tagMind ControlJoan Ch. 06

Joan Ch. 06


Joan heard a clap and then came to. She was sitting on the edge of her bed, dressed and cleaned up. The woman was sitting in front of her in the chair that used to be in the corner of the room. Her head ached. She touched her fingers to her forehead and asked, "what's going on?"

"I had you under hypnosis," the woman with strawberry blonde hair told her.

"Who are you?"

"My name is Laura. I'm investigating a sex trafficking ring that you have gotten yourself caught in. They brainwash women like you into becoming their sex toys and then sell you to a brothel or on the auction block in Stormwraith. I've done all I could with your mind, but I'm afraid that the Stormwraith books do too much damage. You can't be saved from becoming one of their sex slaves."

"My head hurts."

"It will for a little while," Laura said. She got up from her chair. "Look, I need your help in making sure that this stops. I've managed to put some defiance in you so that you'll be able to disobey them. Maybe. I did what I could."

Joan remembered the empty bliss that she had felt just a few hours before. She found herself missing it in a strange turn for her. Laura handed Joan a piece of paper with an address on it.

"I need you to find out anything you can about Faust and his friends. Come to that address if you get anything to report. Good luck, Joan. Sorry I couldn't do anything for you."

Joan said nothing. Laura left her apartment and she just stared down at the paper. She folded it and put in the drawer of her bedside table. Everything was different again. It felt as though her mind was being pulled in a hundred directions at once. Not knowing what else to do with herself, Joan freshened herself up and took the trolley to work.

~ o ~

That morning at work was awful for Joan. All she thought about was how good it felt to be fucked by Mr. Waite. She wondered if it would ever feel that good again . The more she thought about it, the more she began to resent what Laura had done. It was odd, she could remember all of the fear and apprehension before and then the clarity and bliss afterwards. Joan wanted that simple mind again.

Mr. Faust approached her desk just as Mr. Rowe came out of his office. A glance from Faust put Mr. Rowe right back into his office. Faust went up to her desk and said, "come with me."

Joan hesitated but did as he wanted. Faust noticed the hesitation but said nothing. He led her down to the basement of the building where two clerks were waiting near a mattress on the floor. Joan saw the mattress and paused. Her green eyes went big and she took a hesitant step back. Faust caught her by the arm and pulled her forward.

"On the mattress, whore."

Joan realized that she had to come to a decision. She was trapped in this sinful scheme and there was no way out. Laura and Faust had both told her as much. Resisting seemed pointless and she still craved to serve and submit. Quietly, she asked, "shall I undress first, sir?"

Faust nodded and Joan began to undress. He suddenly grabbed her by the jaw and turned her head so he could look into her eyes. She stood as still as a frightened squirrel. Faust let her go and she finished undressing. Joan stepped towards the two clerks and they grabbed her and tossed her down on the mattress. Before she knew it, one of them was on top of her and between her legs. His hands grabbed at her big breasts roughly as he kissed at her neck. Joan was feverish with excitement. She tried to empty her head, but it was now impossible.

When Joan felt a cock in her she moaned deep. Everything felt right. It was as though she was suddenly complete. The first clerk fucked her good, giving her a few hard slams to put that whorish body to its proper use. He rode her for ten minutes or so then came, pulling put and shooting his load on her stomach. The second clerk's turn was next. He fucked her harder and longer than the first one, whispering what a good whore she was in her ear the whole time. He pumped her pussy full of cum and climbed off of her.

As the two clerks straightened themselves, Faust said to them, "so just do the books like I showed you. Tomorrow, the two of you can have another go at her. We'll meet down here just like today. Got it?"

The two clerks agreed and left to return to their posts. Joan started to get up from the mattress but Faust checked her. "Hold it, slut," he said. He grabbed her by her vibrant red hair and lifted her onto her knees. He gave her a slap on her cheek. Joan gasped at being struck but was surprised by how much she liked it. "Something is wrong with you, what is it?"

"After you finished with me and left," Joan explained, "a woman named Laura showed up. She had this necklace with a jewel on it. The next thing I remember I was sitting with her, dressed and everything. She said she hypnotized me to get me to tell about you and Mr. Waite. Oh! Please forgive me, sir. I want to be an obedient whore for you. I swear I do. I'll do anything and everything, just please forgive me."

"Then she tampered with your brainwashing?"

"Yes, sir. She did."

Faust opened the front of his pants and pulled out his hard cock. He pulled her face towards him and stuffed Joan's mouth with it. She gladly sucked it, as best as she could so that she could please him and prove her subservience to him.

"You're going to have to see Dr. Charles," Faust told her as she sucked him. "See if we can fix that empty, little slut head of yours."

"Yes, sir," she tried to say with a mouth full of cock. "Thank you, sir."

~ o ~

When she returned to her desk from the basement, Mr. Rowe was waiting. He stood at her desk with his hands in his pockets as she approached. He looked cross. When she got to the desk, Mr. Rowe grabbed her by the arm and roughly pulled her into his office. Joan was thrown in, she stumbled towards the desk and bent over it, knowing exactly what he wanted. Mr. Rowe slammed the door shut and rushed over behind her.

"I stole five thousand imperials for you," he said to her. "I'm getting what I paid for."

"Yes, sir," Joan said submissively.

He stood behind her with a concerned look on his face. "What did Jesper Faust want with you?"

"Nothing," Joan lied. She didn't know why she lied. Maybe because she knew that what Faust did with her wasn't Mr. Rowe's concern.

"Lying whore!"

Mr. Rowe took off his leather belt. "I paid for you, slut. You belong to me."

There was a loud whack and Joan felt the sting of the belt through her skirt and across her ass. She cried out. He beat her again. There was another loud crack and Joan cried out again. Her legs were shaking, her pussy was wet. Each crack of the belt drove her wild. Joan knew she deserved it. She was a slut and a whore. It was then as she was being beaten over Mr. Rowe's desk that she realized just how much she deserved it. Joan made the choice to read that first book. It was obvious now. If she had been as pure and chaste as she pretended to be, she would have left in outrage instead of buying that book from Mr. Puddle. She was the one to blame for how she ended up. She had the impure thoughts of a whore and a whore got what she deserved. Joan had gotten just what she deserved.

If she had been married and been a dutiful housewife, she wouldn't have been fucked on a mattress in the basement of a building. Joan had chosen this for herself. Sure, she was brainwashed and she knew that she was, but it was because of her own decisions. Joan deserved Mr. Rowe's punishment and she deserved everything that was coming to her.

The belt made one last crack before Mr. Rowe stepped back with sweat on his brow. He put his belt back on, grabbed the voluptuous whore by her red hair and pulled her to her feet. "I'm going to get what I paid for, one way or another," he said.

Just then, a young clerk burst into the room gasping for air. Mr. Rowe managed to separate himself from Joan before being seen. "Mr. Pryce wants you in his office right now. Both of you."

Mr. Rowe was getting tired of the constant interruptions. He growled at the clerk, "for the love of God, what's this about boy?"

"Nathaniel Waite is dead," the clerk announced.

~ o ~

When she went into the office, Joan's green eyes went to Faust who was sitting in front of Mr. Pryce's desk. He never so much glanced at her despite the basement encounter that morning. It turned Joan on, reminding her that she was and unimportant slut. She was to be used and discarded, "The Manners of Whores" instructed her in that. It also instructed her that whores love being treated like whores. Joan loved this.

Mr. Rowe took the other chair in front of the desk and Joan stood quietly by the wall, to be seen and addressed but not heard. Joan wondered why it took her so long to learn that this was her place. She glanced at Mr. Pryce, sitting behind his desk looking over a report with a grave expression on his face. Joan daydreamed about being put on the desk and all three of them fucking her in turns. Her face began to get red so she tried to clear her head of impure thoughts.

"A decision has been made," Mr. Pryce said. "Mr. Rowe, you are to oversee the estate of the Waite family on behalf of Mrs. Abigail Waite. She is getting the majority of the estate as determined by Nathaniel Waite's testament. Sebastian Waite will oversee the businesses here in Vel Corte and Thomas Waite is to remain at Mistport. Nathaniel Waite wanted Abigail to have control over the fortune, but there seems to be some legal issues. So, you'll handle them on her behalf. Mr. Faust will take over your position here at the office. He requested Joan stay on as an assistant to smooth the transition. You are to leave for Netherhold Manor immediately."

Mr. Rowe did his best to hide his bitter disappointment in the assignment. "Yes, sir," he said. "I'll leave straight away."

"Very good," Mr. Pryce said. He looked at Joan. "Make sure Mr. Faust is well up to speed on our delicate matter of the missing sum."

"Yes, sir."

"Very good," Mr. Pryce said. That is all.

Mr. Rowe and Mr. Faust got up and they and Joan left Mr. Pryce's office. Out in the hall, Mr. Rowe turned angrily at Mr. Faust and said, "this is your doing you bastard." He pointed at Joan and seethed, "she was supposed to be mine."

Mr. Faust took a letter out of his pocket and handed it to Mr. Rowe. "Follow these instructions."

Mr. Rowe snatched the letter and looked it over. His anger seemed to cool a little. "Is this what you really want me to do?"

"You are an agent of Thomas Waite now," Mr. Faust explained. "Those are his wishes for you to carry out."

"One of you must be the devil," Mr. Rowe said while folding the letter and stuffing it into his pocket. He motioned his head at Joan. "Take the slut. I couldn't care less right now."

Mr. Rowe left them in the hallway without another word or thought. Joan barely noticed him leave. All of her attention was on Faust now. She knew that she belonged to him now. She was his property. Mr. Faust smirked in a strange way and then started down the stairs to his new office. Joan obediently followed.

They came into Mr Rowe's former office and Joan shut the door behind them. Mr. Faust sat behind his new desk and grinned. He motioned her over, Joan went. She dropped to her knees in front of him and for the second time that day, sucked his cock.

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