tagMind ControlJoan Ch. 11

Joan Ch. 11


Thea arrived at the Vel Corte train station sometime in the early afternoon. She wasn't quite sure of the precise time, as her pocket watch had stopped during the trip. She wound it but it was now use, it was broken and in need of repair. It was an appalling turn of events. When she stepped off the train there was a wide smile on her face. There was so much to see and experience in the city and Thea couldn't wait to tackle it. She spotted a woman with vibrant red hair waving and recognized her as the woman she was supposed to meet. She went over quickly saying, "oh, you must be Joan."

"I am," Joan said brightly, "and you must be Thea. Welcome to Vel Corte, is it your first time?"

"It is," Thea replied. "It's so exciting. I hope to see everything while I am here."

Joan laughed and took Thea by the arm as a porter picked up the luggage and carried it behind them. "We're going to have so much fun together," she told Thea. "There is a speech I planned on attending tonight if you are not too tired."

"Oh, I'm not tired at all. I'm so excited. Who is the speaker that we're seeing?"

"Lady Crawford," Joan answered.

~ o ~

Joan could barely sit through the lecture, it bored her so. Thea was hanging on every word, just as Joan had used to before her transformation into a submissive slut. Her green eyes glanced at Thea who was on the edge of her chair, enthralled by the ramblings of Lady Crawford. Joan wondered how she could have ever taken the woman seriously. Thea was enraptured by it.

"Lady Crawford is certainly right," Thea said coming out of the auditorium. "Women mustn't limit themselves based on outdated traditions. We mustn't be afraid to read books deemed dangerous by the patriarchal society and think for ourselves, just as she said. I've never read a dangerous book myself, but I shall most certainly try it on Lady Crawford's wise recommendation."

Joan paused and looked at the dark haired, wide eyed, innocent thing before and felt a surge of guilt and shame go through her. She had realized that she had said almost the exact same words after reading Lady Crawford's book. It was led her to Mr. Puddle's bookshop in the first place. "Rubbish," Joan heard a woman exclaim coming down the steps to the benighted street. "I've never been so appalled by a woman's speech."

Joan looked at Thea and said, "wait here for a moment near the lamppost. I'll return right away." Joan turned and left Thea there for the time being. She flew up the steps and back into the auditorium.

She navigated her way to the back, slipping past some workers who were standing around complaining about Lady Crawford's lecture. They didn't care for her rather forward ideas. Joan searched the back for Lady Crawford, unsure of why other than Laura had suggested it. It was strange to her. No matter which way she went into this tug of war between her masters and Laura, Joan knew that she wouldn't be making her own decisions from then on. It was a game of will and she was only the game piece. Joan turned a corner and came to a door that was cracked open. She went up to it as quietly as she could and peaked in to snoop.

There was a group of four men in the room with Lady Crawford, gathered around her while she was only her knees. She looked up at them and asked, "did I serve my masters well?"

None of the men answered her. Instead, one of them just shoved a cock into her mouth in response. Lady Crawford sucked it with fervor and devotion, as though it was an object of worship. While she sucked their cocks one after the other, the men began talking.

"I think it's time that Lady Crawford releases another book, her lectures aren't drawing the same crowd," the first said.

"It doesn't matter," the second argued. "The damage has already been done. More women are forgoing marriage for independence and careers, making them vulnerable to our operation. It would be best to just let it be for now. That's what Faust thinks anyway."

"I agree," the third said as Lady Crawford's lips glided up and down his shaft, his hand on the top of her head in an almost paternal manner. "My question is this, how much does Thomas Waite know of our true intention?"

"He thinks it's a whore smuggling operation," the fourth answered. "However, I don't think he'll side against us once he learns of it. He not only has Stormwraith blood, but a Stormwraith mind as well. No. He is with us. We can trust Faust with this."

Joan quietly backed from the door but bumped into something. A hand gripped her by the neck and pushed her through the door and into the room with Lady Crawford and the four men. The man who had pushed her in closed the door. Joan didn't know any of them, they were complete strangers to her.

The fifth man said, "what did I tell you about closing the door?"

When he closed and locked the door, Joan said, "sirs, I'm the property of Mr. Faust. Someone is waiting for me outside and Mr. Faust will be very upset if I let her get away."

The first one asked, "what are you doing here, whore?"

"Obeying my master's command," Joan asked. She glanced down at Lady Crawford who was still sucking cock, oblivious to what was happening around her. Joan wouldn't ever have imagined seeing this. It became clear that agents from Stormwraith were spreading messages of female liberation to make them more vulnerable to their twisted scheme. Encourage the reading of dangerous books and sooner or later they would come across the little, red books that would blast their minds so that they could be smuggled north and sold as mindless fuck toys, which Joan knew was going to happen to her. Drive women from the safety of domestic life and prey upon their worldly inexperience. This was what Laura wanted Joan to see. However, it didn't quite have the effect on Joan that Laura assumed it would. Joan wasn't appalled by the revelation, she was fascinated by it.

"Redhead with big tits," the second man said, "sounds like Faust's whore to me. Claude said she took a good anal pounding. Let's chain-fuck her in the ass while she's here."

"Sirs," Joan quietly protested, "I have to get back to Thea. She's waiting for me."

"Don't worry, bitch," the fifth man said, "it won't take long."

Joan was grabbed by the arms and taken to a table. She was bent over and her skirt lifted. Behind her, Joan could still hear the slurping noises of Lady Crawford sucking dick. It stopped suddenly and one of the men said, "lick her asshole."

Lady Crawford obeyed without hesitation, kneeling behind Joan and sticking her tongue right in. Joan never felt anything like it. It was strange and good, sending a shiver through her whore body as a woman's tongue ran over a place she never thought a tongue would touch, not even in her most perverse thoughts. Joan shivered and groaned.

When the strange men were ready to fuck her, they pulled Lady Crawford away from Joan. Joan readied herself, remembering the savagery of her first fuck in her ass. The first man got behind her and barely squeezed his large cock into Joan's tight ass. She clenched her teeth as it was pushed in deep. Lady Crawford sat on her knees and waited for a cock in her mouth.

Joan was pounded hard once again, fucked just how she deserved it. They chuckled and asked, "how do you like it, bitch?"

She couldn't lie. "I love it, sir."

Hands reached around and grabbed her big breasts through her dress. She could hear Lady Crawford slurping and sucking as Joan grunted and groaned from the pounding each of the strangers gave her abused ass. When one was done with her another quickly took his place. All of them had big cocks that stretched her. She found herself cumming with each of them, becoming more delirious the longer her ravaging went on.

The five strangers each took their turn fucking Joan in her ass. Just as Claude had said, she took it like a good whore. They also fucked Lady Crawford's mouth while waiting their turn with Joan. Just as they said, the five men were quick. Each of them came in her ass. It was then that the first of them grabbed Lady Crawford by the head and said, "lick up that cum, bitch."

Without the slightest hesitation, Lady Crawford started licking the cum from Joan's ass. Joan couldn't believe it. What a filthy, depraved slut, Joan thought. She wondered if she would sink to the same, an intense excitement filled her with just the thought. The men were hard and rough when they anally ravaged her, and now this degradation sent Joan's head swimming. She was having the cum of five strangers licked out of her ass by another woman and it was driving her mad. How did she fall into such depravity? Worse yet, she was supposed to lure the innocent Thea into it! When Lady Crawford was finished, Joan was yanked from the table and shoved out of the room.

"From now on," one of the men told her, "mind your business, whore."

They shut the door on her. Joan turned and walked off with a bit of a hitch in her step due to the brutal pounding her ass had just taken again. Her dress was fine, there was nothing on it. When she went back outside she spotted Thea at the bottom of the steps. The innocent thing had gotten herself ice cream. Joan looked at her and sighed. This was who she was supposed to turn into a depraved slut like she had become. Joan smiled and pretended to still be a respectable, independent woman after the degradation that she just took part in and enjoyed. It was almost too much, but Joan managed and the two started back for her apartment.

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