Joan Ch. 01


"Don't worry about it. I won't." Jo said. "This must be a bit strange for you."

She talked to him for half an hour about nothing in particular and then, "The others will be wandering where you are. Put your jeans on and send Craig up for me would you?" She gave him a smile and a kiss as she opened the door.

Jamie entered the lounge, "She wants you Craig. I have to go." With that he grabbed his coat and left.

Craig was 19, and 6' tall, not particularly good looking, but he was a great laugh. He openly admitted that he had been with two girls but one of them did not count because he was so drunk he fell asleep.

Craig walked into the room and shut the door. Standing back, he looked at what was on display, then hesitantly moved up to Jo and put his hands on her hips. She put her hands to his face and kissed him, long and soft. Slowly he lifted his hand to her tit squeezing it gently, his other hand going behind her and pulling her to him, tongues playing with each other. 'More knowledge than experience.' Jo thought to herself.

Jo was surprised how wet she was getting. She stepped back and let the negligee drop. He looked long and hard, running his hand over her tits as he did so. She took his hand and put it to her wet pussy, he explored freely, at last able to do what he wanted to do last night. While he explored her wet pussy, she undid his jeans, as they dropped to the floor he stepped out of them.

She guided him to the bed and lying next to him took his erection in her hand playing with it gently. He leaned up and took her tit in his mouth running his tongue roughly over it and then sucking on it. She moved down his body and then slowly took him in her mouth. He gasped and his legs trembled as she took him deep. His hands still roaming over her body. She did not play this time, she wanted to taste him and soon she could hear his moans as the orgasm drew nearer, his hips moving in time with her mouth.

"Ohhhh, Ooohhhh Ohhhh,." She felt his come hit the back of her throat. She took it all and with a twisting motion sucked out any final droplets. "No wonder they wouldn't say what was happening up here. Jamie came down so shattered and said he had to go." he laughed.

Jo gave Craig a few minutes to calm down. "Tell Mike to come up will you. Give us five minutes and then you and Matt can join us."

When Craig got downstairs he threw himself on the settee. "Fuck me!" he said, "that's some woman. She wants you now Mike. Me and Matt have to follow in five minutes."

I went upstairs and found Jo lying naked on the bed. A big smile on her face "Well what did they say? What happened to Jaime?"

"He came down, said he had to go, and just left. The others looked well knackered. What did you do to them?" I laughed

"Poor Jamie had problems but don't say anything to the others. Get in bed I want you."

I stripped off, and as soon as I got in bed she took my erection in her hand. I took her nipple between my teeth and nipped it lightly, she was high, every touch made her shiver. She took me in her mouth, slowly, taking it deep and then slowly out again. The boy's walked in and stood watching. Jo raised her head and lay out so they could see her body, legs slightly apart.

"Strip." she said. Putting her hand to my head, she pushed me down to her pussy. She watched the others closely. "Eat me. Show them how it's done."

I twisted round so that my cock was there if she wanted it and ran my tongue over her inner lips slowly. Touching her clit. She jumped "Mmmm." she moaned.

Both naked now, Matt got on the bed, while Craig sat in a chair watching. She took Matt in hand and turning to me took me in her mouth. I was licking her clit slowly and then moving down her pussy lips, then slowly back. She was moaning louder now so I speeded up. Her hips started moving and she was ramming me down her throat. A moment later my erection was in her hand and her head was rolling back and forth.

"Ohh yes. Ohhhh yes that's it, show them how. Arghhhhhhh yes ohhhhhhh nowwww." She rocked back and forth, rubbing Matt almost to orgasm without even knowing it.

After a moment to catch her breath she turned to Matt pushing him on his back. Both lads had been quiet, but his erection was all that was needed right now, Jo kissed him lightly, tongue slipping into his mouth, allowing her passion to rise with his, she straddled him, and slipped his cock into her wet throbbing pussy, the first he had ever truly fucked. Slowly she sank down on his erection and then back up, making sure he was comfortable. As soon as he started pushing into her by himself, she told me to stand in front of her. Once I was in position, she raised herself slightly and took me in her mouth again, sliding onto me and then down onto Matt, fucking us both at the same time.

All this time Craig had been sitting in the chair watching, it had certainly turned him on as his erection was throbbing "Don't just sit there there's room for one more back there." I said.

Craig looked at me questioningly "Her arse. She likes it up the arse."

"What? Really?" he said stunned. "Oh fuck really?"

Jo took me out of her mouth and shouted, "Yes really." She put me back in her mouth almost without losing her rhythm.

Craig moved behind her and as Jo felt him at the crack of her arse she stopped moving. "Ohhh yes." she moaned. "Now you three fuck me good and hard." With that she started moving again, a little faster now, as if she was fucking all three of us

The sight of her on all fours being butt fucked, cunt fucked and mouth fucked was just too much for me. Quietly I spunked into her mouth, her hand coming up to finish me off. She looked up at me smiling and then she fucked those boys as if her life depended on it. Matt was crushing her tits and as he came, he started crying. Jo was gasping now and hammering back onto Craig's cock.

"Oh Craig. fuck it harder. Harder you shit harder."

Craig, who was ramming into her arse as hard as he could threw his head back. "Arghhhhh ohhhh yeeeeeeesssss."

Jo grabbed my cock and pulled me down so our faces were next to each other. "He's gonna make me cooooooooome. Ohhhhhhh Craig ohhhhh you did it babe you did it, ooooooh yesssssssssss. Craigy baby you made me come, oh fuck yes yes ohh yes." She was almost in tears as she cried out.

Matt did not know what to do. Tit is smashing into his face, he lay there hoping he would live to tell the tale. Slowly she came to a stop. Craig fell back on the bed, arms wide, he was in heaven. Jo slipped off Matt and pulling me down curled up in my arms, smiling, purring even.

I think it was only then that the boys truly believed that I was not going to kill them, as they both joined in the banter Jo and I had started.

Jo reached up and put a hand to each of there faces. "You both did so well. Better than I thought you would. In fact so well that we're going to have to do this a lot more."

As she said it she looked at me for approval. "Too true we are. I was having problems keeping up with her demands on my own." This brought a huge smile to there faces

After a while Matt said that it was late and that he had to go home. Craig reluctantly went with him.

We never saw Matt or Jamie again. Craig was a regular visitor and after a while moved in with us, not sharing our room but sometimes our bed. Some nights Jo stayed in Craig's room for the night.


More Jo to cum.

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