as they hung just inches in front of his face.

Lifting her arm to the side, I clapped the handcuff around the brass railing of the bar beside him. In an instant, her other wrist was bound to the railing on the other side of his body. Cheryl was forced to lean forward slightly and her huge tits hung down away from her body as they came even closer to John's face. He was dying to reach up and squeeze her pendulous breasts but dared not. Placing my hands on Cheryl's soft shoulders, I pressed down and the naked beauty sank to her knees between John's open thighs. He could feel her warm breath against his thighs as he gazed down between his legs at his best friend's mother.

"Make sure he enjoys this as much as possible." I taunted her as she squatted before him, her arms bound above her and out to the sides. His hands covered his cock and she leaned forward and began to lick at the tip of his cock as it protruded from under his fingers. His body shook as he felt her soft tongue touch his ramrod. He moaned softly as her tongue caressed his cockhead and he slowly slid his hands apart, revealing his young ramrod. Cheryl watched as his cock stood straight up and she licked the underside of his cock. John's body began to shake as he felt her talented tongue caress his cock. He'd never even been touched by a girl, let alone been licked by a woman.

Cheryl realized that it would be hard for her to reach his cock while on her knees and she decided to lick the length of his cock and then kiss the tip. Then leaning her body away from his, she opened her mouth and stuck the tip of her tongue out. John looked down at her as she knelt between his legs and then slid his hand down to his ramrod and pressed down, until the tip was pointed at Cheryl's hungry mouth. She licked the tip with her tongue and his body shook. Then her lips touched the velvety skin of his cockhead and she leaned forward as she sucked his cock all the way into her mouth. The young boy gasped with excitement as he felt her soft lips close around his straining shaft and begin to suck on his tool. He watched as her head slid up and down the length of his shaft and soon realized that she was sucking his cock all the way into her throat as her nose brushed though the wiry curls of his pubic hair. He was ready to explode right then and fill her mouth with his hot cum but Cheryl was more talented than that.

She slid her head back until only the head of his cock was between her lips. John looked down at her beautiful face as his cock was trapped between her lips. She sucked on the tip and her tongue teased the small hole that would soon gush with his hot seed. She let his cock slip from between her soft lips and then began to nibble and lick the length of his ramrod all the way down to his balls. She couldn't quite get his balls into her mouth, the way he was sitting and not surprisingly, he slid his ass forward until his balls slid over the edge of the stool. Cheryl turned her head and sucked his balls into her mouth. John couldn't believe the sensations in his balls as she sucked with her mouth and prodded his balls with the tip of her tongue. He was ready to explode right then and there.

Cheryl continued to suck on his hairy balls and then began to lick her way up the length of his ramrod. When she reached the head of his cock, she once again leaned back and he aimed his cock between her parted lips. He moaned with pleasure as she felt her soft lips slide down around the length of his cock as the tip pressed past her tonsils and into her throat. Again he watched as she sucked his cock deep into her mouth. As her head began to move up and down his cock, Cheryl felt his hands close on the back of her head and she knew that she would not be able to control things much longer. His body started to shake and then she felt his fingers grasp wads of her long hair as his grip tightened on her head and he pulled her face down onto his cock. Cheryl remembered her experiences with other virgins and knew that in another instant her mouth would be filled with his cum.

"Aaaghhh!" he screamed as he pulled her face all the way down onto his cock and his balls erupted in her mouth. Cheryl swallowed and gulped as she tried to keep from drowning in the torrent of hot cum that erupted from the young boy's cock. She had forgotten just how much cum a young, inexperienced kid could produce, especially for his first sucking. John came in buckets and Cheryl swallowed ravenously to get it all. After she'd swallowed his huge load, she continued to suck on his cock as he eased his grip on her hair and began to stroke her head softly.

I figured it would not take long for John to get hard again, especially with Cheryl sucking on him, so I came around behind her and squatted down. Cheryl felt my cock against her creamy ass and then she felt it slip between her open thighs. I rubbed the length across her drenched pussy lips and she moaned deeply as she continued to suck on John's cock. Shifting my position slightly, I reached down and guided my cock into her tight pussy. John could feel her deep moan as the vibrations teased his ramrod. I took several strokes into her dripping pussy and then wedged my cock in to the hilt. John could feel her body lurch forward onto his cock every time I shoved my cock into her tight pussy. Taking hold her flaring hips, I stood up slowly, lifting Cheryl's body with me as it was impaled between my cock and his.

Once standing, I started to fuck this beautiful woman as John watched her body rock back and forth between his cock and mine. As her body lurched forward with every thrust, John felt his cock begin to stir, as her sucking became even more intense. Cheryl had never been with two men at once and the feeling of having two cocks penetrating her body was exhilarating. She could feel her huge tits bouncing wildly under her chest as I fucked deep into her tight pussy. I reached over and pulled one of the other barstools up beside her. I tilted the stool and slid it under her body and then pulled it firmly under her hips. Cheryl felt the padded top across her lower abdomen and then she felt me kick her legs open and I continued to fuck into her tight pussy. John watched as my cock rammed deep into her pussy and his hands continued to guide her face along the length of his cock. He wondered if he was going to get the opportunity to fuck her or any of the other girls.

As I fucked her tight pussy and John fucked her beautiful face, I pressed Cheryl's firm asscheeks apart and began to tease her puckered asshole. I could feel her body resist and she started to make noises but John kept her mouth filled with his cock and would not let her speak. I don't think he realized what she wanted to do but that wasn't important. He watched in fascination as I coated my fingers with her wet flow and then forced one finger into her tight asshole. As I began to pump my finger into her ass, John could feel the added passion in her sucking as his cock began to harden in her talented mouth. I then pulled my finger from her ass and pressed another, slightly thicker one back in.

"Don't let him cum." I instructed as I slapped her firm asscheek with my hand as I probed her tight asshole with my finger. As her tight asshole began to loosen up, I slid my finger out of her loins and then licking my thumb, pressed it deep into her tight asshole. As I pumped my thumb into her ass, Cheryl sucked on John like a madwoman as her long legs shook. John watched as my cock and thumb rammed deep into her twin holes and she succeeded in sucking his cock back to a full erection.

Slipping my cock from her drenched pussy, John could see that it glistened with Cheryl's cum. He watched as I withdrew my thumb from her asshole and then pressed the tip of my cock to her open ass. He held her face firmly to his cock as I leaned forward and he saw my cockhead wedge firmly into her open asshole. I waited for a moment as her powerful muscles relaxed. She realized that I was not going to just ram deep into her and she relaxed as she continued to suck on John's cock. Then I leaned forward and my cock slowly inched into her magnificent ass. Using her hips for leverage, I eased my cock in and out of her tight asshole as more and more of it disappeared with each stroke.

This was only the third time that she'd been taken in the ass and the last time had been a long time ago. She felt my cock invade her ass until she felt my scratchy pubic hair brush against her soft cheeks and knew that I was all the way in.

Slowly, I began to rock in and out of her tight asshole as her huge tits bounced wildly under her chest. I leaned over her body and filled my hands with her dangling titflesh. As I squeezed her heaving breasts, I rammed my cock deep into her tight asshole. John held her head firmly to his cock as the tip pressed past her tonsils and deep into her throat. I continued to skewer her magnificent ass until I felt that she was loose enough for me to withdraw and be able to get back in. I pulled my cock from her ass and gazed down at her gaping hole. I'd be able to get back in. I rammed my cock back in and took several more strokes.

"Time to climb on board." I said as I slapped Cheryl's firm asscheek. I pulled my cock from her ass and then reached under her body and pulled the stool away. Taking a firm grip on her heaving titflesh, I lifted her body as I nodded to John and he released his grip on her soft hair. Cheryl stood up straight in front of the young boy and he saw just how large and beautiful her tits were. Her nipples were big and as hard as rocks as he gazed down at them. She put her foot onto he rung of his stool and then lifted her other leg over his and hooked her high heel on the side rung of the barstool. John watched as her huge tits swung heavily in front of his face and then she lifted her other leg over his and hooked her high heel on the other side. She stood above him, her huge tits dangling in front of his face as her open thighs straddled his cock. She wrapped her fingers around the brass railing on either side of his body and then pressed her huge tits to his face. John was going to be smothered by titflesh. He reached up with both hands and grasped her huge tits. He couldn't believe how firm they were and how wonderful they felt. He kissed her breasts and then guided one of her nipples to his mouth. He heard her moan as he sucked her nipple into his mouth. She leaned forward and he began to really suck and chew on her tender nubbin.

Getting a bit bolder, he slid his hand down across the firm muscles of her stomach and then for the first time in his life, slid his fingers through the soft down of a woman's muff. He could feel the heat that emanated from her ravaged pussy and then slid his finger between her swollen labia and felt the moistness of Cheryl's drenched pussy. He heard her gasp as his finger brushed across her erect clit. He wasn't sure what he'd done but he tried to do it again. After a moment, she gasped again and he realized what it was. He continued to fondle her erect clit as she lifted her nipple from his mouth and then pressed her other nipple into his mouth. I watched as Cheryl held her body in a very awkward position so that the young boy could tease her open pussy. I could see that she was starting to tire as her long legs began to tremble.

"Inside." she gasped as she began to lower her body onto his. John grabbed his cock and held it straight up as Cheryl lowered her pussy and he reached out and holding her by her firm hips, guided her pussy onto his ramrod. John couldn't believe this was happening to him as he watched her quim touch the tip of his cock and wedge inside her warm, wet pussy. He felt her pull her tits away from his mouth and straightening her body. She looked down as his cock wedged into the entrance of her drenched pussy and smiling down at him, she began to lower her beautiful body onto his ramrod. She gasped as she felt his cock enter her and he moaned softly as he felt her tight pussy envelop his ramrod. He couldn't believe the warm, wet pleasure that her pussy provided as she slid her naked body all the way down onto his impaling cock. When he was all the way in, he could feel her body sitting on his hips. He again reached up to her pendulous breasts as she squeezed his cock with her powerful inner muscles. John gasped as he felt her tightness close around his cock.

"Fuck him, but don't let him cum." I said and Cheryl began first to rotate her hips as she massaged his impaling cock with her pussy and then bracing herself, she began to piston her beautiful body up and down on his cock as John experienced the unique pleasures of a talented pussy for the first time. John watched as her huge tits began to bounce wildly as she fucked his cock. The boy couldn't believe the sensations that coursed through his body as this beautiful woman impaled herself on his cock again and again.

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