tagMind ControlJoan Ch. 12

Joan Ch. 12


On their way home, Thea noticed a stiffness in Joan's gait that wasn't there before. Thea had enjoyed the lecture, feeling like a real, liberated woman of the city. Everything in Vel Corte was so cosmopolitan, so modern and advanced. Thea felt as though the whole world was at her fingertips, all she had to do was reach out and grab it. When they got back to the apartment, Thea was practically dancing from the wonder she felt.

"Oh, that was tremendous," she said. "What an incredible woman Lady Crawford must be. I would very much like to meet her one day."

Joan said nothing, just simply smiled and put on the kettle for tea. She kept calm, but inside was shaking. She looked at Thea who was now sitting on the bed, looking at her. Thea asked, "Joan, do you ever do anything dangerous?"

"Sometimes," she answered.

"I've never done anything dangerous," Thea said. She looked Joan over, amazed by how big her breasts were. They were stretching her green dress to its very limits. "Do you have any books? Something a little dangerous?"

Joan brought the tea over and sat next to Thea. Thea inched a little closer to her and said, "you are so pretty. I mean, really pretty. I'd like to be like you. I mean, pretty."

"What are you talking about? Thea, you're a gorgeous young woman. I'm sure if you stay in Vel Corte long enough, you'll find a male suitor in no time."

Thea rested her head on Joan's shoulder. "You've been wonderful to me," she said. "Joan, have you ever done anything naughty?"

"Like sinful?"

"I suppose so," Thea said. "Have you?"

"I bought a pornographic book once," Joan said.

Thea looked up at her. "Do you still have it?"

~ o ~

Thea's mind was in shock after being exposed to 'The Submission.' She laid on the bed sweating and panting, her white naked breasts glistening in the gaslight. She writhed and moaned as Joan fingered her. Thea could barely remember what happened, one minute she was opening a little red book with black lettering that Joan had given her, then she was naked on a bed with another woman's fingers inside of her. Between long, quiet moans she asked, "what's happening?"

"You're mind has been shattered," Joan explained while she fingered Thea. "Soon, it will be reshaped and you'll be transformed into an obedient whore just like I was."


"Don't even try to act like you didn't deserve this you little slut," Joan said. "I deserved it and so do you. I'm going get you ready for your masters, and they are going to fuck you hard, right out of that pretty head of yours, just like I was. Would you like to hear about me on my knees, sucking their big cocks? How I was taken to a basement and pimped out? Just like they are going to do to you and you are going to love it just like I did."

"Oh god," Thea cried out as she came.

Joan kept her fingers going. "I've been fucked so hard by so many strange men. I've been choked while being fucked in the ass. I've sucked cock after cock. Tonight, a group of strangers took turns fucking my ass while you waited outside, then they had another woman lick the their cum out of my ass. And if I'm ordered to, I'll gladly lick the cum out of your ass after they finish pounding it."


"Because they turned me into a degenerate whore and a whore does what she is told. Guess what? The same thing is about to happen to you."

Thea cried out as she came again. Joan was right, she was shattered and lost in a haze of sin and degeneracy. Joan pulled her fingers out and went down and started licking Thea's pussy.

~ o ~

Joan made contact with Claude to let him know that she had done as she was told like a good whore and asked for further instructions. Joan was told to have Thea read the second at the end of the week, then the third at the end of the next. They'd be by at the start of the third. Joan then sucked his cock and dutifully swallowed his cum. After that, she went back to her apartment and fingered Thea some more, this time kissing her passionately as she did it, the taste of cum still in her mouth.

~ o ~

After Thea had read Sinful Things, she was ready to start licking Joan's pussy. Thea got plenty of practice as Joan had her tongue working day and night almost. Joan would go out, get fucked by Claude, Mr. Faust or Dr. Charles, come back to the apartment and have Thea work her slit. She came by a man's cock, then came by a woman's tongue, day after day. It was driving Joan wild and any regret she had about turning Thea was permanently erased from her conscience with the train of orgasms she was having.

Joan sat on Thea's face and ground her slit against it. She fingered Thea relentlessly making her cum again and again. A few times, Mr. Faust would take Joan to some abandoned building so a group of strange men could fuck her in all three holes at the same time. Once, they all came at the same time, flooding all three of her holes with cum simultaneously. Back at her apartment, Joan described it in intricate detail while Thea ate her out. Thea fingered herself the whole time.

The time came and Thea read the third book. She was ready to meet her masters and have her petite, little body fucked into permanent submission. When the masters came in, Joan had Thea standing by the bed, naked except for white stockings that came up to the mid thigh, and a pink ribbon tied around her neck in a bow. Joan presented herself beside her, also naked except for black stockings, a pair of pearl earrings and a gold necklace that hung between the her big breasts. When they came in, Joan said to them, "your whores are ready for your use, masters."

Mr. Faust whispered something into Claude's ear. Dr. Charles seemed to appreciate the presentation. He smirked looking over both of the sluts on display. Claude nodded to Mr. Faust. Dr. Charles took the chair and sat down while Claude and Mr. Faust went over to the sluts. Joan was bent over the bed and Thea was laid on her back. Claude opened the front of his pants and roughly slapped Joan's ass while Mr. Faust played with Thea's body a bit.

"Good job, whore," Claude said to Joan while his fingers played with her pussy a bit. "She looks ready to serve our needs."

"Yes," Dr. Charles agreed. "Excellent presentation as well."

Mr. Faust kissed Thea's little, white breasts. He opened his pants as well and Thea submissively widened her legs for him. She was eager to finally have a man inside her, to fulfill her sole purpose of being a fuck-toy. Her pussy was wet and aching in desperate anticipation. Joan couldn't wait either, wanting to show her masters everything she could do and what a good whore she was.

Thea and Joan were fucked at the same time. Claude slammed Joan hard from behind while Mr. Faust unceremoniously took Thea's innocence with a viscous drilling. Thea and Joan both moaned and howled as they were fucked together. Claude had his hand gripped around Joan's neck and Mr. Faust had Thea's head lifted by the top of her dark hair, sso he could see her eyes while he drilled her tight, little pussy.

After that, Joan sucked Mr. Faust's cock while Dr. Charles and Claude fucked Thea in both ends. Claude took her 66yy, ramming his cock down her throat while Dr. Charles pounded away on her slit. Next, Dr. Charles and Mr. Faust had the two sluts ride them. Joan ground her hips hard into Dr. Charles like the deranged slut that she was while Thea bounced up and down on Mr. Faust's cock, slamming it deep inside of herself.

Thea was put on her knees on the floor and Joan was told to hold her head. While Joan held her, their three masters took turns fucking Thea's pretty face. While Dr. Charles was having his turn, Joan said to Thea, "take it you slut." Claude grabbed Joan by her red hair and asked her if she had something to say. He gave her face a little slap, put Joan on her knees and gave her a brutal face fucking of her own.

Back on the bed, Thea licked Joan's pussy while being fucked from behind. Thea sat on Joan's face while Joan was slammed by Mr. Faust. Then both of them were laid on their backs beside each other, legs spread and both fucked by each master in turn. Joan couldn't count all of her orgasms thus far. Thea then went back and forth, sucking the cocks of Mr. Faust and Dr. Charles, while Claude fucked Joan in the ass while bent over the chair. It was deep into the night and their masters were nowhere near done with those sluts yet.

Joan was delirious, barely aware of where she was. Every part of her was sore and exhausted but she still fucked and sucked like a deranged slut, as did Thea. They both rode a cock while facing each other on the floor. Joan leaned in and they kissed while grinding their hips. Joan got a slap on the ass. Thea's head was pulled back roughly by the hair and a cock was shoved into her mouth. Joan watched her suck it. She came again. Her mouth was so dry and her muscles burned, but when the cock came to her, the big breasted slut gladly sucked it with everything she had.

They were fucked and used until dawn. The two of them were put on their knees with their cheeks pressed together and the three masters each took a turn shooting their cum on both faces of the whores. Thea was cleaned up and dressed while Joan was left on the floor, covered in cum. Claude took Thea and left with her and Dr. Charles. Mr. Faust stayed behind a moment. "Very good, whore," he said. "I'm very pleased with your performance. Now that Thea is taken care of, I'm going to start whoring you out of your apartment. Keep pleasing me, slut."

"Yes, master."

Joan cleaned herself up after Mr. Faust left and slept. That night a gentleman knocked on the door and said that Mr. Faust had sent him. She invited him inside, he fucked her all night like a man possessed. By the time he had left in the morning, Joan didn't have a single thought about Thea. All she could think about was the next gentleman that she was going to serve. Joan was a whore, and a dedicated one at that. But, now she thought about Laura and she knew exactly what she was going to do.

~ - ~

Everything was set at Netherhold Manor, Mr. Rowe had the books ready. Javier was already on his way to the city via train. Thea should have been turned into a mindless, submissive slut by then. And Joan should be near being shipped off to Stormwraith to be auctioned off. Good riddance as far as he was concerned. Before his departure, Javier explained everything thoroughly. It was all set and ready to go. Mr. Rowe was getting hard just thinking about what was coming.

During his stay there, he had noticed the odd relationship between Abigail and Sebastian. Javier explained it to him. At first it disturbed him a bit at first, but then he decided that it would be fun to play with. He wrote to Thomas Waite and informed his benefactor that everything was going to plan and on schedule. Mr. Waite wrote back with a reply that told Mr. Rowe to torment Abigail to his most perverse desire. This pleased Mr. Rowe greatly. What fate awaits Abigail Waite is for another story, soon to be told in Abigail: Blackmailed into Submission.

~ - ~

Thea was taken across town, she was not concerned where. She was a submissive slut now. They took her to an abandoned building where a familiar figure was waiting. It was Javier, the butler from home. Claude handed her over to him and said, "she's your property now. Are you clear on your instructions from Mr. Waite?"

Javier was groping Thea's little ass. "Absolutely," he said as he squeezed it hard. "She's going to be your new Mr. Puddle and I control her from the shadows."

"A common Stormwraith tactic in hostile country," Mr. Faust said appearing suddenly from the shadows. "One currently being employed with Lady Crawford. We'll use Thea to turn more women of Vel Corte into submissive whores and ship them up north. Enjoy your bounty, Javier. Remember, the better you do the more money you make in this enterprise."

"Thank you, Mr. Faust. Be sure to thank Mr. Waite for me as well."

Mr. Faust nodded and left with Claude. Javier couldn't wait, he put Thea on the floor and fucked her there and then. Thea's time is ended in this tale, but begins anew in Thea: Little Fuck-Toy.

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I like how you lead in for future story for Joan but name 2 spin off stories. Hopefully you will slow down the pacing a bit. You are getting quite hurried.

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The ideas are hot, but

It's missing some of the internalization that should make this really a more enjoyable read than it is. It was obvious that Joan was going to turn and corrupt Thea, she wouldn't be able to resist...butmore...

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