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Jo Plays Away


Jo sat at the cash point in the supermarket cafeteria looking bored. She usually looked bored these days. Life was a shit. Yes, she should have listened to her mother, and yes, Mark was too old for her, and no, she should never have married him.

But she had made those mistakes ten years ago, and now she was paying for them. Mark had done nothing with his life. When they had met, he was full of big ideas. Over the years, she had realised that ideas were all he ever had, never actions.

It was the same with their sex life. It had been wonderful to start off with, but it had dulled over the years. He had lost interest apart from when he had taken a few drinks on a Saturday night, and if he didn't get too pissed, he might manage a quick fumble, and try to get it up her dry pussy before he fell asleep. It wasn't that she hadn't tried when things started to deteriorate. She had bought the sexy lingerie, she had made the bedroom nice with candles, and there had been some spark of life at first, but things had soon returned to their normal dull self.

Now she was getting desperate. She was only twenty eight, an attractive woman, and a woman with needs. It was difficult to have affairs in the small town of Benton without everybody knowing, so she had not gone down that route yet, but she had thought about it. There was some attractive young guys coming in to the cafeteria these days, and she could not help but notice the way some of them looked at her.

This week she was working a split shift: four hours in the morning and back at four for another three hours. She smiled at Trish as Trish came to take over from her. "It's a bit slow today. I'm glad to be getting away for a few hours." Trish smiled and slid up on to the stool Jo had vacated.

As she walked out, Jo pulled her collar up around her as it had just started to rain. She sprinted across to her car and quickly got in. As she arrived home, she saw Mark's pickup in the drive, so she left her car on the road as she knew he would want to get out.

The TV was on a sports channel and Mark was lounging in his usual arm chair, a can of beer in his hand. "Hi, luv," he said as she walked in. "We've been rained off. Hoped you'd come home as we could do with some food." She looked at the other person in the room and for a moment her heart leapt as she looked at the attractive young man seated on the sofa. "That's Chris," Mark spoke, not looking up from the action on the TV. "He's the boss's son. He's going to be my assistant for a month before he goes to college."

Chris smiled at Jo, flashing his white teeth. "Nice to meet you, Mrs. Burton," he said politely.

Jo smiled at him. "Call me Jo," she said. "Everybody else does." She took off her damp coat and went through to the kitchen and began to prepare some food for them. She made two large plates of sandwiches which she brought through and handed to them. Chris thanked her for his sandwich, and Mark just grunted as he started to eat.

Jo ran her hands through her wet hair and she shivered. I need a nice warm shower, she thought to herself. She went up to their bedroom and began undressing. When she was naked, she slipped into her terry wrap and made her way to the bathroom. She hung her wrap behind the door and turned on the shower. Soon, she was standing under the hot water enjoying the sensation of being warm again. As her hands soaped her body, she began to enjoy the sensation. She cupped her breasts and remembered when Mark used to caress them. She rolled her nipples between her fingers and felt them harden under her touch. One hand moved down her body and cupped over the mound of her pussy. She sighed as one finger probed between the wet lips.

She suddenly thought about the two men downstairs. There was her husband, who had once been her ardent lover, but now it took him all his time to raise an erection once a week, and even then he couldn't sustain it. Then there was the attractive young Chris with the flashing smile. She guessed that he would have no problem sustaining an erection.

She probed deeper into her pussy, gasping as she felt the start of an orgasm. She pressed harder, her fingers rubbing over her clit as she worked them urgently in and out of her wet hole. When she at last came, she collapsed down on to the floor of the shower, clutching herself, with the water cascading down over her body until at last the spasms had passed.

At last she was able to get out of the shower. As she dried herself, she knew what she wanted. If she weren't getting sex from her husband, then she needed to get it from someone else. She wanted to feel the arms of a lover around her, to feel him caress her body, to feel him enter her with the urgency of a lover, to feel her body responding as his seed entered her. This was what she wanted and this was what she was going to have in any way possible.

Back in the bedroom, she stepped into a clean white thong and wrapped herself again in the terry robe. She tied it tightly around her waist. As she sat in front of the mirror brushing her hair, she began to make plans to entice the young man into her arms, but more importantly, between her thighs.

Jo went back into the lounge. The two men were still watching the TV. They both looked up as she came in. "Get us a couple more beers, sweet," Mark demanded.

Jo glared at him. "Can't you get yourself off the sofa, you lazy slob." Mark just grinned at her. She went into the kitchen and came back with two more cans of beer, which she handed to the two men. Chris thanked her, looking a little apologetic. She smiled at him. "Don't worry, I'm use to him treating me like a slave," she said.

She sat on a large bean bag and trimmed and polished her nails, and then proceeded to do the same with her toe nails. She looked up to see Chris looking at her. When he saw she was looking, he looked away, seemingly a little embarrassed. She suddenly realised that in the position she was sitting, almost facing the young guy with one of her legs up on the bean bag, he was probably getting an interesting view up her legs.

Jo smiled to herself and looked across at Mark who was too interested in watching the TV to notice what else was happening in the room. When she changed legs to do the other foot, she allowed the robe to slip open a little further. Now she began to feel that old excitement building up, knowing that she was probably displaying even more of herself to the young guy. She kept her eyes lowered to her feet, but she could feel his eyes were on her.

By the time she had finished her second foot, she was beginning to feel slightly warm and she could feel her nipples had stiffened. She looked around the room, the tables littered with empty beer cans and the remains of the food. "If you two are going to sit here all afternoon, I'm going round to Mary's," she said, getting to her feet. Mary was her good friend and confidant who lived a couple of doors away. She cleared up the empties from around Mark and made her way to the kitchen. She put the plates in the dishwasher and the empty cans in the waste bin. Then she stopped for a moment and smiled to herself. She had enjoyed her little flirtation with Chris. Well, why shouldn't she have a little fun?

In the kitchen, she realised that Mark could not see her from his position, but Chris could. An exciting idea came to mind. She looked across at Mark, whom she could see was now watching her.

She smiled at him, then slowly undid the tie of her robe and let it hang open. She saw his eyes widen as she eased it open, displaying her firm breasts to him.

She stood facing him as she slipped a finger into her mouth and sucked on it, and then rubbed it around her aroused nipples. She smiled as she saw Chris was getting a little hot under the collar. He kept looking nervously in Mark's direction, but could not drag his eyes away from the partly exposed body of his workmate's wife. She then eased the robe off her shoulders and stood there in just her brief thong. She dropped the wrap onto the floor, and then eased her hand down inside her thong where Chris could see her working over her pussy. She began to tease him, easing one side of her thong down then pulling it up again. Then she took hold of it with both hands. She looked at him, licking her tongue over her lips, and nodding slowly. He looked guiltily over at Mark who was still more than interested in the game on TV.

Chris looked at Jo and he, too, licked his lips. "Please," he mouthed silently. She smiled and slowly eased the thong over her hips. She smiled as she saw him reach over and grab a newspaper which he placed in his lap to cover the erection that was now threatening to burst out of his tight jeans.

The thong was now around her ankles and she stood before him totally exposed. She cupped her breasts, pulled on her nipples, and suggestively stroked her hand over her pussy. Then she smiled at him and walked away from the door.

Chris looked across at Mark. "I need to take a leak," he said. "It's all we've been drinking."

Mark looked up and smiled. "It's down the hall," he said, waving vaguely in that direction.

Chris eased his erection into a more comfortable position and got up from the chair. Jo was nowhere to be seen and the bathroom door was open. He went in and as he closed the door, he was more than a little excited to find the totally naked Jo standing behind it. She smiled at him and reached out and stroked her hand over his hard erection. "Wow!! You're a big boy," she said huskily. Then she eased down his zip, and with some slight difficulty, extracted his throbbing erection. It felt hot and hard as she ran her hand along its length. She sank down onto her knees and the next thing he knew, he was feeling the wet warmth of her mouth enveloping his hard length.

She slurped and sucked, him taking him deep into her mouth. She cupped his balls and rolled them in her hands. He gripped her hair and pressed her against him as he thrust into her, fucking her face. He felt himself beginning to come, so he tried to pull out, but she held onto him, and with a cry, he erupted into her mouth. She sucked hungrily on his wilting manhood, drinking down his juices. She lapped up every last drop.

She smiled at him, licking her lips. "I enjoyed that," she said, "but you'd better get back in there before Mark comes looking for you."

He adjusted his trousers and smiled at her. "When can I see you again?" he asked.

She smiled. "Why don't you come around and pick me up from the supermarket after work tomorrow? It's Mark's bowling night and he won't be home until late."

He nodded. "It's a deal. I'll be there." He leaned over and kissed her, tasting the cum still on her lips, running his hands over her breasts. "Till tomorrow," he said, and with one last hungry look at her naked body, he slipped out of the bathroom.

Jo dressed carefully the following day. She selected some of her most sexy undies. She wanted to make tonight a night to remember. All day she watched the clock, and at last, 6 p.m. came. She quickly tidied herself up in the staff room and made her way out into the car park. She was pleased to see Chris waiting for her. He smiled and waved as she made her way over to him.

He was in a sports car, a hot little number. "I thought we might go for a drive," he said, "and maybe get a meal. Then we could go back to my place. My parents are away for the night." They drove out into the country and ate in a quite little Italian restaurant. She sat close to him and did not object when he ran his hand up her leg under the table. His hand covered the damp silk over her pussy and she groaned and squeezed his hand.

The meal was delicious, but by now she was more interested in the desert course. She clung on to his arm all the way back to his place, her head resting on his shoulder. His house was large and spacious and he took her through into the comfortable lounge. He opened a bottle of wine and poured out two large glasses. He passed her a glass and leaned forward and kissed her tenderly. He could tell she was hungry for him, but he wanted tonight to be memorable and he didn't want to rush things. He sat back on the long comfortable sofa and looked at her standing there. "Strip for me again, Jo," he murmured. "Take your time, we have all night, and when you're naked, I'm going to fuck you really hard."

Jo smiled. "I think I might like that," she said huskily.

She then began a slow sensual strip tease, slowly removing each piece of clothing, and suggestively caressing her body as it was revealed before him. When at last she stood naked before him, he was nursing one hell of an erection, and stroking his hand along its hard length. She smiled at him, gently caressing her breasts. "I think it's about time I saw you naked," she said. He smiled and stood up, his erection standing proudly like a flag pole. He quickly stripped and when he, too, was naked, came over to her and took her in his arms. She felt his erection pressing against her stomach.

She groaned and reached down to take him in her hand. "I've been waiting all day to feel this inside me," she whispered in his ear. "Please fuck me, Chris. I need to feel you inside me."

He eased her back towards the sofa and gently laid her down on it. She smiled up at him and spread her legs wide in an open invitation, one that he could not refuse. He knelt between her open thighs and then he was entering her, plunging deep into the warm wetness of her hungry love tunnel. She wrapped her legs around him and pulled him into her, wanting to feel every last inch of his hard cock deep in her willing body. She matched him thrust for thrust and hot multiple orgasms coursed through her body. When he at last came, she clung to him and felt his hot juices fill her hole to overflowing and run down between her legs, as she lay gasping in his arms.

Over the next two hours they enjoyed each other's bodies several more times. Because of his young age, he was an insatiable lover, and Jo responded to him with vigour. They finished the night out on the patio in the hot tub where she went down on him again, and much to his enjoyment and delight, sucked him dry.

As they lay in the warm bubbling water, Jo's mobile rang. She reached out for it, answering, and hearing Mark ask, "Where are you, Jo? I was getting worried."

She smiled at Chris and her hand went down into the water and wrapped around his cock. "I won't be long. I'm at Mary's. We're just watching the end of a movie, you know the one about the black detective, 'Shaft'" She switched off the phone and grinned down at Chris, drawing her hand along his ever hardening length. "Can you manage one more time before you take me home?" He grinned and nodded and pulled her down into the water.

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by JSipes10/28/17

My wife is more than I can handle alone

I loved your story. It reminds me of things that have taken place in my marriage. I love my wife very much and she loves me. We had been married only as short time I realized that she had more sexual staminamore...

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