tagMind ControlJoan Ch. 07

Joan Ch. 07


Sometime Before -

Netherhold Manor sat on an empty hill that overlooked a great stretch of pine forest. A narrow dirt road winded up the hill towards it's old, Gothic structure. It was a house that looked as though it belonged further north in Stormwraith than in the country outside of Vel Corte. Even the name, Netherhold was taken from a province of Stormwraith. It was a dark, mysterious old house with the look of something haunted by vengeful spirits. It had been some long since Thomas Waite had seen it, he had forgotten its I'll effect on a person's mood. He had come home by carriage, and was anxious to see his father.

Javier answered the door, the longtime and faithful servant of the Waite family. Javier took the luggage to Thomas' room while Thomas wandered downstairs through the house. He eventually found himself in the library which was another Stormwraith characteristic that the house had. Houses in Vel Corte typically didn't have libraries. It was certainly nice to be back in this one. Sebastian and his father didn't share his literary hunger. "Too much of a Stormwraith trait," his father often told him. "This is Vel Corte."

Thomas didn't get to see his father until dinner that evening. The dining hall was brightly with candles. Tall arched windows looked out at the darkening garden. His father sat at one end of the table, the older and favored brother, Sebastian, sat next to their father with Thomas next to him. Abigail sat across from Sebastian and their sister Thea sat across from Thomas. They were having cutlets.

"Father," Thomas said. "I wanted to ask you something."

"Go ahead."

"I was hoping to come home after I finish university," Thomas said. "I'd rather not stay in Mistport for long. I was hoping to help with some of our interests in Vel Corte."

"Our interests in Vel Corte are for Sebastian's care," his father replied.

"But perhaps I could be of help..."

"We decided that Mistport is best for you," Abigail interjected. "We would like you out of the way."

"Out of the way?"

"It's our decision, Thomas," his father said. "You'll remain in Mistport."

Sebastian smirked but kept quietly eating. Thomas did all he could do, which was to nod his head and finish dinner. That night, unable to sleep, he went back into the library and lit some candles. He walked through the library looking for something to read to pass the night. He planned to leave for Mistport in the morning. At the end of a shelf that was quietly tucked away in the corner of the room, a book caught Thomas' eye. He took it over to a desk near a tall, arched window that looked out at the full moon hanging in the clear, starry sky. With two candles burning, Thomas started to leaf through the text. It was an account of Dark Hollows, one of his family's forgotten holdings. He read through the night and as the sun dawned, Thomas became determined to follow a different path for himself.

~ o ~

"Still here?" Sebastian asked as he met Thomas at the top of the stairs. Sebastian was a about to go down and Thomas was going up. "I thought you were leaving this morning."

"I decided to stay another day or so. You and Abigail don't need to worry about me being in your way. I'm going to discuss something with father so that I won't need to bother you again."

"I don't know why you are so against Mistport," Sebastian said. "It can't be that bad."

"It is rather pleasant in the autumn," Thomas admitted, "but there isn't much there if you have the slightest ambition."

"Ambition doesn't suit you, Thomas. You're too traditional in your ways. You need to learn to accept things as they are. I'm the one for ambitious things. Father likes me best as does Abigail. Just accept your position in Mistport. It's for the best."

"Not for me," Thomas said as he walked by his brother.

Sebastian shook his head and replied, "you always had to be so damned difficult. Just leave so that proper arrangements can be made for you and Thea."

"Abigail picked out a suitable match for her? That's supposed to be father's duty as head of the house."

"Do you see what I mean by too traditional, Thomas? Abigail is doing a fine job running the house. That's why you're being sent off to Mistport, you make things too difficult for us."

Thomas scoffed. "You mean too difficult for Abigail," he said walking away. "I'll be gone after I talk with father."

That was all Thomas had to say to Sebastian, his older and favored brother. He went up to his room and slept for a few hours, electing to skip breakfast. He woke up at noon and went out to the garden where his father liked to spend his afternoons eating a bittersweet candy that only he liked. Thea was sitting in a field some distance away, Sebastian was wandering about, trying to look useful and engaged in something productive. His father was sitting in a lawn chair by a little round table where he kept his candy dish. Thomas sat down in a chair just as Abigail was coming out of the house with more of that awful candy.

"I want Dark Hollows," Thomas told him. "Give me that and I'll leave all of you alone forever."

Puzzled, Abigail looked at Thomas' father and asked, "what's Dark Hollows."

"Nothing," the old man spit out.

"A house," Thomas explained, "a very old one in Stormwraith. Our ancestral home."

"That can't be," Abigail said.

Growing concerned, Sebastian walked over with one hand in his coat pocket. "What's this about a house?"

"Dark Hollows," Thomas repeated. "It's far away and will allow me to start a life independent of all of you."

"Absolutely not," his father shouted. "You will go to Mistport and stay in Mistport. Abigail and I have decided on that."

"You mean Abigail decided on that," Thomas spit back. "You let her run the finances, make your decisions; a woman who was once a servant before she poisoned our mother and seduced you into marrying her."

Abigail snapped at him, "how dare you! All these years and you still believe that made up nonsense! I want you out of this house right away!"

Thomas stood up. "I'll be leaving in the morning. Until then I'll be in my room. Goodbye."

There was nothing else said. Thomas returned to his room where he sat by his window and thought. After a while, there was a knock on his door. He got up and went over to open it. Thea was on the other side.

She was a small and petite girl of eighteen at the time. Her brown hair was so dark that it looked black at times. She was delicately pale and insatiably curious, often sneaking off to read books that she had taken out of the library. She smiled and slipped into Thomas' room uninvited. "A dramatic little scene out there," she said as she came in. "Don't get me wrong, I could use the break from the boredom."

Thomas shut the door. "Don't expect me to apologize to them. That woman should be scrubbing the kitchen floor, not running the estate."

"You're so old fashioned," Thea said. "Did you learn that from university?"

"No. Not exactly."

"Why can't you let it go, Thomas? That's why they keep sending you away because of the horrid accusations you make against Abigail."

"I know what she did," Thomas replied. "I know everything."

"Sure you do," Thea said. "Have a good journey back to Mistport Thomas, it was nice to see you."

She kissed his cheek and left him alone. Thomas sat at the window and thought it over. Perhaps it was time to let everything go and just go his own way, forget these people all exist. Night soon came and Thomas lit some candles. The house was quiet, everyone else had gone to bed. There was a soft rap at his door. Thomas thought it was Thea but was shocked to find Javier, the faithful servant since Thomas was born. The servant was carrying a lantern.

"Follow me," he said.

Thomas followed Javier into the gloom of the night. They went into the billiards room on the upper floor. In the corner was a suit of armor that had been there since Thomas could remember. Javier pulled on the suit of armor's raised hand and suddenly, the nearby wall opened into a secret passage. Thomas stood in shock.

"Mrs. Waite has taken over the finances for some years," Javier said. "The estate is losing money and could go bust in ten years if nothing is done." The servant turned and went down the secret corridor. Thomas followed. Javier continued, "your brother and father are both soft. That's why she wishes to keep you away, so that she can manipulate them without interference. In ten years I'll be too old to find another position and I'm stuck here in a collapsing house. For my own self-preservation, I'll pledge myself as your ally and agent."

Thomas went to speak but Javier put his finger to his own lips as a signal for silence. They came to a turn in the corridor. Javier blew out the lantern. It went dark except a dull glow ahead. Javier whispered to Thomas, "my help comes with a price."

Thomas went ahead and around the corner. He stood at a one way mirror that looked into Sebastian's room and went breathless. Sebastian's room was lit by a half dozen candles. Sebastian was laying naked on his bed while Abigail rode his cock with howling passion. She rode him like a professional whore, her hands crawling over his chest.

"Cum in me," she demanded. "Fill my pussy up."

Sebastian reached up and grabbed Abigail's breasts, fondling them as he grunted. She leaned down and kissed him, her pussy gliding up and down on his thick shaft. She bit his bottom lip with a wicked grin and looked into the corner. "His cock is so big, Nathaniel. It's so much bigger than yours."

Thomas then saw his father naked, bound and gagged in the corner of the room. His hands were tied in front of him so he could masturbate his little prick while watching his wife fuck his son. There were tears coming out of his eyes. Thomas felt sick to his stomach to see such a pathetic, disgusting display of submission by a man. No, not just a man but his father. It filled Thomas with an intense loathing for all three of them.

Abigail slammed her hips and moaned out. Her hands went around Sebastian's throat as she worked his dick. Thomas' father began making muffled noises as he came on the floor. Abigail laughed at him and just as she peaked, Sebastian came as well. "Good boy," she said to Sebastian. "I want a little son to take your place as heir. You're going to give that to me, right?"

"Yes, mistress. Whatever you want."

"Very good," Abigail said. "It belongs to me right? It all belongs to me."

"Yes, mistress."

She slid off of Sebastian and the bed, sauntering over to the bound and gagged Nathaniel Waite. "You've ruined my floor," she said to him. Sebastian came over and handed her a riding crop. Abigail took it and started beating her pathetic husband with it. "Filthy pig," she yelled. She struck at him again and again while laughing with cruelty. Thomas' father whimpered and cried under her lash.

Thomas could stomach no more. He left and back down the secret corridor until he returned to the billiards room. Javier was waiting with the lantern relit. Thomas approached in disgust and despair and asked, "how could this happen?"

Javier returned with another question, "what do you know of hypnosis, sir?"

"Nothing," Thomas admitted. "Although, there is someone I could ask. I met a man in Mistport about my age who was educated abroad." Thomas thought for a moment and then asked, "what is your price?"

~ o ~

At Present -

Jesper Faust lit Thomas' cigar for him. They had just finished dinner in a private room at a restaurant in Vel Corte. Faust leaned back in his chair and took a long, slow drag of his own cigar, blowing a little ring of smoke over the table. He glanced at Thomas, noticing a certain mood of doubt in the young man. Faust asked him, "having doubts, Mr. Waite?"

"No. Well...Yes. It's not about the plan, mind you. It's about the price that Javier demanded. I am having doubts about that."

"I've already given Mr. Rowe his instructions I'm afraid," Faust said. "However, the second part can be cancelled and we can have Claude take care of that problem."

Thomas considered it for a moment before shaking his head and saying, "no, I don't think so. I am a man of my word and I'll deliver all that he asks for. What about you, Faust? What do you want out of all of this."

"For now, I cannot say, Mr. Waite. Sometime in the future, I shall make myself clear. Until then, let's focus on you and your goals."

"You ask for nothing in return," Thomas replied. "Not that I am ungrateful to you, but it is a little suspicious. Everyone else has such high demands, yet you have none. What goal do you have?"

"Mr. Waite, the reason I have no demands is because all of my objectives are being met. As for my reasons in being your humble and loyal agent will become clear once we get you into Dark Hollows. Now, concerning Javier, his price shall be met then?"

Thomas sighed and closed his eyes. A long moment of quiet contemplation passed. Finally, he opened his eyes and said, "yes. I made the promise, honor it."

Faust snuffed the remainder of his cigar and stood from his chair. He said, "then I shall give Joan her instructions."

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